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Rules of Dating
NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Cheyenne.

The movie opens with the voice over of one of the main characters: Kate (played by Brittany Snow). Kate details the aspects of her unpopular life. She has moved many times before thanks to her mother Lori's (Jenny McCarthy) constant relationships turning sour. Each boyfriend Lori got, Kate named "Skip," because that's what they always do. Each time Kate went to a different school, she became invisible. Cut to her current school, where she becomes invisible once more. She talks about the school's player, John Tucker (Jesse Metcalfe).

Cut to Kate at the restaurant where she works as a waitress. She sees John Tucker sitting alone at a table. As she walks over to him to see if he's ready to order, he says no. Kate stumbles over her words, to which John only giggles and doesn't pay much attention. Kate just walks right back to her fellow waitress friend, who was a victim of John's serial cheating.

The first of John's "girlfriends" arrives. It's Carrie (Arielle Kebbel), the school reporter who is into every after school activity there is. They talk, John acting all smooth and all. Cut to another date with the Head Cheerleader Heather (Ashanti). And then cut to another with loose Animal Rights Activist and vegetarian Beth (Sophia Bush). On his date with Beth, John claims never to have been to the restaurant before, and makes a phony scene once he sees that veal is on the menu. He exclaims that if he wanted to see animals being tortured he'd go to a slaughter house or something. Beth says it's okay, and everything is fine.

Now, John explains to all of the girls he dates that because it is Basketball Season, he isn't allowed to date, so all of the girls are forced to keep it quiet. Also, one of John's rules is to date girls from different cliques, so they won't talk to each other.

By a twist of fate, all of the girls gym classes are put together. Carrie, Heather and Beth end up on the same volleyball team. Kate also ends up on the team with them. Heather is set to serve. Before serving, she hears Carrie whisper to another girl that she's dating John Tucker. Heather spikes the ball into Carrie's head, and blames it on a slip. Carrie shrugs it off, but Heather spikes it again, hitting Carrie straight in the face. Carrie stands up to Heather wondering what her problem is. A cat fight ensues. Beth gets in the middle of them, and exclaims "Girls, please! Peace & Love!" But, Beth joins in the fight when she hears why Carrie and Heather are fighting. After the gym teacher gets into it, they stop. Kate, who got smacked around a little too, says "He's cheating on all of you and you're beating the shit out of each other?" Carrie, Heather, and Beth get detention for fighting, while Kate gets detention for swearing.

After gym class, Heather walks up to John and tells him some girls were saying that they were dating him too, to which John replies that Heather is the only one for him, and that those other girls are jealous. She believes him.

Detention rolls around, and Kate arrives early. She walks into the room, where a guy is listening to Cheap Trick, and singing along with the song. When the guy, Scott, notices Kate he stops. Kate doesn't think he's uncool because she's into that kind of music too. Outside the room, Kate can see John Tucker mingling with everyone. Scott and Kate talk about him, and Scott reveals he's John's younger brother. Scott is "The Other Tucker." You can sort of see a spark between Scott and Kate. When Scott leaves, Carrie, Heather, and Beth arrive. It is silent for a few seconds, then Heather tells them what John said. Kate listens as the three girls realize John said the same thing to each of them. Kate begins to speak up, where the three girls don't pay much attention until they see that Kate is making sense. According to Kate, John has pet names such as "Sweetheart" and "Baby" for them so as not to confuse their names. Needless to say, the girls are pissed at what has been going on with them, so they agree that with the help of Kate they will make John Tucker pay.

The next day in Chemistry The Other Tucker AKA Scott makes up a lame excuse to be lab partners with Kate. Kate agrees.

When Kate meets up with Carrie, Heather, and Beth they start with making up a map of John; his strengths, his date moves, everything.

First off, Beth gets a photographer to take pictures of John without his shirt on. There come some "Give me bad!" "Give me pretty!" Give me ugly!" shouts from the photographer. Later that night, when John is on a date with a blonde girl named Holly, the ads before the movie start to come on. It shows pictures of John in an ad for Genital Herpes. John tries to deny it, but everyone in the theatre begins laughing, and name-calling. John's date Holly leaves, and up above we see Carrie, Heather, Beth, and Kate laughing their heads off. Kate's voice over comes on again saying "Never underestimate your opponent." We see why in an awards ceremony. John receives an award for promoting awareness of STD's, and him stating the statistics that 1 in 6 teens have an STD. One of the six teens in the chairs behind him is revealed to have some sort of fungus or something on her mouth.

The second of the four girls' plans comes to mind when Heather is taking an Estrogen pill. She explains that she wants to go up a cup size. Beth, and Carrie tell her that the pills are no good. But, they get an idea to put the Estrogen pills in John's "Bulk Up" formula. Heather manages to spike the Bulk Up when John isn't looking, and she convinces him to double his mixtures. He does. When he's playing a basketball game against another school, an opponent tries to get the ball from John, and keeps nudging him in the chest area. John keeps telling him to stop, he's very tender (it's very funny). John goes in for a basket, and hits a player on the other team in the face with his crotch in the process. John falls on the ground, and begins crying saying he's hurt. The coach tells him to stop being a pussy, and take it like a man. John continues to cry, saying everyone is mean. He runs out of the gym, and away from the game. Once again, Kate's voice over comes repeating "Never underestimate your opponent."

A few girls come up to John the next day telling him he's very brave in doing what he did, and that lots of guys would never do that. John gets a few dates. This is the moment where he breaks up with Carrie, Heather, and Beth.

The girls are angry once more at their backfire, and even more in John breaking up with them. More so for Beth, who says she was so bummed that she couldn't even enjoy the break-up sex. The girls look at her, and Beth gasps and says she's such a slut. So, they decide to amp it up a little. They decide that they will use Kate to break John Tucker's heart. The first thing they do is make Kate into a cheerleader, to make her popular. Heather brings Kate to cheerleading practice the next day, replacing a girl with a sprained ankle.

After practice, or the next day (I'm not sure), Heather and Kate stride smoothly past John in a teasing manner. Heather shows Kate a move, to which Kate does identically. John approaches Heather and asks who the new girl is. Heather replies "She's not into High School boys." John tells Heather that Kate is cute. Heather then walks up to Kate, and leads her to a bathroom where Beth and Carrie are already waiting. Kate is somewhat excited that John said she was cute, and the girls tell her that she shouldn't be, but Kate still is. They tell her that she needs to play it cool, and count three seconds in her head before answering any question John asks of her.

The next day at school, John approaches Kate, and asks her a few questions. Kate, following the three second rule, doesn't get much time to talk because John always follows up with another question before Kate can reply. John asks her out on a date. Kate counts to three, and says no. John is crushed. Kate walks off. All of this is being documented by Carrie and her small cameras.

John goes to his brother, knowing that Kate is his lab partner, and asks what type of things Kate is into. Scott says she's into music like Elvis Costello, but that Kate may not be John's type. John says girl is his type. John then asks Scott to spy on Kate for him. Scott agrees.

The following morning, Kate is rushing into school and is stopped by Scott. Scott tells Kate that John has asked him to spy on her. Kate and Scott laugh at Kate's sarcasm that Scott must be the best spy ever. Now you know they like each other.

Later on in the day, John walks up to Kate again, this time asking her to the beach to watch the sunset. Kate agrees. John is happy. After school, Carrie, Heather, and Beth prepare Kate for her First "Date." Carrie sets up a small camera to Kate's bra strap. Beth tests out the "boob cam." Everything is perfect. They agree to break John's heart at his birthday party, which they describe as the Academy Awards mixed with the MTV Movie Awards.

At the beach, the kids from school are there too. Kate shows up, and John greets her. Everyone says hi to Kate as she passes, people who didn't even know her before. John smiles at the fact that he must be walking the most popular girl in school. John stops Kate, and stands in front of her. Kate asks what he's doing, and John says looking at the jealous eyes of the people around the two because he's out with such a beautiful girl. Kate smiles. All of this is being viewed by Carrie, Heather, and Beth through the Boob Cam. Soon, the sun goes down, and it's dark. There are bonfires, and people are toasting marshmallows. Kate and John appear to be having a good time. At this point, Kate gets lost in the moment, and is enjoying herself. Scott is watching from his seat, and you can see that he really likes Kate. After a while, Kate is offered a ride home from John. Kate goes to his car. The three girls realize she isn't ready for a ride home. Kate freaks, so they send in Beth. Beth says there will probably be a kiss, and Kate freaks out more because she's never had a kiss before. Beth shows her how to kiss. Their lip lock is witnessed by a freshman boy who asks them to do it again. They shine the headlights, call him a pervert, and tell him to get away. The boy runs away. John appears in front of the car. He tells Kate to turn the lights off, and makes for the car door. Beth, meanwhile, is still in the car, so she ducks down in the back (John has a jeep BTW).

As John pulls out of the parking lot, Carrie and Heather realize that Beth is still in the car. According to Carrie "Slut in a car." Carrie and Heather follow John's jeep as he drives Kate home. In the car, John searches the back, nearly discovering Beth hiding, for a CD. He pops it into the CD player. It's Elvis Costello. Kate is pleased. In the back, Beth discovers a bra. She looks at John, and makes an angry "You're such a slut" face until she looks at the tag. It reads "100 % Hemp." Beth realizes it's hers, so she tucks it into her jacket.

When they reach Kate's house, Kate asks John to walk her to the door so that Beth may escape. John agrees, so they get out of the jeep. John and Kate end up on the lawn. John explains to Kate that he doesn't want to kiss her just yet. Kate sees that Beth is caught on something on John's jeep. Beth's skirt is caught. As Beth tries to pull her skirt off whatever has a hold on it, Kate pulls John into a kiss. Just then, the sprinklers turn on, and Kate and John are forced onto the front porch. John kisses Kate again. Before anything else happens, Kate begins to get shocks from the water mixing with the Boob Cam, so she runs into her house, and takes it off. John walks to his car, and gets in. Carrie and Heather, who are parked near Kate's house, open the back of Carrie's van to reveal Beth there in her underwear. Beth says "This isn't even my date, and he still gets my skirt off." As John drives off, you can see Beth's skirt still attached to whatever it was caught on rolling along with the tire.

Later that night, the girls are having a sleepover at Kate's. John seems to be driving by Kate's house every few minutes. They decide to have some fun. Kate calls John's cell, and they talk. Kate says how some guy has been driving by her house every minute or so and that she thinks it's a pervert. John then ducks in his car and asks "Really? Do you want me to drop by?" Kate says "No, I think I'll just call the cops." John then drives off down the street, leaving the girls in Kate's room to laugh their asses off.

The next day at school, Scott goes back to his old lab partner, and Kate feels rejected.

With a big game coming up in a different city, the girls agree to do something while staying at the hotel. A few days before the game, Carrie hides in a locker in the boys locker room after a practice. She is recording them on a camera. The boys do what any boy would do. They fart, and whatnot. The guys ask John if he's slept with Kate yet, and say it's unusual for him not to have already. John says something, to which the guys reply that he's whipped. John says the time is near, and he says after the big game, while staying at the hotel, he's going to be scoring more than baskets with Kate. They then proceed to prance around like idiots.

While meeting with each other, the girls talk about their plans for after the big game. Kate becomes a little hesitant about the whole plan. Heather and Beth tell Carrie to show Kate the footage of the Locker Room antics of John Tucker. Kate gets offended, and agrees to do whatever it takes to get back at him.

Cut to after the game at the hotel. The four girls are in the hotel room. Beth gives Kate a bag, and Kate changes into the red bra and panties within the bag. Kate covers up with a robe. She unveils her figure to the girls, and they say she should totally wear underwear to school. Kate moves to the computer web cam. She requests a conversation with John. John and Kate talk to each other. Kate speaks seductively, then shows John a sneak peek. John gets heated. Kate says there's a present underneath his bed. John grabs it, and it's a bag. John pulls out a red thong. Kate says she wants him to wear it, and meet her in her room. But, John can't be seen in the hallways, so he'll have to climb down three floors. John thinks for a moment, and Kate gives him another peek at her body. Cut to John scaling the building wearing a towel. As John walks through the sliding door, he makes himself comfortable on the bed. The female gym teacher exits her bathroom and screams at the sight of John on her bed. John screams as well. The female gym teacher grabs him by the ear, and leads him down to the Basketball coach's room. The students staying in the hotel crowd the hallways and take pictures of John on their camera phones. Kate comes through and says "Oops, it must have been four floors. Sorry."

When they arrive back to the school, John just walks through the hallway to Basketball practice. When he arrives, he pulls off his gym pants wear his shorts lie beneath. As he bends over, everyone sees that he's wearing a thong. He explains how soft and non-constricting it is. John then proceeds to do a flip, and slam dunk in the basket. Everyone claps. Cut to another scene where all of the basketball players are lining up to take shots, and they are all revealed to be wearing thongs. Another time not to underestimate your opponent. The guys are each performing at their best. Walking along the hallways, every guy is revealed to be wearing a thong.

Kate is at home now. She answers a knock at her door. It's a guy for her mother. Kate says she isn't home, and slams the door in his face. Lori runs down the stairs dressed very beautifully. Kate calls the guy (whose name is Tom) Skip. Lori and Kate get into a fight. Kate asks her mother if she realizes how much Lori's failed relationships affect her. Kate ends up telling the new Skip to make sure to lock the door when he sneaks off. Kate leaves, and Lori is left to look confused.

John and Kate are going on their second date. John is bringing Kate to the same restaurant that he takes all of his other "girlfriends." But, he leads her out of the restaurant instead. Carrie, Heather, and Beth are following them into the restaurant, where they discover they are not there. Carrie, watching on her screen attached to the boob cam, cannot tell where they are. They come to the conclusion that they are outside. The three girls walk outside. John and Kate are on a lavish boat decorated with beautiful lights. The three girls are angry at the fact that none of them have been on the boat. They follow John and Kate on a small speed boat. Beth can't get the boat to go faster, and Heather pulls on something which detaches the motor from the boat. The girls are now stranded in the middle of the water.

On the boat, John and Kate begin dancing.

Cut to Kate walking outside on the school grounds where she is met by John. Before Kate can speak, John gives her his watch, and says he's a one-woman man now. He holds up Kate's arm to show the watch to people and exclaims "Okay, fine. There, I'm whipped." Kate leaves.

Carrie, Heather, and Beth confront Kate on the fact that she's not his real girlfriend, and that none of it is real. Heather grabs Kate's wrist and says that the watch should be hers. Kate then yells back saying they're still obsessed with him, and that's she's quitting. Kate leaves. Scott watches as Kate leaves. He then sees Carrie, Heather, and Beth walk out of their little lair. Scott finds it suspicious, and goes to the back room where they came from.

At Kate's locker, Scott walks up behind her. He comments on the watch. Kate looks at him. Scott explains very bluntly that he knows what she, Carrie, Heather, and Beth have been doing and that it seems like John isn't the only one who lies. Scott walks off as Kate is left to ponder.

At home, Kate enters the kitchen where there is a chocolate cake with two empty jars of chocolate frosting sitting on the counter. Lori has sent the new Skip home. Lori tells Kate that she hopes she knows what she's doing with John. Kate counteracts with "No one liked me or even knew who I was before." Lori responds with "I did." Kate looks at her mother in confusion.

This is the point where John is celebrating his birthday. Kate arrives at the lavish party. Scott is there, and he sees Kate. John's friend brings out a large cake, where two bikini clad women burst out. Kate makes her way to the stage, and John brings her up. At this point, Carrie, Heather, and Beth arrive. Carrie hands John's friend a DVD of which is full of their documentations of their schemes. Kate wants to tell him the truth in private, but John ends up giving her the mic to speak into about the DVD. Kate shuts off the DVD before it can reveal the truth to him. Kate then proceeds to tell him everything, and how she Carrie, Heather, and Beth wanted to break his heart to let him know what it feels like. John says that they pulled it off. A guy in the audience then throws soda all over Kate for "killing the party." At this, Carrie, Heather, and Beth walk up to the stage and stick up for Kate, saying that everyone has lied at some point and that they should be throwing soda all over themselves. Carrie, Heather, and Beth then proceed to get soda thrown at them. John then takes the mic and explains that it's true, that everyone has lied. Every guy in the audience just cheers John on and say "Yeah, but you get all the chicks!" John then locks eyes with Kate. John gives a "Well, that's true, and I like that part" look at Kate. Kate gasps, and throws "Stripper Cake" at John. Now, everyone is having a food and beverage fight with each other.

Cut to the scene a few days after the party where everyone is at school. Kate is explaining how it took them three bottles of shampoo to get all of the stripper cake out of their hair. She explains how everything is fine. She, Carrie, Heather, and Beth are now very good friends. John is being honest. At least, somewhat. He brings a girl over to another girl and says that she's his other girlfriend. The girls just look at each other as John smiles, leading them down the hall. Scott approaches Kate and says that he'll be lab partners with her again. Kate smiles. As she moves back to the girls, they cheer Kate and say she has a thing for The Other Tucker. Kate just smiles as they sit down. Kate asks the audience "So what happened to the first girl to break John Tucker's heart? She became a legend." Kate smiles.

Roll Credits.

Cut to short scene after a few credits have gone by. It takes place in Asia. Two women are looking at their cell phones and laughing. One of them has John in the red thong on her camera phone. They laugh.

Roll Credits again.

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