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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Matrox who says..."Katie Holmes went on SOME kind of diet/exercise regiment ‘cause she seemed anorexically thin in this movie… Didn’t realize that Roger Cross (Agent Curtis Manning) could smile after watching him in 24 with Kiefer…"


The movie starts out with a garden party where Bridget (Diane Keaton) is being encouraged by party goers that things will get better for her and her husband, Don (Ted Danson).  Through chit-chat with a neighbor (real-state agent wife and tax lawyer husband, IMPORTANT LATER), we learn that Don has put the house up for sale, which is news to Bridget.  Bridget brings this up with Don, who has been out of work for a year after being a big-shot manager in finance and Don shares with Bridget that they are around $285,000 in debt and that their lives are ruined… Bridget then assures her husband that everything will be alright and that she will get a job… after many unsuccessful tries because she has some obscure literature degree and because people “her age” are difficult (a nice exchange on one of her interviews) she ends up coming home and continually getting turned down for jobs (getting laughed at once because she asks if there are “health benefits” for a waitressing position)… at this point, the house cleaner comes to her and tells her that this is the third cheque that has bounced and she needs a cash payment... the house cleaner then tells her that she knows of a job where she could get her benefits and when asked why she didn’t apply, she responds by saying that she couldn’t because she has a criminal record…

Note: the movie cuts in and out of interviews that are obviously being held at a detention centre of some sort and the people involved are being interviewed…

Bridget takes the job at the U.S. Federal Treasury as a cleaning lady.  Glover (Stephen Root from News Radio) is the head honcho at the Treasury and assures Bridget not to “want” anything but her job as she was starring at all the money in the place.  Through her training she comes into the room where they destroy all the worn out money and it’s there that she meets Nina (Queen Latifah) who is the one actually destroying the money by putting it into a Hi-Tech shredder.  She also spots a quirky, flaky girl who loves to dance and transports the money to the shredding room who turns out to be Jackie (Katie Holmes).  After her first day, she comes home and is asked how it went and what not and she ends up breaking a faucet on the kitchen sink… At the Home Depot style store, she tries to find the same faucet and as she is strolling through the Locks/Keys aisle, she notices a “Master” brand pad lock that look eerily similar to the ones they use at the Treasury and the scheming begins.  At home, she draws her plans and types out routes of the cash carts and realizes there are loopholes in the security… next step is to recruit…

Through this process, she recruits Nina, who is a single mother just getting by with her two sons (around 8yrs and 10yrs old) and although Nina doesn’t want to do it at first because she doesn’t want the kids to suffer if she’s busted, she comes through… The next step is to recruit Jackie who loves the idea and doesn’t need any arm twisting at all… they all meet at a local bar whose owner is named Junior (IMPORTANT LATER) and work out the plan including the secret code which is to use their finger to stroke their eyebrow…

The plan:
Bridget takes the cleaning cart to the room with the empty crates that await the money and replaces the lock with her own “Master” lock and notes down the Crate #, she is also careful in taking the REAL lock and placing it into a paper bag with the crate number for Nina to find during her break.  Bridget then heads down a hall where she crosses paths with Jackie and whispers to her the crate number.  When Jackie comes to that crate, she wheels it in front of a set of elevators where the crate blocks the view of the trashcan and she unlocks the crate, takes out the money and deposits the bundles into the trash can and locks the crate back up.  The crate is delivered to Nina, where she then takes the real lock and puts it back on taking the fake lock with her.  They all meet up in the woman’s bathroom and stash the money under their clothes.

The first time they try and execute it, Jackie get a really bad-gut feeling and aborts and although the other women are confused, her bad-gut feeling turns out to be right as there was a random security check done of people’s belongings… this is where we first meet Barry who works as a soft spoken security guy who obviously has a crush on Nina.  When they finally come around to successfully carrying out the plan, there is a moment of fear because Jackie is showing a bit of cash in her pants and as Bridget and Nina try to coyly warn her, the boss Glover comes storming out and picking up a security badge that belongs to Bridget and this successfully attracts Jackie to her exposure and she corrects it while Glover tells Bridget, “Everyone, Everywhere, Every moment” while pointing as his eyes… IT’S A SUCCESS!  While counting the money in Bridget’s bedroom, Don comes in and is shocked at what is going on but loves it (although it’s on a paranoid, they’ll catch us level).

After 6 months, the gang have a nice dinner where Don and Nina thought they would now stop the stealing because they got what they needed but Bridget wants to keep going as does Jackie and her husband (He’s just as flakey) but Don and Nina try and stop it and it basically comes down to going ahead but through Nina’s method of NOT spending over a certain limit (Don keeps mentioning that no deposits or spending over $10,000 because it will be reported to the IRS, IMPORTANT LATER)… They all agree although Nina needs to keep Bridget on a tight leash, even flushing a $62,000 diamond ring down the toilet… Barry the security guy notices what is going on and basically tells Nina, whoever else is involved they better stop it but then Nina puts on the charm and tries to get Barry on board… when that fails, Bridget confronts him and convinces him to get on board… it turns out that the reason he declined Nina’s offer what that she was worth way more and he didn’t want to sleep with her on those terms… awww…

Many purchases are made and while at another garden party, a man is spotted who looks like he’s surveying the crowd and Bridget notices him… it turns out that he’s an observer of the federal treasury and basically scopes out the treasury where the money is being stolen and Glover continues to assure them that there is no way that is going on and gives the observer the, Everyone, everywhere speech.  This investigation leads to the discovery that Jackies’ husband posing as an online trader really got into the role and was making huge investments (many over $10,000) and getting back a 17% return, which amazes Don… but they all agree to rid themselves of the evidence because they all know they’ve been watched over the last few months.  Barry tells Nina that the police will try and the gang against each other giving the best plea deal to the first to blow the whistle on the others and Nina understands but won’t do it… they are all caught except for Bridget who packed a bag full of cash bundles and fled… the observer was watching and follows Bridget.

The scene now changes to the police station where they are all being questioned just the cut-ins earlier and this scene cuts with Bridget checking into a hotel and then being confronted by the Observer who then in turns indirectly tells her that they have no proof whatsoever… Bridget springs into action by going to her next door neighbors and getting the tax lawyer husband to go down to the police station as the gangs’ rep and get them freed on the basis of no evidence.  Meanwhile, Nina continues to worry about her kids and is ready to make a deal, which is too late because Jackie had made a deal to the feds saying he would tell all if Jackie was given immunity and freed so she can continue life with her kids… Bridget and Neighbor come in save the day EXCEPT for some kind of tax loophole the government uses to get all the money back in exchange for no jail time for the gang… they all accept and the three couples walk away from the Police Station free and as they once where, poor.

8 months later, the three women meet back up at a nicely renovated Juniors pub and tell each other how they all missed one another and how they’re doing… at the end of the conversation, they wonder what life would be like if they still had the money and Bridget takes them down to the basement Freezer of Junior and unveils multiple trash bags of cash that Bridget was hoarding in case they all got busted and the movie ends with the women opening up a trash bin full of cash and throwing it up in the air celebrating their friendship and stash!

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(Diane Keaton) finds out from her neighbor that her husband put their house for sale.  Ted Danson has been out of work for quite awhile.  They have a minor meltdown together. Diane is looking for jobs.  She isn't qualified for anything.  She tries an agency where she has even less hope. Her house keeper shows up wanting her pay in cash since the check hasn't cleared for three times. The housekeeper gives her a card who will give a job with insurance to people without felonies.  Diane didn't know the housekeeper has a record.

We then see scenes of her working at the Federal Bank in Kansas City. She observes the people on her job such as Queen Latifa who destroys money and Katie who pushes money to Latifa.

At home later her sink messes up. She tries to get Danson to fix it, but he is clueless. We see her going to home depot where she begins getting the ideas for heist.  Her writes out her plan on her laptp.  She ends up meeting with Katie and Latifa at a BBQ joint.  Many of their meetings are there. You will see the importance of this place later in the movie.

The begin stealing the money, but they can't spend it yet.  They don't want to draw attention to them.  Danson comes up with some cover stories. 

They talke one of the security guards into the scheme.  There is a tense scene when Queen drops the lock down the bathroom drain where many meetings take place.  She finally gets the key.  Cute scene in the elevator with two unsuspecting guys.  They have to stay on their schedule, so they can't go back on floors they have already been on. The security guy notices the key switch by accident.  He meets with Queen in the parking lot and tells them they need to stop.  Queen passes this info on, but Diane doesn't want to stop. Queen talks the guy into helping and they of course find out how much they like each other.

Then a mysterious man shows up at Diane's and Ted's party. Then the girls see this same man at work. They meet together later to discuss if their gig is up.

Later that night the cops are sitting outside of each others houses.  Everyone gets caught but Diane.  She snuck out.  She gets a lawyer and they all get off. 

Six months later they meet.  You see that the BBQ place has some minor changes.  They all meet down in the cellar.  There we see all this money that Diane had stashed for everyone.

Thanks for this, Kathleen! 

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