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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Orisia.

The movie starts out with a window and a face screaming through the window because of the flames behind her, then the window shatters. We then cut to a little girl about 6 on an ambulance and a fire fighter asking her if she knows where her mother is, and if her mother was in the fire. The little girl just sits with her little bear doll watching the hospital burn down.

We then cut to a girl named Shelly, talking on the phone with someone who is concerned and wants to come to her house, but she tells whoever is on the phone that she will see them in class. She mentions that things have been so weird lately. She lives in a house with a Coy pond in the back yard with a deck. She is studying with her cat. The cat is at the other side of the pond when Shelly hears a splash and goes to look for her cat. She finds the cat, but looks down into the water and a hand grabs her and pulls her under. The hand then comes back and pulls the cat under too. We see a small piece of red candy float to the top of the water.

We then cut to a party that Beth is having. She and Brian are talking about how he has a crush on one of his classmates named Taylor, and how he has only just broken up with Leann. Someone rings the doorbell and Beth goes to answer it. She has a moment of apprehension and she flashbacks to when she was a child looking through a wooden door with a hole in it. She shakes off the flashback and answers the door. It's Leann.

Leann asks if Brian is there, Beth says yes and says so we should go upstairs. They go upstairs to a room and start talking about the funeral that Leann was at all day. Leann was one of Shelly's friends, they had interned at St. Jude's Hospital together. Leann throws her phone on the bed and starts talking about how weird it was for a 24 year old to drown in a pond. Then her phone starts to ring. Leann looks at her phone and says that's not my ringtone. They go to investigate and it says the call is from Shelly. After the phone stops ringing they see the call was received on Monday at about 10:17 or 10:07. Beth says that Leann must have set the date wrong because it is only Friday. Leann listens to the voice mail and hands the phone to Beth. It's Leann's voice and she is talking about how she thinks she has been seeing weird things all over and then she screams, and the call ends.

We cut to a detective named Jack Andrews. He is investigating a drug dealer when he gets a call. He goes to the medical examiners office because his sister was found dead. She had died 2 weeks before in a hiking fall. He opens up the body bag, and realizes that there is a small red hard candy in his sisters mouth.

Back to Beth and Leann who are now in a child psychology course. Leann is seeing weird stuff like a person burning in the leaves as they fly around, and then centipede type insects crawling through Beth's hands. Beth turns and smiles at Leann, but Leann is freaking out by now. After class Beth asks Leann if she wants to go get some coffee, but Leann says she has to work on a paper and that she hasn't been sleeping lately. They go their separate ways and Leann ends up in the library. The library is closing at 10. She starts to head home and when she gets out on the street she starts to see more and more scary things including a dead guy on a bus and a woman and baby with a carriage that look dollish. She calls Beth and Beth can hear the fear in her voice so she starts to run to where Leann is. Leann starts to talk about how she has been seeing all these weird things and that she is creeped out by them. She is standing on a bridge that goes over some train tracks. A piece of the fence that was supposed to keep people from falling off the bridge opens like a door. Leann is standing right in front of this missing piece and she screams. Right then she is pulled/pushed out through this hole to hit the oncoming train. Beth gets there just to see this. When she is looking at the train she thinks she sees someone burning, but it disappears quickly. She runs down to Leann's dead body, where we see Leann dialing a number on her cell phone. A piece of hard red candy comes out of here mouth.

We are now back at Beth's house for the wake/memorial party for Leann. Taylor is talking about how Leann had gotten a weird phone call and how Shelly had gotten one before Leann and that these phone calls were made by people who were already dead. Taylor is freaking out because she was on Leann's phone as one of her friends and she is afraid she is going to get a call. Right then Brian comes out and tells her to shut up about it because Leann's parents are in the house. Taylor keeps talking about it and Brian keeps telling her to shut up. Beth comes out and says that she was there when Leann got the call. But Brian is convinced that they are wrong. He then looks up and sees the centipedes crawling on the house. He leaves to go get some coffee. Beth finds him and asks if he is ok. He hands her his phone and has her listen to the voice mail. It's him saying if he didn't have his head screwed on, he would forget... the call ends. The date is today and the time is in 4 minutes. He had gotten the call from Leann after she was dead. He says that he never believed in anything like this before, but he had been seeing weird things for days and  now he was starting to believe. He starts seeing the same type of things Leann was seeing. He starts to walk away saying that he's not going to let this thing get him and he's across the street. Beth looks down to see his phone on the table and tells him that he forgot his phone. He walks back across that street to get the phone while he is walking he says if I didn't have my head screwed on. Then there is an explosion behind him and he is hit by a piece of rebar through his torso. He dies right in front of Beth and piece of red hard candy comes out of his mouth.

Beth is now in the police station explaining the phone calls to a police officer that is not interested in the story. But Jack Andrews is listening because his sister had known Shelly. After Beth leaves Jack says there is something to what Beth is saying, because no one can explain the candy. The other officer says he should have taken time off because of his sister's death. Jack runs after Beth and says that he believes her and that they have to work together on it.

Beth gets home and there is a letter with the envelope completely covered in the words please forgive your mommy, or something to that effect. Beth is about to walk upstairs when she hears a whisper, "Please help me," come from her living room. Taylor is sitting in a chair. She is totally freaked out because she knows she was on Brian's phone and that she has to be next. Beth takes her own phone and Taylor's phone, takes the batteries out of both of them and says no power no call. The ghost can call because there is no one home. They both go to bed and late that night they both hear the eerie ring come from down stairs. When Beth gets down stairs Taylor scares her and asks which one is it? Beth picks her own phone up first. Nothing there. Then they look at  Taylor's. The missed call is on her phone. She starts to look at it, Taylor's missed call is a video of her dying.

The next day we see Taylor with a group of people. Everyone is erasing their names from her phone. Beth comes and grabs the phone and they try to go give it back to the guy who sold Taylor the service. He explains that she can do whatever she wants with the phone because it's hers, so they destroy the phone. They are walking home when they see a creepy man at their porch. He is some TV producer for a reality exorcism TV show and he want to exorcise the demons from the phone, which has already been destroyed. He gives his phone to Taylor and the missed call comes on that phone, but Beth gets Taylor inside and tells Ted the TV guy to take a hike.

The next day Beth wakes to find a note on Taylor's door saying she went home to be with her parents. Then Jack comes by and says that he had been researching all night and found where he thinks the first call came from, it was a house of a nurse whose children had been seen at St. Jude's.

Jack and Beth go to the house of the nurse and find no one is home. They break in and we see there is a room for children. We see some of the dolls that were earlier seen by the victims and there is a jar of the centipedes in the room. Jack finds an inhaler for asthma and makes the noise, Beth is freaked and runs out of the house, and tells him how she had heard that noise when both Brian and Leann had died. They had found a nanny cam type of disc showing the kids and there was a blond and dark haired girl. The blond had been the one from the beginning of the movie. The children's names are Ellie and Laurel. Laurel is the younger blond child and Ellie the older dark haired child. The video shows nothing but the children hanging out in their room.

They end up going back to Jack's place to look at his sister's notes, she had called CPS on the Marie, the mother of Ellie and Laurel. They find the children had been in the hospital for multiple reason 9 times over a 2 month period. Ellie was always there for asthma attacks and Laurel would have burns, cuts, insect bites and bruising. Beth says that it is Munchausen's by Proxy, that the mother needed attention so she kept hurting the children.

It's getting close to the time that Taylor is supposed to die and we see her in a church with a camera crew. She had opted the way of exorcising the demons out of her phone. The exorcism has started by the time Beth and Jack get there. It seems pretty contrived this person standing over a cell phone telling the demons to come out. They have mood lighting and fake smoke coming up to add effect, but Taylor is starting to see very disturbing things. The Jesus statue about her is changing all demonic as is the Mary statue. She starts to see the ghosts coming for her and she is scared and not moving. Suddenly she is being choked. Taylor tried to fight off the spirit, but dies and a piece of candy comes out of her mouth. Jack and Beth rush over to her, but there is nothing that can be done.

Beth gets the inevitable phone call announcing her death is about a day away. Jack and Beth start looking up all the people who have died recently, and they find Ellie had died before the fire at St. Jude's of an asthma attack. At some point Beth tells Jack of how her mom used to burn her with a cigarette and that Beth's mom had told her she was a cry baby and to cry to her father. We see Beth as a little girl walking up some stairs to the door we saw in the beginning where she looks through the hole and sees her father has hung himself. They go to look for Laurel to see if they can find Marie. They go to the foster home of Laurel, but Laurel hasn't talked since the fire.  Laurel pushes a button on her bear and we hear the eerie song that has been the ring tone for all the missed calls.  Beth has until 7:55 and it is already  10 till 4 so she gets short with the child, but Laurel stays silent. Jack and Beth leave, Jack wants to stay with Beth, but Beth says they will find more out if they split. As they are leaving she looks up to Laurel and sees a ghost standing behind Laurel. She is going to look into whether Marie was in the fire, she thinks Marie's body is still in the hospital and that's why the spirit is upset. She goes to the library where she is supposed to meet Jack at 7:00. She sees something creepy and she finds the attending doctor that was in the children's ward that day. Beth goes to find the doctor and asks about Marie he tells her she was always with Laurel. Beth goes to burnt out St. Jude's and calls Jack on the way. He says to wait for him, but she tries to get in. It's already 7:35. A door is locked she is walking away when it opens.

Beth gets inside the hospital and starts to look around. She sees a lot of creepy things like dolls all demonic and playing with cell phones and  just really creepy things. She is totally freaked out and trying to get out of the hospital when she is dragged into a room. Jack runs into her and they are trying to get out, when she gets thrown into a room and Jack gets thrown out. Jack drops a flashlight that Beth uses until she sees a vent that has been opened. She climbs down and sees hand prints of someone who had crawled inside. She finally gets to the end and finds Marie's burned corpse. In Marie's hand is a cell phone that is dialing. Beth takes the phone and breaks it. She feels like she has ended it and takes a sigh of relief when the corpse starts to move. Beth starts trying to crawl away but is easily overcome by Marie. Marie gets on top of her and says forgive me, forgive me, and Beth says her words from her voice mail... why? why? Jack has woken up by now, and is looking for Beth and finds her moving the corpse. They get the corpse out and everything is fine... or not.

Jack drives Beth home and says he is going to go tell Laurel her mom has been found. They have a flirtatious moment and Beth goes up to clean up and go to bed and Jack heads to the foster home of Laurel. Laurel is asleep and Jack sees a drawn picture with the bear in it. He goes in and grabs the bear and finds the nanny cam that had been set up in the girls room. He sits down at the foster home and watches the video. The video shows Ellie tell Laurel to sit down and be a good girl. He then takes out a butcher's knife and tells Laurel this will only hurt a little bit and she cuts Laurel's hand. Just then Marie comes in to ask the girls to do something when she sees that Laurel's arm is cut. She looks at Ellie and says it was you.  Marie grabs Laurel and locks Ellie in the room. Ellie tries to get out of the room and starts to have an asthma attack. She tried to use her inhaler, but it's not helping. She pulls out her cell phone to call her mom, and dies right in front of the bear while it is playing the eerie music that has always been the ring tone.

Jack realizes that it wasn't Marie but Ellie who had been bad. Marie had been protecting Beth. In the evidence room a cell phone starts to ring and it's Beth again dying at 11:00. The property clerk calls Jack and Jack tried to call Beth, but she's listening to music and trying to relax. He leaves a message on her home phone and she sort of hears it and takes the head phones off. She starts walking around her home and she sees a hooded figure, she gets scared and then someone knocks on the door.

She gets scared again and starts to open the door and it's Jack he tells her it was Ellie not Marie. They head another knock on the door and Jack goes to investigate. He puts his eye up to the peep hole and a knife comes through the door and kills him. Then the entire front of the house and the windows all blow up. Ellie does this creepy walk into the house and is starting to choke Beth when Marie shows up and puts Ellie's spirit in the cell phone sitting next to Beth. Marie gives a look to Beth like, I'm sorry and then disappears. The phone starts ringing and Beth just walks away.

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