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Cut to the chase:

NOTE: A wonderful spoiler sent in by Mike B.

On a brightly colored hillside a teacher sits with a bunch of students to tell them about how the world became so nice. The story begins with a scientist creating something.

Cut to present day where Noah Wilder is going to elementary school. He studies hard, but isn't a good student. He and his friend Harry have a science test today. Harry sent Noah a text message with all of the answers, but Noah takes the test without it. Mr. White (Rainn Wilson) kind of a new age/hippy science teacher and is wearing a Pink Floyd shirt to class.

At home, Noah's sister Emma needs him to help replace her violin string. She's a smart and gifted child and Noah is good at fixing things. Their dad, David (Timothy Hutton), will be home late because he's stuck working.

Easter break is upon us and mom Wilder (Joely Richardson) is taking the kids to their beach house. On the beach, the kids find a strange box like thing in the water. They open it up and find a glowing safety glass looking thing. Noah decides that they should keep their find a secret. That night, Emma opens the box and inside finds a sea shell, a rock, a slug looking thing and a stuffed bunny rabbit.

Mr. White has vivid dreams that his fiance believes are something bigger. He apparently dreamt winning lottery numbers once. A running joke throughout the movie is she keeps asking him if he dreamt numbers again.

The bunny rabbit (Mimzy) speaks to Emma...(I saw the film in Detroit with Director Bob Shaye who said Mimzy gets her name because of the sound she makes when she speaks to sounds like electronic mimzeemimzeemimzee). Like typical siblings Noah and Emma don't always get along and at some point in time they break the rock from inside the box. When Emma tosses the smaller pieces of the rock onto the ground, they spin creating kind of a portal through time. The sea shell somehow gives Noah the ability to hear things which teaches him that insects and spiders can be controlled through sound waves. He's able to "speak" to a spider and control it like a remote control car.

Back at home, Noah is screwing around with the safety glass looking thing and it ends up getting sucked into the slug looking thing, which cases the slug to change shapes...and put out all the power on the western seaboard of the US!

Nathanial Broadman (Michael Clarke Duncan) is a government agent in charge of searching out terrorist threats. He's assigned to find out what causes the mass power outage.

Noah becomes an excellent science student by doing a project where he's trained spiders to build a super bridge. Everyone is amazed, especially Mr. White. Mr. White also notices some of Noah's doodles, which happen to be almost perfect re-creations of old Tibetan symbols for the universe and time.

Emma shows her floating stone/create a space worm hole "magic trick" to a babysitter who freaks out and runs out of the house.

White and his fiance go over to the Wilder house and tell mom Wilder that they think Noah is a gifted child and Tibetan culture says that you can find these kids by reading their palms. Noah's palms turn out to be pretty normal, but Emma's are super special. The mom dismisses White and his fiance as kooks.

Emma tells Noah she needs help because Mimzy tells her she needs to look at the future. So she does the floating rock thing and sticks her face into the little wormhole thing. She sees the scientist and what looks like a couple of aliens. She freaks. The world is dying and so is Mimzy. Emma needs to help.

The mom does start to get more and more concerned over how strange her kids are acting. It all comes to a head when during breakfast, the dad asks Emma to pass the sugar and she does it telepathically.

Nathanial and the FBI find that the mass power outage originates from the Wilder house and they break in and take the Wilders away for questioning. They overhear Noah tell his parents that the power outage was an accident and that his toys caused it. Noah and the Wilders are questioned about the toys and Emma shows the floating rock trick. She tells them that Mimzy tells her things, so they scientists take a same of the stuffed bunny and find out that it's actually super advanced artificial intelligence using nanotechnology beyond anything we could even dream of.

Through Emma, Mimzy explains that people can't travel through time because it'll kill them. So the people in the future send stuffed animals through time hoping that children will find them because children's brains aren't hard wired like adult brains are and children are the key to saving future humanity.

That night, Noah and Emma escape the government holding area. Mimzy communicates to Mr. White via a dream. White, his fiance and the kids drive to the Wilder's beach house. On the way, Emma cries because Mimzy is going to die unless she can get back to her own time. A tear drop falls on the stuffed bunny.

Noah and Emma create a space bridge that will allow Mimzy to go back to the right time. There's a little bit of drama when Emma's hand gets stuck and she's starting to get pulled along with the bunny. Noah rescues her. Mimzy gets back to her own time and the DNA found in Emma's teardrop saves the world.

Mr. White tells his fiance that when he dreamt about meeting up with the kids, he also dreamt of numbers.

The aliens in the future weren't aliens. They were people who had to live in these protective suits. Emma's teardrop allows everyone to be able to live without the suits.

The future teacher tells her students because she helped save the world, Emma is their mother.

Back in the present, Emma's teacher asked what all the students did over the weekend. No one volunteers to answer, so the teacher calls on someone. She calls on Emma who just smiles.

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In the future the world is dying, so scientists send stuffed animals (Mimzies) back through time in hopes of finding children who will send the toys, along with DNA from the past, back to the future so the planet can be saved. The last Mimzy is sent to Noah and Emma who manage to send Mimzy back to the future with the help of Noah's science teacher and his fiance, who are the only adults open minded enough to believe in the children.

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