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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Jeremy.

We start with some footage from the first film, showing flashes of Nell Sweetzer (Ashley Bell) being exorcised by Rev. Cotton Marcus (Patrick Fabian), leading to the climax with the satanic ritual, and Nell's brother Caleb (Caleb Landry Jones) decapitating Daniel (Adam Grimes) the cameraman. Apparently, the camera containing that footage is still lying in the woods.

Cut to a couple in New Orleans, Jared (Judd Lormand) and Steph (Raeden Greer), sleeping. Steph gets up, and something crawls into bed with Jared. When he sees Steph standing before him, the thing growls and claws at Jared's leg. The couple hides, but they look in their kitchen and find a demonic-looking Nell squatting by the fridge.

Nell is taken to a doctor. She's catatonic and has barely any memory of what went down in Ivanwood. As she's given a bath, the nurse cuts a lock of her hair and keeps it.

Nell gets placed in a home for girls, run by Frank Merle (Muse Watson). He gives her the cross necklace that her mother left her, but tells her to wear it once she's decided who she will become. Nell quickly makes friends with a group of girls led by Gwen (Julia Garner). She gets a job working at a motel and even catches the eye of a boy named Chris (Spencer Treat Clark). Nell and the girls go to a Mardi Gras parade, where several masked and hooded figures appear to be stalking Nell. She encounters a living statue who remarks "You've been missed". At one point, Nell even believes she sees her father, Louis (Louis Herthum).

Overnight, Nell has a few flashbacks to her incident in Ivanwood. She gets up to go splash her face with water, but comes back to find one of the girls violently contorting, and then falling out of bed having a seizure.

At work, Chris tells Nell he has a surprise for her later. During her shift, she notices something weird going on with the radio. There appear to be voices speaking to her, but she is snapped out of it by her employer. Later, Chris takes Nell to an animal enclosure to see tigers and gorillas while he treats her to some candy. He asks if she's ever had a boyfriend, but she gets defensive and says that it's nobody's business, although she still tells him of how she was pregnant.

That night, Nell gets a phone call, supposedly from Chris. When she answers, her voices echoes through the other line, and then more demonic voices appear to be speaking to her. She tries unplugging the phone, but it still rings. During the night, she sees Louis again, who tells her not to let the demon seduce her. When she turns the lights on, he disappears.

Another evening, Chris throws rocks at Nell's window, asking her to come outside. She goes out and doesn't find him, but hears what sounds like several demonic voices speaking to her at once. She runs back inside and discovers Louis in there, very much alive. He holds her and says he never should've trusted Cotton with her, and he pulls out his shotgun, preparing to shoot her. That's when Gwen comes in and whacks Louis over the head with a blunt object. Her eyes turn black, and she tells Nell "No one can have you but him". She sends Nell out and locks her outside, as some loud thumping and Louis's screams are heard. Frank comes downstairs to investigate but finds nothing, and Gwen comes back as if nothing has happened. Frank tells Nell he will have her committed to a hospital if she doesn't stop acting out.

During work the next day, Nell is shaken. Chris tries to console her, but she asks what it is that he likes about her. He then gives Nell her first kiss. She goes back to work with a smile on her face. While working in a room, she hears erotic moaning from the next room. She listens with interest, but the walls start turning a weird color and the moaning turns to screaming. There is also a figure standing outside watching Nell. Later at night, Nell starts moaning pleasurably in her sleep and is then lifted into the air.

Nell finds the girls watching a video of her exorcism in Ivanwood that Gwen found. She is disturbed and annoyed when the girls won't stop watching, and one insinuates that there is still a demon inside her. She leaves and goes to a church where she starts praying. A pastor comes in and at first seems welcoming, but then gets darker and says "he has great plans for you." Some birds hit windows as shadowy figures surround the place, and Nell runs out. On the streets, she encounters a tourist who recognizes her from her possession video. He asks for a picture with her, which she reluctantly agrees to, but it comes out distorted. When he asks for another one, Nell tells him to fuck off. As he walks away, the man suffers a seizure. Nell then gets pulled away by a woman named Cecile (Tarra Riggs).

Cecile tells Nell of a prophecy that states that there will be a destruction among the earth that will happen if the being responsible is willing to let it happen. She also tells her of The Order of the Right Hand that is watching out for Nell. Cecile takes Nell to her place to get a sense of when she became possessed. Nell starts having a moment where she freaks out, and Cecile almost has a bunch of knives fly at her.

At the motel, Chris sees a video of Nell where she is lying to Cotton and his crew about how she got pregnant. Nell finds Chris sitting in the room, talking about how he could never love Nell more than "he" can. He slits his throat in front of Nell and dies.

Nell goes back to Cecile's home that evening, where they meet Calder (David Jensen) and Jeffrey (E. Roger Mitchell), two men from The Order of the Right Hand. They strap Nell down to a table as Cecile paints "CROATOA" on her stomach in red. They perform a ritual to exorcise Nell and put Abalam inside a chicken. During the ritual, Nell struggles as something moves inside her and other demonic stuff happens. Nell sees a masked and hooded figure, which turns out to be herself standing before her. She sees more apparitions as Calder injects her IV with a needle. An apparition of Louis tells Nell it's a lethal dose of morphine. It appears to be Abalam playing tricks on Nell, until he takes her form again and tells her to accept her fate. She takes the demon's hand, and then appears to flatline and die. Suddenly, she springs up screaming, and the next thing we see is Calder getting thrown out the window while more commotion goes on in the house and blood sprays the window. Nell leaves the home as it starts oozing.

Back at the home, Frank is calling around to look for Nell. He finds her sitting in his office, covered in blood. She tells him she's decided who she really is, and then she kills him before setting a fire that leads up to the rooms of the other girls, who begin screaming as they are burned alive.

Nell goes outside, wearing the boots that Iris gave her in the first movie, and takes Frank's truck. She plays a rock song that Gwen played for her earlier and starts driving off into the night, literally leaving a trail of destruction and chaos behind her.

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