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Sandra Bullock
DVD - 2000
Sandra Bullock
DVD - 2000
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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Alex007a who says..."I thought it was a good movie." "The first one was funnier, but I liked this one too." "There were some good, solid, laughs."

The film opens with Agent Gracie Hart (Sandra Bullock) in a stakeout van.  McDonald (Ernie Hudson) briefs Gracie and a small group of agents on what the mission is. A group of housewives have knocked over several banks, and the FBI has gotten a tip on where they’re going to strike next. The other agents, especially Clonsky (John DiResta), who asks for Miss Texas’ number, give Gracie some light teasing about her exploits in her undercover stint at the beauty pageant, but Gracie says she’s just glad to be back doing her job and wants things to go back to normal.

Gracie and Clonsky pretend to be a couple, complete with stroller. As they walk to the bank, Gracie says she has dinner plans. Clonsky infers that it’s Eric Matthews (Benjamin Bratt, who does not appear onscreen) and says that he thinks it’s funny, “Two agents dating.” Gracie says that they’re not, they’re just… she doesn’t know. Before they enter the bank, Gracie adjusts the mechanical baby with a camera in it. We see that multiple agents from the van are also in the bank.  Shortly after, the robbers enter, and Gracie prepares to form an attack when, “Hey… I know you.” A woman sees Gracie. “You’re that Miss Congeniality!” Gracie pleads with the woman, trying to shush her… but she continues. “You’re Gracie Hart!” Other people in the bank start to notice. “Gracie Hart!” Another woman yells. The robbers realize it’s a setup and pull out guns and take hostages. One of them points a gun at Gracie’s face and asks her where the other agents are in the room. Gracie sees that a couple of them have not been noticed yet and doesn't respond. “Where are they?” The robber screams. Gracie waits a second and says, “There’s one in the stroller.” The robber’s instinctual reaction is to look down, and Gracie jumps her. They struggle with the gun and it goes off, hitting Clonsky directly in the chest. The other agents spring into action and McDonald arrives with backup. The robbers are all arrested. Gracie runs over to Clonsky… who is alive, because he was wearing a bullet proof vest, but still in some serious pain. Gracie tells him seven numbers. “What’s that?” He asks. “Miss Texas' phone number.”

Later, Gracie practices shooting at the New York FBI headquarters. McDonald shows up and wants to talk to her. She starts off on how she knows it’s her fault on what happened at the bank. But he actually has a large box of fan mail. He reads one from a woman who says she was mugged, but using the SING method Gracie demonstrated at the pageant, she managed to thwart him. Gracie is glad that she could help someone, and McDonald tells her that the director himself wants Gracie to be “the new face of the FBI”. Gracie laughs, and snorts while doing it… she can’t believe they'd want her. He says he already has talk shows calling wanting to book her, and that she could promote the FBI with as positive image. Gracie isn't sure, and McDonald tells her to go and have dinner, and sleep on it. Gracie takes her mail and leaves, tripping and dropping some on the way out.

At home, Gracie sets up her romantic date with Eric… which consists of two ice cold beers, microwave chicken pot pie, and a candle. The phone rings. Gracie answers and it’s Eric. She asks him if he wants to take a weekend trip with her to the Poconos. He says something to which Gracie replies, “I thought we were moving at a normal speed.” When she says they can just discuss it when he arrives, he tells her she’s not coming. He then breaks up with her. “Is it the way I snort? Because I don’t have to snort…” Gracie asks. After some more talking, “No… you don’t have to explain.” Gracie tells him she has to go and hangs up. As she wells up, she grabs one of the beers and sits on the couch, alone.

The next day, at the gym of the FBI headquarters, a woman is body slamming another agent, beating him up really hard. McDonald tells another agent that her name is Sam Fuller (Regina King), and that she’s a new transfer. Gracie walks in and asks McDonald if they talk. He looks and her and asks… has she been crying? “Oh no,” she says, “I don’t even have tear ducts.” She starts to tell McDonald that she thinks she’s going to accept his offer and says that she really wants to be a role model for- and then Sam bumps right into her and walks by. “Oh right, there’s no way you could have seen me standing there.” Gracie says. When Sam gives her a throwaway sorry, Gracie gets angry. “How about a REAL sorry!” She and Sam start arguing, until it becomes physical and McDonald steps in and separates them. Sam leaves, and McDonald asks her to finish what she was saying… that’s right, she wants to be a role model for young women.

At the main offices, McDonald tells Gracie that she has a fashion consultant waiting for her. Gracie refuses, saying she just went through a beauty pageant. “I’m still getting hairspray off her butt.” Everyone stares at her. “It prevents the bathing suit from riding up.” As McDonald tells her that with her undercover work compromised, she can either do this or work behind a desk, someone informs him that the Matthews transfer papers are in. When Gracie asks what he’s talking about, McDonald tells her that Eric was promoted, and took a job in Florida. “He’s going places.” He says. After Gracie takes this in, she says she’ll meet with whoever he wants. Joel (Diedrich Bader) waits in McDonald’s office, hoping “she’s not a fatty”, as Gracie enters. He tells her she’ll be his Mona Lisa. He lays down some ground rules… including no snorting. He tells her she’s going to ! be a star. She needs to act like a star and treat people like she’s a star. “People care about people who care about themselves.” He says.

We flash forward to ten months later, as Gracie is being interviewed by Regis Philbin. Apparently, she has a book out called From Misdemeanors to Miss Congeniality about her experiences. She has completely glammed out. Lots of makeup, highlights in her hair, the works. When Regis asks if she’ll demonstrate SING, Gracie says that she “doesn’t do that anymore” but has Sam, who now works with her, to demonstrate on Regis. She does all the steps of SING to Regis, including G- groin. When they return to their seats and Sam exits, Regis reveals he has a surprise for her… it’s Cheryl Fraser, Miss United States (Heather Burns) and Stan Fields (William Shatner). Gracie and Cheryl exchange a hug as Stan hams it up with Regis. After the show, Joel works on Gracie’s hair and makeup as she and Cheryl catch up. Gracie says she’s sorry she hasn’t called in a while and that she’s been busy, and Cheryl agrees that they’ll have more time to hang out when she’s “de-queened”. When Cheryl asks about Eric, Gracie lies and says she broke up with him because he became too clingy. As Gracie, Joel, and their stylists, Pam and Janine, leave, a mob of fans is outside and Gracie starts signing things. She has a craving for Starbucks and asks Sam to go get her a drink. She gives Sam some cash and says that she can get something for herself too. It’s clear that fame has gone to Gracie’s head as she treats Sam like dirt. Sam quits and storms off and Gracie is confused as to why.

Meanwhile, at a Vegas bar, a bookie named Karl (Nick Offerman) is at a bar collecting a debt. When the man at first refuses to pay, he smashes his head into the counter. His younger and larger brother Lou (Abraham Benrubi) is also there. As Karl complains to Lou about how he was the creator of the Treasure Island attraction, and that they took his idea and fired him, they receive a call about a new job…

Gracie is at a signing for her book when a young girl asks her to sign it. When Gracie asks the girl’s name, she tells her it’s Priscilla. She tells Gracie that she wants to be an agent, and she’s doing a report on her. Other girls are doing Britney Spears… but she’s doing it on Gracie, and wants to know if she has any advice for her. The now shallow Gracie tells her to put her hair up, maybe with some bows, because it will enhance her features better. And she tells her to remember, “People care about people who care about themselves.” Priscilla is a little put off, but she wonders if Gracie would come and talk to her class. Gracie tells her she’s very busy, but Priscilla gives her the school’s address anyway, and Gracie thanks her and asks her to leave. “You’re not even writing it down!” Priscilla says… to which Gracie explains that her FBI training allows her to remember Information at the drop of a hat. As she continues with the signing, a man thanks her and says, “Sorry about Miss United States”. Gracie’s confused… she finds a TV and sees that Cheryl and Stan were kidnapped a couple of hours ago.

Karl and Lou drive up to their employer, with Cheryl and Stan tied up in the trunk. He’s pleased, and says now he can milk the pageant out of millions of dollars, trying to get Miss United States back. Karl asks how much money they get. Apparently not enough, because they proceed to dangle him over a dam until he begs them to stop, then they leave with the Stan and Cheryl.

Gracie immediately leaves the signing and goes to McDonald. He already knows and is sending her on a plane to Las Vegas, which is where Cheryl and Stan were. She’s going to handle the press. McDonald goes down to the shooting range and finds Sam. He tells her she’s going to be Gracie’s bodyguard. Sam refuses, saying she can’t stand her. But McDonald says that everyone refuses to work with Sam, because of her attitude. So if she doesn't do this, she's fired. At the airport, Gracie pulls up in her limo, and Sam arrives and tells her that she's her bodyguard, to both their dismays.

They arrive, with Joel and co. in tow, and head to the Las Vegas headquarters of the FBI. They meet Collins (Treat Williams), the McDonald of the Las Vegas branch. He is going to debrief them on the case. “Debriefing,” says Joel. “I don’t like it. I’m more of a boxers man myself.” Collins gives Gracie and Sam each a file on the case, and explains to them that Cheryl and Stan were in town on a goodwill tour, and were at an elderly home where Stan’s mother lives. He shows a video taken in the home, where Cheryl says to the residents that it’s important for different generations to keep in touch with each other, and goes on to explain how her grandmother taught her how to kill a chicken. “I don’t plan on killing any chickens” she says, “But if I ever needed to, I’d know how.” Then Collins shows them a video of the actual kidnapping, taken from a surveillance tape. Cheryl and Stan walk out, and before they get to their limo, two masked men shove them into a van. Collins tells Gracie that she has a press conference tomorrow and to be ready. He assigns them an agent who will be their guide, Jeff Foreman (Enrique Murciano) who is sort of bumbling, and not the brightest, but who is a genuinely nice guy. He can’t stop talking about his girlfriend, Janet (Elizabeth Rohm), who was seen briefly in the briefing room scene with Collins. She’s also an agent. Jeff drives them to their hotel, and wants to know if they want to see any shows while they’re in town- Janet can get tickets to anything. When they arrive at the hotel, the manager greets them. And when a crowd forms to see Gracie and take pictures, Sam attacks anyone who comes near her, including an elderly man. “What is wrong with you?” Gracie asks. Sam says that McDonald told her to not let anyone get near her, so that’s what she’s doing.

Meanwhile, in the middle of the Nevada desert, Karl and Lou are holding up in a little shack, where they are making a ransom tape. They attempt to film but Cheryl refuses to without her crown, because Miss United States always wears her crown proud. Then the second time when they try to film, Cheryl starts yelling not to pay them, that it’s just giving in to them, so finally Karl holds a gun to her face, and Stan says he’ll say it.

Gracie gets comfortable in her luxury suite while Sam marvels at the size of it. Joel sets up shop with all his beauty supplies. When Gracie looks out the window she sees lots of lights and noises… it’s the Treasure Island show. At the end of every night there’s a “battle” and they sink the ship. Just then Pam runs in and says there’s something about Cheryl on the news. Everyone crowds around the TV as the announcer said a ransom video was sent to them, and they air it. The kidnappers want five million dollars from the pageant by Friday or Cheryl and Stan will be dead. As Cheryl looks into the camera with despair in her eyes, Gracie says, “I have to do something.” She stays up looking through the files and watching the video of the kidnapping… and finally she notices something. The limo was parked far away from the entrance, making it so that Cheryl and Stan had to walk a good distance to get to it, giving the kidnappers the chance to snatch them. Gracie looks through the file and finds the name of the limo driver. She calls the limo company to see where he is.

Gracie enters a bar where the driver is supposed to be. She calls the bar from inside and pretends to be Collins looking for her. So the bartender asks, “Is there a Gracie Hart in here?” She answers the phone, and everyone in the bar runs up to see the famous celebrity. Gracie uses the opportunity to find the driver, and when he complains that he already talked to FBI she has the crowd turn on him, and threatens to release his name as a suspect during the press conference tomorrow. He breaks and says that a drag queen dressed as Dolly Parton gave him $200 to park farther away from the entrance.

The next day, Gracie misses the press conference. She meets up with Sam, Jeff, and Joel and starts explaining about the driver and Dolly Parton, when Sam chastises her for missing the press conference and not staying with the schedule. Gracie and her continue to argue until Gracie says that Sam works for her. Sam drags her into the bathroom. Gracie wants to know why she’s so angry. She tells her, “If you’re ever going to make it in this business, you have to use your head.” To which Sam promptly headbutts her. They fight, both physically and verbally. Sam keeps telling her that they’re a team, neither works for the other, until Gracie distracts Sam with a, “What’s that behind you?” And strides out the bathroom. When Joel sees her, he flips out about her hair, which has been messed up in the fight. “This is going to take an hour to fix!” “I know!” says Gracie… as she sees ! someone down the hall that looks just like Dolly Parton. Gracie screams, “Dolly Parton! FBI!” And charges at her, which prompts Dolly to run like hell. Gracie chases Dolly through the hotel, and Sam, Jeff, and Joel chase her. Gracie ends up leaping off a railing and tackling Dolly. As she sits on top of her, the manager screams, “Why are you attacking Miss Parton!” “It’s not really Dolly Parton”, Gracie protests, “Those breasts can’t be real!” But sure enough, Gracie has just tackled the actual Dolly Parton, who is starting her world tour there. “Why did you run then?” Gracie asks. “Because a crazy woman was chasing me!” Dolly replies.

Back at the kidnappers place, Karl and Lou sit outside discussing what they’re going to do with Cheryl and Stan. Inside, Stan sits sleeping tied to his chair, but Cheryl lifts hers enough that she moves to the door and listens. Lou wonders what they’re going to do… he doesn’t want to have to keep them any longer. Karl says they’re going to move the deadline up, then stick them in the boat at Treasure Island, let them drown and take the money anyway. Cheryl panics.

Collins calls Gracie and Sam into his office. He is furious about the Dolly Parton incident, which is all over TV. He thinks that Gracie thinks she’s better, because he already has tons of agents on the case and she took it upon herself to become involved. He wants them on a plane to New York immediately. He has Jeff take them to the airport to see them off. While in the lobby, Gracie and Sam start arguing again, and Jeff plops down between them to stop any physical violence. “I can still shoot her.” Sam says. “Yeah, but you’ll have to lean over me.” Jeff says. This rings a bell for Gracie. She pulls out her laptop and watches the abduction again. She looks closer… and notices that they’re not grabbing Cheryl at all. She’s just caught in the middle as the men drag Stan in the car, “like a Cheryl sandwich” Gracie says. And the wrist grab she does on the of the attackers, it's one Gracie taught her. “She’s not defending herself…” Gracie starts. “…She’s defending Stan.” Sam finishes. After pleading with Sam to go with her, “What happened to team?” She and Sam leave to go find out if Stan had any enemies, even as Jeff tries to get them to stay.

They decide to stay the night at Jeff’s house (Luckily, Janet had to pull an all-nighter at the office.) Joel steals Jeff’s room from him, and Gracie and Sam end up sleeping on couches in the living room. They end up talking, and Sam talks about her father. When Gracie accidentally lets it slip she knows her father is dead, “He was pretty proud of you, wasn’t he?” “Was?” Sam realizes Gracie read her file. “Well, I thought a tomboy from New Jersey whose mother died in the field would’ve been a lot cooler.” “You read my file?” Gracie asks. “Even worse. Your book.” Gracie talks about how the guy who wrote her book originally wrote a big heroic death for her mom… but it was just a routine drug bust. Sam asks about Eric. They talk for a while, and end with, “I’m sorry about you dad.” “I’m sorry about your mom.”

The next day, they decide to talk to Stan’s mom. But Gracie’s too famous, and they don’t want people to know they’re still in town. So thanks to some makeup from Joel, Gracie goes in as an old woman. Joel says he wants to check in “his mother”, and Sam pretends to be her nurse. They eventually find Carol Fields (Eileen Brennan) and Gracie begins talking to her about Stan. She asks who could possibly want to hurt him. “He loved the sluts.” She says. Gracie, shocked, says, “What? He loved… the sluts?” “Yes, the slots. Slot machines.” Mrs. Fields responds. She goes on to say how he had a terrible gambling problem. After leaving, Gracie and Sam deduce it must be a loan shark, so they have Jeff go into the FBI headquarters and print out all criminals with loan sharking charges on their records in the area. Everything is going fine; Jeff gets the printouts and is heading back to the others when he sees Collins, on the floor below him, making a statement to the press, with Janet at his side. When they leave, he swears he sees them touch… in a more-than-friends type of way. He stares dumbfounded, reassuring himself he was seeing things… until the elevator opens with Collins and Janet kissing inside. Collins notices the files Jeff has. Though Gracie manages to feed Joel a little lying through an earpiece, he’s a bad liar, and Collins quickly figures out what’s going on.

Gracie, Sam, and Joel are all brought into Collins’s office. He tells them if they interfere again, he’ll have them arrested for obstruction of justice. And he tells Gracie she’s a joke. She just got lucky at that beauty pageant and now she thinks she’s top agent. He said he talked to the director of the FBI (who Gracie mentioned being friends with earlier to Collins) and that he thought she was a mistake, and an embarrassment to the bureau. They just got a lead on a truck that was scene fleeing the scene. That’s real evidence. Just then Janet runs in and says there’s another tape. They watch it, and Cheryl says that the deadline has been moved up- to tonight. She says, “You have to save my booty.” Collins sends Jeff to take them all to the airport, but sends more agents with them.

At the airport, Sam sees a poster for a drag queen club. She calls and asks if they have a Dolly Parton impersonator. She gets off the phone and tells Gracie that they don’t, and there’s only one club that does- The Oasis. Gracie has completely given up and doesn’t care. “Collins was wrong. You’re not lucky. You’re good. You figured out about Dolly, you figured about that they were after Stan!” But Gracie just stands there. “Don’t you want to save Cheryl?” Sam asks. “I’m going to get her killed.” Gracie says. When Sam says she gets too emotional, Gracie says that she just can’t handle opening up to someone, and then having them discover that you’re not worth loving… Gracie pretends that’s what Jeff said about Janet, but it’s very clear what she’s really talking about. She says when you have a friend like Cheryl, which is very rare for her, you can’t lose that. Then Sam just walks by her and says, “Eric was right to dump you.” This sets off a huge physical fight, which ends with Sam and Gracie choking each other. Gracie clearly enjoys letting loose for once. “Just admit it,” Sam says while gasping for air. “For the first time in a long time, right now, you feel like the real Gracie Hart.” Gracie agrees, and they both release. With her faith restored, they need a way to distract the agents. Gracie pretends it’s “that time of the month”, and says she has really bad cramps. Sam leaves to assist, and Joel and Jeff sneak away as well.

Meanwhile, at the house in the middle of the desert, the FBI bust in, only to find it empty. Collins is upset, but becomes even angrier when Janet arrives and tells him they’ve lost track of Hart. She tells him, “She’s just trying to get material so she can write another book. It should be your book.” Collins agrees, and tells Janet to have police on lookout for them. Elsewhere, Karl and Lou speed away in their truck, with Stan and Cheryl in the back.

Gracie has dropped the fashion and is back in the suit again. Gracie looks through some of the files Jeff printed out. She notices that two of the suspects are brothers, but as there’s so many, she doesn’t make any special note of it. She, Sam, Jeff, and Joel decide to find the drag Dolly Parton at The Oasis. They arrive, with Sam dressed as Tina Turner and Gracie in an odd pink and yellow feathery outfit. Joel also arrives dressed up… in the same outfit as Gracie. Jeff waits in the bar while the others try to get backstage. They attempt it, but to get backstage you have to either be a regular performer or make it past the first round on open night. As a Liza Minelli performs, Janet calls Jeff wanting to talk about their relationship, but she only stays on long enough to track his cell phone signal. Gracie decides the only way to get backstage is to perform, so she and Sam go out, and Sam does Tina Turner doing Proud Mary. At first she’s frozen, but eventually loosens. Joel rushes all the Tina impersonators out there and it becomes a big number. And it turns out Dolly Parton hit on Joel and invited him back to his room… room number five. Gracie and Sam make it to the next round and go backstage. After some persuading (AKA force) Dolly reveals that she owed Karl some money and that he said that would pay off her debt. Gracie remembers “Oh, the brothers…” She asks if there’s anything else, and Dolly Parton says he got fired from Treasure Island. Gracie has a realization and grabs Sam and leaves, saying she knows where Cheryl is. Just then, Janet enters with a group of agents.  Jeff warns then in the earpiece but is caught, as is Joel. Janet says to Joel, “You better come with me unless you want to go to prison for obstruction of justice.” Joel replies, “It depends, which prison?”

Gracie explains to Sam that she knows that they’ve taken Cheryl to Treasure Island. When Sam asks how she knows that, Gracie explains that Cheryl referred to her behind as a booty. “Cheryl would never call her butt a booty. She’d never even make a reference to it. She calls it a pupa.” Booty was the clue to the pirates. At Treasure Island, Karl and Lou break in and tie Cheryl and Stan up in the bottom of the ship that will be sunk during the show. “Are we going to die?” Stan asks. “Not unless you have gills.” Karl replies.

Gracie and Sam, still wearing their costumes, commandeer a car from an unwilling man, and drive to Treasure Island. (Though Gracie has trouble fitting into the car, with her costume.) As they enter the Casino portion of the building, they see Karl and Lou leaving. Recognizing them from the files, Gracie screams, “STOP! FBI!” And of course they run, and in different directions. Gracie goes after Karl, and Sam goes after the much bigger Lou. The two pairs both get into brutal, knockdown fights, and Gracie eventually gets one cuff around Karl’s arm, and another around the bottom of a slot machine chair. After pressing on his face, Gracie gets him to reveal where Stan and Cheryl are. When Sam yells, “Go get Cheryl!” Gracie runs out to the water area where the pirate show is, and dives into the pool. She swims to the side of the ship and breaks open a “window” area. The water inside is already up to her waist. She yells, “I’m coming!” To which a muffled Cheryl yells, “Gracie!”

Meanwhile, Janet, Joel, Jeff, and the other agents arrive and run up to the water attraction. And in the casino, Sam is having the air squeezed out of her by Lou. But she uses SING and gets the upper hand. Back in the ship, Gracie has untied Stan. He asks which way to get out, and she tells him there’s a hatch. He checks and says a cannon blocks it. Gracie using a ton of strength pulls the cannon backward, towards her, and tells Stan to go. “Not without Cheryl!” He declares and goes to untie her, but Gracie assures him she’s got it under control, and ushers him out. Collins arrives at that moment, and Janet tells him that “Hart dove in a little while ago.” Just then Stan pops up at the top of the water, and the media, which have arrived at this point, go nuts. Collins sends agents into the water to fetch him. Jeff jumps in as well. Back in the ship, the water is up to neck length, and ! Gracie gets Cheryl untied. She shoves Cheryl out the opening, and she emerges at the top of the water, where Jeff promptly swims to her rescue. “Miss United States!” He says. “Please… call me Cheryl.” She replies back. Gracie goes to swim out the opening, but is jerked backward… part of her costume is caught under the cannon. She swims wildly out the exit, but to no avail. She tries to tear the clothing but nothing. She goes up for air, and there’s almost no room left. She gets a little bit… and then the ship fills up completely. She tries to move the cannon but starts to go limp… and then a hand shows up and grabs Gracie. It’s Sam. She pulls the cannon away and pulls Gracie up to the surface.

Gracie gets out of the water and Jeff hands her a towel. Collins is telling reporters about how he figured out the case with the help of Gracie Hart. Jeff finally stands up for himself and tells Collins that he should be groveling at Gracie’s feet because he was nowhere with the case. And when Janet calls him a good agent, he calls her a good liar and blows her off. Cheryl gives Gracie a big hug and tells her “You must be tired of saving my life.” Gracie thanks Cheryl for the booty tip, and Cheryl says she felt bad saying it but it was an emergency. And when Gracie is about to introduce her to Jeff, she says they’ve met and he’s an excellent swimmer. Jeff smiles at Cheryl. Gracie pulls Cheryl aside and tells her to wait a little bit before asking him to go to the Poconos, and then lets Cheryl go be with Jeff. Karl and Lou are led away by police. Gracie sees Sam standing alone, and goes and thanks her for coming back for her. “Partners, right?” Sam says. Gracie finally has a good snort again as she and Sam joke around. And Sam says she knows how it feels... what Gracie said earlier about letting people in and friends. And just then lots of interviewers and media show up, asking if this is going to be in her second book or not, and what she has to say. And Gracie says firmly that there won’t another book, and… “No comment. You know what, no comment.” The media is confused as Gracie walks away with Sam. Gracie walks past Collins and knocks him over the railing, into the water and says, “That’s how we do it in New York.” As she, Sam, Stan, Cheryl, Jeff, and Joel leave together.

Back in New York, Gracie has returned back to normal. The highlights and makeup are gone, she’s not hideous looking like she was before the beauty pageant, she’s just normal. She and Sam are now partners. As McDonald goes over the agenda, Gracie teases Sam that she has to like her now. McDonald approaches Gracie about a mission, but she says she has to do something first. We see Gracie entering a school, and knocking on a classroom door. “Hi, is this Priscilla’s class?” She asks. She said since Priscilla was doing a report on her, she wanted to know if she could come in. The teacher says it’s okay, and Gracie walks up to Priscilla. She smiles at her, and takes the bows out that Priscilla had put in to keep her hair up. Gracie says, “I know that people care about people who care about themselves… but I really don’t care about those people.” Priscilla smiles. And as Gracie makes a joke a little boy sitting near her and he doesn’t laugh, Priscilla laughs and snorts, and Gracie winks at her.


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