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John Travolta plays a local weatherman and is beloved by everyone in the city. He even has his own private parking place and table at the local restaurant. Everything seems to be going fine for him except he has borrowed lots of money to start up a snowmobile business and for some unexplained reason, this winter has been exceptionally warm and there's no snow. His creditors foreclose on him and take back his jag', and he has to move into a small house. He's desperately looking for ways to get more money and a friend of his that runs a strip club, Tim Roth, suggests that they have a robbery at his snowmobile dealership. This would allow Travolta to collect on the insurance. Travolta hires Michael Rapaport to perform the robbery.

The robbery fails because Travolta's assistant manager just happens to be there that night making love with his girlfriend.

The Tim Roth comes up with another plan…

He suggests that John Travolta and his girlfriend Lisa Kudrow, "fix" the lottery. Kudrow is the TV ball girl for the lottery. They make up a collection of balls that are weighted and then the day of the lotto, Kudrow switches the balls with the weighted ones. As planned, their numbers come up and they win. In order to collect their winnings, they had to ask Kudrow's cousin, Michael Moore, to buy the tickets and collect the money.

Moore decides he needs more money and Lisa refuses to give it to him. While they are arguing, he has an asthma attack and she refuses to get his inhaler and lets him die. Kudrow finds the winning ticket in the mouth of Moore's blow up doll.

Tim Roth has now gotten in trouble with the local numbers operator because the operator uses the last three numbers from the lottery as his winning numbers. The numbers operator knows that the Tim Roth somehow fixed the lottery because 12 of his friends and relatives won at the numbers game. Tim Roth talks to Rapaport and has him kill the numbers operator.

The man who runs the TV studio, Ed O'Neill finds one of the weighted balls and figures out that Kudrow and Travolta fixed the lottery.

He wants a portion of the 6 million dollar winnings. Tim Roth wants a larger share as well. Rapaport wants a larger share. Travolta is going crazy over this and finally decides to just leave town.

He sells the winning lottery ticket to the Ed O'Neill for $100,000. He sells all the snowmobiles and loads them into a large truck and is going to deliver them to the buyer.

It has started snowing and as he's driving away from his dealership, the truck overturns. As this has been going on, Rapaport breaks into Ed O'Neill's house. He is trying to kill O'Neill since he knows too much. Kudrow is there (she sleeps around) and calls the police. Ed O'Neill is not killed but is badly hurt. The police (Bill Pullman and partner) arrive and kill Rapaport. Pullman is then called to investigate the overturned truck. When Travolta sees the police coming, he hops on a snowmobile and flees.

Travolta goes off the road, hits some trees and is hurt. He wakes up in the hospital and Pullman is there to talk to him. Travolta thinks he's in big trouble from the lotto fix but the police still don't know anything about that. Travolta learns that Ed O'Neill is also in the hospital and that his Rapaport is dead.

Travolta gives the 100 grand back to O'Neill and takes the ticket. Travolta has a waitress from his regular restaurant cash it. He takes his money and moves to Florida and fulfills his dream of becoming a game show host.

Kudrow gets nothing and ends up as a stripper in the Tim Roth's club.

Ed O'Neill is fired but ends up teaching ethics at one of the local colleges.

Tim Roth invested some of his money in Microsoft and is now a multimillionaire.

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John Travolta
He's the most popular man in his town. His snow mobile business is going under so he must rig the lotto. He ends up a game show host in Florida
Lisa Kudrow
She's sleeping around with everyone but helped Travolta with the lottery balls. She ends up with nothing.
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