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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Chelsi.

Following a disastrous one night stand, after which the guy immediately gets on the phone with another woman, Sabrina Watson (Paula Patton) makes a promise to God to not sleep with anyone until she is married. She asks God to bring someone into her life and she then hits a guy crossing the street in her car. After hurriedly apologizing many times over she offers to pay for both his dry cleaning and dinner. The guy, Jason Taylor (Laz Alonso), tells her to breathe, and they begin to date. Six months later, the two leave an opera and Sabrina and Jason are falling in love. Sabrina tells Jason about a job offer she received, which would require her to go to China in a few months and asks Jason to come. He is reluctant, and she asks about long-distance relationship to which Jason replies he doesn't do. Heartbroken, Sabrina begins to leave until Jason stops her and proposes, which she happily accepts.

A few months later, the two are planning to get married at Martha’s Vineyard. Sabrina and Jason have remained celibate, and Sabrina has not yet met Jason’s widowed mom. She is nervous about this and constantly worries, but Jason assures her that she will love her and she is sweet and soft-spoken just like her. Jason’s mother Pam Taylor (Loretta Devine) is a postal worker who is a bit brash and opinionated. She also loves her son very much and is upset that she has not yet met his son’s fiancée and believes her to be a snob. She is angry when Sabrina texts her asking for pictures of Jason for the wedding, which she says is strike one to her best friend Shonda (Tasha Smith).

After gathering pictures of her son, she looks at pictures of her ancestors who had continued the tradition of jumping the broom, which their ancestors who were slaves did when they were not allowed to marry. Pam has a broom, which she packs with her things for the wedding. She also brings Shonda, her brother-in-law Willie Earl (Mike Epps), and Malcolm (DeRay Davis). They are excited for the wedding and going to the island, but Pam remains angry.

Meanwhile, Claudine Watson (Angela Bassett), Sabrina’s mother is a rich controlling snob who takes control of the details of the wedding. She is angered when her younger sister Geneva (Valarie Pettiford) arrives, which Sabrina happy about. Geneva and Sabrina have a relationship that Claudine appears to envy. Claudine’s husband calls and she is very sarcastic to him. After he hangs up, another woman in the limo with him (his assistant) tells him that he has to stop pretending and tell his wife the truth or else she will. It appears he is having an affair with her. Jason’s family arrives, and there is instant tension between the mothers, especially after Pam finds out that Jason had gone out to lunch with the Watsons the month before, and they were told she was busy. Pam believes it is Sabrina who did this and says it is strike two.

At the same time, Malcolm, Jason’s cousin, finds out he is not going to be the best man and instead his coworker Ricky (Pooch Hall) is. He is angry by this. Also, Sabrina’s friend Blythe (Meagan Goode) has been unlucky in love but finds a chance at love with the chef (Gary Dourdan). Sabrina’s youngest cousin Sebastian (Romeo Miller) is a 20-year year old attracted to the much older Shonda, who rebuffs his advances.

During the wedding rehearsal dinner, a heated argument breaks out between Claudine and Pam when Sabrina says they would like to start their own traditions and not jump the broom. Claudine calls Pam it is ghetto and Pam says they are snobs. Geneva gets up and begins to sing Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s get it on”, which stops the argument for a little while and everyone (except Pam and Claudine) have a good time. Afterward, Claudine and Geneva argue on the beach and Pam overhears. Pam finds out Sabrina is not Claudine’s daughter but Geneva’s. She wants to tell her son, but he has already left for his bachelor party. Meanwhile, Claudine’s husband confronts her and tells her the truth: he is not having an affair and they are broke after he poorly invested all their money. They do not even have the money that Claudine has inherited anymore. He also tells her that the sarcasm she uses to keep people out is going to be costly in the long run.

At the combined bachelor and bachelorette party, Sabrina is ready to leave, but Jason does not want to go and brushes her off. She leaves angry. Malcolm urges his cousin to “be a man” and not go after her and instead drink. Ricky says Jason will be sorry of he does not go after her. Jason chooses to stay and drink. Immediately after, he is drunk and calls out to Sabrina outside her window trying to apologize. He waits outside her room and texts an apology and tells her that he loves her. She says she loves him too, and they promise to not fight over silly things.

The next day, Sabrina goes to see Pam while she gets fitted for one of the two dresses Sabrina bought for her although she is not happy about it. Sabrina apologizes for the dinner argument. When the men play football on the beach, Jason gets injured. When Sabrina and Pam are told, they run to see him. Pam gets hysterical and says he needs to go home to see a pediatrician although he is an adult and he is not hurt badly. Sabrina laughs and says she does not need to worry, and he would be fine. Pam says that is strike three and angrily reveals that Sabrina’s parents have been lying to her. Sabrina confronts them, and Geneva admits that Sabrina is actually the Watsons’ niece and she is her mother. Sabrina calls the wedding off. She calls Jason a mama’s boy, and runs away. Jason tells his mom he loves her, but she cannot hold onto him because he is a man and that what she did was selfish and wrong. He also tells her that he will be there for her, but he also has his own life and she must accept that. He and the others then go to look for Sabrina. Claudine and her husband grieve over Sabrina and reconcile.

While everyone searches frantically, Sabrina finally calls Geneva and they meet at a dock in one of the boats where Geneva tells about how when she was sixteen she went to Europe and fell in love with a man who she planned to travel and spend her life with. At the end of the two weeks, however, she found out he was married and had children. She left Europe unwed and pregnant. Her older sister was already married and could not have children, so they took her. She says that having Sabrina was her greatest achievement, but being a child as she was and not taking care of her everyday was her greatest failure. She reaffirms that her parents do love her and could give her more than the sixteen-year old mom she was could. It was for that reason that they took her and adopted her. Sabrina forgives them, goes to find Jason, and they prepare for the wedding.

Sabrina sees a note and Pam’s broom on her bed, as she gets ready. In the notes Pam apologies for her actions, wants her to have the broom, and is leaving. Sabrina catches her and tells her that she wants her to be there for the wedding. At the wedding, when the Reverend (T.D. Jakes), asks who gives the bride away, Claudine and her husband stand, and Claudine pulls Geneva up as well. The sisters smile at each other. Sabrina and Jason finally marry, but not before including the tradition of jumping the broom, much to Pam’s surprise and pleasure. After, we find out that Claudine has been saving money in a place separate from the main money and tells her husband, who is both surprised and happy. At the reception, instead of doing the Electric Slide, the couple starts their own tradition of doing the “Cupid Shuffle.”


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