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Kim Basinger, her 2nd husband Palo and her 7 year old son from her first husband, move to Africa and buy a run down ranch. They fix it up into a beautiful home. They overcome many hardships including poachers, a lion attack, a huge thunderstorm and her being left alone often so her husband can go out hunting.

The poachers retaliate against her husband and beat him badly. Shortly thereafter, he is killed in a car accident, and she is pregnant.

A few weeks later, a baby girl is born. The boy is now 17 and has been accepted at Stanford. He decides to stay in Africa to help his mother and shortly thereafter, while milking one of his snakes he is bitten and dies.

The film ends with his funeral.

This is based on a true story and the final credits tell us that the mother and daughter still are living at the ranch in Kenya.

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Kim Basinger
Moves to Africa where here husband and son eventually die.