"When a traveling salesman, Danny Wright, accidentally meets up with Julian Noble, a hit man, at a Mexico City bar, their subsequent evening together intertwines their lives in an unexpected, but lasting bond. "
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NOTE: This Spoiler was sent in by Matthew G.

In the first scene we see Julian Noble getting out of bed with a naked girl. Julian examines her and sees she is wearing black toe polish. Julian proceeds to look through her purse to find the nail polish and polishes his toe nails. The opening credits roll with a matador fighting a bull and then switches to Julian who is sitting on a park bench watching a car. A boy walks up to Julian and tells him that his mom likes him, Julian makes a comment that she needs to lose weight and get less uglier. Julian walks away and the car he was watching explodes.

The next scene is in Denver there is a thunder storm and we meet Danny Wright, a down on his luck salesman who is talking to his wife named Bean about how he needs a contract in Mexico City and that he'll leave tomorrow morning, suddenly a tree falls onto the roof and goes into the house, luckily they dodged it. The next morning Danny meets his associate and they leave for Mexico City, Julian is also there and happens to be on the flight.

After Julian gets to Mexico City he meets Mr. Randy who is his contact for hit man missions, afterwards the camera goes into a sniper rifle scope and is aimed at a woman's head there is simply a bang. Later at Julian's hotel Julian is desperate to contact someone so he calls a whole list of people and none of them know him or just hang up on him. Julian goes down to the hotel bar and meets Danny. Danny offends Julian who gets angry and suspects Danny to be a spy, but soon forgives him and buys Danny a drink, they start some small talk, Danny says that his business deal went very well, and when Danny talks about how his son died Julian makes a joke about a midget so Danny gets mad and leaves Julian.

The next morning Julian is in his Speedo walking through the hotel lodge casually while everyone is staring. Julian walks right into a shark tank that he seems to have mistaken for a pool and he gets a frightened face. The next scene goes to Danny who has found out that the business deal didn't go so well and that he needs another meeting with the company. Julian spots Danny and apologizes for his rude behavior at the bar and begins to tell Danny that he accidentally killed his wife and that he can never talk about a dying family member without trying to change the subject. Julian then offers bullfighting tickets to Danny and with some convincing soon accepts them.

At the bullfight Danny tells Julian what a great time he's having and tries to find out what Julian does for a living. Julian tries to explaining that he is a hit man but Danny wont believe him so Julian picks an old man and says he will kill him. They both leave there seats and go to the bathrooms, Julian tells Danny that the old guy will have to use the bathrooms sooner or later. Julian plans an escape route by picking a lock on a door to the streets and then he breaks a lighter in a trashcan. The old man happens to go to the bathroom and Julian throws a cigarette in the trashcan which ignites a fire. The security guards try to put it out and Danny panics, but follows Julian into the bathroom, Julian starts turning on showers to make noise and gets his knife ready to kill the old man, but at the last moment decides not to. All that was planned just to freak out Danny. Afterwards, Julian tries to get Danny to help him with a job and Danny refuses and Julian gets pissed off and leaves.

Danny is worried and drinking at the hotel and Julian comes there drunk trying to apologize. Danny tries to ignore it and the scene fades away with a bottle being smashed.

Six months later and Julian has been everywhere doing hit man jobs and screwing ladies. He has recently failed a job and his contact, Mr. Randy, is trying to convince him not to take a vacation because after a hit man takes time off they lose their touch. Julian agrees to take a few more missions and goes to a scene where he is trying to snipe a man, just before he takes the shot he sees himself and cannot take the shot. Mr. Randy is informed about the failure and apparently Mr. Stick who is the boss wants Julian dead.

It is back in Denver where Danny is with Bean and it is Christmas time late at night, it turns out that Danny's business deal did go well in Mexico, and he's a success. They hear a knock at the door, and it's Julian. They invite him in after an awkward introduction. Bean and Danny are talking about how there is a hit man in there living room and different emotions erupt. Bean starts talking to Julian who Danny has told her about, and asks to see Julian's gun. After some catching up and weird moments Danny and Bean are totally comfortable with Julian's visit. Julian starts talking about hoe the only person that has ever loved him was his mom and Danny picks up on it and asks him if his wife loved him. Julian confesses that he has never had a wife and Danny gets pissed, but after some explanation that, Danny makes a joke and their all happy again. Julian does some dancing with Bean and they all go to bed.

Julian wakes up Danny and they go into the car outside to talk. Julian tells Danny about his problem that Mr. Stick wants him dead for failing so many missions and he needs help from Danny on a mission that if he passes it he'll be set free from Mr. Stick's hit list. Danny refuses but Julian refers to the night at the hotel when he did Danny a favor. Danny agrees to help Julian and the next day they are off to some horse races in a different city. Danny sets up a distraction and Julian gets to a vantage point where he can assassinate the target. Danny gets the attention of a body guard by the target, but Julian has a nervous breakdown and can't take the shot. Danny finds Julian and tells him that he will do anything to help him kill the target so Danny decides to walk Julian through the assignation.

A few hours later on the flight back to Denver, Julian explains that he couldn't do the mission without Danny and that the target was actually Mr. Stick himself and that he can be free to do whatever he wants. Danny says it was a good way to pay him back for what he did at the hotel that night. The camera goes to the night in New Mexico where Julian is at Danny's hotel door drunk, Danny lets him in and tells Julian to kill the leader of the team of markets that are also trying to get the deal with the company. Julian convinces Danny that he is a success and that he can get the deal without killing the other teams leader, and that he would regret getting the deal that way.

The last scene is at the graveyard where Danny and Bean are at there son's tombstone. Julian is watching them and leaves them a ticket to Greece where he will retire to because he has saved up so much money from his hit man missions.

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Greg Kinnear helps Pierce Brosnan kill his former mob employer in order to save his life.  Kinnear owed Brosnan because he had talked him out killing his business competition while they were in Mexico.

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