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NOTE: This spoiler was written by Sandee.

Jen Kornfeldt (Katherine Heigl), a pretty young blonde, is taking a trip to Nice, France with her mom (Catherine O’Hara) and dad (Tom Selleck).  She has just been dumped by her boyfriend, and her parents are happy that she decided to go on the trip to France with them, even though they keep embarrassing her.

In France, Spencer Aimes (Ashton Kutcher) is apparently a hitman/spy, and there to do a job.  He meets Jen in an elevator, and they talk as they walk to the beach together, where he asks her to meet him for drinks at sunset.  He dives in the water, and she runs to town to buy a sexy dress. While she shops, he snorkels to a yacht, shimmies up the anchor chain, and plants some device on the helicopter on the yacht’s deck, and escapes unnoticed. They meet at the restaurant, where they nearly bump into her parents. Spence detonates the device, and the helicopter which was on the yacht explodes. Jen and Spence go to a club, and drink and flirt.  Returning to her hotel, Jen, who normally doesn’t drink much, is feeling pretty loopy, and can’t get out of her new, expensive dress. She is panicking, so Spence cuts her out of it. She drapes a sheet over herself, and positions herself rather seductively on the bed. With his back turned, Spencer reveals that he is a killer, and turns for her reaction…but she is asleep.  He confesses killing only bad people, and not liking his job to the sleeping Jen, and that he really likes her, and then stays on a chair nearby while she sleeps. 

They continue to see each other and tour Nice together.  While at lunch at an outdoor café, Spence notices a man on a bench watching them; the man gets up and leaves his book on the bench.  Spence pretends to go to the restroom, and picks up the book.  A card is inside; Spence meets his boss and is told he has another job.  Spence tells him that he is done and doesn’t want to do it anymore.  He is in love, and wants a normal life.  His boss, Hollbrook, (Martin Mull) warns Spencer that no one just walks away, but Spencer is determined to lead a new life.

Back at home, Spence asks Mr. Kornfeldt for his blessing to marry Jan, and he consents.  They marry, and have a large house in the suburbs.  Jen has her job and Spence has opened his own construction business, and life is normal for the two.  It has been 3 years of wedded bliss, and since it is Spence’s birthday, Jen surprises him with 2 tickets to Nice, so they can go back and visit where they began their relationship. Spence doesn’t really want to go; he’d rather stay put.  Then he receives a Fed Ex package at work, with a travel book on Nice, and a cryptic postcard inside.  He decodes it and realizes it is from his former boss, Holbrook.  He calls, and tells Holbrook once again that he is out, and hangs up. 

Later that night, Jen is working late, and Mr. Kornfeldt is given the task of taking Spence out for dinner.  They stop by Spencer and Jen’s house so he can change, and is met with a surprise birthday party. He and Jen have a nice evening, although he is clearly distracted, and then she begins packing for her business trip.  A co-worker of Spencer’s, Henry, is too drunk to leave, and spends the night on their couch.

Next morning, Jen drives herself to the airport, and Spence greets Henry.  Henry grabs a knife, and attacks Spence in his house. A huge fight breaks out, and Henry confesses that there is a $20 million contract out to kill Spence, as he is considered a liability, and he is going to do it.  The house is a shambles as they fight, and Jen, who felt guilty about being away for the weekend, returns and screams.  Spence has Henry in a headlock, and tells her to go upstairs and get his hidden gun from the nightstand.  She does, and then he yells at her to shoot Henry.  Jen does, and gets him in the shoulder.  Spence tries to explain to Jen what is happening, but she is angry, confused and furious.  As they argue, another bullet comes in through the house, and Spencer realizes that multiple hit men are after him. They run to his truck, and back out of the garage, taking the garage door with them. 

Henry has apparently gotten free, and chases them in his car.  Spence lets Jen out at a construction site and tells her to hide.  He and Henry shoot and drive, and chase, and finally Henry’s car flips over and falls down, landing on and through steel rebar.  Spencer goes back to Jen, and again tries to explain. Spencer tells her he was recruited in college to work for “blah-blah, and they gave him a license to blah”, not wanting to give her too much dangerous information. Jen is so angry that she has been in the dark, and feels she was lied to. 

They drive to Holbrook’s hotel room, to question him, and find he has been killed.  They try to find information in the hotel room about the hit on Spencer and who is behind it, and notice that the zip-drive from Holbrook’s watch is missing, which likely contained the hit information.  They argue some more, and then Jen vomits.  She tells him they need to go to K-Mart.  Once there, Jen stops to look at the pregnancy test kits.  She is worried that when she had strep throat, the antibiotics may have caused her birth control pills to be ineffective.  She can’t decide, and after a clerk helps them (Usher), they grab a lot, steal a car in the K-Mart parking lot, and leave. 

Spence decides to go to Henry’s office, to check his computer for anything about the hit contract.  Jen gets the files open, and sees  photos of her and Spence that go back over 2 years, meaning that Henry was planted there to be a hit man, just waiting for the contract to get Spencer.  One of the photos in the computer causes Jen to stop: it is one her father took.  Spencer jokes that her dad could be in on it, and she gets furious again.  She goes to the bathroom to take the pregnancy test, and can’t pee while Spence is in there. He turns on the water faucet, and then the radio, but still she can’t go. So he leaves her alone, and goes out of the bathroom.  When he comes out, Vivian, another co-worker, is there.  She attacks Spencer, and they have a big fight. Jen doesn’t hear it b/c of the radio and water running. She takes the test, and goes to tell Spence the results, and finds them fighting.  She tries to shoot Vivian but the gun isn’t loaded, and Spence finally gets Vivian’s gun to shoot at the huge antler chandelier, which swings down and impales Vivian. 

Once Vivian is out of the way, Jen tells Spencer that she is pregnant, but she doesn’t know if he is going to be a father. They get in the truck and argue about it some more, and Spence wants to work it out, but Jen doesn’t want to.  She takes a car and leaves.  A delivery truck arrives with a package for Spence. He signs for it, and the delivery guy grabs a machine gun and tries to kill Spencer.  Sexy Olivia, a client, drives up, and rams the delivery guy, saving Spencer. He thanks her, and then she tries to kill him; apparently they are all hit men, wanting the $20 mil.  Jen returns, and rams her car into Olivia, and it explodes. 

Spencer says that they need to go to their house, to get his hidden emergency bag, which has fake id’s, money and guns, so they can escape and be safe.  Jen goes to the office safe to get the documents while Spence goes to their bedroom to get the black bag.  Their neighbors, Mac and Lily Bailey, enter the house with guns, and try to kill them.  They fight, shoot, and Jen’s mom arrives and is taken hostage with Jen.  They are about to shoot them, when shots ring out, and the Baileys are killed; it’s Jen’s dad, coming from behind. 

Jen’s dad isn’t really a pilot; he is also an agent like Spence.  He recognized the postcard Spence had received earlier from Holbrook, and checked it out:  he was told that Holbrook was no longer with the agency and had turned bad.  He killed Holbrook, and also put the hit out on Spencer, thinking he was working with Holbrook.  Jen tells them she is pregnant, and then demands they get in a “Trust Circle”, a Kornfeldt family custom.  She tells them that the two men need to own that they did this. And, if any of them ever want to see her or her baby, they need to agree to no more killing, stealing of cars, etc. Reluctantly, they all agree.

Later, we see Spence and Mr. Kornfeldt in the blue nursery, setting up an alarm of some kind.  Tension is between them, and they tersely agree it was installed correctly.  Jen and her mom enter, and Jen says that they need a “date night” and that everything will be fine with her parents babysitting.  Spence is nervous, but agrees.  As they leave the nursery, he turns, clicks a remote-control device in his hand, and we see infrared lights illuminate the nursery, all around the crib.  He smiles and leaves, saying, “If we can’t trust your parents, who can we trust?”

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