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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Jeremy.

Young Jack (Michael Self) has his father read to him the tale of the giants, while elsewhere, a young Princess Isabelle (Sydney Rawson) has her mother tell her the same story. According to the legend, a group of monks used magic beans to find a bridge to meet their god. Instead, they came across Gantua, the land of the giants. The giants came down and wreaked havoc on mankind, eating most of them. King Erik managed to obtain the heart of one giant and used magic to forge a crown that gave him control over the giants. He banished them back to their world and restored peace to the kingdom. When he died, he was buried with the beans. But the giants planned their revenge, ready to strike back and kill the rest of Erik's kin.

Ten years later, Jack (Nicholas Hoult) is living with his uncle and goes into the market to sell their horse. He comes across a play depicting Erik's tale. He spots a pretty young woman who then gets harassed by a bunch of creeps. Jack tries to defend her but gets punched. When he stands up again, the men appear to back away, but only because a group of men on horses, led by Elmont (Ewan McGregor), arrive and take the woman, revealed to be Princess Isabelle (Eleanor Tomlinson).

We meet Lord Roderick (Stanley Tucci) and his right-hand man Wicke (Ewen Bremmer). They spot a monk named Father Abel (Simon Lowe) running away. They enter a room that's been ransacked. Roderick looks around and is relieved to see that Erik's crown is still there. He orders Wicke to find the monk. Jack is leaving the market when Father Abel comes across him and gives him the beans to deliver somewhere, but warns him not to get them wet. Wicke spots Abel and chases after him.

Jack goes home and is berated by his uncle for not doing what he was supposed to do, lamenting the loss of his brother/Jack's father to the plague, while simultaneously, Isabelle's father, King Brahmwell (Ian McShane), is castigating her for going out on her own. She's not happy with the rules she has set on her, and especially not happy about being betrothed to Roderick. She leaves upset.

During a storm that evening, Isabelle happens upon Jack home looking for shelter. He realizes it's her, just as some water makes its way beneath the floorboards where Jack uncle threw a bean. The bean transforms into an enormous beanstalk that takes the house away. Jack tries to get Isabelle out, but he falls and slides down the beanstalk until he hits the ground.

He wakes up the next morning and discovers that the king, along with Elmont, Roderick, and many other men have found him. Brahmwell questions Jack about Isabelle's bracelet, but he tells her she's been taken up the beanstalk. Brahmwell orders Elmont and other men, along with a voluntary Jack, to go up the beanstalk and rescue his daughter.

Climbing up the beanstalk proves difficult for Jack, who's afraid of heights. Elmont and his friend Crawe (Eddie Marsan) poke fun at Jack for this, as well as reminding him not to assume he'll get anywhere with Isabelle. Overnight, during another storm, several men are cut loose from a rope by Wicke, as ordered by Roderick, sending the men plummeting to their deaths.

The next morning, the men make it to Gantua. Elmont splits the remaining men up, going with Jack and Crawe while Roderick and Wicke go with another man. Before moving, though, Roderick forces Jack to hand over the beans, although Jack keeps one for himself.

Jack, Elmont, and Crawe stumble upon a trap set up for sheep, just as one giant arrives, knocking out Elmont and Crawe and taking them away. Elsewhere, Roderick and Wicke push the other man off a cliff to his death, just as another group of giants arrive. Wicke gets eaten while Roderick pulls out the glowing crown.

In the giants' lair, Isabelle is caged up. She is spoken to by General Fallon (Bill Nighy and John Kassir), the two-headed leader of the giants. He plans on eating her as she is a descendant of Erik. The giant holding Elmont and Crawe comes in, and Crawe is eaten after being defiant. Roderick then comes in sporting Erik's crown, and the giants, including Fallon, bow to him. He plans on using the giants to come back down to the kingdom and taking over.

One giant takes Isabelle and Elmont away. He rolls Elmont in dough and plans on cooking him. Jack comes in and tries to free Elmont, but he hides before the giant sees him and puts Elmont (along with some pigs) in an oven. Jack takes a dangling knife and plunges it into the giant's back, engaging in a struggle until the giant is killed. He frees Isabelle and Elmont escapes.

Back in the kingdom, Brahmwell asks one of his men if he should consider cutting down the beanstalk, assuming his daughter and men are dead, but the man gives no definitive answer.

Elmont leaves a memorial for Crawe while Jack tends to Isabelle's wounds. They come across the cliff leading down the beanstalk, but a sleeping giant is there. With Elmont's help, Jack gets a beehive and sticks it in the giant's helmet. The giant wakes up in panic and falls off the edge. Jack and Isabelle prepare to climb down, but Elmont stays to confront Roderick.

As the giant's body hits the ground, Brahmwell finally decides it is time to cut the beanstalk down. With a heavy heart, he starts to cut it as his men soon follow, just as Jack and Isabelle are on their way down.

The next morning, Roderick leads the giants to attack with his beans ready. Elmont then springs from his hiding place and fights Roderick. The two fall in a cave and battle, with Roderick nearly pushing Elmont out to his death. As Elmont holds on, Roderick tries to stab his hand, which is holding onto his foot. Elmont takes the blade and stabs his own hand, which pierces Roderick's foot, then taking his own knife and sticking it in Roderick's chest. Roderick cries for help as the giants break through the cave, but he dies from his wound. The power of the crown is then passed onto Fallon, as he's taken it from Roderick. Elmont, meanwhile, jumps onto the beanstalk and heads down. The beanstalk is cut down, but Jack and Isabelle swing down to safety, while Elmont jumps off into the ocean. Fallon screams in defeat.

Jack takes Isabelle to be reunited with her father. Brahmwell is very thankful to Jack and gives him a reward, which he accepts. However, both Jack and Isabelle are sad since they know they cannot be together. She rides off with her father back to the kingdom.

Back on Gantua, Fallon discovers the beans that Roderick dropped. He blows them into the water, which create beanstalks that come down to Earth. Jack, who comes across his horse, sees this and rushes off to warn Brahmwell. He passes a monk, who rings a bell as a signal. Just as he reaches them, the giants begin descending and charging towards the kingdom. Isabelle, Brahmwell, and his men, all reach the castle, just as Elmont has several men drop oil into the water, then setting it on fire with flaming arrows as everybody makes it into the kingdom. Jack almost doesn't make it as Fallon tries climbing in, but he falls into the flaming ocean. He manages to swim through another way out.

Fumm (Fallon's own right-hand man) leads the giants to battle the humans while Jack and Isabelle run into the castle. The king and his men try to hold the drawbridge closed before anymore giants can get in, but they cannot seem to find a weakness with the giants as they start hurling flaming trees at them.

Inside the castle, Fallon breaks in as Jack and Isabelle try and hide. He finds them and tries to eat Isabelle, but Jack comes in. Fallon tries to eat Jack, but Jack takes out the bean he was hiding and throws it down Fallon's throat. He drops Jack and Isabelle as a beanstalk grows inside him, ultimately destroying the giant from within.

Fumm and the other giants make it into the kingdom, but then they see something and ultimately surrender and bow. Jack has taken the crown from Fallon's fingers and has control over the giants, sending them back to Gantua.

We hear Jack narrating, saying that because of his heroism, Jack was allowed to marry Isabelle, and they are telling this story to their own two children. The children are excited and want to hear what happened to the crown, just as they ask to hear the story of the giants again. We see that the crown had been modified through the ages with gold until it became a bigger crown that is now sitting on display in a London museum. A group of school children observe this. As the group leaves, one boy takes another look at the crown and flashes a grin similar to Roderick, suggesting he is possibly a descendant. (Sequel?)

The film ends as we pan out from the museum and get a look at modern-day London, going up into the sky where Gantua still rests high above the land of humans.

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