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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Rachelle.

The film starts out with Holly  (Katherine Heigl) preparing for a date. He shows up an hour late, which Holly comments on and he mentions that the mutual friends, who set them up, told him that she would comment. He introduces himself as Masser (Josh Duhamel). They leave Holly’s house and Masser tosses her a helmet for his motorcycle. Holly is obviously not dressed for a motorcycle and offers to drive her new car, a tiny little hybrid. They get in her car and Masser gets a call, which is rather obviously a booty call. He lies and says it’s his sick friend. Holly is mad at how the date is turning out already. Masser says they might as well get it over with and best chance scenario they’ll sleep together and Holly orders him out of her car. Holly calls Peter and Alison, the friends who set them up and asks to never have to see Masser again.

Through a montage, we watch all of the times Holly has to see Masser  (such as Peter and Alison’s wedding, baby shower, etc.) begins.  At each of these events we see how Holly is a control freak and Masser only cares about scoring chicks.

We see them at Peter and Alison’s daughter’s first birthday. Her name is Sophie. Holly who is a chef and has a store makes the cake. Peter and Masser get pot from the boys who set up the moonwalk and Peter puts it away for later. Masser bounces Sophie on the moonwalk and she throws up on him. At the party Holly and Masser meet Peter and Alison’s weird couple friends, the fat guy who used to be an athlete and his hot wife, a southern lady who bosses her husband around, and two gay guys with a baby.

Holly talks to a guy she’s obviously obsessed with in her shop. He drops his business card into the “business card raffle” and tells her his name; Sam.  She fishes through the bucket and finds 4 business cards that say Sam.

That night in the bath Holly calls the business cards to find that one is married, one is really Samantha, and the last one doesn’t pick up but Holly leaves a message. In the middle of leaving the message Holly gets a call.

Holly is at the police station where the police explain to a tearful Holly that Peter and Alison died in a car crash. Holly asks about Sophie, who was with the babysitter thankfully and has been put in protective services for the night. Masser comes into the police station looking shell-shocked. He comforts Holly.

They spend the night at Peter and Alison’s, Holly in the guestroom and Masser on the couch. The next day they get Sophie from protective services. Peter and Alison’s lawyer comes over and tells them that Sophie was left to them. Neither of them can imagine taking care of a baby full time, but they agree to take care of her and live in Peter and Alison’s house until they can find someone more suited.

At Peter and Alison’s funeral Holly and Masser talk to the relatives seeing if anyone can take Sophie. None of them are suited. They decide to stay in the house with Sophie for a longer time.

Peter and Alison’s couple friends come over when Holly and Masser are changing their first dirty diaper. Holly gets poop on her face. As the couple friends give them advice a montage of Holly and Masser taking care of Sophie begins. They try to feed her (she mostly hates it,) they arrange a chart of nights off (which they cheat on,) and they take care of Sophie. A social worker comes over while Holly is drunk and mentions that it’s really good that they aren’t sleeping together because that only complicates things.

Holly notices Sophie has a bump on her belly and takes her to the dr., who turns out to be Sam who Holly likes. He diagnoses Sophie with the easily treatable umbilical hernia.

Holly and Masser are getting better with Sophie. She begins to walk. Holly is expanding her shop and Masser is doing well as a television worker for the Atlanta Hawks. One day Masser gets a call to direct the show, his dream job. Holly has a catering event she’s been planning for 3 months and can’t watch Sophie. Masser brings Sophie to the game and tries to get the cab driver to watch her.  He ends up bringing her into the game and messes up because of her causing the television audience to miss the final basket.

Holly comes home to find a very depressed Masser. They fight because neither of them wanted this.  Masser goes for a run and comes home to see Holly watching Peter and Alison’s home movies. In one they’re fighting and Holly comments that maybe her and Masser are better parents than they think.

Masser goes for a run in the morning and both of the female neighbors and the gay male neighbor flirt heavily with him.

Holly and Masser go grocery shopping and Holly asks to see how Masser picks up chicks. Masser “picks up” Holly and she comments that he’s really good. Holly sees Sam who asks her out. Holly goes out with Sam who mentions that he’s been married before. During the dinner Masser calls because he’s taking Sophie to the emergency room cause her temperature spiked. Holly rushes to the emergency room and kisses Sam goodbye after finding out that Sophie will be fine.

Holly is doing bills and realizes she doesn’t have enough money to finish the expansion of her shop. Masser gives her money and Holly takes him out to dinner in her restaurant. Masser tries to teach Holly to ride his motorcycle. Holly ends up crashing it.

Holly and Masser go home and make out unexpectedly. They end up in Peter and Alison’s room for the first time. Masser finds the pot he got with Peter from the moonwalk guys. Holly and Masser bake it into brownies and get high. They sleep together. The next morning they are woken up by the social worker’s knock. They manage to hide the evidence of their night from her, but she guesses they slept together and yells at them for getting complicated.

Masser and Holly are finally happy. They are together and Sophie is starting to talk. Masser is offered his dream job of director, in Phoenix. He tells his boss he’ll think about it.

Holly, Masser, and Sophie are at a street fair where the weird couple neighbors continue to flirt with Masser. A coworker of Masser’s lets it drop to Holly about the job in Phoenix. Holly confronts Masser about not telling her. Masser gets mad and says he’s tired of playing a part. Holly is upset because it seems their relationship was fake to Masser. Holly and Masser stop speaking and he takes the job in Phoenix.

Masser comes back for thanksgiving where he finds Holly has stopped the expansion on her shop. She is also in a relationship with Sam. A neighbor lets Masser know that Holly intends on moving with Sophie. Masser confronts Holly about it and they fight loudly and all their Thanksgiving guests hear. Masser storms out after kissing Sophie.

After the meal Sam confronts Holly about her and Masser. Sam says that if he and his ex wife fought like Holly and Masser they would still be married. He kisses Holly one last time and they are broken up.

The next day the social worker comes and while talking to her, Holly realizes she actually does love Masser. She goes to chase him down at the airport with the social worker but when Holly gets there, the plane has left.

Holly drives home a crying social worker. She brings Sophie inside to find Masser waiting for them. He tells her he figured out why Peter and Alison left them with Sophie. It’s because they work as a couple and them and Sophie are a family. Holly and Masser kiss passionately.

It’s now Sophie’s second birthday. Holly and Masser have made it through their first year as parents. They are happily together and Sophie is happy. She has started calling Holly mama, and Holly finally accepts the term.

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