"When an African-American man accidentally saves a mob boss's life, his reward is a job protecting the don's daughter. Complications arise when the two begin to fall in love."

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NOTE: This Spoiler was sent in by King Juicy.

The first scene is a club scene, music pumping, people dancing and having a good time. The pan over to the DJ booth and Darrell (Usher) is spinning shouting out your normal club call and response banter. During a song, he talks to her best friend Busta who serves as comic relief throughout the film. While the club is jumping, a black limo pulls up to the door. Two mob like goons (Fish and Fat Tony) walk up to the bouncer. The bouncer tells them they can't come in, Fat Tony tells him that they're "On da List", he shows the bouncer his heat and say it's under the name "Beretta". Needless to say, they get in.

We cut back inside the club and the goons are on the stage with Darrell and Busta, after a few words are exchanged, the goons have Frank Jr. with them. Frank Jr. is a friend of Darrell's who so bad wants to be "down" or urban if you will. Frank Jr. tells Darrell that his older sister Dolly is coming home from Law School and the family is throwing her a surprise party and they would like Darrell to provide the music. He agrees right on the spot, much to the dismay of Busta who reminds Darrell of a prior engagement on the same day. Darrell then tells Frank Jr, that he'll play the party for free. Darrell then looks into the crowd and has some eye interaction with a girl in the crowd (Cherise).

Darrell and Cherise are back at his apartment kissing in the hall while he looks for his keys. A little girl (Lexi) comes out one of the other apartment doors and watches Darrell and Cherise kiss; they never see her standing there. He finds his keys and they (and Lexi) walk in Darrell's apartment. They get all worked up on the couch when Cherise finally see's Lexi standing there. Lexi asked Darrell "What happened to Monique?” Cherise (who now we learn is his new girlfriend and not just a groupie) gets mad at Darrell and storms out. It is then revealed by Lexi that Monique doesn't exist and she just said that because she wanted to hang with Darrell.

Now it's the night of the party. It's in an Italian restaurant owned by Dolly's father Frank (Chazz Palminteri). Frank talks to Darrell and we find out that Darrell's Dad who passed away, used to be the bartender at Franks place, so Frank knew Darrell since practically birth. They catch up on old times and Frank Jr comes in and talks to Darrell as well. Fat Tony brings in Dolly from the car. All the guests surprise her as she walks in. Also in attendance is Dolly's boyfriend Chad. Dolly is surprised to see everyone and Darrell since it's been years since they've seen each other. They catch up a little and Frank and Dolly Dance. As the Dancing stops, Frank says a few words about Dolly. As he's doing this, a car slowly pulls up to the restaurant. Darrell catches this in the corner of his eye and then notices one of the men has a gun. He shout's "Gun" and tackles Frank just as bullets rains in the window. Frank is not injured, but Darrell takes one in the shoulder. Fish and Fat Tony runs out and return fire to the speeding car. Everyone calms down and Frank has his doctor take a look at Darrell. Frank tells Darrell he's welcome to stay at his home while he heals.

Darrell is now living the good life at Franks house. At the same time, Frank tries to find out who tried to kill him. Frank's other goon Jackie insists that its Franks rival crime boss Salvatore. The two Mob families have a meeting and Salvatore insists that neither he nor his family had anything to do with the hit, but vows to help Frank find out. Jackie doesn't believe him and talks smack. Salvatore's goon Angelo wants a piece of Jackie, but it's broken up. The meeting is over.

The next day, Dolly wants to go shopping in the village, but Franks does not let her go alone. He tells her wherever she goes, Fish goes. She doesn't like that so Frank says that everyone in this house is qualified to watch over her so she has her choice. She chooses Darrell. Frank disagrees, but he said anyone in the house could do it, so she found a loophole to let Darrell go with her. Frank sits and explains to Darrell what he needs him to do. Without blinking, Darrell agrees much to Frank's amazement. Before he can go out with Dolly, Frank hooks Darrell up with some new clothes…but no gun to protect his daughter. Jackie is livid that Darrell is the one protecting Dolly. That's when Frank tells Jackie to follow them just to make sure she's really safe.

Dolly thinks she has the upper hand by choosing Darrell, she tells him that once they're out of the house, he can go his way, and she will go hers. He tells her no, he's there to really do what Frank asks. She goes to have lunch with friends, but makes Darrell sit at the bar away from her and her friends. Her friends notice him and they all think he's hot. She tells him he's her bodyguard and they insist that he joins them. They're all over him and they ask him questions about guys they're seeing and he gives away all the tricks that men play on women. Dolly is highly irritated at all this attention he's getting.

After Lunch, an all black Escalade tries to run Dolly down. Darrell pushes Dolly to safety, all by the watchful eye of Jackie. Later that night, Dolly is in the pool and Darrell joins her. They talk awhile and it's apparent that she's not mad at him anymore. Darrell sensing the sexual tension that builds up wisely backs down. Darrell goes back to his apartment and chills; Cherise shows up and tries to make up with him. That's when Dolly walks in on them and she's pissed all over again. He pleads to her that Cherise means nothing to him and Dolly breaks out. They meet up at her house and she tells him she wants to go to his club, as in the club he spins at. They go and get real close in the club; that's when Jackie shows up to break up the party. They lose Jackie and Dolly says she does not want to go home yet. They end up at one of Darrell's friend's place and Dolly, Busta, Darrell and two other brothas, all play poker. Dolly ends up winning the big pot.

Darrell and Dolly goes back to the house, by then Jackie tells Franks about the near death experience that Dolly had with the Escalade. Darrell says he owes it to Frank to tell him about how he feels about Dolly. She insists to let her tell him. Dolly walks into the kitchen and Frank is having coffee. He knows she just got in, but she plays the role like she just got dressed. He asks her if she had anything to tell him. She say's no. Just as she's going to tell him about Darrell and herself, Fish comes in to tell Frank that Salvatore wants a meeting. Darrell is standing in the foyer and Fish and Frank bust out the kitchen and without blinking, head to the front door. Darrell is startled because he thinks they know about them by now, but they don't. Dolly tells Darrell that he does not know yet.

Frank and Salvatore have another meeting and Salvatore gives Frank a burnt Cadillac steering wheel and wants to know why he blew up his truck. Frank has no clue what he's talking about and things get a little heated, and they both hint of a new street war between the families.

That night Dolly and Darrell have sex and Jackie knows what's going on. The next day, Dolly takes Darrell with her to the Spa, and while they're in there, Jackie tells Frank about what's been going on. They all jump in the car and head to the Spa. While Dolly is in the shower, Darrell is resting with cucumbers on his eyes. Fish and Fat Tony grab him and throw him into the pool.

Frank shows up and tells Darrell he broke his heart and let him down. After they dunk him in the water a few times, they take him outside to put him in the trunk. Frank waits in the locker room for Dolly. She comes in and he tells her that Darrell is going to pay for what he's done. She pleads with him to not hurt him as she promises never to see him again. Fat Tony opens the truck, but there's a problem. The body of Salvatore is in there. They say the real Salvatore has a glass eye so Fish takes his eye out to make sure it's him. They put Darrell in the back seat and take him home to his apartment.

Jackie takes Dolly to the club in the middle of the afternoon. Darrell gets a message to meet Dolly there. Once he gets there, he notice Dolly is tied up and out comes Jackie and Angelo, Salvatore's goon. They killed Salvatore and tried to kill Frank so they can become the new Dons. Jackie calls Frank and tell him that Dolly and Darrell are together again at the club and he should come, but because of the new heat out there, he should come alone. He agrees and once he gets there, he realizes its trap. Busta shows up out the blue and so does Frank Jr. A shootout takes place between Frank and Jackie/Angelo. Jackie has a clear shot of Frank, but once again Darrell jumps in front of the bullet, getting shot is his other shoulder. Frank Jr. drops a disco ball on top of Jackie's head, knocking him out and the movie fades to black.

Then the "One Yeah Later" caption comes on and it's the wedding of Dolly and Darrell.

Cherise is there and she's now engaged to Chad, Dolly's ex boyfriend who she dumped to be with Darrell.

Credits roll.

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