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The movie starts as Darryl (Justin Long) is driving his sister Trish (the semi-sexy Gina Phillips) down a highway somewhere. They start arguing about their mother and calling each other names in good fun. Meanwhile, this big factory truck pulls up behind them and starts honking at them. Darryl tries to pull over and let him pass, but the guy just keeps at it. Finally, they shake the guy.

A little while later, the kids see the driver (who they call "BEATINGU" because of his license plate) throwing some bodies down a pipe. BEATINGU sees them, and there's another chase scene which ends with Darryl and Trish in a ditch on the side of the road. Darryl convinces Trish to go back and look at what he was throwing down the pipe, and she eventually says yes. They go, and (surprise, surprise) Darryl falls down the pipe, where he sees a ton of human bodies hanging on the walls and ceiling. He even finds the legendary Kenny and Darla of drunk-driving fame (ask your college friends, or see the preview). He finds an exit, and the two kids head for town to get gas and call the cops. They find a gas station/diner, and ask the waitress to call the cops. The payphone then rings, and we hear a lady warning them about the monster (BEATINGU = Be eating you).

The cops arrive, and they ask Darryl some questions but are interrupted by someone saying Darryl's car has been broken into. They look and get some fingerprints. Darryl tells them about the church, but as they're driving down there, the cops are radioed that the fingerprints are from dead skin. Meanwhile, Darryl hears the song Jeepers Creepers on the radio (the old lady warned him that whenever they hear that song play, it means troubles coming), and sure enough, the cops get sliced and diced. Darryl and Trish head for a nearby house to call MORE cops, but BEATINGU is one step ahead of them. He kills the owner of the house, scares her ten million cats, and ruins her scarecrow. He gets his, though, after being run over four or five times by Trish.

The next stop for Trish and Darryl is the police department, where they are visited by Jezelle, a.k.a. the lady who called them at the diner. She says she is psychic and tells them that every 23rd spring for 23 days, the monster comes alive and gets to eat. As if on cue, guess-who pulls up. He breaks into the station, eats a prisoner and a cop, and chases our heroes upstairs into the interrogation room. He grabs them both by their necks, and after sniffing and licking each of them, he figures that Darryl tastes better and throws Trish out into the hall.

She gets back up and pleads with BEATINGU to take her instead of Darryl, but the monster just breaks out his wings and flys away with Darryl, while Trish runs after him for a little bit.

The next day, Trish's parents come to pick her up. Jezelle comes by to say good-bye to Trish. Trish asks her about something she said last night ("Darryl screaming in the dark while that song played. What does that mean?") But Jezelle just says she isn't anything but a crazy old lady. Trish walks outside and looks up into the sky.

Meanwhile, in one of the church's basement hallways, we hear Darryl screaming while "Jeepers Creepers" is played. We see Darryl hung from the ceiling with his arms stretched out. His eyes have been removed so we can see clear through his eye sockets to the other side of the room.

The creature bends over and looks at us through Darryl's eye sockets.


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