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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Anim Moon.

The movie opens with Mr. Incredible and Elastic Girl in interviews. He talks about how he is ready to settle down while she's not because she's "at her prime, and says women don't need to stay home".

Then its into the movie we see Mr. Incredible driving in a tuxedo...he hears a call from the police about a robbery. He looks at his watch and says "I have time". Then with all his fun gadgets in his car, he turns into Mr. Incredible. While on route an old lady stops him to ask him to get her cat down from a tree. He lifts up the tree and the cat won't let go. The robbery chase is still going on, so he shakes the tree as hard as he can until finally the damn cat lets go and he drops the tree into the street, causing the robber's car to collide. He saves the day.

Then Mr. Incredible hears of a purse robbery, hops into his car and a little boy is sitting inside. "Bobby" is Mr. Incredible's NUMBER ONE FAN. You can tell on his face that Mr. Incredible is trying to have patience, so he ejects the kid out with a button. (Got to love those gadget cars.) He then goes to look for the purse robber who ends up being on a roof. Mr. Incredible gets the guy cornered and out of nowhere you see a hand come out and punch the robber. It's Elastic girl coming in to help. They flirt, banter and hit the robber again (who tries to sneak away)...and Elastic Girl goes off after saying Mr. I needed to be more "flexible" because he says he works "alone". He then hears a scream and he looks over to the next building. A guy is about to commit suicide, Mr. Incredible looks at his watch and say once again "yeah I have time". He jump from the roof, catches the guy and collides into the glass window, falling into an office. The guy complains but Mr. Incredible isn't fully there because he hears ticking and freaks out because he knows it's a bomb. The wall explodes and you find out its a bad guy named "Bomb Voyage"...a french man....Little Bobby shows up out of nowhere and distracts Mr. Incredible who gets angered and pretty much destroys the hero image he once was for the kid (IMPORTANT LATER!)

The kid has these gadgets to fly and starts to fly off, but bon voyage put a bomb on his cape. Mr. I, being Mr. I, goes after the boy with the bomb attached to his cape. He tosses the bomb off but it lands on a  railroad track bridge. The bomb explodes and a train is coming. He slows the train and saves the people on board. Iceman then comes by and says "Don't you have to be somewhere?" and Mr. I goes "I have some time!". He talks to the police about Bobby and sends him home. The police are surprised that Mr. I is letting Bon Voyage go but Mr. I said "On any other night I would but tonight I can't!".

He then drives off to a church. You see Iceman in a Tux and and reminds Mr. I he still has his mask on. He takes it off and enters the church in his Tux and at the alter is the true identity of Elastic Girl. They banter silently on why he was late and she says they have to make this marriage work. They get married and after that day, all hell breaks loose. The guy Mr. I saved sued Mr. I because he didn't want to be saved! Then the government comes in about how there is too much public damage and the tax payers are sick of paying for it. They Super Heros make a deal that they will never save people again and all charges will be dropped. They are placed in a witness protection type program.

Cut to present day and you see Bob (Mr. Incredible) working for a large insurance company in a small cubicle (gained some weight too) telling an old lady on how she can't get her money. He tries to help by giving her ways on how he "cant" help her (when in truth he is) because of certain "loop holes". He tells the granny to pretend to cry and she leaves wailing. The tiny boss comes in and starts to yell at him how his customers always end up getting their money. Mr. I looks at him saying "am I doing anything illegal?" and the little boss leaves in a huff.

Mr. I goes home upset in his little tiny car (which apparently is too small for him). When he gets out, he accidently bends the frame of the door and the door doesn't shut. In anger he lifts his car up. A neighbor (a little boy around 5 on his trike) just stare...Mr. I puts his car down and goes inside.

(Go back earlier that day) While he was at work, Helen (Elastic girl) is now a mom to 3 lovely kids. Dash, Violet and a little baby boy, Jack Jack. Mom goes into the office and a teacher is complaining about how Dash put a tack on his chair and the teacher caught him on tape (wonder why he's called dash?). Apparently he ran so fast that the tape didn't catch him. The principal lets them go (the teacher is going nuts!) and the Mom is upset. She picks up Violet who is a shy girl and likes a guy from school. She sees him and he turns to her, but she makes herself invisible (guess what her powers are?). They all go home. Mom, upset at Dash, tries to tell the father what he did. The father encourages the powers when the Mom doesn't because if anyone discovers their superpowers they will be forced to relocate...again. They get all upset and the siblings start fighting (hilarious scene...Dash is running around the table hitting the sis but she stops him with a force he pretty much ran into an invisible wall at full speed). They go after each other and the mom grabs the kids with her long arms and complains the dad's not helping. He lifts the table up, all's at chaos and the doorbell rings. Everyone goes to their "average" way and sits at the table. Mr. Incredible opens the door and its "Iceman", and you know for sure because Dash spits out water and Iceman freezes and catches it before it hits the ground. Mr. Incredible and Iceman go out because its their "bowling night" when in truth they sit in the car and listen to the cop radio to see if anyone needs help. They banter about it and finally decide to help these people in a burning building. Iceman can't use his powers because all the moisture is gone, so Mr. I uses his strength to bang through a wall, into a jewelry store (ironically enough they're wearing ski masks). So the police think they're robbing the place. Iceman gets some water and freezes the arresting cop. Both escape and they go home, but they don't realize they've been followed. The husband gets home and gets caught by the wife (like a man being caught with another woman setup). He goes on about how they should be able to use the powers but can't cause they don't want to move again (apparently they've moved alot because of the dad's nightly outings).

He goes to work and the boss has a talk with him on how all Mr. Incredible's customers end up knowing all the loopholes and get their money. Mr. Incredible sees a man is getting mugged outside but he watches helplessly because the boss threatens to fire him. He grabs the boss and throws him through about four walls. Next scene the boss is in a body cast and Mr. Incredible is fired.

He talks to a government agent who want to relocate him, again, but Mr. Incredible refuses to uproot the family. He goes home (and the little trike boy is there)...the boy is waiting for "something amazing" to happen again. He shoos the boy and goes into his office.

He then gets a message from this woman Mirage and she explains to him he will get paid 3x as much as his income is if he helps her contain a machine that got out of hand. Then as in all hero stories...the message explodes. He lies to his wife and takes the job. He goes and meets Mirage about the machine. He is taken to a remote island where the robot is.  He defeats it and unknowingly is being watched by a a mechanical bird. He gets invited to dinner but as he is about to go in he pauses and sees Mirage talking to someone. Mirage seems to think someone is watching and goes to the door, but Mr. I is standing there like he just arrived. They talk about how she's working for someone and they (her and the "boss") love power. As time goes on, he lies to the wife again and again to take these "odd jobs". He's making alot of money for a new car and his love life with his wife is ALOT better.

All is well but Mr. I notices a tear in his blue uniform and brings it to "Edna" to fix but she asks if she can make him a new suit (indirectly). He gets a new suit and keeps the old one (important later). One day, Elastic Girl is cleaning and she goes into her husband's office. She notices the newly sewn tear and calls Edna. Edna then reveals to Elastic girl her husband is off on an island and that she made new outfits for the entire family (like a fireproof and bombproof outfit for the baby..hilarious scene).

At the same time, Mr. Incredible is on the island and gets tricked. The boss is no other than his "NUMBER ONE FAN" Bobby. No longer wanting to be called "Incredaboy" but now as "Syndrome". He's a genius with technology and tries to kill Mr. Incredible. But Mr. Incredible escapes by hiding behind the bones of GD (a superhero from long ago). He tries to leave but Edna put a homing device on his suit. When the wife found out where he was, a signal went off on Mr. Incredible's suit, letting out a sound, setting off the alarm. He got caught. Mr. Incredible is now captured. Syndrome tells Mr. Incredible his plan on sending a rocket with a robot in it to the city, and he, Syndrome, will "save" them from the robot becoming the superhero of the town.

Unaware of the problem, Helen is now at home packing to going after her husband because she thinks he was having an affair with another woman. She packs up but the kids, sees the suits and know something is up. Helen leaves in a jet and finds out her kids are on the plane. Syndrome finds out and sends missiles to the plane blowing it up in the middle of the ocean. Helen saves both Dash and Violet.(the baby is still at home with a baby sitter) Mr. Incredible thinks they're dead, and is depressed and threatens to kill Mirage (he gets hold of her while in his restraints), but Syndrome knows he won't and calls his bluff. This makes Mirage mad and she gets angry at Syndrome.

At the same time Helen turns herself into a boat and they land on the island. Helen explains that now they can use their power to save themselves because they might actually die if they don't. She goes off to find her husband, leaving the kids behind. Meanwhile, Mirage goes in to let Mr. Incredible go. He still thinks his family is dead and starts choking Mirage but she says they are still alive. In response, Mr. I hugs her just as his wife comes in to save him. Mirage gets punched by the wife and the wife gets kissed by the overjoyed husband. Everything is then straightened out on what's going on.

Meanwhile, Syndrome's plan has been launched as the robot rocket blasts off to the city. During this time the kids are in a cave and Dash goes exploring and finds a paved area where the flames of the rocket (that was just set off) is coming towards him.. The kids run out and fall into the jungle. The mechanical bird see them and sets the alarm off. The bad guys are after them and the kids use their powers to escape. During this whole time the family works together to fight all these bad guys but get caught by Syndrome.

Syndrome talks how when Mr. Incredible married Elastic girl they "got busy" and had kids, then gloats that he captured them. The whole family is captured and left alone. The dad goes on about how he made a mistake on how he should have done so much. At that time, Violet breaks loose and releases the family. The family beats up some more bad guys and fly to the city.

In the city, the robot is attacking and Syndrome arrives and tries to defeat it but since it is now an AI, the robot plan backfires. The robot knocks the control off of Syndrome, sending him off to a roof. The Incredible family fights the robot and Iceman comes along to help. They are finally able to defeat the robot by using its own claw to penatrate itself. Everyone is happy and Syndrome is ANGERED LIKE NO OTHER.

While being escorted in a  government limo, Dash is going on how that was the best vacation ever, and Helen is going through the voicemail of the babysitter. You hear that she, the babysitter, is frantic saying the baby needs special need and she gave him to the replacement sitter. The parents never sent a replacement sitter! They rush home and find Syndrome holding the baby and saying that he's gonna raise him like his own. He flies off to his plane and the baby starts crying for his momma.

Suddenly, the baby then turns into flames and then into a little demon child. He attacks Syndrome, causing him to be dropped, but gets caught by his mother. Syndrome's cape then gets caught into the jet engine of his plane, which explodes and falls onto the Incredible's home. They're saved by Violet's force field, and the little kid is on his trike saying "THAT WAS AWESOME!!"

The family is all happy and now are at Dash's track meet (and they finally let him go for the team). They tell him to go for second, when all the parents are looking at them weird. Violet pulled her hair back and now is more confident with herself. The boy she likes talks to her and she ends up setting up a date with him. They walk off after Dash wins second place and then we see a huge drill come up from the ground. The "Digger" pops up saying he's going to take over the town. The family looks at each other and puts on their masks ready to fight together as a family.

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