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NOTE: This spoiler was written by Rahul.

The movie starts off with a voice-over by Jay (Hrithik Roshan) about his fascination for kites. A train pulls up to a farm in the Mexico desert. As the farmers pull out bales of hay from a compartment, an unconscious and bloodied Jay falls out from among the bales, dressed in a matador's costume. A doctor tends to him and removes a bullet from his back. Much later, he regains consciousness and as soon as he can walk, he takes his leave from the farm. A farmer tells him in Spanish that he hopes that he finds his love again, though Jay doesn't understand Spanish (Jay's Indian, by the way). As he trudges his way through the harsh and barren desert, he flashes back three months earlier.

Three months earlier... Jay is a dance instructor in Las Vegas, Nevada. During the nights, he gambles and hustles drinks. All he has on his mind is money. He does many odd jobs, like selling popcorn and DVDs, and doing motorcycle stunts. But when he needs money bad, he marries rich girls in green card scams. The girls get green cards and he gets money. His friend, Robin (Anand Tiwari), finds the women for him. One night, when he returns to his apartment, he gets a rude surprise in the form of a girl from his dance class, Gina (Kangna Ranaut), who has a crush on him, borderline obsessive. He starts to freak out as she pretty much forces herself on him, saying she loves him. He throws her out of his apartment, as she cries hysterically. He catches up to her and apologizes, saying that he doesn't love her. Just then, her limo rolls by and she gets in, to Jay's dismay. Before getting in, Gina says she never wants to see him again. As the limo drives off, Jay curses his bad luck. He finds out that Gina is the daughter of Bob Grover (Kabir Bedi), owner of one of Vegas' biggest casinos. Seeing the kind of money she has, Jay now starts to pursue her romantically. He meets her in the locker room and asks her to be his partner in a dance competition. She agrees and they start to train. Jay has no difficulty in getting Gina to fall for him again.

On the day of the competition, a huge crowd shows up to watch, including Gina's parents. The competition is fierce, but Jay and Gina win it, thanks to some amazing moves. Later, Gina introduces Jay to her parents. Bob Grover is very impressed with Jay and thanks him for making his daughter so happy. He invites Jay for the engagement party of his son, Tony. Gina drops Jay back home. Jay thanks the butler, Jamaal (Yuri Suri). The next day, Jay goes to the Grover's mansion and is stunned at the opulence. He and Gina go for a yacht ride. He goes diving in the sea and that's where he sees the beautiful Natasha (Barbara Mori). He stops and their eyes meet for a moment. He watches her swim towards the surface. When he resurfaces, he sees no sign of her. Back home at the Grover estate, he sees her again. He follows her, unable to take his eyes off her. Suddenly, he's blindsided by Tony (Nicholas Brown), Gina's brother, who threatens him with dire consequences should he ever look at his fiancée again like that. The tense moment passes quickly, as Tony says he was just kidding and gives him an affectionate hug. He introduces Jay to Natasha.

That night, at dinner, Tony speaks to Jay, describing how he met Natasha during a road accident. He speaks in Hindi and English about Natasha's "hot, sexy legs". Natasha only seems to know Spanish. Tony comes off as a jerk, caressing her legs, to her embarrassment. As Tony speaks, Jay and Natasha look at each other. Unbeknownst to Tony, Natasha was one of Jays "wives". Actually, she is still his wife. The next day, at the engagement party, as Tony and Natasha walk hand-in-hand around, Jay watches and flashes back to when he was introduced to her by Robin. That time, her name was "Linda". Unlike all the other girls he married, he remembered Linda. After the fake marriage, Robin found that she didn't have enough money; she was short of $42 to give them. Jay watched amused, as Robin and Linda argued about the $42. She angrily started to remove her clothes and hand them over as collateral. Finally, Jay stepped in and gave her her money back and they walked their separate ways, but not before Jay gave her his jacket to guard against the pouring rain.

Jay, Tony, Natasha and Gina go for a yacht ride. Jay and Natasha keep flirting surreptitiously, keeping the Grovers in the dark. That night, back at the estate, Jay overhears Tony and Natasha have a heated argument. As she sits alone sadly, Jay approaches her and cheers her up with some shadow puppetry. As they get more and more into it, Tony calls her to his room. As she walks inside, Tony and Jay have a small staredown.

Back to the present... A heavily fatigued and slightly delirious Jay walks along train tracks and comes up to a small station. He has a series of quick flashbacks, where he remembers being on the run with Natasha. Remembering something, he starts to run his hand through the sand, until he finds a cell phone. He asks the man at the counter for help to recharge it. As he goes to get some water to rehydrate himself, he passes out. The man rushes to him to help him. He fishes out his wallet (which has a picture of Natasha on it). He pulls out a card for the Plaza Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas.

Flashback... Jay and Tony go to the Plaza. They see Bob there. Jay is shocked to see his hands are bloodied. Bob explains to them that he found two men cheating in their casino and that he hates cheats. One of the cheats is hung upside down and the other is tied to a chair. He proceeds to cut off chairbound cheat's ear off, much to Jay's shock. Tony then shoots the man dead. Tony holds the gun out to Jay and instructs him to kill the upside down guy. Jay is scared out of his wits, but takes the gun. Thinking fast, he smashes the man in the face with the gun and tells him to tell everyone what happens to people who cheat in the casino. Bob and Tony are impressed.

Bob takes Jay on a tour of the casino, telling him how things work. They get a cut of all the action around town; government officials are in their pocket. He gifts Jay a gun and a new car, and welcomes him to the family. He tells Jay to be faithful to his daughter, or else... Jay is conflicted about how to proceed. The family poses for a family portrait. Jay goes to a corner and calls Robin, asking him how to say something in Spanish. He wants to tell Natasha that they need to get a divorce, before she gets married to Tony. Robin, though confused, tells him. At dinner, he texts the message (in Spanish) to her. Natasha asks to be excused so she can spend some time at her apartment before getting married. She and Jay look at each other. Jamaal, the butler, notices this. After dinner, he takes Jay aside and tells him that he's playing with fire. Tony drops Natasha at her apartment. Jay follows them. After Tony leaves, she gets into Jay's car and they go down the Las Vegas Strip. Since they can't speak each other's language, they gesture wordlessly. They watch the Bellagio Fountain from a balcony as they drink champagne. He asks her if she loves Tony. She replies that she loves his money. When she finds out that it's the same way between Jay and Gina, she laughs. They start to show off all the expensive gifts that the Grovers got for them. They yell, "Goodbye, Poverty!” She asks about the divorce. He removes the label off the champagne bottle and pretends to write on it (since neither of them have a pen or paper) and they do a token divorce then and there. He asks for his remaining $42 and she gives it to him. He hands her the "divorce papers" (the champagne label). She says in Spanish that she wished their marriage could have continued. Though he doesn't understand what she said, he gets the gist. They go for a walk along the Strip, through the rain. They sit at a bar and he tells her about his childhood, when his mother died. His mother needed to go to the hospital, but they had no money. He tells her that it was raining that day like it is now. She hugs him and says that you should not be sad when it rains. She takes him outside and they dance under the rain. Later, he drops her back at her apartment. She goes inside sadly. He knocks on her door, to return the purse she forgot in his car. They kiss each other. Inside the apartment, they feel guilty about it. Suddenly, they hear the door opening. Jay hides as Tony enters, stone drunk. He asks where Natasha was. He starts to abuse her physically, to the point where Jay can't take it anymore. He holds his gun to Tony's head and tells Natasha to come with him. Scared, she shakes her head, stunning him momentarily. Tony takes advantage of this and knocks the gun out of his hand and shoots.

Back to the present... Jay wakes up in the station, lying on a bench. The Good Samaritan brings him his fully charged phone, telling him he has some unread messages. Just then, a couple of SUVs pull up outside. Tony gets out and strides towards the station. The attendant tells Jay that he called them to come get him, unaware that they are actually here to kill him. Jay gets up in shock. Tony meets the attendant and goes inside, to find that Jay's gone. He angrily questions the attendant and orders his men (one of who is Jamaal) to fan out and find Jay. He kills the attendant. Jay has climbed to the roof of the station. He runs and jumps onto a passing train. He sits in the gap between compartments and looks at the cell phone. He checks the text message - it's from Linda/Natasha. She says that she's leaving and that he should forget her. Anguished, he wonders where she is.

He returns to Las Vegas and stands outside the Plaza, remembering how screwed up his life has gotten in the last 3 months. He goes to see David, the cheat whose life he spared in the Plaza. David gives him some guns and advises him to stay away from the casino. But Jay is resolute. In the Plaza, as Tony rants about wanting Jay dead, Jay phones up Jamaal. He asks if he knows where Natasha is. Jamaal says yes. He tells Jay that she will be at her apartment at 10 PM. Jay breaks into her place and remembers what happened that night.

Flashback... Tony shoots at Jay, but misses. Natasha smashes a vase on Tony's head, knocking him unconscious. Immediately, Jay and Natasha make a run for it. Next morning, the cops are called to Natasha's apartment, where Tony receives medical treatment. Bob is also there. When Tony hears that Jay and Natasha are headed south, he gets in the car and goes after them, despite Bob's protests. The cops and Tony go after Jay's car, tracking it via GPS. However, when they catch up to it, it's abandoned on the side of the road. Meanwhile, Jay and Natasha exchange their valuables for a new ride - a pickup truck. Their faces are plastered all over the evening news. Bob says that Jay has abducted his son's fiancée and that he's stolen a lot of money from him. The guys Jay exchanged the valuables with decide to go after them to get the bounty.

As Jay and Natasha drive, he asks her if she's scared. She says yes. He says he's scared too, but he's happy he did it. Suddenly, the cops show up and chase after them. After a long chase, they come up to a field where a bunch of hot-air balloons stand. He tells Natasha to jump onto one of them as it goes up. She does so and he manages to cause the police cruisers to crash into each other. He jumps onto a rope hanging from the basket of the balloon she jumped on. He climbs up and exchanges a few pleasantries with the scared tourists on the balloon. After a while, they jump into a lake from the balloon. Later, as they dry off, she grumbles how she had money, cars and jewelry; and now, she has nothing. She yells at Jay, saying that it's all his fault. They argue a bit. She opines that they need to go to a bank to get some money. He's skeptical about that idea, because if they go to a bank, they're in trouble. She says that she's not Natasha, but Linda Ray, Jay's wife. He likes that idea.

Meanwhile, Tony and the cops interrogate the two Asian tourists who were on the balloon with Jay and Natasha. However, they don't speak English. An officer tells Tony that they found out that Natasha's actual name is Linda, an illegal immigrant, married to Jay. Tony seethes with rage. He calls Bob and fills him in. Bob wants him to come home, but Tony wants to kill them.

At a bank, Natasha (as Linda Ray) tries to close her bank account, while Jay looks on. However, the teller sees an APB out on Linda Ray and goes to call security. Jay pulls out his gun and Natasha pulls out the security guard's gun and they hold the bank hostage. Natasha demands 1 million dollars in addition to her $200. Jay is nonplussed and tells her to take just the $200. Disappointed, she takes the $200 and they run out, carrying a hostage. They jack a van, taking the van driver along for the ride. As they drive, they quarrel about what happened back in the bank, while the terrified van driver sits in between them. The van driver can speak both English and Spanish, so he translates for them. As they speak about money and his past marriages, the van driver turns out to know Hindi as well (he's Indian). His name is Satpal. He knows Spanish because his wife is Spanish. They drop him off on the road somewhere and take his card.

At a motel, they ask each other how to say, "I love you" in each other's language. Both give wrong and self-cursing translations. Natasha talks about her childhood. Her father died when she was little. Penniless, she, her siblings and mother were forced out of their house. She came to America to support her family. The road accident where she met Tony was not an accident. She would take the money he gave her and give it to her family. He tells her that they both had the same dreams, but now they have a bigger one. They were destined to meet and, when they are together, they can overcome anything. He promises to take care of her and work really hard to provide for her. Just then, the cops bust inside and arrest them. As they take them out, the bounty hunters arrive and get into a tense standoff with the cops. The bounty hunters want the money that Jay supposedly stole from Bob. Jay, seeing his chance, acts like the cops took the money and asks them to give the bounty hunters half. The standoff gets so tense that the officer doesn't notice Jay grabbing his gun and firing off a shot. Immediately, shots are fired all round. Cops and bounty hunters both take casualties as Jay and Natasha jump out of the window. They ride off on a motorcycle, as police cruisers chase after them. An officer shoots the bike, causing it to skid. Jay tells Natasha to jump onto a nearby car trailer. As they climb the side of the trailer, she gets shot in the arm. Jay grabs onto her. He manages to get her up on the top of the trailer. Then he starts to unload the cars onto the street, causing the cruisers to ram into them. They get into a car and make their escape. However, she's wounded bad. They drive up to a clinic. Jay breaks in. He performs a quick field surgery on her. When she wakes up, she tells him not to worry, that she's going nowhere and that they're going to have kids some day.

The next day, Jay meets Robin on the road. They drive to the spot where Jay left Natasha. Robin shows Jay a bunch of news clippings about Jay's alleged crimes. He tells Robin to take Natasha, as it is too dangerous for her to be with him. Robin and Natasha have a happy reunion. Jay tells her to go to a hospital to get her wound checked out. She needs to go with Robin. He promises to stay right there. As Robin and Natasha start to drive away, Jay breaks down. He sees Natasha striding angrily towards him. She slaps him and tells him that she doesn't want to be away from him. He apologizes and they hug passionately.

Tony gets a call on his phone from a private number. The caller offers him the location of Jay and Natasha for a huge payday. Tony goes with the money to the spot where the caller specified. The caller turns out to be Robin. He instructs Tony to ditch his phone. Tony goes to the parking lot. He sees Robin walking towards him, when Jay knocks him down. Robin picks up the briefcase and Jay holds the gun on Tony. Jay tells him that he's sorry for the trouble he's caused the Grovers, but he wants Tony to stop coming after them. As for the money, he says they're square. But Tony says the day they're square is when Natasha leaves him for Tony. Jay and Robin tie him up with duct-tape and escape. They drive away, ecstatic at the huge amount of money they have now. They hide in a car trailer and go to Mexico.

They go to a guy who makes fake Mexican passports. He tells them to come in one week. Jay and Natasha go to her village and meet her overjoyed family. They buy back her old house which they lost after her father died. They get married (he dressed like a matador) at the village church. Outside he yells that he loves her, but in her translation, he says he soiled his pants, which evokes a lot of laughter. They meet later in the old house. He tells her that she is everything to him.

Just then, Robin shows up to tell them about the passports. As he talks to them from the other side of the window, he's shot from behind. Jay and Natasha duck for cover. Jay sees a bunch of SUVs coming towards them, headed by Tony. Jay manages to drag Robin back inside. He hands them their passports and dies. Tony's thugs fire at the house. Jay and Natasha run out through the back door. They stop suddenly, seeing Jamaal there. But he doesn't stop them. They get into a pickup truck. However, Tony shoots Jay in the back. Gaspingly, he tells her to drive them out of there. Tony and his goons give pursuit. As they drive, Natasha begs a heavily bleeding and fast fading Jay to hang on and not leave her. They manage to give Tony the slip and come up to the train station (from the beginning of the film). She opens a train compartment for him. He loses his balance and falls, losing his cell phone. She pulls him onto the train and places him on the bales of hay. After a few loving words to him, she closes the compartment door from outside and gets back into the pickup truck. He calls out to her, but she drives off tearfully. He passes out.

Back to the present... Jay waits in the pouring rain. A car blinks its headlights at him. Inside sits Jamaal. Jay walks over to the car. Suddenly, a bunch of headlights turn on and Jay sees Tony walking towards him. At first he thinks Jamaal betrayed him, but then he notices David in the car, from which Tony emerged. Jay asks Tony where Natasha is, but Tony says he doesn't know. He reminds Jay that he told him that she would leave him one day and that it's all his fault. Tony beats up Jay and holds a gun on him. Jamaal guns the engine and rams into Tony. Jay gets to his feet and runs into the car. The goons open fire at the car, but they manage to get away. However, Jamaal has been hit. Jay asks him where Natasha is. With his last breath, Jamaal tells him. He dies shortly after. Jay sits in shock.

The bad guys' cars pull up and they get out, guns drawn. However, Jay stands outside the car, with glazed eyes, and fires his submachine gun (which David gave him), killing the goons. Only Tony is left, wounded and disarmed. Jay walks over to him and slams his head repeatedly off the car door. Suddenly, someone shoots him from behind. He swings around to see it's Gina. He stands, arms facing outwards, ready for a kills hot, but she tearfully lowers her gun. He turns and gets into a car. From what Jamaal has told him, he relives the last time he saw Natasha.

Flashback... After putting him in the compartment, Natasha saw Tony pull up and walk towards the train. She told Jay not to worry, that she would draw them away. She tells him she loves him and gets out, closing the compartment door. Getting into the truck, as Jay yells after her, she drives off. Chased by Tony, she drives up to a cliff. Cornered, she texts Jay the message telling him that she's going and that he should forget her. As Tony cockily walks towards the truck, she throws it into reverse and drives it off the cliff into the ocean below.

Back to the present... Jay stands at the same spot where Natasha died. He cries inconsolably at the memory of her death. After a couple of moments of acceptance, Jay steps off the precipice and falls into the water below. Underwater, he sees Natasha smilingly beckoning him to come with her. He takes her hand and the two lovers are finally reunited...

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