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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by andreah who says... "I'll start out by saying that Charlize Theron had a terrific make-up artist for her role named Toni-G who did such an awesome job, it's hard to recognize the beautiful actress she is. The character of Aileen Wuaornos was portrayed so real with Charlize's changes in slight body gestures, the way she walked, smiled, spoke, etc. An amazing job was done!"

The movie starts out as we see clips of a young girl maybe 2-3 that's crying but all you really see is her face in various expressions of pain or crying or sadness and then a narration starts and its the voice of Aileen Wuaronos, she starts the narration by stating that as a child all she wanted to be when she was a girl was a beautiful movie star with lots of many and fame. There are more clips of a young girl now probably 4-5 playing dress-up and someone in the background isn't happy with her and it's obvious she is abused. The narration continues of her fantasies but soon realizes that's not the type of life she will lead. Another clip shows a teenage Aileen, showing her shabby looks already, lifting up her dress for some boys to take a peek.

Cut too the present. Close-up of Aileen's weather face. She has motionless black eyes, hardly a trace of eyebrows which makes her forhead seem to bulge a little, wet, wavy dirty-blonde hair dripping over her face and weathered, leather like skin. Pan down to see that she has a gun in her hand and the camera pans out to see she is under a freeway bridge, watching traffic and its night-time and pouring rain. In narration Aileen states she wants to kill herself.

Cut too a loud smoky gay bar, where there is a group of butch lesbians chattering away at a table one more feminine looking girl, dressed in totally 80's gear, that the other butchy lesbians are teasing taking turns having her sit on their lap. Sitting alone across from this group, drinking a beer is a dowdy, shy, young girl craving attention named Selby played by Christina Ricci. Her arm left is in a large dirty cast, she's wearing very manly attire and her black hair is in a short mullet style haircut. She is looking at the group with envy, obviously wishing she could be part of them. The girly 80's chick notices and comes over to Selby and cheerfully asks if anyone is sitting with her. Selby seems shocked and happily and states that no one is and has a hopeful glee in her eye. The 80's chick says "great" then takes the chair away and brings it over to the chattering group of lesbians as they all kind of snicker.

   In walks Aileen, very wet from being outside and cold and she sits at the bar and asks where the bathroom is, the bartender says its for paying patrons only and Aileen gets offended and shoves him a couple bucks and orders the cheapest beer they have. She is wet and disheveled wearing a brown leather water damaged jacket and a black tank top underneath that has some logo that says, "Jazzy" on it. Aileen looks around and asks the bartender if this was a gay bar and the bartender nods and says, "umm, yeah" like duh? Aileen kinda smirks and shrugs and downs the beer. Up comes Selby who sits right next to Aileen and says she'll buy her a beer. Aileen doesn't really trust her and just kinda shrugs, and scoots over a little.  She orders another and argues that the bartender owes her change. Selby introduces herself and tries to make small talk and asks about Aileen. Alieen says her name is Lee and says her truck broke down and that she owns a power washing business so she really needs her truck. Selby kinda laughs because shes never heard of that and asks what it is. Lee gets real serious and said she steam cleans things and makes tons of money at it. Then Selby tries to pat her back and Lee freaks out and gets off the bar stool and smacks Selby's hand away and yells that shes not a fuckin dyke and she ain't gonna fuck her. Selby is really embarrassed and tries to calm Lee down and just says she was looking for conversation and a friend, and she wasn't trying to fuck her. Lee calms down and Selby orders them a pitcher. Cut to hours later and there are rows of shot glasses lined up on the bar and Selby and Lee have relaxed into joking and laughter as they cheer each other on and take more shots. Selby moans about her broken arm and they order another round, but the bartender yells that they are closing now. Lee and Selby are thrown out the bar into the alley laughing and Selby invites Lee into staying at her place for the night.

Lee agrees after a little bit of coaxing and talks about having to wait for her truck anyways. Aileen and Selby are sneaking into a middle class house into a back bedroom off the porch and Selby says she is staying here until she moves back to Ohio with her Dad. Its a small concrete room that is used for storage too. It has a bed though and a shower and Selby asks if Lee would like to take one. She does. When she comes out she is in mens pajamas and Selby is already in her pajamas laying in bed. Lee is a little nervous and uncomfortable, but crawls in and Selby turns the light out. Nothing goes down, just sleeping.

In the morning they are surprised awake by a cheery soccer mom type who tells Selby its time for church and is shocked to find 2 girls in the bed. She quickly shuts the door in shock. Lee gets dressed in a hurry and says thanks for last night. Selby apologizes and says Lee has to go because she has to get ready for church, her dad kicked her out of the house when a girl at school complained that Selby tried to kiss her. So she is staying with these friends of the family here in Florida until her dad decides she can come back. Lee kinda understands and leaves, but not before Selby invites her to a roller skating rink a few blocks away that night. Aileen says she might or not make it, but Selby seems hopeful. Lee leaves and Selby is confronted by the soccer mom saying how if her father found out she would forever be disowned and shes lucky the soccer moms husband didn't see or he would have shot Lee. As well as she shouldn't be  hanging out with older women who looked so trashy. Selby tried to explain, but it didn't work.

After that Lee sneaks into a self storage unit and is sitting on the ground in front of her unit packing some things into her bag. Up comes Tom, a disheveled whit haired gentleman in his late 50's early 60's. He's the owner of the storage place. Lee explains shes sorry she hasn't paid the rent in so long but Tom interrupts and says he knows she will as soon as she has the money. He offers her his sandwich and a beer he's drinking and she readily accepts it. Then she apologizes about the rent again and offers to "blow" Tom instead, he shakes his head and says No, thats okay.

   Next we see Lee in a gas station restroom, washing up. She is blow drying her thin, wavy, bleached-blonde hair with dark black roots on the hand blower and people are knocking on the door telling her to hurry up. Lee tells them to fuck off and she continues the hair styling. In this scene we see the effects of Charlize Theron's weight gain. Lee is standing in front of the mirror in her bra and panties that are more gray than white and you see cellulite on her stomach and big butt. She sprays hair spray on the sides to emulate the 80's style hair with the "wings" that were all the rage. *people in the movie audience were really laughing at this scene because she was so meticulous about the "wings" on her hair*

   Selby is in a stonewashed jean jacket at the Skating rink waiting anxiously for Lee to arrive, she almost loses hope when she spots Lee arguing with the ticket guy at the entrance, Lee tells the guy she doesn't have to fucking pay because shes here seeing a friend, when Selby comes up and pays her way in. Lee tells the guy to fuck off. Selby is really happy she showed up and Lee says she was in the area so, she might as well. They sit down to eat and start talking. Selby straight out asks if Lee is a prostitute. Lee looks a little annoyed but truthfully answers that she is, but with a "so what's it to ya" attitude. Selbys said she thought so and remarks that she didn't believe the pressure cleaning business, then asks what prostitution is like. Lee says its alright but she makes good money, she doesn't really like men. Selby says she thought she didn't like women and Lee says no, she really just doesn't like anyone, then they both laugh. Selby asks more about it seeming very curious and almost star-struck about knowing a real hooker and asks if she knew a lot about men. Lee says she could pretty much look at a guy and know what kind of freak they are. She then starts pointing at people at the rink and stating what fetish they are into. She points out a young ugly teenage boy and states, that he's into straight-up S&M Bondage and Selby looks grossed out and says that that's Trevor the son of the people shes staying with and they have to be careful. Aileen says she sorry and says they should go skate. Selby says she cant, but Lee says she'll help her. They start skating around and Selby obviously isnt any good at it and Aileen has to hold her hand and practically carry her. They are laughing and having a good time, when the rink announcer says its couple skate only. A really cheesy 80's ballad by Journey comes on and they both exclaim they love the song and Lee suggests they stay and skate.Lee skates backwards and helps Selby along as they hold hands. Other girls are skating together so its not that big of a deal. Soon Lee and Selby are looking into each others eyes and getting very close and soon start to make out big time. You can kind of see blurry people skating by and pointing.

   Next, Lee and Selby are behind the rink in the alley all over each other feeling each other up. Aileen being much taller and bigger is towering of Selby while groping her. They are very intense in their making-out. A group of teenagers walk past and snicker and point and one of them is Trevor. Selby says she cant do this here, its not right and Lee agrees and points to someones back yard or suggests a park, but Selby says no that's not right either. Lee says that maybe tomorrow she can get some money to get a hotel room for them. Selby excitedly agrees and says to meet her back at the rink at 6pm tomorrow night.

The next day Lee starts out early with hooking. She meets a couple of guys and she seems to have a game plan of what she starts telling them. She says to the guy that shes trying to get to Miami. She shows him a worn picture of two little kids and says she's trying to get back to Miami to be with her kids, but ran into some hard luck and if they could help her out in any way that would be great. They know her game and soon offer money for sex. Mostly oral sex so far. We don't see any of it, just her head going down and the guys face. She seems to have made a lot of money that day and now its dark. Shes walking down the highway and a car pulls over asking if she needs a ride. She asks him what time it is and he says, quarter till so she figures she has enough time so she agrees. He drives pretty far and into the woods. When Lee voices that its pretty far out, the guy says its because he doesn't want to get caught and she agrees. He stops and pulls out a flask of whiskey and offers her some, she takes a sip and hands it back. She says 10 bucks for a blow and he says he wants to fuck. She tells him the price, but then argue a little over the price. They finally agree and you can tell something's not quite right with his behavior now. They tell each other to take their pants off and he says, you first. She starts and he starts saying how he hates prostitutes and basically all women, including his wife and Aileen is starting to realize the deal and stops taking off her pants when he blind sides her and smashes her head with the flask.

*The next scene is very graphic and was hard to watch* Lee wakes up and we see her face is covered in blood and shes laying stomach down on the front seat of the car. her hands are tied to the passenger door in front of her. There is some sort of light in the background, it may be the moonlight, its hard to tell but we easily see the guy come up behind her where the door is open and he has some sort of baton in his hand. He asks if shes awake yet and start slamming the baton inside her and yells at her to scream, he wants to hear her scream and Lee is in so much pain and shock she cant. She is just angrily pulling on the ropes that hold her hand. The guy is saying more terrible stuff to her and we see a bottle of rubbing alcohol on the seat next to her and he says he's gonna clean her up, clean her up real good. And he pours the whole bottle over her head and continues to ram the baton inside her, now she starts screaming and the guy seems a little satisfied and gets up and goes to the trunk, rummaging around and it looks like he has some sort of saw or something in his hand. Lee in so much rage loosens the ropes and tears free, grabbing the gun inside her purse and turns around screaming motherfucker just in time to catch the guy standing over her and she shoots him 2-3 times. He falls backwards and she gets up screaming, her face is bloody, her legs are tied up and her pants torn down with blood running down her leg and she stands over him and shoots him again, emptying the chamber. She screams afterwards and stomps around in pain, anger and satisfaction.

   Afterwards she drags the body into the woods and covers it with a carpet or blanket and takes some money from his wallet and packs things up and puts on some clothes that were in the trunk. She cleans up and drives off.

While while Lee was being brutally raped Selby was waiting outside the skating rink, obviously being stood up. She goes home and cries herself to sleep. around 11pm Lee is knocking on Selby's window and is loud. Selby shoos her away just in time for the soccer mom and dad to bust through with a gun in his hand wondering what the noise was. Selby says she fell out of bed and everything was fine. Selby runs out when its all clear and meets Lee out in the street and doesn't want to talk to her because she stood her up. Lee is wearing some sort of servicemans overalls and a trucker hat. Lee feels awful, for standing her up but doesn't really give an explanation except to say she has enough money for a motel room for a week. Selby smiles at the sight of the money, but isn't convinced, she tells Aileen that her dad found her a job and shes leaving back to Ohio in a week. Lee talks her into staying with her for at least that week so they could party and have fun before Selby has to go back to Ohio. Selby agrees and they leave right then and there in the rapists car who Lee says shes borrowing from a  friend.
  They check into a seedy motel and start drinking some beers. They are going to the bars, getting drunk and causing scenes with Lee's loud trashy mouth. Selby goes back to the soccer moms house she was staying at to pick up her things and is confronted by the mom who is on the phone with Selby's dad. Selby doesn't want to talk to him but the mom makes her. We don't hear what the dad is saying except he's yelling and Selby is crying. She tries to tell him she met someone here and is staying but he wont hear it. She leaves but her and the soccer mom go and have lunch. The mom tell her she is better off with a nigger than the old trashy hooker and says her son told her what he saw at the skating rink. Selby is hurt by these words and says shes in love and is staying with Lee.
   With little support from Selby, Lee makes a vow to go straight and get a real job because she hates her life as a hooker and she hates men. She dresses up as nice as she can, in a turquoise skirt, wrinkly floral print blouse, gray blazer and brown leather moccasins. Very white trash. At the first interview she was in the waiting room with a bunch of suits and ties, looking very uncomfortable. She told the lady she didn't have any skills or experience, but she was a hard worker and etc. She was shot down and not yet undetermined headed off on her 10 speed to another job interview *Also very comical with her trying to ride a bike in her skirt, more audience laughing* This time she went on with the same spiel as the first interview and the guy behind the desk was appalled and mocked her for not having any skills or education but yet she was applying to be a lawyer. Lee said she wasn't applying to be a lawyer, but the Ad  said secretary and she figured she could just sit there answering phones and taking messages and stuff, how educated did one need to do that? And the lawyer guy was ripping her a new one when she totally flipped out on him and caused a huge scene with lots of swearing and calling him a mutherfucker. Her last job interview she went right up to the counter and told the girl there straight out that she was retiring from being a prostitute and trying to do good now and needed a job to get back on her feet and the lady wasn't hearing any of that and Lee caused another loud scene.

  Lee left and was walking down the street when a cop car pulls up and the cop gets out and says people have been complaining about her. Lee is pissed but doesn't put up a fight and gets in the back of the car. They drive off into an abandon building and the car stops. The cop turns around to the backseat and asks if she remembers him. Lee says no. The cop says, he arrested her about 8 months ago on some highway. Lee looks a little frightened now and says she does remember him now and that he almost broke her jaw last time, he smirks and remarks that at least she didn't have to do time. He then orders her up to the front seat and motions for her to blow him. When shes done she leaves walking out the building and the cop car drives away and she looks into a garbage can and sees a newspaper clipping about the rapists murder. Lee kind of smiles at this because they obviously don have a suspect.

She gets back to the motel and cant find Selby. She hears whimpering in the bathroom and finds Selby cutting off her cast with a razor blade, hurting herself in the process. Selby is crying that Lee doesn't love her or care about her and it isn't fun there anymore and they don't have any money and Selby left her family for nothing. Lee tries to calm her down but Selby wont listen, she wants Lee to go make more money and quit trying to have a real job, because she can only make money hooking and Selby asks why she isn't hooking anymore. so Lee confesses that the reason she cant and stopped is because she killed a man. Selby doesn't believe her at first but finally does. She seems a little shocked, but not really upset about it. They go to a bar to make up and Lee tells Selby the story of the lawyer interview in a boasting way, how she told him to fuck off and stuff. Selby is enamored with her story and her. that night Selby tries to do something with Lee and touches her stomach and Lee jumps  back as a reflex, because of pain from the rape and says she isn't feeling good. Selby believes her.

The next day Lee goes out prostituting and takes the gun with her. She tells the story about her kids to the first John and they pull over. They decide on full on sex and the guy asks Aileen if he will call her daddy while he fucks her. Lee seems in awe over this and asks if its because he likes to fuck his kids and the john seems a little shocked too and asks what she just said? Lee kinda laughs realizing he might change his mind, and says she was just kidding, sure shell call him daddy. So he gives her the money and starts taking off his pants when she shoots him 3-4 times. He falls out the door. She hides his body too and takes the car

Arriving back from the murder to the motel room Selby is excited to see the money and Aileen quickly runs to the bathroom to get cleaned up. Selby asks where the car is from and Aileen  tells her shes borrowing it from a friend, Selby believes her. Selby wonders why its taking her so long to clean up and we see Lee in the mirror washing her face and the camera pans out to see her naked body covered in blood. Lee takes a shower and comes out in a towel . She sits on the bed and looks at Selby in her eyes and says, I love you and Selby says I love you too. Then they make love for the first time.

Her next John is a fat guy who isn't talking much and Lee starts in on him asking why the cat has his tongue and she bets he likes it rough and he just kinda nods and smiles, very shy like. She continues on how she bets he's a real sick fuck who likes to hurt women and he just kinda shyly smiles and then stutters and says he doesn't like it rough, and this is the first time he's ever done this and hands her his wallet because he doesn't even know what to say or do. She kinda feels bad because obviously he's slightly retarded. She tells him to undo his pants, leans over and gives him a quick hand job which he's very pleased about and says thank you and she says your welcome and she takes some money out of his wallet and hands it back.

While Lee is still hooking her and Selby keeps going to the bars, having fun and she even takes her to a "fancy" restaurant and when Selby light up a cigarette the manager asks them to put it out and Aileen freaks out, pushing him to the ground causing a scene saying that her woman can smoke wherever the hell she pleases, and says to the other customers to watch out, there might be cockroaches in their food. The whole time Selby is laughing.

Selby begs Lee to rent an apartment. Its pretty trashy but they are excited. Lee goes out hooking at night leaving Selby alone. She is practicing her aim in the mirror all the time, becoming pretty aware of herself. She kills another john. She is also keeping all the clippings about the murders shes committed. Not really proud of them, but yet she kinda is, because she thinks they all deserve it. One night Selby is bored and sneaks out one of the cars from the murdered john and goes back to the gay bar from the beginning and tries to make friends with a group of young butch lesbians, but they just kinda ignore her. She tries to act cool by telling them Lee story of the lawyer, making it like its her own, but she doesn't tell it right and just looks stupid. They all mention they are going to Fun World the next day and Selby invites herself. When she comes home, Lee is pissed that she took the car and was worried about her. They start fighting an Selby complains hey never do anything fun and its not fair she cant drive the car, and Lee reminds her its not their car, they are borrowing it. They go to Fun World where they meet up with the lesbians from the bar and Selby goes with them, leaving Lee to wait in the background. Narration starts again and Lee talks about how she can adapt to any situation and fit in, people didn't know this about her. It was what she was used to, and talked about her giving birth and when they took the baby from her, etc. etc., Selby goes on all the rides and afterwards they drive home in a different car. Selby is driving and misses the turn and the wreck into someones yard. Selby gets a bloody nose and Lee has a cut up arm, they try to run from the accident, but the owner who's an old lady and comes out saying shell call an ambulance for them, but they try to talk her out of it and say they'll be fine, start the car and drive off. a few yards away the car dies and they abandon it, Selby's is freaking out, not knowing what to do, scared and Lee is yelling at her to run. They get back to the apartment and  and the reason she cant be seen driving it is because she murdered the person who owns it. Selby doesn't believe her and Lee shows her all the newspaper clippings, but Selby doesn't get its is dropped. is trying to explain to Selby why they ran is because she murdered the person who owns it. Selby doesn't believe her and Lee shows her all the newspaper clippings, but Selby doesn't get it at first, but it starts sinking in.

Lee goes out hooking for more money and we see her and an older john with white hair walking into the woods with a blanket. Aileen says she wants to do it out in the woods because she saw the john had a gun in the car and it scared her. The john said yeah lots of people had guns, so what? Lee said it scared her. Her and the john made a price for a sex act and they started to get undressed. As she was doing that she was going off on what pigs men are and how she bet the guy had a wife and kids and how he was an unfaithful prick and probably molested kids and stuff. The John was realizing she wasn't alright and started getting dressed and Lee pulled out a gun. the john begged for his life and she shot him a couple times. She started narrating as she hiding his body on how her fathers friend would rape her when she was 8. When she told her dad, her dad beat her and how some things were better left unsaid and stuff of that sort. After hiding the body she went to the car and found his wallet. He had a picture of him and his wife who was in a wheelchair and then she noticed a badge. The guy was a retired cop or security guard. Lee freaked out and  drove the car back to the apartment and cleaned all the fingerprints out with windex.

By this time Selby was getting very scared and watching the news found that they had been identified by the woman whose yard they had a wreck in. There were police sketches of them both. Selby and Lee made a plan to get out of there, but they needed a car and some more money, which meant another hooking job. Selby waited behind while Lee got very drunk at bar where she made a scene again and then went out hooking. A car pulled up and offered a ride because Lee was stumbling all over the road and could barely walk. She got in and once again gave the kid story through her slurred words. The guy was not a john, but was just a genuine nice guy who offered her some money and a place to stay for real. Lee started crying and ordered the guy off the road. She was very upset and didn't want to do this to him, but it was a real struggle not to. He got out and was very scared and crying and offered her all the money he had if she just didn't kill him because he had a wife and kids and was about to be a grandfather. Lee was crying too and telling him to shut up and saying over and over she had to do it, she had to do it. The guy was on his knees now with his back to her and he was begging for his life she said it was too late he already saw her face and in one quick instant she screamed and a shot rang out.

Lee got back to the apartment and Selby was upset saying they had to leave right now, because news reports where everywhere looking for a murdering prostitute and her lesbian lover. We also cut to Tom the self-storage owner in a bar watching the news and he recognizes Lee. Selby wondered where is the car and money? Lee told her she couldn't get a car they would have to take the bus and Selby wasn't having that, yelling at Lee that now the plan was ruined and the cops would find them for sure. Lee and Selby went to a bus station and Lee bought Selby a ticket and gave her the rest of the cash she had. She started feverishly crying in the alley by the bus stop, shaking and could barely talk. She was saying how much she loved Selby and didn't ever want her to be hurt but she had to go now.They cried and were very sad. Selby got on the bus and drove away.

Lee was at a bar getting wasted when Tom comes up and she is happy to see him. They have a conversation about how none of what happened to Lee was her fault, she was a victim of circumstance. Just like the Vietnam vets who came back were all fucked up in the head because of what they had to do and see, that's how Lee was. He tried to get her to leave with him because he knew the cops were out to get her, but she didn't want to leave. 2 bikers were giving her the eye and convinced her to leave with them and when they were outside a bunch of cops came to arrest her, but she was so drunk she didn't know what was going on.

Cut to Lee in an orange jumpsuit waiting for a phone call. On the other line is Selby. They talk about how Selby was doing and how her and her family were being questioned. Lee gave no indications at first that she knew what she was talking about, insisting it was a case mistaken identity and it would all be worked out. Selby told her to quit lying and tell the truth so she wouldn't go to jail too. Its obvious to the audience that the phone call is a set-up for a confession. Lee finally gives in and confesses that she did everything on her own and even though Selby knew, she didn't know the extent of it and had nothing to do with it. You can tell Selby was still deeply hurt over it and still loved Lee.

Next, Selby is on the witness stand as the tape of her telephone confession is being played.

Shes giving her statement, etc. Lee is crying as Selby is testifying. The Jury comes in, a verdict is given and they take Lee away and she's yelling at the jury calling them whores and she hopes they all get raped in the ass and that they are the scum of America and spits on them.

Then the screen goes black and the dates of Aileen Wuornos's execution was given, I think it was in October, 2002.


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