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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Joanna.

A man, Reverend Jonathan Hawthorne (Andrew Prine), writes with his quill pen in 1696 about the witches of Salem and ridding it of Satan and his army. We cut to a ritual of the witches committing themselves to the devil. They strip their clothes off for the ritual and are dirty and surrounding a fire as they scream and chant.

Title: The Lords of Salem

Present Day.
A young woman, Heidi (Sheri Moon Zombie), wakes up in her home. She walks outside to get the paper and says hi to her new neighbor, but is ignored by her. We see Apt. 5. She goes downstairs to walk her dog and the landlord Lacy (Judy Geeson) says there is no Rm 5. She walks outside and suddenly we see a colorful spiral – she is a DJ in Boston and it’s the commercial. The station is hard/screaming rock.

As she and the other DJs, Whitey and Herman, leave, she receives a package from The Lords of Salem. It’s a wooden box with a record inside. She goes home with Whitey. He puts on the record, and it sounds horrible. As it plays, she starts to get weird. The record starts to play the chanting done by the witches earlier. She has a vision of this and of one of the witches giving birth. Once he turns it off she’s fine and tells him he can crash on the couch if he doesn’t want to drive all the way home. She gets ready for bed and walks by her bathroom – there is a ghost witch woman standing there.

She goes to a group meeting before going to work. They are interviewing a man named Francis who wrote a book about the Salem Witch Trials. They play the record she got in the mail, thinking it’s from a band called The Lords of Salem, over the airwaves and everywhere people are listing to it, women start dropping things and entering trances. The name of the song is The Lords of Salem. The guy, Francis, goes home and talks to his wife. The name of the song is bothering him.

Heidi goes home and meets Lacy’s sisters. Once she finally gets upstairs and turns the light on to feed her dog you can see a dead ghost witch hanging in the corner. She goes back downstairs to drink with the ladies. One woman, Megan, reads her palm, but it makes Heidi uncomfortable and she goes upstairs. We see a ghost walk by the hallway. Heidi is in bed watching an old movie. Her dog, Troy, gets outside and starts clawing and barking at the “vacant” room. Heidi gets him back inside but then the door starts to open by itself. Heidi’s curiosity gets the better of her, and she walks towards the door.

Inside the room, there is a neon red cross glowing. Heidi is drawn to it and puts her hands up to it, similar to how the witches were acting in the ritual. A demon appears behind her. Suddenly we see Hell. She leaves the room and enters the hallway, only to see one of the old, naked, witches telling her she is a daughter of Salem. She says for her to “Lead us again” and Heidi puts her arms out. We see an image of the scene from long ago and Heidi wakes up from her nightmare, however something in her room starts to shake.

Heidi walks to and enters a church. The priest tells her that God is always open and ready to listen. She seems upset. He tells her that he can tell she’s a very sad girl. He starts to comfort her and when she tries to leave he kind of grabs her. He gives her a speech about angels sending people to Hell. He says she is a filthy whore and Christ can’t save her, only he can. He starts screaming and goes crazy, when suddenly Heidi snaps awake. It was only a vision. The priest tells her he thinks she fell asleep and she runs out. While sitting outside with her dog, a ghost figure walking a dog starts towards her saying “We’ve been waiting for you.” He vanishes, but then reappears.

Francis is at his own library reading a book about the witch trials. We cut to a vision of the ceremony from earlier in the movie. They took a woman and locked in a chamber by the fire where she burned,and the witches around her screamed. The woman had a mask on her face. Francis, back in reality, calls to his wife and asks her to do something for her – play the last few notes printed in a book about the “Lords of Salem.” He wants to see if it is the same as the music Heidi got. She plays it on the piano, and he plays the tape of it. It’s the same.

Heidi goes to work, and the DJs are announcing that “The Lords” are coming to Salem. They have sent them another package filled with concert tickets. They play the record. As it plays, Heidi starts to have visions and hear voices, freaking out and leaving the room to cry in the bathroom. At home, she sits alone, and we see rats in the hallway.

Francis walks to the author of the book he was looking at. He tells him about the group The Lords of Salem that sent the record to Heidi. He wants to know if there’s anything else about The Lords of Salem that he knows. The man that was writing his diary, Hawthorne, in the beginning of the movie thought the group of 6 were making music for the witches and his group eventually killed them. In the final sections of his diary, he talks about Margaret Morgan, one of the women, and how she put a curse on the women of Salem and put a curse on the man who wrote the diary’s descendants (Heidi is one of them).

Heidi is staying at her Whitey’s house. She tells him she just had to get out of her apartment. She thinks that record is “fucking” with her. She suddenly starts to cough up blood. He calls 911. As he calls 911 she sees visions of ghost men surround him and knock him to the ground. They are wearing doctor’s outfits and are holding her down, cutting her open, pulling out her intestines and some type of alien baby figure. She snaps out of it.

She seems to be back at home, pops some pills, and goes to her bathroom freaking out. The picture on her wall starts bleeding (the figures in the painting resemble the ghost figures) and whispering “Heidi” over and over again.

She leaves and goes to buy drugs.

Heidi is at home, listening to a tape on speaking French, while taking the drugs. There’s a knock at her door. It’s Lacy and her sisters.

Francis meanwhile looks up Heidi’s family tree online and finds out she’s related to the reverend from the 1600s. He calls Heidi but she’s asleep. The women are there taking care of her and tell him not to call back, he has the wrong number. They locked the dog in the bathroom and take Heidi, now drugged, into the hallway. They walk towards room 5, talking to their master. They open the door, and as Heidi enters it’s a huge ballroom type place. She walks up the stairs, now with creepy face paint on. The “Lord” is at the top of the stairs and starts making a screaming noise.

Heidi leaves the room and goes back into the hallway. She’s back in bed.

Whitey calls Heidi to make sure she’s ok. He’s trying to ask her out, but she tells him she’s fine. He offers to pick her up to take her to the gig, but she tells him she’s fine to get there herself. He tells her he’s there whenever she needs him.

Francis walks to Heidi’s place to see if she’s ok. He tells Lacy he’s there to see Heidi. She lets him in, saying that they can wait in her apartment until Heidi comes home (she’s lying, as Heidi is upstairs sitting in her bathroom). The ladies talk to him, and he reveals he’s there to give Heidi information. Lacy starts to yell at him, accusing him of wanting to “fuck her brain.” He gets up to leave, and one of the sisters knocks him out with a frying pan. Heidi overhears them killing him with it as she crawls on her floor upstairs.

Whitey shows up to get Heidi. The women try not to let him pass, but he gets upstairs. He knocks on her door and Heidi finally answers it, very doped up, falling into his arms. Lacy tells Heidi to tell Whitey to wait outside. She does what she says, and Lacy takes Whitey with her.

Whitey takes Heidi t o the concert hall, where Herman is wondering what on Earth is going on. Heidi says “bye,” and suddenly we see the three witches on the stage. They kneel on the stage and chant to the audience members, saying “Satan come to us, we are ready.” The ghost witches appear behind them on stage saying “Welcome, Whores of Satan. We have been waiting for you Heidi. We have always been waiting.” Heidi stands on the balcony as all the audience members strip their clothes off and the music plays.

Heidi sits on the special spot they have made for her. The witches chant a little, and she starts to put her hands on her head, going crazy. All the audience members, now naked women with masks on, walk towards her. The ghost men, in priest outfits, sit on thrones, one of them stroking a dildo. They chant about riding a goat and other strange things. Heidi does strange things, and we see MANY strange visions. There is a cross that says Jesus Saves on top of fire. We are now in what appears to be Hell. The witches surround Heidi talking about their Lord Satan. They keep touching her and just like in her vision she gives birth to a creature.

Back on stage, the three women are happy and staring up at Heidi, now in a crown and white robes, surrounded by a white light, standing on top of all the now dead naked women.

The next day on the radio there is news on the 36 deaths of the Salem Lifer Society – it appears to have been a mass suicide. There is no news on missing woman, Heidi.

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