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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by thompsoncory who says... "This was a really entertaining and sweet film which I highly recommend. It is almost identical to the story of Cinderella."

The movie opens in the Bronx. Marisa Ventura (Jennifer Lopez) and her son Ty (Tyler Garcia Posey) are getting ready for the day, and they run out and just barely catch the bus. Ty has to give an important speech on Richard Nixon at school on that afternoon, and is worried that his father, who does not live with them, will not be there. Marisa assures him that he will and drops him off.

Marisa then goes to her job, a chambermaid at the Bersford hotel in New York. Her best friend Stephanie (Marissa Matrone) tells her that a job for manager is now free at the hotel and that she should apply for it. The two work together on rooms, and their boss comes in to give them the daily bulletin. She mentions the manager job and says that maids can apply if they have been working there for three years. She then mentions all the new guests including two French sisters who love to steal from hotels, a rich Brit named Caroline Layne (Natasha Richardson), and the Senator candidate Chris Campbell (Ralph Fiennes).

Marisa has to leave early, and goes to tell the floor manager and butler Lionel (Bob Hoskins). This is in Chris's room. When Chris comes into the bathroom, Marisa is cleaning it, and she quickly rushes out. When Marisa gets to Caroline's room, Caroline tells her to get some clothes pressed, and also tells her to run down to the store to buy her some pantyhose. Since Marisa is already late, she runs down to the store, accosts a mean clerk, and gets them. She then rushes with her mother to the assembly, when her ex calls her and tells her that he cannot be there. She is disappointed. When they get to the assembly, Ty forgets his speech and runs offstage.

Later, when Marisa and Stephanie are cleaning Caroline's room once again, when she is not there, they come across a $5000 outfit made of silk, complete with a white jacket. Stephanie insists that Marisa puts it on, and after a while she agrees. Simultaneously, Ty has met Chris and his dog Rufus, and is running up to the hotel to ask if he can go walk with them. Chris comes too, and sees Marisa in the coat. He assumes she is a guest, and invites her to go with them. She agrees nervously, and they go for a walk in the park and in the zoo.

By the end, the two have bonded, and Chris had restored Ty's confidence in speechmaking by telling him that he always carries paper clips to keep him calm (important later). Marisa tells Chris her name is Caroline and runs off.

Chris gets his assistant Jerry (Stanley Tucci) to deliver a message to the same room, inviting "Caroline" for lunch. Unfortunately, the real Caroline gets the invite and accepts. At the same time, Marisa has to help Lionel with the lunch for the manager position. She tries everything to prevent Chris from seeing her during the lunch, and eventually Lionel finds out her secret. Chris tells Lionel to find the real woman he met, for he is rather disgusted with Caroline. Lionel agrees.

The same day, Chris is driving down the road with Jerry when he sees Marisa walking down the road with Ty. He stops the car and asks her if she is still staying in the hotel. She says that they moved uptown, and tells him that her last name is Ventura. Chris invites her to a benefit being held in a few days, and she says she is busy. She then gets his number and Chris and Jerry drive off. Chris is madly in love with her. He says that he will do anything Jerry wants as long as he can get Marisa, or "Caroline," to go to the benefit. Jerry gives Lionel the invitation, and Lionel gives it to Marisa, telling her that if she wants to be manager, she should break it off with Chris.

All of her friends help her get ready, and she is able to get a diamond necklace and earrings, as well as a beautiful dress. She shows up at the ball, or "benefit," and Chris sees her, and is very happy she came. She tells him it can't go anywhere beyond that night, and Chris tells her that she should have worn a different dress then. The two dance and everything seems perfect. But, the real Caroline is also at the ball trying to woo Chris, and when Marisa sees her, she runs off. Caroline follows and doesn't recognize her then. Chris then comes behind, and follows Marisa outside. Marisa tries to tell him the truth, but he kisses her. They go back to his hotel room and sleep together.

The next morning, Marisa wakes up before Chris, and sneaks out quietly. But, Caroline is outside in the hallway, and recognizes the diamond necklace that she is wearing. Her friend then comments "Isn't that the maid?" Caroline then goes to the security and insists that she sees the tapes. They show them to her and she sees Marisa wearing her suit. She calls Marisa, Lionel, and Chris up to her room, and exposes Marisa. Marisa is fired, and runs off. Lionel quits after, and Chris is still in kind of a shock. He isn't really mad, but sad. Caroline tries to woo Chris once more, and Chris tells her that he would never be with her ever, basically.

Marisa goes back home where her mother is waiting with Ty. Her mother found out about her getting fired, and is very mad. She says that Marisa had no business and no right to see Chris Campbell. Marisa is outraged and tells her that she does have that right and she is going to be fine without her mother's sympathy. Marisa gets a job at another hotel, and life seems to go back to normal, with the exception of Marisa's sudden fame from the controversy.

A little while later, Ty notices while reading the paper that Chris is in town and will be giving a speech at her new hotel. Marisa doesn't think anything of it, but Ty does, and he sneaks up to the hotel where Chris is giving the speech. When Chris asks if there are any questions, Ty raises his hand, and gives a speech about getting a second chance. Chris applauds Ty for his accomplishment, and walks over to him. Ty opens his hand and has two paper clips. Then Chris opens his hand and he does as well. The two run around the hotel trying to find Marisa, with the press chasing after them. They find her in the worker's lounge, and Marisa and Chris passionately kiss. They introduce themselves as Marisa and Chris, and kiss again.

Then a series of magazine articles start appearing. One states that Marisa and Chris have been married for a year. Another states Marisa has been made manager and has taken Stephanie and her two other friends to be her assistants. Another states that Jerry and Rufus have become best friends (Jerry hated Rufus at the beginning of the movie). And finally, one states that the two French sisters from the beginning of the movie have been arrested in a jewelry heist.

The credits start as a Kelly Rowland song plays.


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