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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Satchmo who says... "Aah, it's been too long, and what better way to return than with another Robin Williams Villian role, just like my Insomnia spoiler. It's good to be back, and this is a gooood movie."

The film starts with Sy Parrish Getting his picture taken. He's in some sort of police holding area. A cop comes in and says he developed the pictures Sy had on him and they're not pretty. Sy asks if he can see them, and if the cops have their own photolab or if they have to send away (They have their own lab). The cop asks him how all this began, and a flashback occurs.

Sy is a photo-guy at a K-mart-esque store in a mall. He is very good at what he does, and pays a lot of attention to minor details. One day Nina Yorkin and her son Jake come in to get Jake's birthday photos developed. There's 1 picture left in the camera, and Sy takes a picture of himself.

Sy takes the photos, fills out their address by heart, and says he'll do their photos in 40 minutes, even though the store is close to closing. While in the back, he makes an extra set of the photos for himself.

When the Yorkins return, Sy gives them large prints at no extra charge, and gives Jake a free disposable camera. Jake thanks him, and the Yorkins go home. That night, as Jake is being tucked in, he says he thinks Sy is sad, but his mom says Sy probably has a girlfriend and parents who love him, and he's probably a happy guy. While this is happening, we see Sy enter his empty clean apartment, clearly showing he is a lonely guy. As he watches the Simpsons, the camera pans over, and we see a wall in his living room is covered with pictures of the Yorkins. He is obsessed with the family, especially Nina.

Nina goes downstairs after tucking Jake in, and has a fight with her husband about how he's neglectful of both her and Jake. Jake hears the fight and runs off.

The next day, Sy's boss yells at him for making a scene with the photo-machine repairman because he refused to fix a small color problem, and his boss suggests Sy take a vacation. As Sy goes back to work, he sees Will Yorkin, Nina's husband, who he's never met before. They talk for a bit, awkwardly, and Sy walks off, and runs into Jake, who wants an Evangelion toy, but his dad wont get it for him. He takes off, and Sy overhear's Will tell Jake not to talk to strangers.

Later on, Sy drives to the Yorkin's house and dreams about going inside it and walking around, using their bathroom, and wearing their clothes. As the family comes home we see that it was a dream and he never left his car. He drives off.

The next day a girl comes in to get her photos done and Sy thinks he remembers her from somewhere but can't place it. Her name is Mya

Later on, as Sy is getting lunch in the mall food court, he spots Nina and goes and sits with her.

They chat for a bit, and Sy pulls out a book he saw Nina with earlier, and acts impressed when she says she's reading it. Nina is starting to like Sy, but she has to leave. Sy smiles to himself and finishes lunch.

Later we see Jake at soccer practice and Sy is there. After the practice Sy goes to walk Jake home and asks if his Dad ever comes to the games. Jake says his dad owns a company and is really busy. Sy tries to give Jake the Evangelion toy he wanted, but Jake says he can't take it, and rides his bike home.

Later on, Sy's boss calls him to his office. He says there are hundreds of photo prints missing, and that it has to be Sy's fault. He fires Sy, tells him to finish out the week and then go.

When Sy gets back to his photo booth, Nina and Jake are there, with Jake's disposable camera. They are both concerned that Sy isn't as upbeat as usual, and can't remember their address. Sy says he's fine and says he'll have the pictures by tomorrow. He develops Jake's photos and crys.

When Sy gets home, he inspects an old photo of Will's softball team and finds Mya, the familiar girl, behind Will. He speeds back to the Save-mart and finds Mya's photos, and sure enough, Will is in them, and not in clothes, kissing Mya.

Sy doesn't know what to do. He eventually puts the photos in with Jake's disposable camera prints.

The next day he leaves early, and tells the other young photo guy about how he got fired. The young man, Yoshi, thanks him for all he's taught him. As Sy is leaving, he steals a hunting knife.

When Nina comes to pick up Jake's photos, Sy is waiting in the parking lot, watching with a zoom lens. she comes out of the store and starts to drive home, and Sy follows in his car. halfway home, the car suddenly swerves and pulls over. Nina has found the photos. Sy pulls over behind her, but doesn't get out of his car. Nina doesn't notice, but Jake does, but doesn't say anything. Eventually Nina starts driving again, and Sy follows. At the Yorkin house that night, Sy is outside watching while Nina serves dinner. Sy is just waiting for Nina to confront Will and show him the photos, but she never does. Sy gets furious and drives off. That night he scratches Will out of all the photos on his wall.

The next day Sy goes to the Save-mart and wants to get photos developed. His old boss doesn't want him in the store and tells him to go elsewhere. Sy says that he calibrated the photomachine himself, and its the best in the state. His boss says ok, but just this once.

The young photo operator goes to the boss's office an hour later with Sy's photos. They're of the boss's daughter, in her backyard, just getting closer and closer. The boss calls the police.

Sy is now following Will, and he sees he and Mya leave work and head for a hotel, Sy follows them.

The police, led my Eriq la salle, ask about Sy, and how he was at the office. He said that the photos were probably a warning for being fired, and that Sy won't come back and get them, but they're sending people to his appartment, and keeping cops at the store. The police sent to his apartment find the Yorkin's photos on the wall, one of which says their name and address. They call headquarters.

Sy has found Will and Mya, and devised a plan to get into their room. They're in 511, and he takes room 519. He calls room service and cancels their order, then goes up to their room saying he's room service. He makes them take off their clothes and sit on the bed. He says if they move or touch each other, he'll stab them in the heart.

Back at the Yorkin house, Nina is trying to find Will. His secretary is trying to cover the affair, but Nina says she knows about it and demands to know where Will is since he's in trouble. they try to call the hotel room, but no one answers.

Sy is making Will and Mya pose in sexual positions, smiling, never actually touching each other, taking pictures of them. He tells Mya to put his thing in her mouth, then screams at her.

We cut to Sy going into his room, and sitting on his bed with a camera. He takes some pictures.

The police have found which hotel he's in, and which room. They run upstairs, but Sy sees them and runs the other way, he almost gets away, but sets off a fire alarm, and they track where it was. They catch him out in the parking garage

Back in room 511, we find Sy never hurt Will or Mya, just took the pictures. Mya is in the shower crying, and Will is sitting on the bed with his head in his hands.

Later on, the police bring Will home, and Jake runs into his arms, but Nina stands away, looking at him. The police leave.

We cut back to Sy in the room from the opening. He asks La Salle if he's a family man. Sy thinks he is, since he's been nice and won't answer the question. He bet he has a wife and kids and is a good father, one who would never cheat on his wife. He says 'You would never photograph your children doing those disgusting things children shouldn't do', implying that his father made him do the same things he made Yorkin and Mya do.

The detective leaves, and lets Sy have the photos he took in his hotel room, which are of things like the ceiling and the bathroom. Sy starts arranging them like he had the Yorkin photos in his house. The detective shakes his head and leaves.

spoiled by -The Satch


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