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NOTE: A nice little summary sent in by Diane B.

THE MARINE - Preview
John Cena plays John Triton,  a marine who was discharged for disobeying a direct order to save three of his friends from being tortured by an Al Qaeda leader.

The sudden change from fighting in Iraq to now working as a mall security guard has him pretty bored with life.

His wife Kate, convinces him that they should take a road trip to relax. She suggests they go to the beach, but John, still getting over fighting in Iraq, says that he's seen enough sand. They decide to go to the mountains of South Carolina. They stop at a gas station and a car full of diamond thieves pulls up. One of them gets antsy when a cop car pulls up as well, and he shoots the cop. The criminals end up shooting the gas station clerk and hi-jack John's car, using his wife Kate as a hostage. They set fire to the gas station right before they drive away, and John is blown to the back of the store by the exploding gas pumps. He runs out to the cop car pulling the second injured cop out and gets in the car to chase the criminals. He radios in about the explosion and says he's chasing the criminals in the squad car.

He closes in on them, and they shoot at him breaking the windshield, he grabs a kevlar vest to keep from getting hit. Throughout the car-chase the squad car gets totaled, and as he tries to pull up along side the criminals they ram him and the squad car goes flying off the side of the road into the marsh far below, and the squad car blows up.

The criminals get out to make sure the car sinks and that John Cena is not coming after them. They are pretty sure he's dead, and they decide to ditch the stolen car and walk because the cops will be looking for them. Kate is knocked unconscious and carried as they begin to venture into the marshlands.

John climbs out of the water and up to the car where an investigator has found the stolen car. He wants to assure John that they will do everything they can to get his wife back, but John convinces the investigator allow him to track the criminals.

He tracks them through the forest and marshlands and finally finds that they have taken refuge inside a shack on the riverbank. John disposes of all but two criminals, The leader Rome, and his girlfriend Angela. Angela takes Kate outside while Rome has a gun pointed at John. The investigator John met earlier has managed to find the shack and now has a gun pointed at Rome, telling him to drop his. He asks Rome where the diamonds are that they have just recently stolen. Rome tells him that he can have a share of the diamonds if he kills John. The investigator then points his gun at John, ready to shoot, but John kicks him. There is a big fight between the three of them. The investigator ends up dead while Rome and Angela take Kate and set fire to the shack. John just manages to jump into the water and the shack explodes. Rome and Angela dragging Kate along, make their way to the Highway where they shoot a semi-driver and steal his semi. They handcuff Kate behind them in the back of the cab.

Meanwhile, John climbs onto the riverbank and a river cop with a motorboat tries to arrest him. John handcuffs him to a tree and steals the boat to chase Rome and Angela to the Marina he knows they are going.

As Rome pulls the semi up to the marina, Kate sees her husband John steering the boat over to them. She reaches forward and grabs Rome's head, distracting he and Angela while John jumps out of the boat and runs behind the semi. He jumps onto the back of the cab, and while the semi is still going at a high speed, he opens the door, pulling out Angela and throwing her at a broken store window. It shows the diamonds falling to the ground sprayed with Angela's blood, so it is safe to assume she is dead. John falls out of the semi, and Rome seeing that it is heading for the water, jumps out. The Semi crashes through a burning barn and lands in the water, very slowly sinking. Kate is screaming for John because she is handcuffed behind the driver's seat. John tries to run to her but Rome and he get into a fight. John eventually kicks Rome into a burning heap of wood and part of the burning building lands on him.

John dives into the water to get Kate right as the barn explodes.  The semi is underwater. He opens the truck door, Kate is no longer moving, he cannot break the handcuffs, but he rips out the bar she is handcuffed to. He pulls her to the surface and lays her down in front of the burning barn to resuscitate her. She eventually coughs up the water and they hug.

You are just beginning to think everything is safe when a charred Rome appears behind John and tries to choke him with a chain. John wraps the chain around Rome's neck and flips him forward, giving the chain a yank and breaking Rome's neck. As police sirens approach, they kiss and John tells Kate they should've gone to the beach after all. 

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