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Al Pacino convinces Russell Crowe into interviewing with Mike Wallace on "60 Minutes"to expose Crowe's former company, the B&W tobacco company. They seem to be using additives to increase the nicotine and the additives also contain carcinogens. When Crowe protested this, he was terminated. Of course B&W doesn't want him to do the interview and tries everything it can to stop him. Crowe's wife and kids leave him. B&W digs up all kind of dirt on him trying to discredit Crowe. CBS forces the 60 minutes producers not to air the show. CBS is about to be sold and a lawsuit would hurt the sale price.

All Crowe wants is for the segment to be aired so his wife and kids will see that he's not a wacko and what he's doing is for the good of the nations health. Finally, Pacino becomes an "insider" himself and convinces the Wall Street Journal to discredit B&W's report on Crowe. This opens the door to 60 Minutes finally airing the segment. Everyone's now happy although it was a little touch and go there for awhile as to whether or not Crowe would commit suicide. (He doesn't)

Pacino quits the show and we find out during the credits that he is now a producer for "Frontline" and a professor at Berkeley.