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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by boots013 who says..."I was disappointed, as I thought the trailers looked pretty funny. Unfortunately, the trailers show almost all of the humor in the film. The two leads do an OK job, and they seem to have a certain chemistry, but the plot holes are quite frequent. My mind started drifting during the flick, thinking of ways they could've made it better- certainly not a good sign. Anyway, here's a spoiler, and man- was it tough to write this without adding any of my own commentary...

The movie starts off atop a European mountain range, where we meet BNS Special Agent Alex Scott (Owen Wilson). He's on a rescue mission to save an American pilot, held captive in a prison camp. After triggering an avalanche and sliding down the mountain, he finds the pilot (inexplicably already waiting outside the prison) and questions him regarding the whereabouts of the pilot's "top secret" jet. The pilot confesses he sold it to a man named Gundars. The two are chased by an army. The pilot is killed, while Alex is rescued by an awaiting BNS chopper.

Next, we see boxing champ Kelly Robinson (Eddie Murphy) making his way to the ring for his latest bout. After defeating his opponent handily, we learn that he will be defending his title the following week, in Budapest.

He is shown in his suite after this fight, relaxing with his entourage. We see that he is a cocky, arrogant, self-centered S.O.B. He receives a call from the President (G.W.B., as he is referred to) on his cell phone. The President asks for his help with a secret assignment, details to follow. Kelly accepts without hesitation, as he feels he is unstoppable.

Back to BNS Headquarters, where Alex is being de-briefed following his rescue attempt. There are a few 'Bond-like' scenes involving the demonstration of new spy gadgets, as Alex is lead around the room. BNS has discovered information about Gundars (Malcolm McDowell). He is a wealthy entrepreneur, living in Budapest. He has obtained the prototype of the U.S.'s secret new stealth plane, called the 'Switchblade'. It can turn itself invisible. Gundars plans to auction it off illegally. That's where Kelly Robinson will come in. Alex will use Kelly's famed status to gain access to the socialite scene in Budapest. Alex is also to be teamed up with another BNS agent, Rachael. Apparently Alex has had a crush on Rachael for some time now, but has never had the chance to work with her. We also meet the flashy, always successful 'super agent', Carlos (Gary Cole).

Alex is jealous of Carlos' success, and the fact that Carlos is Rachael's former lover. Alex and Kelly meet via video conferencing.

Alex arrives at the airport and discovers just how arrogant and self-centered Kelly is. Kelly informed his entourage that his "special assignment" was to take care of the President's 'mentally challenged' stepson, referring to Alex. The crew leave for Budapest aboard Kelly's private jet. However, Kelly wants no part of Alex's mission plan until Alex shares one of his gadgets with Kelly. it involves a contact lens and hidden earpiece, enabling one wearer to see and hear everything the other can. After some more arguing though, Kelly still refuses to adhere to Alex's plans.

Even after landing, Kelly ignores Alex at the hotel in order to leave with a beautiful woman he meets in the street. As the two walk away, a black van appears and hooded men kidnap Kelly. He awakes tied to a chair, surrounded by "terrorists" and the mystery woman, asking for his mission details. He refuses to give any info. Just then, Alex comes running in, gun blazing. After 'rescuing' Kelly, the group reveals that they are all BNS agents, and the mystery woman is really BNS agent, Rachael (Famke Janssen).

This was just a test -- which Kelly passed with flying colors. He is so impressed with himself that he decides to follow Alex's plan, in order to be a good "agent". He figures if he can beat his boxing opponent AND save the world in one day, then he will surely receive at least a parade in his honor.

The two go to Gundars' mansion, the site of a huge pre-fight bash. All the while, world rulers are being escorted to Gundars' private chambers to bid on the Switchblade. Kelly manages to slip a pen containing a homing device into Gundars' pocket, before causing a scene allowing Alex to sneak inside the mansion. Kelly then somehow manages to get inside Gundars' office, as Alex is attempting to break in. The pair is discovered and a long chases ensues, culminating in the two hiding in a sewer. Here, the two bond as they sit and wait for the henchman to leave.

They return to the temporary BNS headquarters, where Kelly helps Alex put the moves on Rachael, using the eye/ ear gadget mentioned earlier. Just as things heat up, Gundars' homing device goes on the move. He is tailed to a sauna, where, thanks to Kelly's incompetance, another gunfight ensues. Gundars' escapes and Rachael hops in a nearby car to follow him, as Alex suspects a trap. Her car blows up as she pulls into traffic.

Heartbroken, Alex (with Kelly) walks back to the temporary HQ. On the way, they have an argument over Kelly not taking things seriously, therefore getting Rachael killed. It evolves into a street fight, broken up by the police. Kelly is arrested (as Alex speaks the language and blames the fight on him). Alex returns to the HQ, to find it destroyed. He gathers a few weapons and heads off to Gundars'.

Meanwhile, Kelly is released from jail and goes to the arena for his fight, still angry with Alex for blaming him for Rachael's death.

Alex gets back to the mansion and hides in a car trunk. Gundars takes the highest bidder to the hidden location of the Switchblade (atop a bridge). As Alex creeps up on Gundars and his men, he is captured. He is tied up and DUN-DUN-DUN it is revealed that Rachael is still alive, and is a double agent, actually working with Gundars. The winning bidder has his men strap a small nuclear device to the plane. Gundars gives the ignition code to the pilot. When the pilot enters the code, it is incorrect, and the plane's self-destruct mechanism kicks in. Since Alex was assigned to fly the plane back, Rachael says he must know the correct code. As she is beating the information out of him, he triggers his watch, activating the eye/ ear correspondence he has with Kelly.

Back in the ring, Kelly sees what is happening and knocks his opponent flat with one shot. He then rushes over to the bridge and manages to rescue Alex. Another gunfight takes place, in which Gundars is shot. Alex does not input the correct code, and with only seconds left just rips the control panel out and heaves it over the side of the bridge, where it explodes. As the fighting takes place, Super Agent Carlos parachutes onto the bridge and saves the day, saying he knew Rachael was a double agent all along. Kelly thinks he is lying, so he holds a gun on both of them. As Alex tries to sort it out, Carlos attacks him, prompting Kelly to knock him out. Rachael flees in the chaos, stealing Gundars' valuable laptop. Turns out she WAS the double agent, and Carlos WAS there to help. Alex and Kelly get into the Switchblade and take off. Because there was some damage done to it during the gun battle, and it crashes into the river. The nuclear device floats to the surface, and the two realize that although they lost the plane, they saved millions of lives and are heroes anyways.

The epilogue is 36 hours later. Rachael is shown attempting to transfer funds using the laptop in a hotel lobby somewhere. A chat window pops up informing her that she has been tracked. She looks up to see Alex and Kelly waiting for her. She attempts to sweet talk Alex, but Kelly is there to remind him that she is a traitor. As she is lead away, the two notice a newspaper with the headline reading 'Super Agent Saves World', depicting Carlos riding in a limo with the President during a celebration parade. Kelly whines about how it should be his parade.


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