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The movie opens with Angelina Jolie's character in a jail in Cuba. She starts to tell the story of Julia Russell. The movie cuts to Antonio Bandaras as Luis Vargas, a rich coffee plantation owner on his way to the pier to pick up his bride to be. He has never met her, but he put an ad in a paper and she answered from America. He was looking for a wife to bear his children and she was looking for a husband. He has a picture of her and his lawyer/friend (can't remember his name) says he is crazy for marrying a woman he has never met and the lawyer thinks the woman is unattractive. Luis says he only needs a woman who will be faithful to him and a good mother. Luis goes to the pier but he does not see Julia Russell, the bride to be. He is looking out into the ocean and this woman approaches him and asks if he is Luis Vargas. The woman is Angelina Jolie and she tells him she is Julia. He says you look nothing like your picture and she says I didn't want a man to want me for my looks so I sent you someone else's picture. Luis says ok and they marry that day at 9 a.m. They have the wedding party and the lawyer/friend can't get over how pretty Julia is. The night arrives and Julia tells Luis please give me a moment to get ready since I am shy of these matters and he says that he will wait for her to be ready, it doesn't have to be that night. So they don't consummate the marriage. The next day he takes her around his plantation and they are talking, then they kiss for the first time and go back to the house and make love for the first (and 2nd, 3rd, etc.) time. Luis is falling in love with her.

After being married a few months or so the lawyer/friend tells Luis that he and his wife want to see Julia so they all go to this theatre production that Julia wanted to see. It is a group of travelling American actors. There is an actor playing the devil (he is covered with a mask) and he stares at Julia. When the act is over, Julia excuses herself and goes backstage. The lawyer/friend's wife makes a comment about Julia being alone so Luis goes to look for her. He finds her backstage talking to someone but when he tries to approach, security tries to stop him. A shoving match ensues and Julia pops up behind Luis. He asks her who was that man and she goes what man I was just lost. Then before Luis can question her some more she wants to be taken home and he forgets the man.

One day at work, Luis gets the mail and there is a letter from Julia Russell's sister Emily. She is worried b/c she has not heard from her sister and doesn't even know if she married Luis. Luis gives the letter to Julia and tells her she needs to write to her and tell her that all is ok. Julia previously told Luis that she did not get along with her sister and that is why she accepted his proposal and moved to Cuba. The next week or so Julia gives Luis a letter to mail to the sister. She then tells him that she has to go to town to get some dresses made. He tells her she will need money so he takes her to the bank and gives her access to all of his accounts, personal and business. He goes to work and this man bumps into him. He says that he is an investigator hired by Emily to check on Julia. Luis tells him all is well, that they are married and he mailed a letter to her earlier in the week. Luis tells him that he came to Cuba for nothing. The investigator (Thomas Jane) tells Luis that he would like to see Julia just to make sure and Luis says fine, come to dinner on Sunday.

When Luis gets home Julia is having many dresses made. Luis asks why doesn't she open her trunk and use what is in there and Julia says that she lost the key and she doesn't like what is in there anyway. Luis and Julia then take a bath together and he tells her that the investigator is coming to dinner on Sunday.
The next day a frantic woman comes to Luis' job; it is Emily the sister. She tells him that the person that wrote the letter was not her sister Julia, that the handwriting was that of a stranger's. Luis hops on his horse and speeds to the house. Once there it is chaos, and he runs to their room and all of her clothes are gone. The trunk is still there so Luis takes out his gun and shoots the lock off. He opens the trunk but only finds pictures of Emily and the real Julia and some clothes. He then runs to his lawyer/friend who tells him to go to the bank. Once there the bank manager tells him that his wife withdrew everything but $51. He says she wanted to close it out but that she couldn't without Luis.

Luis realizes that he has been duped. He becomes a drunk and lives in a whore house. At this place he runs into the investigator again. He tells the investigator he will pay him anything if he finds his Julia. The investigator says so then you have money again and he says I will pay you don't worry. So the investigator says we have to look in Havana.

("Julia" denotes Angelina Jolie) They go on the boat "Julia" arrived on. Many people remember the real Julia and then some remember "Julia". So in Havana, Luis and the investigator stay in this hotel and the bellhop suggests a restaurant popular with tourists. The investigator sees a gun in Luis' luggage and he takes it. At the restaurant Luis sees his "Julia". He follows her back to her room and he takes out the gun (which somehow made it back to his luggage) and tries to kill her. But he doesn't because he loves her and they instead reunite, and she tells him her real name is Bonnie. She also tells him that she was never baptized (hence the title of the movie) and that her friend Billy gave her the name Bonnie Castle from a postcard he saw. She and Billy were partners in crime and he was the person she was talking to at the theatre. They tell each other they love each other and they want to start anew and decide to move to the far end of the island. The next morning, Luis sees the investigator who tells Luis that Julia Russell's body has been found with a stab wound to the neck. Luis goes to "Julia" and demands an explanation and she tells him that her partner killed her with "Julia's" knife. They flee Havana and start a new life in the farther part of the island.

Luis tells Bonnie that she will always be Julia to him. A new Julia. Unfortunately, the investigator finds them. Luis shoots him as Julia/Bonnie comes home. She tells Luis to get tickets for the train to leave in the morning and she will take care of the body. When Luis leaves, Julia/Bonnie goes to the corpse and says "Oh Billy" and Billy/Investigator opens his eyes. It seems there were blanks in the gun. He switched the bullets because he didn't want Luis to kill Julia/Bonnie. He tells her that the money they have now will run out and Luis will be forced to sell his share of the plantation. Billy tells her that she belongs to him and she must con Luis out of his money because the money she took before wasn't enough. She says no and Billy tells her she will always be a prostitute and Luis will always be an aristocrat and their worlds will never mesh.

When the money runs out and Luis tells Julia/Bonnie that he is going to Santiago she tells him that they can make money cheating at cards. They devise a system and at this card game it works for a while. Then one of the guys catches on and they gang up on Luis and throw him down the stairs. Then Julia/Bonnie has to have sex with the men to pay off the deception. When they are through with her she realizes that she can't be in Luis' world nor him in hers and she sends Luis to Santiago. Luis steals the money from his lawyer/friend's safe in Santiago and writes a note telling him that lawyer/friend is now the owner of the plantation. The lawyer/friend catches him at the train depot and tells him not to run, but Luis says he has to because he killed a man to protect her.

One night after he returns, Julia/Bonnie says she saw a rat and she has to go to the pharmacy to buy rat poison. It is 9 at night and Luis doesn't believe her story so he follows her. She goes to a whore house where Billy is staying and tells him to just take the money and run and not to kill Luis.

Billy tells her Luis has to die because she loves Luis and Billy wants her to love him only. That night she makes Luis his coffee,laced with rat poison. Luis tells her that he knows her plans for him and that is fine with him because he cannot live without her and he drinks the coffee knowing it is laced with poison. She tries to stop him and Billy enters the house to kill him. They flee to the train station but Billy catches up to them. He grabs Julia/Bonnie and Luis shoots him. The cops come and Julia/Bonnie screams at them to get Luis to a doctor and they ask what about him (Billy) and she shoots him again and says... "he's dead." That is why she is in jail at the beginning.

Cut to the jail, Julia/Bonnie is asking for redemption from this priest. She is to be executed that day. When the guards enter her cell they realize she made the priest crazy and escaped disguised as the priest. The movie cuts to Morocco and we see Julia/Bonnie serving some men at a card game. The men are saying what a great wife she is and then the picture cuts to Luis (he's alive) and they smile at each other.


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