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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Spectre.

Title cards state "The World is in chaos." The Year is 1980.

We open up in Mexico. Two men are at a local restaurant. Danny Bryce (Jason Statham) and Hunter (Robert De Niro) are talking. Hunter has a burrito and Danny points out to him that the meat is actually iguana. Hunter is disgusted and throws it away, noting that everywhere they have worked, the food has been shit. Danny mentions other places, but Hunter said that the food was shit everywhere. "So basically any place that is not New York, is shit?" Danny asks. Hunter nods. They see a car convoy start to move. It's time to go.

We see the convoy move down the road. Another man, Davies (Dominic Purcell), sees it and cracks static on a walkie talkie. The final man of the team, Meier (Aden Young) is set up in a building and begins to watch the convoy coming down the road. When the time is right, Meier blows a charge planted on the lead car. It explodes, sending the main car in chaos. As they try to back up, they find Hunter there with an M16. Hunter begins to fire on the car, keeping them there. Danny on foot, races up and shoots the security as they exit the car to kill him. When he cannot open the passenger door, he places a charge on it and blows it. He races up and opens it. The target pulls a gun, but Danny kills him. An extra passenger stirs in the car. It is the man's son, covered in his blood. Danny is shocked he killed the boy's father in front of him (obviously he wasn't supposed to be there) and stares at him.

The police show up and open fire on Danny, hitting him in the shoulder. Hunter shoots at the police, laying down suppressive fire and grabs Danny as Davies shows up in the getaway car, asking what went wrong. "There was a kid in the car," Hunter says as they speed off. Danny bleeds in the backseat. "I'm done with this," he says.

Cue Title Sequence.

One year later. 1981. Australia. Danny is outside working on his home when he gets a package in the mail. He opens it to find a plane ticket and a picture of Hunter. It is a hostage picture. Danny is enraged and gets on a plane. 2 days later in Oman, Arabian Peninsula, Danny is met with his contact. The contact takes him to the people holding Hunter. The contact explains that Hunter took a job for 6 million but screwed it up and got captured. If Danny does not do the job in his place, Hunter is a dead man.

Danny arrives and talks to Sheik Amr (Rodney Afif), the man who arranged the job and is now holding Hunter. This job for him is personal. He wants the 3 SAS men that killed his sons during the Oman war. He wants them found, he wants them to confess on tape, and he wants their deaths to look like accidents. Until they are dead, his remaining son cannot go home to the tribes. The Sheik wants the men dead before he dies, and the doctor says he has six months to live. Danny requests to see Hunter.

Danny goes down and talks to Hunter who hugs him. Hunter says he shouldn't have come. Danny says he isn't doing it for him, he's doing it for Hunter's family, so that his kids can have their father back. Danny asks for water for Hunter, and when the guard comes back, he knocks him out. Danny takes him to the door and knocks out the second guard. They steal guns from the guards, but Hunter is forced to kill one, alerting the remaining guards. They attempt to escape down a hallway, but wind up in the waiting arms of the Sheik's remaining son with guards with AK-47's waiting. The son warns his guards not to kill Danny or Hunter. They need them both alive.

Danny leaves and meets up with his contact again. When he does, he pulls a gun on him and his driver. Danny is enraged; his contact knew the job was a suicide mission and sent Hunter anyway knowing Danny would come to save him. The contact denies it, but the connection is clear. Danny orders them out of the car and he steals it.

On a plane, Danny thinks of Anne (Yvonne Strahovski), a young woman he met in Australia. Apparently he knew her years ago in London before she left.

Paris, France. Danny reunites with Davies and Meier and explains what happened to Hunter. They are willing to help, but Davies explains the problems with the SAS. They are the toughest military unit in the world. They are a paranoid bunch. Plus they are taught to withstand torture when they have to get confessions and then make the killings look like accidents. Danny tells them the job is 6 million. After the contact takes his cut, 50% of the rest split between the two. Danny is not in it for the money; he's there to save Hunter. They have their first target. His name is Steven Douglas Harris.

Muscat, Oman. Harris (Lachy Hulme) is stationed there. He has a nearby beach house where he has a girlfriend. Danny, Davies, and Meier begin to watch him. Davies suggest they kill them both and make it look like murder/suicide, but Danny is against that. The woman is innocent, and Danny wants no innocent blood on his hands. Danny breaks into Harris' house and breaks a tile off his bathroom floor.

The U.K. Davies is in a bar drinking, pressing some men about the SAS.

A man, Nick (Clive Owen) gets a call about a "Welshman" asking questions about the SAS in Oman. Nick says he will handle it. He sends a local to tail Davies. They snap a few pictures but get little else.

Nick turns his findings over to "The Feathermen," a group of ex-SAS soldiers that deal in the clandestine. Nick asks for resources to investigate Davies. The group warn him that it cannot be traced back to him. After Nick leaves, the group note that Nick is so obsessed with his work even though he too is ex-SAS. But they need someone to do their dirty work.

Nick sends one of his men to Oman to track Davies and his movements.

In the desert, Danny, Davies, and Meier are meeting with a man who has hidden a weapon for them. It is a large hammer with tiles that match Harris' bathroom. They will hit him in the head with this then stage it that he slipped in the bathroom and cracked his head. An accident. Nick's man takes photos of them, but Danny spots the reflection off his camera. He has been made, and he tries to run. Danny gives chase with his group, and Nick's man escapes into the desert tunnel system. Danny and Davies give chase but are forced to stop when Nick's man kicks up a hornet's nest to impede their pursuit.

Danny and Meier head to Harris' house posing as documentarians. Davies is ordered to keep Harris' girlfriend away. He cuts a hole in her tire at the beach. Meanwhile at Harris' house, Danny and Meier quickly show what they are really there for, tying Harris up. They ask him if he killed one of Sheik Amr's son and Harris quickly admits it and tells them to fuck off. They take him to the bathroom and get ready to kill him when Danny hears a knock at the door. It's Harris' girlfriend needing money for the taxi. Danny waits until she leaves and can hear Harris cuss Meier out and then a sickening crunch. Danny returns to find Harris dead and Meier covered in blood. "Case closed." Meier says.

Back at the Sheik's house, Hunter is talking to his son. He implies that when he gets out of there, he will come for him. "May my aim stay true," Hunter says threateningly.

Danny has another flashback with Anne. He remembers talking to her about his house and how he was renovating it. A few days later they are having dinner when they hear gunshots. He is worried, but she just grabs a shotgun and goes outside and shoots off a round. It is a new years tradition. Danny kisses her instead.

Back in London, Davies is speaking to a painter who deals with the SAS. Davies asks about a specific man, and the painter says he will make a call. The painter instead calls the Feathermen. Davies realizes this and kills him by stabbing him with a broken paintbrush and suffocating him.

Nick briefs the Feathermen. He requests extra surveillance. They need to find the "Welshman" before he kills again.

Danny is pissed Davies killed the painter, but Davies said he had no choice. They were almost exposed. Besides, he got the second name. Steven Craig. They travel to a SAS training ground where Craig will soon be training. They plan to hit him there since at least one guy dies a year there during the exercises.

Danny poses as a doctor at a hospital and steals some drugs. He leaves as Nick is nearby taking photos. Nick recognizes him from the photos in the desert. Danny realizes he is being watched. He guns his engine, having made Nick. They engage in a car chase around town only for Danny to return to the hospital. They battle in an empty operating room in a merciless beat down, both alternately losing and gaining the advantage. Danny finally ends it by punching Nick in the nuts hard and escaping.

Danny reveals his plan. He plans to dope Craig before the SAS training, then use Insulin to put him into shock. The added snowstorm will do him in. Davies and Danny take a truck to the SAS grounds and pretend to break down. Davies distracts the guards and Danny sneaks into the group. He quickly dopes Craig's coffee and goes onto the training march. We see Craig fall to the ground in shock.

Back in Oman the Sheik is watching the Craig confession video before he dies from shock. Hunter looks on stoically. He tells the Sheik that Danny didn't want to do this (kill these men) and that the Sheik's son does not want to return to the desert.

Nick is in a bar when he hears about Craig's death on the TV. A couple of punks put the jukebox really loud nearby and Nick rips the cords out of the wall, giving the group a death glare. "Have a little respect will you?" he says (referring to Craig).

Danny locates the final target. Simon McCann. A pensioned ex-SAS who is now a "trash for cash" mercenary.

Danny calls Anne who is unwilling to talk to him. Anne tells him that she doesn't know anything about him or who he really is. She hangs up.

Danny and Davies stake out McCann and realize he is no old man when they watch him beat some skinheads who keyed his car. Realizing Nick is there guarding him, they wait for him to leave and tail him. They trail him home, and Danny bribes some kids for his name.

Davies, posing as a head for a security company, set up a fake interview for a job the following week. Davies wonders how they will get a confession out of McCann as he is the toughest bastard out the three. Danny says they will fake a tape using Davies, and just read McCann's official report.

A government "spook" talks to the leader of The Feathermen. The spook tells him to make Nick "heel."

Nick tells The Feathermen he needs more security for McCann. The leader sets it up that a member is missing so they cannot vote on it. Nick is pissed that he was set up, but his friend tells him that they have no involvement; Nick has all the contacts. If something gets out, Nick is the one who is going down. Nick refuses to budge saying he will find the group himself.

Meier calls for some extra help with McCann. The new guy, Jake (Michael Dorman), is green as they come but willing to help. They break into a garage and tinker with an oil tanker. Jake asks about Danny's first job, and Danny said he puked for a day after.

The next morning, Danny is tailing McCann in his car. Jake and Meier are tailing the oil tanker. They have rigged it with override controls which Meier will pilot. Davies is at a shipping yard, scoping out the highway. When the time is right, Meier hacks the tanker controls and fishtails it in the direction of McCann. McCann cannot brake in time and hits the tanker, killing him. Jake and Meier are spotted by one of Nick's men. They race into the docks where Davies is at. Meier tries to hold Nick's man hostage, but he is overpowered. Jake picks up Meier's gun and tries to shoot Nick's man in the head. He accidentally kills them both. Jake throws up.

Danny is pissed at Jake that both Meier and the other man is dead though he knows it was an accident. They call for a clean up crew. Davies notes he found a number on the dead agent and gives it to Danny. Danny tells him to get lost since the job is done, and people are looking for them. Davies says he will "love a hooker" in honor of Meier.

Davies goes to his hotel and tells the concierge to get him a hooker. The concierge calls a number on a business card with a feather on it. He tells Nick he found "The Welshman." Two of Nick's men bust in on Davies and the hooker and take him hostage.

Danny (who stole a police scanner from the agent Meier tried to kill) hears about Davies being taken. He races back from the airport, his original destination.

As they are taking him to the van, Davies breaks free and runs into traffic trying to steal a car. He fails and accidentally steps too far into the other lane. He is hit with a mack track at full force. Davies is killed.

Nick is furious that Davies is dead. His men they found a number on his body. Nick tells them to run it, calling them fucking idiots.

Nick goes home where Danny is waiting for him. Nick tells him Davies is dead. Danny is pissed thinking Nick killed him. Nick says no, Davies tried to run, and a truck hit him. "It was better that way. Quicker," Nick says. Danny warns him not to come after him and leaves.

Danny heads back to Oman and delivers the third "confession." The Sheik's son says he will not be paid until they look over the tape. But Hunter will be released. Danny recovers Hunter and makes him promise that he will retire from the life, not for himself, but for his family. Hunter tells him that he is out.

Danny goes back to Australia and reunites with Anne. Anne tells him that she no longer cares about the past. Only the future. Danny still agrees to tell her what he has done.

Danny gets a call at home. It is his contact. There was a mistake. There is one more man responsible for the deaths of the Sheik's sons. The contact went to much trouble setting it up, and he doesn't want to lose his cut. The contact tells him to check with Anne first. Danny finds Anne sleeping with a bullet placed in her hair, an obvious threat. He wakes her up and suggest they go to Paris while he goes to London to finish some business.

Nick meets with one of his men. They traced the number they found on Davies. It traces to a low rent travel agency. The boss happens to be Danny's contact.

Paris. Danny leaves Hunter to watch over Anne as protection.

Danny heads to a hotel in London where the Sheik's son is staying. He beats up his guards and places the bullet in front of him. The Sheik says they were wrong. An ex-SAS man is about to release a book. In it, he details an operation that is close to the actual events of one of his brother's murders. Harris wasn't one of the killers. Danny is enraged that he killed an innocent man on the Sheik's intelligence. "It was Allah's will," The Shiek's son says. "Allah's will?" Danny says, almost killing the man right there. But Danny has no choice. He has to handle it, or the people he cares for will suffer the price.

Danny goes to see his contact and finds out where the target is doing a book signing. Nick has planted a camera in the office. He knows Danny is coming.

Hunter is tailing Anne in Paris but finally reveals himself to her in a coffee shop. Hunter tells her that he sees the look in her eye; that she is ready to bail thinking Danny will die soon. Hunter promises her Danny will come back.

Nick has numerous men to protect the final target, the author. They are on the lookout for Danny. They see a man in motorcycle leather and a helmet enter the building. They think it is Danny and when he reaches the door. They blow it, knocking him out. Nick races down and takes off the helmet. It is only Jake, a decoy. Nick races back.

Danny is already there, with a silenced pistol. He shoots the author in the leg and readies a kill shot. He hesitates thinking of the boy in the car during the Mexico hit. It is only momentary. Danny fires off three more rounds and then takes pictures.

Danny escapes to the rooftops and leads Nick on a several building chase. Danny jumps to some scaffolding only to be outside a window where a woman is contemplating screaming. He holds a gun to her to keep her quiet but eventually has to let it go to keep his grip. The woman screams and Nick locates Danny. "Move and you're dead," Nick says. He takes Danny into custody.

Nick returns to the body of the author. The author comes to. Danny didn't kill him, he faked it.

In an abandoned building, Danny is being tortured by Nick. The "spook" that previously talked to the chairman of the Feathermen shows up and makes Nick cuff himself. He has been double crossed. The spook explains that Britain hates secret societies under its nose. The government has been playing Danny and Nick off each other in order to expose the Feathermen. They relented on three SAS men being killed because Sheik Amr has valuable oil contracts. When he renews, he will look favorably to them due to them looking the other way. The spook plans to kill both Nick and Danny, but Danny breaks free. Nick, Danny, and the agent engage in a three way fight. Nick kills the agent with his own gun then tries to kill Danny. Danny jumps out a window and escapes onto the streets of London. Nick has a chance to kill him but lets him go.

Back in Paris, Danny's contact and his henchman are tailing Anne. They plan to kidnap her as collateral to make sure he gets his 10%. They see Hunter. The contact tells his goon to handle it. The man waits with a knife, but Hunter is smarter. They engage in a brief hand to hand fight, which Hunter wins, knocking him out and making it look like a mugging gone wrong.

The contact is behind Anne, waiting to grab her. Hunter is nearby with a silenced pistol. He shoots off a single round, hitting the contact in the leg. Anne gets on the subway, not realizing anything is wrong. The contact sees Hunter and says he was only making sure he would be paid. Hunter tells him if he goes after Danny and Anne he will kill him. "Everyone gets found," Hunter says.

Back in Oman, Danny and Hunter get ready to give the Sheik the photos. Hunter will be nearby with a rifle in case something goes wrong.

However, Nick beats them to the punch. He visits the Sheik and shows him the photos of the dead author. The Sheik, near death is ecstatic his sons have been avenged and his final son can go home. Nick asks for a private word with Sheik Amr. Nick tells him the photos were fake, and the author is still alive. "But this has to end," Nick says. Nick pulls a knife and stabs him twice, killing him. The Sheik's son could care less. His father would have been dead soon anyway, and he didn't want to live in the desert (he'd rather live a life of luxury). He pays Nick the 6 million for the job.

Hunter and Danny realize something is wrong. They see Nick leave with the money, with the Sheik's guards not too far behind. They give chase. Nick is being chased but Danny and Hunter crash into the guards car. Hunter jumps out and shoots the car, disabling it. "Relax, I only killed the car," Hunter says to Danny.

They continue to pursue Nick and shoot out his tires. The three of them have a chat. Nick reveals that the Sheik is dead and the son won't go live in the desert, so the UK will not get the oil contracts. "It was all for nothing." Hunter doesn't think so and grabs the briefcase of money, opening it. "You don't get it do you?" Danny says to both Hunter and Nick. All this back and forth killing and pursuing has been bullshit. That was what meant nothing. Danny glares at Hunter. Hunter agrees to leave the cash, but still takes a few stacks of cash for "expenses" (and so he has some money to retire on). He pushes the rest Nick's way, since he cannot go back to London for killing one of their operatives. He will need most of the money to build a brand new life and identity.

Nick is still unwilling to budge on Danny. Danny tells him that the Sheik once said a war isn't over until both sides say so. Danny tells him that their little disagreement is done, and if Nick pursues it, Danny WILL kill him. Nick is still adamant but has little room to argue. Hunter says they will call him a cab from the airport and leave him in the middle of the desert with the rest of the money.

Danny returns to Paris and picks up Anne. He is ready to start his life with her, away from the killing.

Title cards state that in 1991, Ranulph Fiennes wrote, "The Feather Men." It was met with controversy and official government denial. The SAS involvement in the Oman war remains classified by the British government. The fate of Danny Bryce and the remaining SAS men is unknown.


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