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NOTE: This spoiler was written by Melanie.

The movie opens with a view of a California city skyline, and we hear a smooth DJ’s voice. The DJ is Brad Boyd or B-squared (Forrest Whittaker). We then see a mechanic, Miguel Ramirez (Carlos Mencia) putting the finishing touches on a classic car with the name Lucia stitched on the head rest.  His cell phone rings and his wife asks, “Really Miguel?” then hangs up.  As he’s listening to B-squared on the radio who is now talking about how his ex would stress out over not getting a silly Hallmark card and finally saying Happy Valentine’s day to all the listeners.  Carlos then realizes what his wife’s call meant as we see her blowing out the candles on their bedside table.

Brad Boyd tells his listening audience that he’s hanging out at a club tonight and he hopes to see them all there.  Later he’s tooling down the freeway in his cool car, then getting hit on by a hot young chick and later waking up in her bed.  

The next scene is a young couple, Lucia (America Ferrar) and Marcus (Lance Gross) packing and discussing how they’re going to handle telling their parents about their engagement and her dropping out of law school.  She wants to all go out to dinner and tell them all together and he thinks they should stick to the plan of each telling their families and then meeting.  The chatter leads to smooching and before they can get down to making out, both of their cell phones are ringing.  It’s her dad, and his dad.  She quickly tells her dad she’ll see him at dinner before Marcus can interject.  We see his dad taking the trolley back to his car and saying he can’t wait to see Marcus at dinner.

The next morning Miguel comes down stairs and sweetly asks his wife Sonia if she saw the flower he left for her.  She’s eating breakfast and reading and ignoring him.  He reaches for a piece of toast and she stabs his hand with the fork.  With his tail between his legs he states he’ll grab breakfast on the way to work.  He owns a wrecker service and we see him talking with his younger daughter Izzie (Anjelah Johnson), she’s telling him all the drivers have called in sick with various outlandish diseases; gout, scurvy and rickets or something equally ridiculous.  He says, "Oh this is about that silly health insurance isn’t it?"  He decides to take the truck out himself.  She reminds him you don’t have to pedal the trucks anymore.

Next we see Brad strolling down to his car. He sees Manuel (wearing coveralls three sizes to tight) hooking it up as the car is in a no parking zone.  Brad runs up and tries to talk Miguel out of towing it because he’s right here and it’s not hooked up.  Well of course it is hooked up, then there is a lot of bros and amigos and other terms thrown about before Miguel says “no habla” and begins to drive off with Brad running beside the car screaming.

Brad calls his lawyer, Angela (Regina King) and she picks him up and takes him home.  They banter playfully and we find out, when Marcus’ mom and Brad divorced, Brad fought for custody and won.  Angela stepped in and became a surrogate mom to Marcus, and you can tell she really likes Brad.

Marcus and Lucia arrive by train after traveling for a few days because she hates to fly.  We also find out the classic car is a surprise graduation gift for Lucia.  

The Ramirez family arrives at the restaurant and we find out that only Izzie knows everything.  There’s a bit of a revolving bit while Lucia greets her parents, Marcus is out front looking for his dad.  When Marcus returns, Miguel thinks he’s a waiter until she tells him he’s her boyfriend. 

When Brad arrives, Miguel has gone out to the car for a bottle of wine, so there’s more confusion as Lucia realizes Brad’s date is one of her grade school friends.  Lucia greets her school friend and Marcus asks his dad “Why’d you bring her?”  Brad says he thought it was a date thing, not a family thing.  While Brad makes introductions, Miguel arrives back with the wine and says he was saving it for a special occasion, but tonight will have to do.  When he and Brad finally look at each other they both freak.  “What’s he doing here?” is asked at least 5 times along with both men screaming at each other at the same time.  Miguel says something about “you people” which Brad jumps all over.  He says he means jerks.  Sonia finally gets them both to settle down but not sit down.  Both men are hovering over their chairs refusing to sit until the other sits.  Finally Sonia says, “SIT” and they both fall into their chairs.  Dinner is tense and the parents don’t even know about the engagement or Lucia’s dropping out of Columbia Law yet.  

Marcus makes several attempts to tell the family, but Lucia cuts him off.  Finally he blurts out, “We’re engaged.”  Everyone gasps as if he’s grown a third eye and asks if they “have” to get married.  Lucia says no, that’s not even possible and everyone heaves a sigh of relief.  Izzie laughs.  Marcus just looks at Lucia.

It’s clear that Marcus wants the truth out but Lucia still won’t tell her family everything.  She does tell them that Marcus was accepted to Doctors without Borders and is leaving for Laos in three weeks and she’s going with him.  Miguel mispronounces Laos several times and Lucia tries to explain it’s near Thailand, he then asks Miguel why can’t he go to Compton or somewhere like that and help sick babies. Needless to say dinner doesn’t end well, especially when Brad and his date attempt to drive off in a Smart Car.  Brad can barely squeeze inside as it bucks down the driveway.

Marcus agrees to come to Lucia’s parent’s home the next day for brunch.

The next morning, Lucia and her family, which includes her grandmother, Mama Cecelia (Lupe Ontiveros) who is your stereotypical Hispanic grandmother.  She’s making tortillas for breakfast and going on about how happy and proud she is of Lucia.  Her dad is all smiles as he says, well I for one can’t wait for you to meet Marcus.  

Meanwhile, Marcus is with his dad and two of Brad’s friends played by Taye Diggs (the hen-pecked husband) and Charlie Murphy (the too-cool to get married guy). They proceed to tell how wonderful marriage is (Taye) and how horrible marriage is (Charlie).  Taye’s wife calls him every three minutes and while he doesn’t answer telling Marcus how much his wife trusts him, he’s getting obviously more and more nervous.  Charlie and Brad begin to sing Babyface’s song “As Soon As I get home”.  The lyrics include “I give good love I'll buy your clothes. I'll cook your dinner too.  Soon as I get home from work.  I'll pay your rent, Your faithful lover.  Soon as I get home, soon as I get home from work.   Finally Taye answers the phone and begins to speak in a high-pitched voice, his wife wanting to know why wasn’t he answering, what is he doing, is he talking about her?  He finally walks away from the table and takes the call.  Marcus tells the men, he loves Lucia and he has no doubts at all.  When Taye comes back he tells Brad and Charlie to stop singing, they’re scaring the white people.  Marcus leaves for brunch with the men still singing.

Back at the Ramirez house, Lucia answers the door and she and Marcus kiss briefly.  Mama Cecelia’s back is to Marcus and as he says hello, she turns and screams.  Yep, she screams and collapses, flat out on her back.  They help her up and she begins ranting in Spanish about Marcus being black.  Miguel asks Marcus to take a ride with him for more eggs.  In the car, he tells Marcus that in his day a man would go to the father for his daughter’s hand in marriage, Marcus asks do people even do that anymore.  Miguel says if they’re respectful they do.  He apologizes to Miguel.  

They pass several stores and end up at the police station.  Miguel introduces Marcus to a cop and asks him to swipe his thumbprint.  Marcus asks if he’s serious and the cop tells him the police dept does business with Miguel’s towing company and he’s like family so if Marcus has nothing to hide it should be no problem.  Miguel says here I’ll show you and presses his thumb on the computer screen.  It beeps and they tell Marcus his turn.  So Marcus presses his thumb as well.  While they are talking the machine beeps again and the cop says hold up a minute we got a hit.  There is a warrant for an indecent exposure charge -----for Miguel.  It’s from 1985 and as they put the cuffs on Miguel he says, wait I was drunk, no I was 18 so I couldn’t have been drunk, I was high!  His wife comes down to bail him out.

There are a few more scenes of the ridiculous stereotypes before the families meet at Brad’s home to make wedding plans.  Miguel gets Brad’s car out of impound and even pays the fees.  Brad has a fit over an imaginary scratch, which turns out to be a smudge.  They all go inside and Miguel asks to use the restroom.  He can’t figure out how to turn on the faucet in Brad’s ultra modern bathroom.  The closet opens and the water goes on, he reaches for the water it goes off, the closet closes.  This goes on for way too long before Miguel knocks over a bottle of Viagra into the sink of water, which of course starts to overflow.  He begins dumping water into a drawer, drinking it etc, before it finally stops.  He joins the families and his pants are soaked.  Everyone stares at him as he walks to the couch with a sofa pillow in front of his crotch which Brad tries to grab back, there is a small tug of war over the pillow which Angela stops.  

They agree that it is “they’re marriage, but our wedding” which they make Marcus and Lucia repeat.  Mama Cecilia says in Spanish that it is tradition for the godparents to pay for the wedding but since there are none, the father of the groom should pay.  After Miguel translates to Brad, he says, “Look man, if you can’t afford it just say so.” Of course there is more chaos for the women to calm down again.

They agree to split the cost.  The next day Hispanic workers show up at Brad’s house to build a deck and ask Brad if they have the wrong house.  Brad goes off asking why?  Can’t a black man have a nice house?  When the men enter they break an expensive vase.  Brad calls Angela screaming and she calms him down.  Later that day, Angela and Brad are at a posh wedding cake store to sample cakes.  The saleslady assumes they are the couple and advises them they have to taste just like wed couples do by feeding each other.  Brad smashes Angela in the face, she throws icing at him and he hurls it back and gets it in her hair.  Back at his house they shower and wind up in robes on the couch.  One look leads to another and they’re making out.  

The Ramirez women go to Monique Lhuillier to look at wedding gowns.  When Lucia comes out of the dressing room, her mother pops out in a full wedding gown.  She says she thought it would save time if she tried on gowns to as the saleslady hustles her back into the dressing room.  Later her mom overhears the girls saying how her mom lost herself and her dreams after she married and they bet they never even have sex anymore.  Lucia promises she will not become her mother.

Later that night, Miguel and Brad are going out to a club to check out a possible DJ for the wedding.  At the club, Miguel; who hasn’t been out in 25 years is wearing his 80’s gear right down to a tie given to him by Duran Duran.  They are having a good time though, until Miguel gets drunk and heaves his drink on this mountain sized man wearing a Bill Cosby-like sweater.  He grabs Miguel, bouncers grab him and both guys wind up back at the police station.  The cops offer to let them have the wedding there.

Lucia and Marcus pick them up and in the parking lot, Miguel makes a comment about Marcus living off Lucia’s lawyer checks while he “volunteers” and makes no money.  Brad takes offense but Miguel asks Marcus, would you respect a man who didn’t take care of his wife?  Marcus says he wouldn’t while looking at Lucia for her to defend him and she doesn’t.  When he drops her off he tells her he doesn’t even know who she is.  Everything they planned to do and say when they got home has changed and she just stood there while her father talked to him like he was trash.  She asks if he still wants to get married and he says he doesn’t know.  She gives the ring back.  

When she gets home, she shouts at her dad that she quit law school and has been volunteering at a school for non-English students for the past three weeks and yes, she and Marcus are having sex!

The next morning Sonia tells Miguel how she feels she lost who she was when she got married.  When she asks him how she looks now he says, fine.  But he describes cars he’s working on as sexy.  She remembers when they would ride around in his car and watch the sun come up and make out.

Brad tells his dad the wedding is off.  Father and son have a heart to heart about Marcus’s mother and how Brad wasn’t the best husband and she wasn’t the best wife, but he tried to be the best father.  

The next morning, Angela brings the caterer’s bill to Brad’s house and he opens the door obviously uncomfortable, he won’t let her in and avoids her lips when she tries to kiss him.  While she’s asking can she come in, a blonde wearing only Brad’s shirt bounces out saying the omelets are burning.  Brad tries to explain that Angela is his best friend and he doesn’t want to ruin that.  She runs off.

That night at the Ramirez’s home, Lucia and her dad finally talk and Izzie is trying to convince Lucia to go to Marcus.  Mama C is saying no, make him come to you.  That’s how we get them.  Lucia and Izzie end up driving to Brad’s home.  After Izzie pushes her to the door Lucia begins to sing; Badly.  Very badly.

“What kind of girl would leave you standing in the cold?
Must've been a silly one to sacrifice a pot of gold.
You're the kind of man that needs a woman always there.
It's not that you require a lot just need some tender love and care
I give good love. 
I'll buy your clothes.
I'll cook your dinner too. 
Soon as I get home from work, I'll pay your rent”

Izzie is behind a tree whispering abort while coyotes are howling at the sound.

Marcus comes out and asks her to stop before they’re attacked.  She says dogs love me.  He says coyotes don’t.  They kiss and make up.  He puts the ring back on her finger.

The next scene they are discussing the seating arrangements and who cannot sit with whom.  They imagine several scenarios; Brad’s mom cannot sit with his father as he left her 28 years ago and remarried but forgot to get a divorce.  He pictures his ex-wife at a table on the freeway getting hit by a bus.  Miguel’s cousin was just released from prison and he can’t sit with small children, so they place him at the police officers table.  Sonia’s uncle can’t sit with any women, he’s seen sniffing their chairs.  

The day of the wedding arrives and so does a live goat.  Brad freaks, Sonia freaks and the goat bolts into the house.  The grandmothers are arguing about the wedding cake when Mama C smashes it with a karate chop.  The women begin to fight with someone pulling out a hand of weave and screaming ensues. 

The goat gets into Brad’s bathroom and eats the Viagra.  When Brad finds it in the tub, the goat is a little excited to see Brad and tries to make a little love.  When Brad gets away the goat chases him outside and ruins the wedding decorations.  

Lucia arrives and sees the mess and screams, "Why is there a goat at my wedding?" Everyone pitches in and cleans up the mess.  Everyone pulls together and the wedding goes off without a hitch.  Their respective heritages are included in the wedding and the happy couple jump the broom.

The reception includes Mariachi singers with different guests wearing a sombrero and singing the Ay-Ya-Ya-Yi song.  There are different shots of various family members dancing and mixing and mingling.  

At one point Brad takes the mike and begs Angela to dance with him as she's been ignoring him the whole day.  While dancing he apologizes and declares his love for her.  They kiss and everyone applauds.

During the credits, we see photos of Izzie bringing home an Asian guy and his parents and her dad crying in Marcus's arms.

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