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NOTE: This spoiler sent in by HorrorFreak889 who says... "Mindhunters is a very clever Psychological Horror film." "It's pretty much like a long version of CSI with very gruesome deaths"

The movie starts off in the woods on a cold snowy night. We see a car parked right in front of a tree. A women with blonde hair is in the drivers seat. It looks like she smashed her car into the tree. A man walks over to her car. Rubs his hand up against the window for a few seconds and finally the women wakes up. The women turns out to be an FBI profiler named Sara (Kathryn Morris) The man, also an FBI profiler named JD (Christian Slater). He gets in the car with her and tells her it's time to go. As they drive down the road, they come across a mansion. "This is the place", JD says. Sara gets out of the car and knocks on the door a few times. No answer. She searches around the side of the house when a loud noise is heard from inside. JD and Sara bust open the doors and search around. They come across a basement. The lights flicker on an off. Sara starts to freeze and becomes a little nervous. JD tells her everything is ok. As they search around, they see a couple of bathtubs filled with dead bodies. Mostly naked women. JD walks over and sees a guy dead in a chair. The body is holding a cigarette which has smoke coming off it still. JD removes the cigarette from the hand. A moment of silence goes by and a strange man pops out. The man grabs Sara and stabs her. JD and the man shoot each other which sends them both down on the floor, dead.

Bright lights come on. Sara, JD and the man wake up. A group of FBI officers walk in and investigate the scene. A man walks in by the name of Jake Harris (Val Kilmer). Jake is Sara and JD's boss. He says sarcastically that tomorrow he has a lot of stuff to do, but now he has to plan a funeral for two dead FBI profilers. He then tells Sara and JD that they pretty much have failed this simulation test. Jake says to Sara that the worst thing she can possibly do, is to freeze up at a crime scene. This is why Jake gives his team realistic simulation tests.

The next day, we meet the rest of Jake's team. Bobby (Eion Bailey), Vince (Clifton Collins Jr) who is in a wheelchair, Lucas (Jonny Lee Miller), Nicole (Patricia Velasquez) and Rafe (Will Kemp). Jake explains to the group that he has a very smart team. He just wants them to be smarter. He says he has a new simulation test for all of them called "Mindhunters". "Mindhunters" is a test to see how serial killer's think and act. This training program is at a remote island. They leave tomorrow.

That night, we see the team at a bar. Bobby and Rafe start to profile random people in the bar just for fun. Bobby starts to profile this one lady who is sitting by herself. Bobby says that her name is probably Jill or Jen, judging by the "J" letter key chain on her purse. Bobby and Rafe make a bet to see if Bobby can get her phone number. Bobby goes over to her. Sure enough, he gets her number and comes back to the table. Rafe tries to profile a guy and says that the guy is probably really rich, and has a beautiful girlfriend, however another guy walks over to the guy Rafe is profiling and they kiss. Rafe flips out and the team laughs.

The next morning, we see the team board a helicopter. Another FBI agent shows up named Gabe (LL Cool J). Gabe is from another FBI team but will be joining Jake's team short notice. We cut to the team on a helicopter arriving at the island. They land and the team checks everything out. Jake says that they have until Monday, so this gives them the weekend to complete the simulation. As they explore, Jake tells the group the history of the place. He says that it once was a town with a high population, now military groups just use it for target practice. Jake says the group is off on their own now and the simulation starts at 10 AM tomorrow morning. Jake takes off.

That night, the team cooks themselves dinner and has a little party. Sara goes off on her own and sits by an old pool filled with nasty water. Lucas comes out and joins her. The two talk. Sara says how she is afraid of water ever since her sister was raped and drowned in a pool. Lucas says he had an unsettling childhood too. Both his parents died when he was around 11 years old. He took a wrong path in life but shaped up and joined the FBI. Later on, everyone goes to sleep. We see JD in the shower. Lights start to flicker and an unsettling feeling rises up. Nicole pops out and startles JD. The two begin to kiss. We cut to Lucas in bed tossing and turning. A bunch of cats outside his window keep him awake.

The next morning, Sara is in the bathroom brushing her teeth. Once again, lights start to flicker. She turns around and a dead cat is found hanging from a piece of wire in the ceiling. She screams, which draws the rest of the team into the room. Sara investigates the hanging cat and finds a small clock in it's stomach that says 10 AM.

The team goes outside and looks around the town. In the town, all human looking dummies are everywhere, used for target practice. The group splits up. Vince and Lucas come across a store that has a fake dummy hanging by strings with fake blood everywhere. JD and Rafe start to check it out. The rest of the team comes in. Weird, creepy, kid type music comes on. The team gets a little nervous. JD walks over to the tape player. "No fun unless it's a challenge" he says and then pushes the stop button. A long line of dominos start, small objects start to roll around and then silence. Suddenly, three tanks of nitrogen freeze starts to go off and freezes JD's legs, working its way up JD's body. The team stands there in shock not knowing what to do. The Nitrogen stops and JD's frozen body is left standing there. His body falls over, cracking in several large pieces (obviously very graphic). Nicole starts screaming. Sara looks over at the clock which reads 12 PM.

Later on that day, we see the team carrying JD's wrapped up body and placing it into a large freezer. The group gets together and talks about what’s happening. Nicole yells out that JD is dead and the simulation is over. "What kind of simulation is this!" Sara yells out. The team figures they have to get off the island, and there is a dock down by the water. They head to the dock and find a boat. Gabe leads. As soon as they reach the boat, they see explosives strapped onto it. The boat blows up, which throws everyone into the water. After a few moments of panic, everything is ok. Lucas pulls Sara out of the water. Time goes by and we see Sara stitching Lucas' arm, which he hurt from the boat explosion.

The next morning, around 6 AM, the team meets for coffee in the kitchen. They all start to argue that someone else has to be on the island who is doing all of this. "There’s just one problem, there’s no one here but us" Sara says. Everyone pulls out their gun. They start pointing fingers at each other. Everyone then points at Gabe, because he isn't in Jake's team. Everyone then starts to feel light headed at the same time and they all faint.

Several hours later, a little before 12 PM, everyone wakes up. They figure that there was something in the coffee that knocked them out. Everyone realizes that Rafe is still asleep. Sara goes over to him and picks his head up, which rolls onto the floor. Sara says "Somebody drained his blood". Sara notices that there are numbers written in Rafe's blood all over the windows. They freak out and everyone blames Gabe once again. The group takes Gabe into the basement and chains him up. Vince is left to watch him, while the rest of the group goes back up to investigate the blood-dried numbers on the windows.

The same 8-digit number is repeated over and over on the windows. Sara takes out a black light and places it over the numbers. She then bumps into Nicole and notices that some type of letter is written on the back of her jacket. The rest of the group takes off their jackets and put the Jackets together which spell out ONIE. They try to play with the letters to form some time of word. The team figures that almost every 6 hours, someone is killed. Several hours go by and the team tries to find more clues as to what’s going on.

We cut to Gabe and Vince in the basement. It is a little before 6 PM They begin to yell words at each other and the lights go out. Vince goes to check it out. A water pipe explodes along with several wires in the ceiling. The basement starts to flood. Since Vince is in a wheelchair he can't go anywhere. He jumps up on some pipes and holds himself up with two hands. Gabe tries to break free but cant. Gabe asks Vince for his gun, after several seconds of begging, Vince throws it to him. Gabe breaks free and climbs along the pipes. Gabe goes to shut the generator off, as Vince is slipping. The rest of the team comes down to see what is going on. Just as Vince slips and falls, Gabe shuts the power off. Everything is ok.

The group get together and figure out how the killer put together this water pipe trap. Bobby goes over to the water pipes and starts to explain how the pipes work. Obviously, Bobby is the smart one out of the group. Bobby pulls a lever and a moment of silence rises. Suddenly, three hunting arrows are shot out of the ceiling and into Bobby's neck, killing him.

The group gets together and uses the black light on Vince and Gabe's jackets to figure out if their are more letters there. Sure enough there is. The letters "G" and "A" are found. They spell out the world “Oniega“, which is the island they are on. Lucas starts to explain that when the island was up and running, people lived here. However a ton of deaths took place on this island by serial killers. Also the fact that it is Isolated and used by just the FBI. The group has now figured out why this location has been chosen by the killer. Just to keep you updated the group now consists of Sara, Gabe, Lucas, Nicole and Vince. Nicole starts to think of something and goes over to Rafe's body. There’s a small piece of flesh and blood under Rafe's nails indicating Rafe put up a fight. They run a blood test on the piece of flesh along with blood from everyone left in the group.

Hours pass and the blood test comes back on the computer. Before they click the key to see who matches the piece of flesh under Rafe's nail, Gabe asks that everyone puts their gun out on the table. They click the key on the computer and the test comes up as Sara. Everyone takes their guns and points at Sara. Tension builds up, Nicole realizes that she needs a smoke so she runs out of the building and into the town. The group ties up Sara and questions her. Sara says that she has no motive and she swears she isn’t the killer. The clock reaches 12 AM and the group notice that nothing happens. They then remember that Nicole ran out for a smoke.

Cut to Nicole at a cigarette machine. She finds a pack and then starts to smoke. She walks over to the pool and tries to relax. Suddenly, she starts choking. Her eyes become red and her body twitches. There is Acid in the cigarettes. Her skin starts to burn and some of it falls off. The group finds Nicole just as she dies. Vince decides to leave the group and goes back to the freezer where JD's body was stored. While inside the freezer, he gets locked in. He eventually gets out and notices his wheelchair is gone. He crawls into an elevator. He hears some footsteps and gets inside the elevator, closing the doors just in time. The elevator doesn't go up and the doors open up a little. Vince takes his gun out and shoots the figure standing there, however the gun is just another trap set by the killer. The bullet backfires and goes straight into Vince's head, killing him.

The figure standing there was Sara. She notices Vince's dead body. She meets up with Gabe and Lucas. They start to hear a recording over loud speakers set up around the town. The voice is saying "Are you having fun, I'm having fun" The voice is Jakes. They follow the voice and see Jake's Body hung up on strings, much like a puppet. On the screen behind the body is a video tape of the killer talking to Jake. The killer then kills Jake the video tape shuts off. The three realizes that Jake has been watching them this whole time. Sara notices several watches all along Jake's arm. Lucas asks Sara what time they are set for. Sara yells out "Now!" and the strings attached to Jake's body start to move and turn this whole thing into a freak show.

The group, now terrified points guns at each other. They attack each other. Lucas and Gabe start to chase one another and beat each other up. Sara runs after them. We cut to Lucas and Gabe in the middle of the street with a bus. Sara hides under the bus. Lucas eventually gets shot by Gabe. Gabe then looks for Sara. He calls out her name in a freaky tone. For a second we think Gabe is the killer. Gabe checks on the bus to see if Sara is there, but she isn't. She runs back to the room with all the numbers on the windows.

Gabe attacks her. Just before he goes to shoot her, Lucas shows up and knocks Gabe out. Sara and Lucas get together, thinking Gabe was the killer. Sara pulls out a black light and says that if Gabe really is the killer, he will have some type of powder on his hands that will show up on the black light. This is because she secretly put powder on the clocks that the killer was messing with before. She puts the light over his hands but no powder shows up. She puts the light over Lucas' hands and the powder shows up.

Lucas grabs Sara and says that he is the killer. He starts to explain his motive. He says that when he was a little kid, he was the one who killed his parents. An FBI officer came over to him and offered him some gum. Lucas noticed that the FBI officer had no sympathy for his dead parents. Lucas then thought that if your an FBI officer, you can accept death so easily. As he grew up, he was lonely and found fun in killing people and loving it. Then Lucas joined the FBI.

He then throws in that when everyone passed out from the coffee, he went and set up traps. The whole numbers on the windows was just to throw everyone off. He also took a sample of Sara's blood so that the whole blood test thing would point to Sara. He also says that everyone on the team had their weakness. Nicole with her smoking, Sara with the fear of water, Bobby with being smart, JD with being a leader, Jake with watching people, Vince with his wheelchair, and Rafe with his addiction to coffee. So pretty much, Lucas is just a lonely psychopath with a screwed up childhood. Lucas pushes Sara down the stairs. He chases her and pushes her into the pool.

He holds her head under and just before Sara passes out, she kicks him from behind, throwing Lucas into the pool. Sara swims down and finds Nicole's gun. Lucas and Sara have an underwater shoot out which is extremely cheesy and Matrix like. Lucas eventually goes up for air and Sara shoots him. Gabe comes running out and shoots Lucas in the forehead. He looks over to Sara and says "Well I guess Lucas' weakness was a bullet".

The movie ends with the two waiting on the beach as a helicopter shows up.

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