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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Sraeps1 who says... "This movie is a great movie that shows how great Disney can be!"

The movie begins in a alien space center. A scientist named Jumba (David Ogden Stiers) is on trial for creating another species of alien. He says he only made one… Experiment 626 (Chris Sanders). 626, later known as Stitch kills everything it sees & is very strong. The Grand Councilwoman (Zoe Caldwell) decides to isolate him on a meteorite in space. 626 however escapes from the aliens and boards a private shuttle and lands on earth.

The alien leader wants to destroy the whole planet to kill 626, but Pleakley (Kevin McDonald) tells her that they can’t destroy the planet because the planet has misquotes on it and they are an endangered species. She decides to send Pleakley and Jumba down to Earth to retrieve him.

On earth, we meet the little girl, Lilo (Daveigh Chase). She is running away from the beach to a building where she is late for her hula lessons. She sneaks in without anybody noticing, but she is wet, so all the dancers slip. The instructor asks her why she’s late.

She says it was peanut butter sandwich day. She explains that every week on that day she would bring a fish friend of hers a peanut butter sandwich, but today she didn’t have peanut butter so she had to buy some, make the sandwich, than give it to the fish. One of the other girls calls her weird, so Lilo slaps her and starts to fight her. The instructor makes her stop and she gets in trouble.

When the class is over, he tells Lilo that her big sister, Nani (Tia Carrere), who is Lilo’s only living relative, will be coming to pick her up on the steps of the building. The instructor leaves and Lilo runs off to walk with the other girls. Lilo sees them playing dolls and tries to show them a doll she made, but they leave her. She runs home.

Nani comes and runs home because Lilo wasn’t there. She goes to her house and sees Lilo laying on the floor listening to music. She locked and nailed the door shut. Nani tries to go through the dog door. While she is doing that, the social worker, Cobra Bubbles (Ving Rhames), who was supposed to come, sees her. Nani takes him to the back door to come in.

He is mad that Lilo is left alone in the house and gives Lilo a card to call him when she is left alone again. He then questions Lilo who is answering the questions with answers that Nani is acting out behind Cobra. Lilo is doing fine but then gets confused about what she is acting out and accidentally says she punishes her with bricks. He is horrified but says that he will be checking in later.

Nani is really mad and her and Lilo get into a fight. She later brings up some food for Lilo. They talk for a while and make up.

We now go back to 626 who lands in the woods. He makes his way to a road and his hit by 3 trucks and is knocked unconscious, but doesn’t die because he is also indestructible.

Nani takes Lilo to get a dog at a shelter. This is the same shelter that 626 is at. This is the only "animal" Lilo sees because the others are hiding from 626. 626 says hi and hugs Lilo which makes her want to buy him. Nani and the shelter worker says it is a bad choice, but Lilo insists and names 626 Stitch. She borrows 2 dollars from Nani and signs the ownership forms for Stitch.

Jumba and Pleakley are in the woods and see Stitch. They are about to shoot him, but then Lilo runs up to Stitch and they know that can’t shoot her too, so they don’t.

Within just one day, Lilo and Stitch do everything together. At the end of the day, they go to the restaurant that Nani works at. There, David (Jason Scott Lee) asks out Nani. She declines like she always does. Stitch then sees the 2 aliens that try to lure him over to them. He goes over and when they try to capture him, Stitch attacks him. Nani is fired because Stitch is her pet.

That night, Stitch destroys most of Lilo’s room. He picks up a pillow where there is a photograph. Lilo stops him from taking it and tells him not to touch it ever. While Lilo is sleeping, Stitch runs out of stuff to destroy so he gets bored. Outside, Pleakley and Jumba see this and realize he becomes civilized when there is nothing to ruin. Stitch goes through her bookshelf and pulls out a book. He brings it to Lilo to read. He says it is about a duck who loses his family and is sad but finds them later.

The next day, Cobra comes and tells Nani that she has to get a good job within the next 3 days or Lilo will be taken to a foster family. Stitch throws a book at him which makes him say that Stitch has to become a model citizen within the next 3 days also.

Next we see Lilo trying to teach Stitch how to be a citizen by acting like Elvis. When Stitch does stuff to act like Elvis, this makes something bad happen which prevents Nani from getting a job at that place.

The last job that she tries for is a lifeguard. The other lifeguard says there is a spot where she can get a job. At the same time, Lilo and Stitch are putting together all her lessons. He dances and plays guitar like Elvis and the people at the beach love him. They start taking pictures. Stitch can’t take it and freaks out, which chases everybody away from the beach. Nani is told she can’t have the job now.

David sees what happens and invites Nani, Lilo, & Stitch to surf. Everybody has fun.

Stitch brings a surfboard up to Lilo later so they all go surf later. While they are surfing, they fall off the boards. Lilo and Stitch are floating next to one another. The 2 aliens are underwater and pull Stitch down under that water. He tries to stay up by holding onto Lilo, but she is drug under too. Nani sees this and tells David. He saves the 2 and they go to shore.

On the beach, Cobra is there, and he tells Nani that he knows she has been trying hard but he has to think what’s best for Lilo. He tells her that he would be over the next morning to get Lilo.

Nani tries to tell Lilo about what’s going to happen, but she gets very emotional and sings a song to her instead. That night, Lilo tells Stitch that her parents died in an accident and the photo that he couldn’t touch was of them on that day.

Stitch is told that he can go if he wants to. He brings the duck book and sleeps in the woods.

In the morning, Jumba and Pleakley wash up on shore and they get a call from the Grand Councilwoman who says she is sending Captain Gantu (Kevin Michael Richardson) to retrieve Stitch. Jumba decides to do things his way now.

Cobra has not come yet, and David calls Nani that he found a job for her, but she has to go there now. She tells Lilo to stay there and not open the door for anybody.

In the woods, Stitch is almost caught by Jumba who starts to chase him.

Stitch runs into the house and Lilo tries to protect him when the aliens come in. Lilo calls Cobra and tells him that aliens are attacking her house. There is a big chase sequence and the house gets destroyed. Nani gets the job and sees fire trucks going to her house. She gets there and Cobra putting Lilo into his car. While Cobra and Nani argue, Lilo gets out of the car and runs in the woods.

She bumps into Stitch who gives her the burnt up photo of her family. She yells at him but then they get captured by Gantu. He places them both in a glass container attached to the back of his ship. He starts to fly away but Stitch escapes. Nani sees this and yells at Stitch to tell her where they are taking Lilo. Before he can say anything, the 2 aliens grab him and he says 'Ohana which is a repeated line in the story which means family and nobody gets left behind. Nani convinces the aliens to help her get Lilo back and they board their spaceship.

They fly next to the alien ship and start to attack it. They get Lilo and the spaceships both land in the ocean. David is surfing in there and they call him to help them all get back to shore.

Another spaceship lands on the beach. Out comes many aliens and the Grand Councilwoman. She is about to arrest Stitch, who corrects her when she calls him 626. He asks if he can say goodbye, and after he does, he starts to walk back to the ship. Lilo says ‘Ohana and pulls out the ownership forms for Stitch. She says she bought Stitch and he is now hers. Cobra comes now and tells the grand councilwoman that aliens are all about rules, so she allows Stitch to stay with them. She than says that he recognizes Cobra… with hair. All the aliens leave (except Pleakley and Jumba who are forced to stay on earth) and Cobra explains that in the 70s, he worked in the FBI and lied to them and said that misquotes are an endangered species so they wouldn’t blow up the planet.

The movie ends and during the end credits we see various photos of the group (Lilo, Stitch, Nani, Jumba, David, Pleakley, and Cobra) all doing various things. The last photo we end with is the photo of Lilo’s family with Stitch in place of the corner that was burned off due to the attack on her house.


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