"After being diagnosed with a fatal disease, a shy sales clerk goes on a European vacation to live out the rest of her life. With nothing to lose--or so she thinks--her behavior becomes more irreverent and outrageous each day, only to find out later she was misdiagnosed. "

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We meet Georgia Byrd (Queen Latifah). Her mousey personality is also brought out when she is at her church's choir practice. They point out she is not really singing out and it is announced that Senator Dillings will be dropping by on Sunday.

Georgia and a coworker walk through Kragen's Dept. Store in New Orleans, obviously to begin their workday. Her coworker tells her to say hello to Sean Matthews (LL Cool J) and teases Georgia about her crush on Sean. He greets Georgia with a good morning and she sheepishly smiles back at him. She works in cookware and he works in outdoor grills.

Georgia returns home and tells a young boy who lives next to drop by around 7. We then see her watching Emeril Lagasse's show and cooking a chicken dish and while he pours a lot of wine, she pours only a little. Afterwards, she takes a picture of it. Later the boy is eating the dish and asks her why she doesn't eat any of it. She says she has to eat her lean cuisine. She then puts the picture in a book she has entitled Book of Possibilities. When she leaves the room, the boy pull out the album and we see him flipping through it with articles on restaurants, Emeril Lagasse, Grand Hotel Pupp and its chef, and wedding photos with her and Sean's faces pasted over the pictures. The boy asks her and she tells him these are all her dreams.

Back at work, her coworker encourages to go and talk to Sean. As Sean talks to a coworker, you find he has a little thing for her as well, but is a little too shy to approach the subject. She goes up to Sean and ends up buying a grill.

Georgia is then cooking for customer at a demo in her department. The snotty manager thinks it's silly and thinks the people to be freeloaders. Sean then shows up, claiming the smell of the food which he always could resist was too tempting today, like his mother's cooking. He obviously wants to ask her out but wimps out. As they talk, Georgia drops some cooking utensils on the floor. When she comes up, she hit her head on an open cupboard door and passes out. Sean then carries her to the store's medical facility. The manager wants to know what happened and then we find out she is the store's best salesperson. As Georgia starts to slowly come around, we see her dreaming of making out with Sean.

Dr. Gupta (Ranjit Chowdhry in a funny performance) recommends a CT scan, the manager balks at the expense, but the doctor say they bought a used one. The results show dots on her brain. The doctor thinks it must be wrong and they do a second one. The doctor can't bring himself to tell her. They then go to an outside doctor. Georgia is then informed she has Lampington's disease and has maybe 3 - 4 weeks to live. Her HMO won't be able to cover an operation and would cost her over $300,000.

She then misses work. She calls her sister who's too preoccupied about herself and her children - she has to call Georgia back. Georgia is seen crying and drinking half a bottle of wine. Talking to herself about why is God doing this and all her regrets including never meeting Emeril. At church, it is announced the Senator will not be appearing due to urgent business in D.C. Georgia then starts repeating "Why Me" and the choir starts singing a gospel to Georgia's "Why Me".

She returns to work to be confronted by her friend as to where she has been. She tells her she has other business and goes to the manager's office. He is listening to a Kragen cd and reading Kragen's how to be a success book. He is actually angry with her absence. His cell phone rings and Georgia asks him not to answer it because she has something to talk about and it's a matter of life and death. He does and when he finishes she takes her shoes and crushed his phone. He tells her she is out of control and should listen to Kragens's cd. She then ejects the cd and breaks it in two. She then tells her boss she is quitting. He tells her she can't quit because the store is facing a bad 4th quarter. He offers her raises, but she is already out the door.

Outside, she is confronted by Sean. He asks her out to a basketball game which is a couple of weeks away. She looks up and thinks God is still playing with her. She tells him this would be a great moment in her life, but she can't. He gives her a ticket just in case she changes her mind.

Georgia cashes in her 401k plan and savings and books a trip to Czechoslavakia. On the plane, she has her legs implanted on the seat in front of her. The passenger wants to put his seat back but she tell the flight attendant there's no room. She then speaks up about airlines putting to many seats just to make more money. The passengers cheer her on. The flight attendant then informs her if she booked a first class seat, she wouldn't have to worry about this. She asks how much it would and then cut to her in first class drinking champagne and a whole roast turkey being carted past her.

She reaches the airport and isn't looking forward to the two hour drive. Cut to her in a helicopter. The copter landing causes a lot of conversation with people outside. One of the skiers turns out to be Senator Dillings. A bellboy informs everyone the last one to arrive by helicopter was Elton John.

As Georgia comes down, the bellboy from before takes her bags and says he will meet her at the reception desk. The woman at the counter welcomes her to The Grand Hotel Pupp. It is pronounced "poop" and Georgia can't believe they really say it that way. She takes a look at the ceiling and it almost bring tears to her eyes. She asks the clerk if she ever noticed it and the clerk says no. The manager comes over to greet her when there's a problem with her room. She then decides to take the presidential suite. Again, conversation is buzzing in the lobby as to who she is. Matthew Kragen (Timothy Hutton), billionaire and her former employer, witnesses this. He is accompanied by a very attractive young woman (Alicia Witt) who is his secretary who also overhears Georgia commenting on Kragen's Dept. stores having a bad fourth quarter.

Making her way through the lobby, she finds out that Senator Dillings was there and people overhear her remark to the bellboy she was to meet him on Sunday. Kragen becomes a little suspicious of her. In her room she gives the bellboy four bills and he looks shocked. She asks if she gave him an obscenely large tip. He hands her three bills back and says it is now less obscene.

Georgia is then off shopping to make herself "international." We then get a montage of her trying on different outfits.

Then we see her entering the dining room in a red evening gown. She requests a table for one. She again captures the notice of everyone including the people at Kragen's table who include Kragen's secretary Ms. Burns, Senator Dillings, Congressman Stewart (Michael Nouri) and, I'm assuming, Stewart's wife who hopes to meet Chef Didier because she has a couple of his books. Kragen then call the manager and asks if the chef can drop by the table. They then order, requesting no butter, low fat, substitution, etc.

Georgia glances at the menu and asks if the same specials will available the next day. The waiter informs her Chef Didier never cooks the same thing the following day. She decides to try every special.

Cut to the kitchen where Chef Didier (Gerard Depardieu) starts to complain about the why Kragen's table even bother to eat here. He then sees Georgia's order and is informed it's all for one person. He barks out the order and say he will prepare some dishes himself. Chef Didier is one of the chefs in Georgia's Possibilities book.

When there are four or five food servers appearing at Georgia's table, Kragen is obviously jealous remarking the commotion all just for one person. Someone (I think Stewart) makes a comment about her not having to watch her cholesterol. Chef Didier makes an appearance and Kragen thinks he has come to visit with his table. Kragen waves to him and Didier waves back, but stops at Georgia's table. He is enthralled with Georgia because she appreciates the dining experience. He tells her he hates cooking for people like Kragen.

We then see her taking advantage of the spa facilities. She is in a jaccuzzi and is joined by the Senator. He tries to converse with her but she frostily informs him about his cancellation at her church. Kragen and Ms. Burns pass by and see them together. Kragen insists this is confirmation that they know each other and asks Ms. Burns to investigate Georgia.

Then, there is a montage of different spa treatments. She is then seen in her bed just moaning. Ms. Gunther comes in and informs Georgia she is the valet. She is very rigid and unsmiling. Georgia then decides she wants more treatments and offers a colonic flush for Ms. Gunther.

On her second day, she overhears Ms. Burns screaming at one of the masseuse. The masseuse tell Ms. Burns she is knotted up and she is just trying to work the kinks out. Georgia appears and tells Ms. Burns not to treat people that way. Ms. Burns apologizes to Georgia if she has disrupted her spa treatment, but she is suffering stress and the masseuse is hurting her. Georgia informs Ms. Burns the reason she is stressed is due to the fact she is going down on her boss who is a married man. All the employees smile.

Later as Georgia is lying down, Ms. Burns joins her and apologizes again. She begins to open up to Georgia asking if it was that obvious. Georgia takes off cucumbers slices on her eyes and just stares at her. Ms. Burns tells her he is going to leave his wife. Again, the stare from Georgia. Georgia then tells her she is smart and she should leave. Ms Burns tells Georgia she can't because she never went to school. Georgia tells her to go back to school if that?s what has to be done to change her situation

This where I'm fuzzy about the cutbacks to New Orleans. Sean has been wondering where Georgia has been. He then goes to the doctor who is trying to meditate ever since he diagnosed Georgia. He feels bad about it. Sean wants to know what is wrong and picks up the doctor who crumbles and tells him she's dying. He then goes to her home and notices the grill outside. He sees the boy who lives next door and asks if he knows where she is. The boy can't remember the name and then fetches her Possibilities book which she threw away and he fished it out of her garbage. He then sees Karlovy Vary and tells Sean that's where she went. Sean then sees the wedding photos.

Georgia then is seen taking snowboarding lessons. She loses control and ends up going down on an intermediate slope. Kragen is there and you see his competitive side come out. At one point Georgia ends up knocking him down, on his skis with her board, and ultimately making him wipe out.

She is then asked to join Kragen's table by the others which she actually contemplates. Chef Didier then comes in to inform her he has a special table and dish just for her. She then asks if they can join her. Didier agrees only if they take the meal as is. Kragen sits alone at his table while the others are enjoying her table. Kragen finally joins them. We find out Kragen has invited the Congressman and the Senator because a certain bill has to be passed to secure his company's future. When asked what Georgia would be doing the next day, she informs him she is going base jumping. Kragen sees this as another competitive thing and invites himself along. The rest of the group can't wait to witness the jumps.

Then they are on a dam, getting instructions. He tells them to be careful of the currents as it may smash one into the dam. He then tells them people have died doing this. Kragen then tell Georgia ladies first. She jumps and the group is truly in awe of her. Kragen then yells to his friends he is having a technical malfunction with his equipment and can't make the jump. Returning to the hotel, the group invites her to a fund raiser.

Georgia writes a letter about her last wishes. She wants to be cremated because she spent all her life in a box and she doesn't want buried in one. She then looks in the mirror how next time, she won't be afraid and things will be different

The staff is seen talking about her and how much they like her. Ms. Gunther makes an indifferent comment about her and leaves. Kragen approaches Ms. Gunther and gives her some money to snoop through Georgia's stuff. It is witnessed by the bellboy (but nothing comes of it.)

Georgia arrives at the benefit and Georgia decides to play roulette. She put her chips on 17. All the others follow her lead except Kragen who bets 0. 17 hits. She decides to let it ride. The group does the same thing. 17 hits again. She wants to put it on 17 but is told to change by the gang. She moves her chips a couple of times but ultimately ends up on 17. Again, everyone follows her lead and it hits again. Everyone is happy except Kragen. She wins about $100,000. Again, she looks up to the sky and says I can't believe you're doing this to me.

Ms. Gunther goes through Georgia's room. She finds Georgia isn't well traveled only having one stamp in her passport. She finds her Kragen Dept. store employee card. She finds the letter Georgia wrote about her last wishes.

When Georgia returns, Ms. Gunthers actually smiles and tells Georgia what a wonderful person she is and hugs her. Georgia realizes she knows and Ms. Gunther said she read the letter; she reads everyone's private things.

Meanwhile, Sean, who is afraid of flying, makes it to the Czech Republic. He kisses the ground and then hires a cab to take him to the hotel. Georgia has decided to check out and go home. There is an avalanche and the road is blocked. Neither car can go anywhere for a while. Georgia returns to the hotel. Sean decides he will hike the rest of the way. Georgia approaches Didier and asks if he would like help due to his staff being short handed because of the avalanche. You see them preparing a dish and Didier informs Georgia of his philosophy about how it's not how you start, it's how you finish. She realizes he knows about her. She asks him to tell no one. New Year's Eve comes along and at the party Didier gives a special thank you to Georgia for assisting him with the dishes for the party.

Dr. Gupta is seen using the CT scan on himself. He gets the same spots Georgia did, realizes the used equipment is faulty, finds out where she is, and faxes her.

Georgia comes to the table and Kragen informs everyone that she use to be one of her employees in his department store in cookware. Chef Didier comes over and tells Georgia she doesn't need to explain herself to them. She tells everyone she didn't mean to fool anyone oddly enough on camera everyone just assumed she was an important and wealthy figure but she was dying and she has lived the way she would encourage everyone to do if they have the chance. She wishes everyone a happy New Year and leaves. Stewart's wife call Kragen an asshole and everyone abandons Kragen.

A fax comes though but the clerk is too busy staring at the ceiling in the lobby and remarks to the hotel manager the same thing Georgia did to her. He tells her to get back to work. She doesn't see the fax which is now on the floor.

While Georgia is packing and getting ready to leave, the bellboy tells her there is an emergency and he needs her. She then finds Kragen sitting on the ledge of his room with a bottle. She then goes out and sits with him. He keeps wondering why people love her and people hate him. She tells him he always bought his friends or tried to impress them. He always put himself on the cover of his own magazine. She knows fear ruled over her life and starts talking about Sean. She then hears Sean call her name and starts to think she's beginning to suffer from her brain disease and tells Kragen. He then points out to her that guy yelled her name. She is shocked to see Sean.

He goes up and talks to her. Letting her know about his feelings for her and how much he loves her. One more time, she looks up to heaven and shakes her head

At this time, Ms. Gunther is behind the reception area and sees the fax and rushes to tell Georgia. While Sean and Georgia are talking, Ms. Gunther comes in and informs Georgia she's not dying. Sean and Georgia kiss and they all, including Kragen, decide to go back in.

We then see Georgia and Sean cooking in a kitchen. Chef Didier is there and decides he will help her. It's opening night for Georgia's own restaurant. The press, the mayor, and yes, Emeril, show up.

Before the credits, there are some histories of some of the characters. Ms. Gunther quit the hotel and became a private detective. Ms. Burns went back to school, graduated and now works at the Grand Hotel Pupp. Dr. Gupta retired and went to an ashram to become a Buddhist monk. Kragen lost his money to his ex-wife and the SEC. He becomes a student of Dr. Gupta.

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