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NOTE: This spoiler was written and submitted by Emilia.

Foot Locker employee Kevin Carson (Bow Wow) is prepping for work as his grandmother listens to a local TV reporter interviewing passers-by about what they would do if they won the $370 million jackpot. His best friend Benny drops by to walk with him to work. Just before he leaves, his grandma hands him a paper with numbers that she’d like him to play, telling him that Jesus gave them to her in a dream. He promises to get her ticket and leaves.

As they make their way through the projects, they run into Semaj (Charlie Murphy), the neighbor gossip, then Kevin is stopped by the reclusive Mr. Washington (Ice Cube), who hands him money to buy beef jerky and cherry Coke.  He stops outside of another complex and yells for Stacie (Naturi Naughton) to come out. He sees Nikki, his high school crush, and tries talking to her. She mostly ignores him, hands him her dog’s poopy bag to throw out, and gets into the car of Giovanni (Bill Bellamy). They come across Lorenzo, a thug who was recently released from prison, and he tells Kevin to “hook up” him and his friends with Jordans. Benny agrees out of fear, despite Kevin’s protests. Kevin tells Stacie that he envies her leaving to college in the fall. She responds that he can still apply to design school since he’s a talented artist, but he reminds her that no one can take care of his grandmother or pay the rent, and heads into the mall.

The second he walks in, his manager Doug scolds him for being late. Kevin helps a man who’s looking at sneakers displayed in a glass case. He explains that they’re $5,000 and have exclusive components of the original Jordan sneakers; he dreams of owning these one day. He ducks when he notices Lorenzo, but is forced by Doug to help him. Lorenzo orders him to bring out six pairs of Jordans and starts to walk out with them, until the alarm goes off. Security arrests Lorenzo and his friend, who threaten Kevin. He’s fired by Doug and informs Stacie, who works at a foodcourt Chinese restaurant. He reads his fortune but dismisses it, which Stacie warns is bad luck, so he keeps it.

On his way home, he stops at a store to pick up Grandma’s lotto ticket and Mr. Washington’s jerky and coke. He’s about to leave when Junior, the owner, talks him into buying a ticket for himself. With no other numbers, he uses the lucky numbers from the fortune cookie. As he heads home, he learns from Benny that the entire complex knows about Lorenzo’s arrest, his threat to Kevin, and have now branded Kevin a snitch. Grandma hugs him the moment he gets home, having heard about what happened from neighbors. He heads to his room, tired from his disastrous day. That night, the reporter announces the winning lotto numbers, which match his lucky numbers.

The next morning, while watching the news, they learn that there was one winning ticket, sold at Junior’s store. When the winning numbers are announced again, Kevin announces to Grandma that they won the lotto. The scream and celebrate in their living room. She’s about to call someone when Kevin warns her that no one can know until they claim the ticket. She reminds him that he can’t leave the apartment because of Lorenzo and douces him with Holy Water. He heads down to Junior’s and asks how someone claims a ticket, Junior tells him that they have to go down to the claim center downtown.

On the bus ride down, he tells Benny about the ticket. When they get to the office, they learn that it’s closed for 4th of July and will open on Tuesday morning, which is three days away. When he gets back home, his apartment is filled with people (Grandma accidentally spilled to Semaj, who told the world). He runs in a panic when people start asking for money, and is chased throughout the complex until he and Benny hide in Benny’s apartment. Benny suggests they use to underground railroad to escape. Kevin decides to tell people that he lied; however, when they go outside, he can’t bring himself to do that so he starts to celebrate. Stacie comes out to see the commotion, so Kevin fills her in. She suggets he open his own shoe company, which has been his childhood dream. Their conversation is interrupted by Nikki, who arranges a date for that night, which Stacie points out is only because Nikki knows Kevin won the lotto. Benny suggests Kevin bring Nikki to Dolce, an expensive restaurant, but Kevin reminds him that he won’t have any money until Tuesday. One of his neighbors brings Kevin to Sweet Tea, a loan shark, who lends Kevin $100,000 and Jimmy the Driver, to watch out for them.

He and his newfound entourage head to the mall for a shopping spree, making a final stop at Kevin’s foot locker, where he buys his dream sneakers. They stop to pick up Nikki and go to Dolce, where they all indulge in the luxury. Nikki brings him back to her place, where she begins to seduce him until they argue about his wanting to use protection. When he deduces that she wants him to get her pregnant, she explains that her lottery ticket is her body, and asks him to leave. Mr. Washington calls him into his apartment and advises him to always protect himself and explains that he was once the sparring partner of some of the greatest boxers, but that his career ended because he was shot and robbed outside his apartment, ending his career and making him a recluse.

The next day at church, the reverend (Mike Epps) very obviously makes pleas for a new church and a new home for himself, knowing that Kevin’s in the audience. Benny interrupts with news that Lorenzo is on his way, and tells the congregation that a big sinner is coming to repent, so they grab hold of him. He breaks free and corners Kevin, demanding the ticket. Jimmy the Driver rescues him, but is then beaten by Lorenzo who chases Kevin through the subway. He and Benny later get into an argument after Benny suggest he hold the ticket. Kevin misunderstands; believing Benny also wants to steal his ticket, which insults Benny who has been his best friend for years. Benny tells Kevin that he’s broke and has no food, which is why he’s always at Kevin’s. He tells Kevin that if he were in his shoes, he’d give something back. Kevin heads to Stacie’s where she confirms that Kevin should apologize to Benny. He asks what she would do in his position. She responds that she’s take care of her family and give a little back, then inquires about his date with Nikki. He explains that Nikki’s not the type of girl he wants, Stacie is. She initially asks him to leave, but he kisses her and they start to make love, but are interrupted when Stacie’s mom calls for her. Kevin jumps out the window and is jumped by Lorenzo and his friends.

He awakens in Mr. Washington’s apartment, where realizes his ticket’s been stolen as well as his prized shoes. He finds Benny and apologizes. They search for Lorenzo until Sweet Tea drives by, having heard what happened, and to remind Kevin that his loan must be paid back, or face excruciating consequences. Kevin starts a rumor that the stolen ticket was fake and tells Semaj, who spreads the news. Lorenzo comes looking for Kevin, wanting the real ticket. Kevin challenges him, but Sweet Tea shows up and is also beaten by Lorenzo, who then begins to pummel Kevin. He pulls out a gun, and demands the other ticket. He decides to keep them both just in case and throws Kevin back his sneakers. Mr. Washington arrives and upper cuts Lorenzo, knocking him unconscious and ridding the complex of a drug dealer, like he always wanted to do. He hands Kevin both tickets and advises him to keep them in a safe place. Kevin thanks him and signs the correct ticket, finally claiming it on Tuesday morning. The TV reporter announces that Kevin plans to start a custom sneaker business and is going to “give something back”.

At the ribbon cutting of Carson Park, his re-named complex, Kevin announces that Mr. Washington will head security for the complex and that he’s started a foundation that will fund businesses and scholarships and change people’s lives. He, Benny, and Stacie then head out in his helicopter, as Grandma and Mr. Washington start to chat.

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