Jim Carrey plays Charley, a Rhode Island State Patrol Officer, who has multiple personality disorder, resulting from repressed emotions after his wife leaves him for black midget…which also ended up with Carrey being the single father of three black children due to his ex's affair.

18 years pass until his second personality called Hank shows itself due to stress involving his town taking advantage of him and his non-violent, meek personality. Hank's personality is the violent side and demonstrates himself by near drowning a girl until she obeys, embarrassing a woman in the grocery story by asking for a price check on her vaginal cream over the microphone, driving a illegally parked car into a barber shop, and crapping in the neighbors yard.

Rene Zellweger plays the love interest from New York who is leaving her ex-boyfriend. She is arrested by the Rhode Island police for a hit-and-run she did not commit. She is being framed by her ex-boyfriend. He wants her back because he feels she knows too much about his earlier illegal activities.

Carrey is assigned to take Zellweger back to New York so that the authorities can deal with her there. During the trip, Carrey shows his darker side on various, humorous occasions. Charley and Hank battle "one another" along the way for the affections of Zellweger. They also manage to pick up an albino nicknamed "Whitey" who they later ditch because he told Carrey he killed his whole family.

It climaxes at a scene where corrupted police officers and the ex-boyfriend catch Zellweger. Both Carrey's personalities merge, and they try to cooperate with each other in defeating the bad guys. The ex takes Zellweger onto an old, run-down bridge. Charley overcomes Hank by defeating their mutual fear of water and walking onto the bridge. The ex shoots off Carrey's thumb and gets stabbed in the back by a lawn dart thrown by the "Whitey."

Zellweger falls into the water, Carrey jumps in after her, and his sons save them with a helicopter. We find out that "Whitey" made up the story of killing his family after learning Carrey and Zellweger had the police after them. Carrey and Zellwigger live happily ever after.

The end of the credits have a scene where Carrey, Zellweger, "Whitey," and the sons are looking for Carrey's thumb. "Whitey" looks into the water, sees it eaten by a fish.

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