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The film begins as we see George Monroes' (Kevin Kline) nice neighborhood and then his out of place, old beat up little house overlooking the ocean in the same neighborhood. Kevin Kline comes outside and pees into the ocean, while a 16 year old, Alyssa Beck (a pretty hot Jena Malone), looks out her window and seeing him from behind, she smiles. Her mom, Coleen (Mary Steenburgen) comes into her room and sees what she sees and starts to get mad. Steenburgen goes outside to talk to a now fully dressed up Kevin Kline. She tells him she does not need her daughter to see his penis. He then calls his dog in from him peeing on his neighbor's Lexus and goes to work.

Elsewhere, across town, we now see Robin Kimball's (Kristin Scott Thomas) who is Kevin Kline's ex-wife, side of the story. She is now married to a wealthy man named Peter who is a successful business man but is far apart from his wife and stepkids, two little tikes and a corrupted parent-hating goth named Sam (Hayden Christensen.) Peter calls Sam a queer and pretty much just hates. School is about to end for Sam and Peter is going away on business. Sam is going to Tahoe, until now...

Kevin Kline is fired from his Architect job and collapses outside his workplace. He taken to a Hospital and realizes he is dying from cancer and has about 3-4 months left in his life, he is 45. Kevin Kline wants Sam to spend the Summer with him and build the dream house that he has had planned for 20 years, his first model.

For the first week, Sam makes no effort to help his dad, and keeps telling him off. Sam does, however, meet the neighbor girl, Alyssa.

After a while now, Kristin Scott Thomas begins to visit and bring lunch, then begins to help.

Sam ends up tearing down the old house with his dad. As we go on, we see that Kevin Kline has his bathroom and Kitchen in the same place as the bedroom and living room. He and Sam are living in the garage. A cop, Kurt Walker (Scott Bacula) says that since Kevin Kline has built his shower outside and has the garage the way it is, it is illegal. A city official comes and says he can't have a living space like this, so Kline takes the closet and makes it into a bathroom.

Sam does drugs, he huffs, puffs, drinks, takes pills, and is now being paid $300 for 2 hours so guys can give him blow jobs. His friend gets arrested for pimping and possession of weed, so now Sam has no income. Kevin Kline flushed something like hash down the toilet and Sam is now being paid for working, to pay that off. By the way, Sam's friend is Alyssa's boyfriend, who then sleeps with Steenburgen, and Alyssa almost catches them, but catches on, and dumps him.

Sam finds out that Kevin Kline is dying and was trying all along to get him to love him. Sam tells him that he has just succeeded. Sam knows that Alyssa will let him crash at her place even this late at night. He goes to her house and tells Steenburgen his dad is dying.. He is crying heavily now, so Alyssa lets him up in her room and they sleep together for the next few days.

Kristin Scott Thomas has now fallen back in love with Kevin Kline since Peter has left her.

Peter then returns back soon and Kristin Scott Thomas tells him about her feelings towards Kline. Peter seems okay with it, since he knows he pushed her to it by leaving, so he decides to help out with the house too.

That night, we see Kevin Kline get out of his bed and collapse face down. The next morning, Steenburgen says she hired some help, about 10 more pro architects, plumbers, and electricians. Kristin Scott Thomas goes to check on Kevin Kline but when she finds him he is passed out, not dead, on the floor and is taken away in an Ambulance.

That night, Sam gets pissed and jumps into the Ocean, and comes out, drives to the Hospital wet and shows his dad that amazing Christmas display on the just about finished house. Kevin Kline tells Sam to finish it.

Peter comes to help and Sam says okay, this is the next day. We then see Kristin Scott Thomas with Kevin Kline in the hospital and she is whispering to him in his sleep while watching home video footage of him and Sam in the water when Sam was about 12, he is smiling. The next thing we see is Kristin Scott Thomas next to an empty bed...

Kevin Kline told Sam about how his dad and his mom where in a drunken car crash and how they paralyzed a little girl and killed the mother.

Sam and Kristin Scott Thomas are walking in a Trailer Park and Kristin Scott Thomas is telling Sam that he read the will and he said for Sam to have the house, Sam says that this is what he really wanted. Sam tells a lady in a wheelchair his dad built a house for her.

The movie ends as we see a finished house and then fade...


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