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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Gwendolyn.

Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) dreams of the Empire State Building. The building is crowded with people. He and a woman (Olga Kurylenko) stare at each other. He awakens next to another woman Victoria (Andrea Riseborough).

As Jack flies a drone repair ship over the landscape of a long destroyed New York, he describes what happened.  The year is 2077.  In 2017, 60 years ago, the earth was attacked by “Scavs.” First the Scavs destroyed the moon, sending the planet into environmental upheaval. And then the invasion fleet arrived.

Humans won the war but lost the planet. Most of humanity fled to Titan, Saturn’s largest moon. Five years ago Jack and his partner/lover Victoria had their memories wiped for security purposes. They remain behind repairing the armed drones responsible for protecting the enormous collectors siphoning up the water from the oceans. They’re the mop-up crew. And in two weeks, their mission will be over and they’ll join the others on Titan.

Scavs remain on the planet, attacking the drones. But once the water’s gone, the planet will be an arid husk and the Scavs will be doomed. 

Jack skirts the radiation zone in his ship and sets down to repair a damaged drone. He has a gun in a holster on his side and a larger rifle-like gun on his back. He repairs the drone – which has had its power cell removed.

He heads back to the base where he and Victoria live.  They check in with Sally (Melissa Leo) at Mission Control aboard the Tet – a huge ship in orbit. The Tet signs off, losing contact as the sun sets. Jack and Victoria have a romantic interlude but still he dreams of the other woman at the Empire State Building.

The next day Jack has to track down 2 drones that were brought down by the Scavs. The first one is quickly found and repaired, but he has to track the 2nd one down by motorcycle. He follows the drone’s beacon to the ruins of New York’s Public Library. He crosses a make-shift bridge to the drone but discovers that it’s only the drone’s beacon. It’s a trap.  The Scavs – whose faces are covered by helmets – surround him. After a quick battle, he’s able to escape because the first drone he repaired comes to his aid – decapitating one Scav and sending the others running for cover.

Jack reaches down and grabs a book from the ground. He takes it back to base with him. Jack tells Victoria that he didn’t think the Scavs were trying to kill him, he thinks they were trying to catch him. Jack wants Victoria to come down to the planet before they leave so that he can show her a special place. She refuses. 

Jack takes his ship down to earth to repair another drone. And then drops off the radar as he does a security sweep.  He takes the opportunity to go to a cabin he has by a lake. He places his book – a book on ancient Rome – with the other treasures he’s collected. It’s stolen time.

He goes back to the ship to Victoria, hiding her cabin from her. They are awakened when one of the water collectors explodes – sending a mushroom cloud up into the atmosphere. The Scavs used one of the stolen drone power cells to destroy the water collector. Sally aboard the Tet is concerned when Jack reveals that 10 other power cells have been stolen.  That could jeopardize the entire project.

Also, the Scavs are sending a transmission out to space.  Jack takes his ship and discovers that the Scavs have turned the Empire State Building into an antenna to boost the transmission and coordinates are being sent out.  It’s nearly the end of the day so Sally and Victoria demand he come home – drones will take care of it.

Jack ignores orders and goes to the coordinates. There he discovers that a NASA ship – filled with humans in stasis pods – has crash landed at the coordinates. Drones arrive and start to terminate the sleeping humans.  Jack steps between the drone and the last survivor – the woman from his dreams.  The drone finally backs down. Jack takes the woman back to his base.

Victoria awakens the woman from stasis. Her name is Julia and when she opens her eyes she recognizes Jack and calls him by name.  Julia tells them that she was on an exploratory mission to Titan. Jack and Victoria explain what has happened to Earth while she was in stasis.

Early the next morning, before the Tet and the base are online, Jack takes Julia back to her ship to get the flight recorder so she can find out what happened. When they get to the downed NASA craft, Scavs take them hostage.

On board the base, Victoria contacts Sally and says she’s lost her tech. She makes it seem like it’s no big deal and neglects to mention Julia’s presence.  Sally sends a drone to track Jack’s DNA.

Meanwhile, Jack and Julia discover that the Scavs are actually human survivors. The helmets are modified Stealth Fighter technology with voice-scramblers to keep the drones from tracking them. The humans are led by Beech (Morgan Freeman). Beech tells Jack that he’s been lied to and the Tet is part of the invasion fleet. The surviving humans have captured a drone and loaded it with the modified nuclear core they got from Julia’s ship. They intend to blow up the Tet if Jack will program the drone to take the bomb. Jack refuses. Beech tells Jack that if he really wants to know the truth of what happened, he should go to the radiation zone.  Against his second-in-command’s wishes, Beech sets Julia and Jack free.

The drone following Jack’s DNA trail comes to the hideout. But the humans take the drone out before anything can happen.

Instead of going to the radiation zone, Jack and Julie go back to the Empire State Building where Jack uses Morse code to let Victoria know that he’s okay. She sends his done repair ship via autopilot.  Julia mentions that she’s been there before – with him. Jack demands to know who she is. She starts to tell him and as she does, his memory returns. She’s his wife and he proposed to her at The Empire State Building. They share a moment.  Victoria sees their closeness through the camera on the ship as it arrives to pick him and Julia up.  She starts to cry.

When Jack and Julia arrive at the base, Jack wants Victoria to come away with them. She refuses.  She calls Sally on the Tet and tells her that Jack found a survivor at the crash site.  And that she and Jack are no longer an effective team. Sally remotely activates a drone hidden in the base. The drone kills Victoria and tries to kill Jack. But Julia manages to destroy it with the weapons from the drone repair ship.

Sally tells Jack to bring Julia to the Tet. No one needs to die. Jack refuses. He gets back into his ship and takes off. Sally sends drones after them. Jack is able to destroy one. He shoots the other drone down but it manages to damage his ship – causing him and Julia to crash beyond the radiation barrier.

Jack sees another drone repair ship arrive to take care of the damaged drone. Jack goes to check it out and runs into himself – but with a different Tech identifying number (52).  Jack tries to explain what’s going on but tech 52 freaks out and attacks. While the two Jacks are fighting, a stray shot hits Julia. Tech 52 sees Julia and is distracted because he too – like our Jack – is overwhelmed by tantalizing memories of her.  Jack knocks Tech 52 out and ties him up.

Jack uses Tech 52’s drone ship to fly back to 52’s base. He grabs medical supplies and runs into another Victoria. He pretends he’s 52. And then he returns to Julia and uses the supplies to heal her.  Then he takes her to his secret cabin. Jack tells Julia that he is NOT her Jack.  Julia tells him that memories make the man and since he has Jack’s memories that makes him Jack.  They share a romantic interlude. She wants to stay there but Jack tells her that he has to help the other humans.

The two of them go back to the survivors’ hideout. Beech greets Jack and Julia. As Jack programs the drone, Beech tells him that when the invasion occurred millions of Jack’s clones were the ground troops uses to subdue the planet. The aliens took one of their best and brightest and turned him against them.

Meanwhile, Tet uses the footage of the drone that tracked Jack’s DNA and locates the humans’ base. Tet sends a group of drones to take out the base. As the humans try to fight off the drones, many are killed. The drones are ultimately destroyed but Beech has been wounded and the drone with the bomb for the Tet has been destroyed.

Jack realizes that he can get the Tet to let him in if he takes Julia. Sally had requested that he bring Julia. He puts Julia into a stasis module and tells her to dream of him. The module is packed onto the drone repair ship and he heads to the Tet.

On the way to the Tet, he listens to the flight recorder taken from Julia’s ship.  Flashbacks show the original Jack Harper approaching the Tet with his co-pilot Victoria next to him – to investigate it. Sally from Mission Control tells him to approach it carefully.  He does but as he approaches, his ship is caught and dragged toward the Tet. His boosters can’t do anything. So, he decides to eject the pod with all the sleeping crew in hopes that they can be saved later. The transmission ends as the ship is pulled into the Tet.

Drones intercept Jack when he reaches the exterior of the Tet. Sally asks why she should let him in. Jack tells her that he wants humanity to survive and that this is the only way he sees it happening. He tells her that he’s brought Julia because they make a more effective team than he and Victoria. The Tet opens the doors and allows his ship to come through.

Meanwhile, a bevy of drones fly toward the humans’ base to kill the remaining survivors. 

Jack passes thousands of pods with unconscious clones of himself and Victoria. He reaches Sally – an amorphous geometric thing hovering in the middle of the Tet. Jack lands and opens the stasis pod – Beech climbs out.  Sally is enraged that he didn’t bring Julia. Together Jack and Beech depress the button that will detonate the bomb – destroying themselves and the Tet. The drones attacking the human base – bereft of control from the Tet – drop from the sky. Harmless.

Julia opens her eyes and realizes that Jack has taken her pod to their secluded cabin.  3 years pass as Jack Harper’s voiceover asks if she thinks about him and if she sees him in their daughter.  The camera reveals the daughter and across from her suddenly is a young boy. Other survivors show up as well. Jack Harper’s voice over continues and it’s revealed that Jack Harper – Tech 52 – has been searching 3 years for the cabin that Tech 49 built. He knew it was there because he too is Jack Harper.  He and Julia stare at each other.  The film ends with…“My name is Jack Harper. And I am home.” 

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Jack Harper believes that human survivors of an alien invasion have deserted Earth and moved to a colony on Saturn's moon Titan. He's thinks he's helping transport the last remaining planetary resources to the new colony.  

Instead, he discovers that he's the clone of the NASA commander originally sent out to investigate the invading alien ship and that he and his clones were used to defeat humanity. He redeems himself by helping the remaining rebel humans blow up the alien ship. 

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