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The film opens with a "boy band" called Du Jour at an airport getting ready to board their private jet. They are the #1 band in the country and Alan Cummings is their manager.

On the plane they question Cummings about something that’s on the soundtrack of their recordings. It seems they have some sort of subliminal messages underneath their music. Cummings says that he’ll look into it, goes up to the cockpit and he and the pilot put on parachutes and they jump out. The plane appears to crash just outside Riverdale. Cummings is on the telephone talking to the owner of the record company and she tells him they have to get a new band.

The Pussycats have been playing in a local bowling alley where no one listens to them and as they’re leaving, they are almost hit by a van being driven by Alan Cummings.

Right then, he decides to make them the new #1 band in the country.

Josie and the Pussycats go to New York where they are already a hit. Josie thinks it’s a little strange but still accepts the glory.

What’s been happening is that Parker Posey who owns the record company is working with the US military and has been putting messages on the records. The messages tell kids to buy certain products, what bands to like, how to dress and so on.

If a band ever finds out about these messages, they are eliminated.

Parker Posey and Alan Cummings want to get rid of 2 of the pussycats, Tara Reid and the Rosario Dawson Tara and her have become too curious about their success.

Rachael Leigh Cook has been given a subliminal message that tells her to go out on her own and reject the Pussycats. They avoid being killed but their feelings are hurt when Rachel tells them they are no longer welcome in the group.

Eventually, Rachel finds out about the messages and refuses to do the huge concert that Cummings has set up. This concert was to be the ultimate worldwide subliminal experiment. Everyone around the world are buying special ears to wear to listen to the concert with. These ears are used for the subliminal messages.

Parker Posey is going to force Rachael to do the concert or the Pussycats will be killed.

Rachael agrees but before the show goes on, the 4 members of the band Du Jour show up. They somehow managed to land the plane and are going to stop Parker’s plans.

Parker and Rachael get into a fight during which, the subliminal message machine is damaged.

We finally hear the ultimate message and it is that Parker Posey's character is the most beautiful, most slender, most loved person in the world."

The military show up and even though they’ve been responsible for some of the messages, they arrest Posey and Cummings.

It turns out that the two of them had gone to high school together and they didn’t even know it, When they are arrested someone mentions her real name and Cummings recognizes it. Posey was a girl in high school that had a very bad lisp and everyone made fun of her.

Cummings was also made fun of in high school because he was an albino. He reveals this to her by wiping off some of his makeup.

Posey and Cummings are attracted to each other as they are being taken under arrest.

Rachael tells the Pussycats she is sorry for what she had said to them and they do the concert.

Rachael tells the audience not to use their pussycat ears. The first song they do is one apologizing to a boy she loves for having hurt him too. He’s in the audience and shouts… “I love you” and then he ends up on-stage. The concert is a huge hit and the film ends with Josie and her boyfriend kissing on-stage.


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Tara Reid, Rachael Leigh Cook and Rosario Dawson are Josie and the Pussycats
Alan Cumming
uses his subliminal machine to make boy band Du Jour, the #1 band in the country.
The final scene:
Josie is on stage with her boyfriend and the Pussycats. they have defeated Parker Posey's and Alan Cummings' subliminal machine
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