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In the style of Ripley's Believe It Or Not, coincidence has played a part in three bizarre deaths during the past century...

Jimmy Gator has hosted the popular quiz show "What Do Kids Know?" in Los Angeles for over 30 years. Jimmy has learned that he has cancer and only two months to live. He is estranged from his daughter, Claudia. Living in her cheap apartment, Claudia is hooked on cocaine.

Officer Kurring arrives at Claudia's apartment where neighbors have complained about the noise; Claudia opens the door. Officer Kurring finds a corpse in her closet.

Stanley is the brightest of the three kids currently reigning on the show. The quiz show kids are close to setting an all-time record; Stanley feels the pressure from his father.

Donnie Smith had been a famous whiz kid on Jimmy's show decades ago. Since being hit by lightning, he does promotional work for the Solomon Bros. appliance store and dreams of getting an expensive set of braces for his teeth.

Affluent producer Earl Partridge is bedridden and dying of cancer. His beautiful wife Linda married him for his money... Earl asks Phil, his nurse, to contact his estranged son; the younger Partridge now uses the name Frank Mackey...

Frank Mackey (Tom Cruise) is a very successful motivational speaker. His aggressive seminar on dating, "Seduce and Destroy", is well attended by frustrated bachelors.

As the various storylines build in tension, a bizarre thing happens near the end of the movie. It begins raining frogs... no joke. Frogs begin falling from the sky.

This is how it affects the various characters.

Jimmy Gator is about to kill himself when a frog falls through his roof and knocks the gun from his hand.

Donnie Smith, (William H. Macy) is robbing his old business, which fired him, when he is knocked from the ladder he is climbing and falls almost 30 feet to the ground. He is alright though, and the cop helps him return the money.

Tom Cruise is at his father's house as he is dying. He is breaking down and crying as he is losing the father he barely knew. He is filled with anxiety for all the bad things his father had done in his life coupled with the desire for him not to die.

Julianne Moore feels so guilty about being in her dying husband's will (she married him for the money and cheated on him a ton, but grew to love him as he died), that she attempts suicide. But a kid finds her and calls the ambulance, saving her life.

The new child prodigy returns home very late and his father simply tells him to go to sleep.

At the very end of the film, the cop is talking to the junkie woman and telling her how much she means to him and how she never has to feel bad.

The film ends on this scene.

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MAGNOLIA poster. Pay particular attention to the frogs falling from the sky.
Tom Cruise plays Frank Mackey. Jason Robard's Son
Julianne Moore plays Linda Partridge. Jason Robards wife.