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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Jordan.

The film starts out with an old man (John Hurt) saying how the immortals battled in heaven, and figured out they could kill each other. The winners declared themselves Gods, while the losers were named Titans and imprisoned in Mt. Tartarus.

We then see King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) shooting an arrow at a large cell. Just as he lets it loose, a voice yells “Hyperion!”

This is a vision that the Oracle, Phaedra (Frieda Pinto), has seen.

We find out that Hyperion is hunting for the Epirus bow. He wants to use the bow to unleash the Titans because he hates the Gods who he prayed to when his family was dying from sickness. He’s ransacking holy places looking for it. He attacks one in order to kidnap the virgin oracle, Phaedra. Along with Phaedra are 3 other woman who pose as decoys and several monks. The women escape and all but one monk is killed. The remaining monk is taken away for torturing to find out where the women went.

Cut to Theseus (Henry Cavill) who lives in a village high on a cliff with his mother, Aethra (Anne Day-Jones). She was raped and gave birth to him; no one would marry her, so she and her son are shunned by the village. Except for an old man, who has trained Theseus in weapons and fighting.

Cut to the lookout hitting the drum to warn the village of danger. Hyperion is on his way, and the villagers need to flee. Theseus and his mother are stopped from going with the first group because he’s a bastard and should remain to follow the next day with the ‘undesirables.' Theseus gets mad and attacks the soldiers before getting the best of one with his sword to the guys throat. The captain of the military unit offers Theseus a place in the army, which he declines. The captain then tells the soldier who Theseus had by the throat that he was no longer welcomed in his unit because of the way he has acted.

We see the old man again, and he walks past a doorway and statue. He stops and says, “Show yourself.” He transforms into Zeus (Luke Evans) and makes the command again. The statue then turns into Athena (Isabel Lucas). They briefly talk about Theseus and why Zeus is helping him. Earlier in the film, Zeus, Athena, Aries (Daniel Sharman), Poseidon (Kellan Lutz) and two other Gods (Heracles (Steve Byers) and someone else never mentioned by name) are discussing what is happening. Zeus warns the other Gods that if they help the humans (as Gods) then he will kill them. Which means Zeus isn’t technically breaking his own rule since he’s in the form of an old man when he teaches Theseus.

The soldier who was discharged comes up on the two men at the lookout and kills them. Then the soldier goes to Hyperion’s camp and asks to speak to the king. They talk. The soldier wants to join, but Hyperion says that he has to look like him (Hyperion) and has his face sliced (like Hyperion’s). The soldier is led out of the room by a guy in a bull cage-mask (I’ll call him Bull from here on). Bull takes him into the courtyard as Hyperion voices-over saying the man is a coward and his bloodline will end tonight. But to Bull take a mallet to the guy’s privates.

In the same room with Hyperion is the monk who was left alive from the temple Phaedra was at. Hyperion tells him that he will talk, so the monk slices off his own tongue. He’s taken away to the mines.

The next day, Theseus returns to his village to find that Hyperion’s army have already attacked, and Theseus sees that his mother is about to be murdered next. Theseus charges killing all of those in his path before he is brought down short of his mother. Hyperion walks over, reveals his face and slices her throat. He orders Theseus to be taken to the mines.

Cut to a line of men being marched chained to portable posts. Theseus is one. There is also a thief, Stavros (Stephen Dorff). They are taken to a place with water. While they are drinking, the four women are brought in (the ‘oracles’). Phaedra gets a vision of Theseus and Hyperion when she touches his foot as he walks by. She sits beside Stavros to drink and tells him to be ready tonight and that any who can walk will escape, but that it’s important Theseus is among them. Later that night, the women start chanting and swirling around. The guards come in to investigate as the women start sliding knives from hidden places on each other. The women attack, with the slaves following suit for the rest of the guards. Phaedra, Theseus, Stavros, the monk and one other escapes. They make camp and Stavros says he’s going one way, Phaedra says they must go another and Theseus says he’s going after Hyperion. It’s decided that everyone will follow Theseus.

They come upon a merchant boat that has Hyperion’s men on it. They attack the men to steal the boat, but don’t realize there are more men until they are cornered in the boat. In the meantime, Aries, Athena and Poseidon are watching from Olympus. Poseidon jumps from Olympus into the water creating a tidal wave that washes Hyperion’s men away.

Phaedra has a vision which causes the need for Theseus to return to his village. He has to bury his mother. He does so by taking her into the temple she worshipped in and putting her body in a mausoleum. When he pushes the slab into the mountain, it gets stuck on something. Theseus takes a hammer and chisel to the rock and finds the Epirus bow that Hyperion’s been looking for. He puts his fingers up like he’s shooting an arrow and an arrow appears. Bull shows up (the traitor soldier told Hyperion about Theseus) and attacks Theseus. While they battle, more of Hyperion’s men attack Phaedra, Stavros, the monk and the other guy who escaped. The other guy is killed, and the three made to kneel. Meanwhile, Theseus finally defeats Bull, but not before he’s scratched by Bull. He beheads Bull, grabs the bow then heads back out. He sees his companions about to be killed and takes aim with the bow. He fires four arrows that hit their mark perfectly. Theseus collapses because when Bull scratched him, it caused poison to get into his blood. Phaedra takes Theseus to his home and heals him. Then they have sex (which means she can’t have visions anymore).

The four travel to Phaedra’s temple where they find her three ‘sisters’ being cooked alive inside a metal bull. While she mourns, the monk charges at the Hyperion soldiers who stayed behind. They easily kill him and start attacking Theseus and Stavros. Theseus loses the bow which a hyena runs off with. Aries arrives and lays waste to everyone with a mighty hammer. Athena shows up right after he’s through with two horses that will, "Run until their hearts give out." Zeus arrives and is furious his decree has been ignored. Athena begs for forgiveness, but Zeus kills Aries. He spares Athena because she didn’t actually interfere, only provided transportation. Zeus tells Theseus he will not get any help from the Gods, but basically that he has faith Theseus will save the day. Zeus tells Theseus, “Prove me right.” The Gods mourn for Aries and we see Zeus is very heartbroken about the fact that he felt he had to kill Aries.

Theseus, Phaedra and Stavros, use the horses to get to Mt. Tartarus, where the Titans are imprisoned. Theseus finds the captain from his village there and tries to speak with the head guy who refuses to listen about the fact that Hyperion will kill anything in his path. Hyperion uses the bow (the hyena brought it to him) and blasts a hole in the gate. Theseus and the others fight with Hyperion’s army as Hyperion makes his way to the belly of the mountain. Theseus and Stavros go after him, but they arrive just as he fires an arrow (from the vision Phaedra had at the beginning). The blast knocks all three back. Theseus comes to, and Hyperion is not around. Stavros is on the ground by the cell that held the Titans with the Epirus bow in hand. The Titans beat Stavros into a bloody mess (literally). Zeus, Poseidon, Athena and the other two Gods arrive to battle the Titans. Zeus tells Theseus to go find Hyperion, which he does.

During the next scenes, there are three battles going on:

  • Gods vs. Titans – The Gods are slaughtering the Titans, but the Titans get the advantage because of the number of them (vs. 5 Gods). The Titans kill Heracles and the other God. They attack Athena and ram her into rebar before cutting her throat (not ear to ear, just in the middle, so I’m not really sure if she died). They attack and are about the kill Poseidon when Zeus climbs on top of the cell and pulls out the handles which turns out to be chains. Poseidon yells for him, "To do it." Zeus pulls the chains which causes the feet of the statues surrounding the inside of the mountain to crumble. With Athena in his arms, Zeus transports away. Poseidon does, as well.
  • Hyperion vs. Theseus – Hyperion ends up stabbing Theseus several times. In the end, Theseus stabs Hyperion in the neck killing him, but Theseus succumbs to his wounds and collapses on Hyperion’s body. His body is then seen transported in the same manner the Gods do.
  • Hyperion’s army vs. the army Theseus was leading – Both armies flee because the mountain is collapsing (from Zeus pulling the chains). The mountain collapses towards Hyperion’s army, wiping out most of them.

We hear the old man again talking about how the Gods were so grateful to Theseus for what he sacrificed, they gave him a son (remember he and Phaedra slept together). She and her son live in the rebuilt village Theseus grew up in. The boy is looking at a big marble statue that depicts his father’s deeds. He touches it and has a vision. The old man comes up to him and tells him his day will come (implying he’ll be teaching him what he taught his father). We then get an expanded view of the vision: It’s Theseus battling alongside the Gods, and other men like Theseus against the Titans.


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