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The Revenge of Kitty Galore

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NOTE: This spoiler was written and submitted by Sandee.

At a satellite station in northern Germany, a worker tries to enter his station on a cold snowy night, but finds a cute puppy shivering on the steps.  He brings him inside, only to have his dog go crazy barking at the new pup. He puts the old dog outside, as he returns, he sees the puppy photographing secret documents.  The puppy unzips his fur suit, and inside is a hairless cat!  The cat escapes, and when the dog returns, he notifies HQ that he’s spotted “Kitty Galore”.

In San Francisco, Detective Shane and his canine partner, Diggs, respond to a hostage situation.  The crazed bomber has the building wired with explosives and 4 hostages inside.  He lets them go, and throws the detonator in the air.  Diggs runs for it and catches it before it lands and detonates...but crunches it in his mouth, detonating the explosive and blowing up the building.  He is demoted, having too many foul-ups on his record, and reluctantly, Shane takes him to the kennel, and leaves him.

While there, 2 other dogs break in, Butch and Seamus, and take him back to HQ, where the head of the dog spy operations, Lou, recruits him to be an agent.  They need his help finding Kitty Galore.  Diggs is thrilled to join when he finds out he gets to fight cats.

Through the elaborate underground transportation system there, the dogs travel to other parts of HQ.  Diggs sees world monitoring via satellite, training, and tracking, along with meeting lots of other dog agents.  They go to Covert Ops, where they meet the tech specialist, Pete.  He gives Butch a new super-deluxe collar with all kinds of James-Bond-like gadgets included, but no collar for Diggs.

Lou talks to the dogs again, letting them know about a secret transmission intercepted from Kitty Galore.  She has stolen secrets from around the world, to make a mechanism that can transmit a sound that will drive dogs crazy.  Then cats will enslave the entire population.  The only lead they have is a pigeon named Seamus:  his brother smuggles things for Kitty Galore and he may have information that can stop Kitty, so the dogs set out to find Seamus.

The dogs track him to Coit Tower, in San Francisco. They go up to the top, and don’t find anything, but Diggs notices the trashcan move. Seamus was hiding inside.  The dogs question him about Kitty Galore, but he doesn’t know anything.  They realize that he may know something, but doesn’t realize it.  A ninja-like cat drops in, and carves “I <3 Cats!” in his fur before they can stop her. She tries to nab Seamus, but then a chase begins, so she jumps out the tower, and flies with a paraglide-type backpack.  Butch’s collar has a jet-pack built-in, and he lets Diggs ride on his back, and they fly after her.  They finally catch her in a net, and she explains she works for MEOWS, a cat spy group which is also against Kitty Galore.  Kitty Galore used to be one of their best agents, and when a mishap on a job caused her to lose all her hair, she turned bitter and angry, went rogue and left.  Kitty Galore wants revenge on both humans and dogs, and MEOWS realizes she must be stopped.

The police call and tell Shane that Diggs is missing-he goes to find his dog. 

Back at HQ, the head of MEOWS calls via video-screen and talks to the team.  She proposed they join forces to protect the humans.  Kitty Galore’s device goes off in just 24 hours, so they need to team up. 

Seamus takes Butch, Diggs, and the cat agent Catherine, to a house where cats are safe, and they may find clues.  It is a house filled with drugged-out cats; the owner is an old lady who gives them catnip, and they are all stoned, lying around the house.  They find out that Kitty Galore was using carrier pigeons to deliver the stolen information.  They nearly get buried in kitty litter, as Kitty Galore has booby-trapped the house, but they escape.  The team needs to talk to an evil criminal cat in who is in prison-he might be able to give them some help, so they leave for Alcatraz.

Inside the prison, they see many different inmates behind bars.  (One of the cats slices open his mattress and uses a transmitter to call Kitty Galore, and tell her that cats and dogs are working together. She is horrified).  They go to a cell where a cat is tied up and has a protective mask over his mouth; he is just like the human Hannibal Lechter, and his name is Mr. Tinkles.  Mr. Tinkles toys with the dogs and only gives them one clue, which is a riddle:  “The eye reveals everything”. 

On the boat ride back to San Francisco, a submerged vehicle follows their boat, and two cats in scuba gear sneak onboard.  They attack the team, and get a latch hooked onto both Diggs and Butch’s collars, and begin pulling them overboard. A fight breaks out. Butch manages to hit a launch button for an inflatable raft, which knocks one bad cat off the boat, and sends him flying—landing in the raft.  Diggs manages to launch the other cat overboard, also.  Butch is angry that they let their guard down and blames Diggs.  He wants him off the team. Catherine notices his paw was injured in the fight, and takes him home with her.

She lives with humans in a suburban house, and they are away.  She brings him in and pulls a splinter from his paw.  Her “nieces”, a bunch of kittens, love Diggs and play with him.   He tells Catherine his story, and how he ended up in the kennel. She tells him he should learn to obey orders from his human.  Diggs says he doesn’t want to, because then he’d rely on humans, and he doesn’t want to rely on anyone.

Shane is in the city, putting up “Lost Dog” posters with a photo of Diggs, asking people if they’ve seen him.

At the house, Catherine receives a call from MEOWS  HQ:  she needs to go in, and takes Diggs with her. The cats inside begin to freak out when they see a dog there, but she assures them that Diggs won’t hurt them, and he’s helping.  The boss shows them a recent picture of Kitty Galore, but they can’t tell anything about the location from the photo…until Catherine remembers Mr. Tinkle’s riddle and looks closely at Kitty’s eye:  she see a reflection of a poster. They enlarge it and find her location:  Playland Kiddie Park, with magician Amazing Chuck.

Catherine and Diggs sneak in Chuck’s tent and find Kitty Galore. Suddenly, everything goes dark; when the lights go on, Catherine and Diggs are tied up in chains, dangling over a tank of water. Kitty explains her evil plan:  She shows them a hologram of the device and a scene showing how it will work.  She needs to put the final piece on, and when the satellite is in alignment, every TV, radio and cell phone will broadcast the sound that will drive dogs crazy.  Kitty Galore turns on a machine that slowly lowers them closer to the water, where they will drown, and leaves.  Catherine takes Digg’s collar off, and uses it to pick the lock. She is free, but drops the collar in the tank before she can free Diggs. She dives in the water, and grabs the collar from the bottom of the tank, despite her natural fear of water, and saves Diggs in the nick of time.  They rush back to the tent, and see magician Chuck is enchained, and Kitty is gone.

Butch and Seamus show up, and the 4 are back together as a team. They look around the park and realize the huge satellite dish is being disguised as the top of an amusement park ride.  They must get to the controls on top, and they see Kitty Galore up there.  Kitty dangles her pet mouse by the tail, and he inserts the disc to begin the machine.  In fly Butch/ Diggs, and Seamus and Catherine, using jet packs. They parachute in and land on top.  HQ talks to Butch via transmitter, and tells him to look for a kill switch. They make a pyramid, and Seamus goes on top; using his beak, he pushes the button. It is the WRONG button.  They need a new idea, and Diggs suggests he should climb to the top and cut the cables.  Butch agrees and gives him his high-tech collar to help. Catherine goes with him.  The only way to reach the cables is for Butch to do a huge mid-air leap: if he misses, he will fall to his death.  He leaps, and grabs for the cables.  Kitty Galore has a huge silver “Terminator”-like cat robot step in, and fights with Diggs.  He dodges the chomping jaws, and then has an idea:  He grabs the cable and says to Robocat, “Bite this!”, and forces the cables into his mouth. Robocat bites and the cables are severed, shutting down and collapsing Kitty Galore’s weapon of mass destruction.  Kitty Galore falls from the top, and lands in the spinning cotton candy vat. She is fling out, and lands back in Chuck’s tent, covered in cotton candy, and resembling a rabbit. Chuck the magician is thrilled.

After they all leave, Diggs goes to Shane’s house and sits outside.  He barks, and Shane finds him. Shane runs to Diggs and is so happy to have him back. He promised Diggs that he will never end up in a kennel ever again, and takes him in his house.  He and his wife barbeque in the backyard, and the baby is nearby. It is a perfect life and Diggs is so happy. A peculiar squirrel catches his eye, and the squirrel goes in Diggs’ doghouse. He follows, and it is a mechanical robot squirrel from HQ, calling him in.  He pushes a button, and takes the high-speed transport from the doghouse underground to HQ.  Lou explains that their security system was hacked, and they received a transmission:  we see Mr. Tinkles in a Hawaiian shirt and fedora, sipping a cocktail on a beach. He has escaped Alcatraz, and he taunts them, “Come and get me, if you dare” and ends the transmission.  Before they can launch a mission, Lou gives Diggs a high-tech collar, like Butch’s.  He is officially part of the team.  They shout, “Ready team, let’s go kick some tail!”

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