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NOTE: This spoiler was written by Emelia.

The film begins with Leslie Wright (Queen Latifah) leaving her fixer-upper house, which her dad is helping her fix. she goes to work as a physical therapist at a rehabilitation center and heads off to a date afterwards. the date goes very well, they talk and seem to click. when they leave, she alludes to another date, when he stops her and explains that he’s not ready to date. she’s obviously been given this speech in the past because she finishes all of his sentences.

At her house, she tells Morgan (Paula Patton), who hopes to nab an NBA player for herself. She doesn’t have a job, but she thinks that all the research she puts into finding an NBA husband is work. The next day, she and Leslie head off to a nets game, dressed very differently. Leslie’s in a pair of jeans and a jersey; Morgan’s in a dress. As Leslie watches the game, Morgan keeps her eyes on the wives’ section. After the game, Morgan meets up with friends very much like herself and heads out to try to get an invite to Scott McKnight’s (common), a nets player, birthday party. Leslie stops to get gas and finds Scott McKnight there trying to find his gas tank. she helps him and after a nice chat, he invites her to his party.

When she and Morgan, whom she brings as her guest, arrive at the party, Morgan is awed by the size of the house.  She interrupts a conversation between Leslie and Scott to get his attention and feigns disinterest when he tries to talk to her. Then lying that she’s got to volunteer at a homeless shelter, she leaves, taking Leslie with her. he arrives the next day and asks her to dinner. During the months that follow, he and Morgan become engaged. Morgan enjoys the luxury and fame that being with Scott brings hers and convinces Leslie that she’s in love with Scott.

At an all-star game, Scott becomes badly injured, pulling his ACL. his agent arranges for him to have a well-known physical therapist. When Morgan sees the therapist (an attractive woman) working with Scott, she grows jealous and convinces him to hire Leslie instead. Leslie takes a leave of absence from her job, and begins to work with him. she has a very no-nonsense attitude and urges him to push himself. She gains the acceptance of his mother, something Morgan couldn’t do. Morgan, in the meantime, shops at very high-end stores like dolce and gabbana, and spends a lot of time away from home. She eventually leaves Scott via a note, which upsets Leslie, who tells her off. Scott sinks into a depression, especially when news that he may not be re-signed to the nets leaks out.

Leslie looks through Scott’s charts and realizes how best to help him. She douses Scott with ice cubes until he agrees to come out with her then takes him to the court where he first began playing basketball. this inspires him to pull himself together and they work to bring him back to his old self. Whenever he doubts himself, Leslie advises him to trust his knee will respond correctly. When Leslie becomes sick, Scott nurses her back to health. He’s eventually well enough to return to playing and after his first game back, offers to take Leslie to dinner to thank her. they have a wonderful evening, after which he surprises her with her newly restored mustang, preserving a dent that she wanted left there as a reminder of her grandfather. she’s touched and he pulls her into a kiss, leading them to sleeping together.

The next morning, she awakes to find Morgan waiting outside, hoping to talk to Scott. when he arrives, she offers a seemingly phony excuse, which he appears to believe her, but asks her to leave anyway. Leslie, knowing that he’ll forgive Morgan, leaves, and decides to use her newfound fame (from having helped Scott recuperate) to work as a trainer for the nab. She’s helped by Scott’s agent, and is offered a position with five different teams, including the nets, which she declines. Scott hears about this and is upset. during an interview, Morgan realizes that Scott’s in love with Leslie and advises him to find her in Philadelphia, where she’s interviewing with the Sixers. he pleads his case and professes his love. she turns her back to him and proceeds to make a call to the Nets, accepting the trainer position. They reconcile, and the next season, Leslie, now married to Scott, roots from the sidelines.

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