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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Jennifer.

The movie starts out with intense, suspenseful music and the camera pans on views of a remote but beautiful jungle. We suddenly see a treehouse hut and two people sleeping peacefully under this green gauze. One is a young boy and the other is an older man, who we later learn is his protector. There is a sudden noise on the porch and the door latch shakes, but then stops. The older man grabs a scythe that glows blue, and goes to the door to peer through but sees nothing. He tells the boy it's nothing, and turns his back to go back to sleep..only to have an unknown beast with squidlike tentacles grab him and tear him through the door / hut. The boy jumps out the back in one swift motion over a distance and height of 30 feet and goes off running with inhumane speed and agility. He dodges and avoids this flying beast with claws that we still don't see very clearly, and he lands on the ground under trees and vines. He pauses and breathes, thinking he's gotten away, only to turn around and gets grabbed by the neck and raised in the air by a huge man with crazy red eyes, piranha-like teeth, and fish gills on both sides of his nose (apparently heightens their sense of smell), and crazy tattoos all over his head. This is a Mogadorian, another alien race who is hunting the boy's kind, and he is the man commander (played by Kevin Durand). He rips a necklace from the boy's neck that glints blue, and says something threatening and about how his race / planet is doomed. He stabs something through the boy and the boy disintegrates into ash / dust. Durand / Crazy commander adds the stone pendant with a swirly pattern onto his own necklace, of which he already has 2.

It cuts to a screen of three boys standing on jet skis in the blue ocean. They steer dangerously around a yacht and John (the main character, played by Alex Pettyfer), does a backflip on his jet ski. They pull up directly on the beach, where there is a party going on. One of the boys on the jet ski makes a friendly comment about John showing off, and notices that one of the hottest girls didn't seem impressed. The hot girl nevertheless calls out to John and says how cool his flip was, and John gets a text from her asking if he wanted to meet her in 5 minutes in the water. It cuts to the water and it's already dark, and John and the hot girl are treading water and making small talk. All of a sudden, we get a shot of them from underneath, implying something is about to happen. His leg starts to glow and turn red, emitting some light. He starts writhing in pain, and the hot girl is startled, asking him if he's okay. He gets pulled under and sees a vision of Durand, the crazy commander, and how he's coming for John next. John emerges from the water and swims frantically to shore and stumbles away, trying to hide his freakish pain in the shallow water. He already has two linear scars in the same shape of the other boy's necklace on his leg, and a third one is rapidly forming from where the light was streaming. The hot girl asks him if he's okay, but pulls away, calling him a freak. He runs into the trees and blacks out. He wakes up the next morning, found by his protector, Henry (played by Timothy Olyphant). John tells Henry it was different this time, that he could feel the knife running through the boy from the beginning of the movie, Number 3. He felt him die much more acutely than Number 1 and 2. John then explains in a voice-over that his planet and people, the Loranians were hunted down and extinguished by the Mogadorians. Nine children were saved and sent to Earth, and these nine were ones with great power and the only ones who can stop the Mogardorians who wish to annihilate and control all species. The Mogadorians have started to systematically hunt down these children, starting with Number 1, 2, and 3. John explains he felt the first pain and got his first scar when he was very young, and the second when he was 12. These were when No 1 and 2 died. He knows he is next, being Number 4.

Henry decides to relocate them again and makes John burn all his photos and diplomas and any proof that they existed. He tells John, this is why I told you not to save any of this. Henry is also somewhat of a technophile and is able to take John's current picture and google and delete any photos and images of him on the internet, including one of him from the night before when he was jet skiing. They burn everything, including their Florida license plate, which only burns partially (important) and load their sparse belongings into the truck. A small green lizard follows them and jumps into the truck with them (important later). Henry also packs a tin box covered in inscriptions and designs, similar to the stone pendant and John's scars, and tells him his father left that for him and that Henry will give it to John when it is appropriate.

We see a skinny, tough-looking blond girl going into John and Henry's old house, and completing burning the place down. She walks out of the exploding house, impervious to fire. We see from her tattoos and appearance that she is also the same alien race and from the same planet as John. She smiles and jumps on her red Ducati 848 (extremely expensive and fast motorcycle). This is Nicole.

Henry tells John he has some unfinished business in Paradise, Ohio, so that is where they head. They pull up in heavy rain, and Henry pulls up into a dilapidated old house and yanks off the "For Sale" sign in the front lawn. John remarks that he gets to pick where they live next time. We see the lizard slither into the bushes from the truck, and rustles in the bushes. Henry hears a noise on the front porch, similar to the first boy in the beginning of the movie, and he goes outside to look. John stands next to him in the door and sees a small but very cute dog in the bushes, shivering from the rain. John says he doesn't think that's what Mogadorian's look like, and grabs the poor dog and brings him inside. He remarks that he needs someone to talk to, since he can't talk to Henry, and Henry replies he thinks it's a good idea. That night, John dyes his hair blonder then before. The next morning, we see that the house needs a lot of work - a lot of walls are partially torn down, and in a room, there is a large poster of a football player (?) or some athlete hanging off partially, and Henry peeks through the hole in the wall behind the poster and makes a comment. Henry sets up his elaborate surveillance system and laptops downstairs, and remarks that they need to lay low. He gives him his new identification, as John Smith, and says he needs to be invisible. John says he wants to go to school, and that he knows how to be invisible so don't worry. Henry starts firing questions at him, what's his name, what does his father do (writer), where's he from. John answers that he's from Toronto until Henry points out his tan is much too obvious, so John says Santa Fe. Henry says he better stay under the radar or he'll be homeschooled, and reminds him again that his parents died so that he could live, and not to squander their sacrifice. Henry says he knows John's powers are developing, but he can't use them or he'll reveal their location. Henry also gives him an iPhone to use and that John has to check in with Henry every hour, which John scoffs at (and refuses to do throughout the movie). Henry also hides the tin box in the grandfather clock, and notices the dog watching him hide it.

At some point, we see the Mogadorians sifting through the stuff Henry and John left behind in Florida, including the burnt debris left behind from Nicole's handiwork. The crazy commander sniffs the charred license plate that still reads "Florida" and remarks that Number 4 didn't die here. They continue their search for him and hit the road.

John goes to school and hides his head in his hoodie. We see the dog has followed him to school and is watching him. John goes to the principal's office / registrar to get his schedule, and sits down outside the principal's office. He overhears a conversation between a blonde female student, Sara (played by Glee's Dianna Agron), and a teacher who is complaining that she took pictures of him and posted them on her website, none of which he gave his permission for, and is very upset about some embarrassing pictures that include him picking his nose and him generally being portrayed in a mocking way. Her website is called Strangers in Paradise. He peeks through the window wall and sees her face, catching her eye, and overhears her asking for her camera back. The teacher walks out in a huff, and the principal tells her she can only have it back if she promises not to take any more pictures of students or teachers without their permission. She agrees and walks out. The secretary / registrar finally comes back with John's schedule and notices Sara, and asks her to take him to his next class. She shows him to his locker, and makes small talk about the small-townness of Paradise, etc., and she goes to her class. He stands by his locker when a gang of boys approach him and welcome him, albeit threateningly to the school. The leader, Mark James, is the football quarterback and star athlete of the small-town school, and is clearly a bully but is impressed with John's size and assumed athletic ability, and asks him where he's from. John says Santa Fe, but didn't play anything. Mark is surprised but claims that they need people to cheer for them from the bleachers anyway. He walks away with his followers, and shoves a smaller, homelier boy into his locker and makes a comment about being a UFO freak. John helps him up, and tries to make small talk with the boy, Sam. Sam tells him it's obvious who not to hang out with around here, him, and finally helps John open his locker.

During lunch, John looks at the crowded tables and friendly groups in the cafeteria, and decides to go outside and sit on the lawn with his brown lunch bag. He notices Sara sitting alone outside, eating her lunch and taking pictures. Sam gets a football thrown at his head by one of Mark's followers, and they peal over in laughter as Sam tumbles to the ground, dropping his lunch and books. They tell him to stay down as John goes to help him up. Mark tells him to throw the football back, and in a fit of anger, John angrily grabs the football and whams it at superhuman speed and strength into the guy who threw it, sending him sprawling backwards. Mark is clearly taken aback and tells him to calm down, grabs his followers, and leaves. Sam mumbles something and walks away, embarrassed.

John notices Sara taking pictures of him and smiles to himself. Later, when he goes home, he visits her website, Strangers in Paradise, where she uploads both funny and poignant pictures of random people. There is a section about him and tons of pictures of him. John smiles and he goes through them, some of them very good, but is startled when each picture of him start disappearing on her website as he looks on. Henry pops his head in and says he was pretty sure John was there when he told him to be invisible, letting John know that he is vigilantly searching the internet and deleting any proof that John exists.

At some point, we see John jumping out of his window during the day, and practicing his powers and enhancing his speed, agility and strength, despite Henry's warnings. He jumps from a waterfall and swings from trees.

Not really sure what happens next, but somehow the next day, we see Sara and John interacting and they clearly like each other. After school, John walks Sara home, and they go through the town. They see Sam being yelled at by his step-dad, about how he has such simple tasks to do, such as turning off the light and locking the door to their little convenience store, and nags him. John and Sara arrive at her house, which is very cozy and sweet looking. He stares on in disbelief as she smiles, embarrassed, and remarks that it's just a house. He says he knows, but that its still a nice house. She invites him in for dinner, where he meets her quirky but loving family, including a much younger little brother. Her mother asks him what his father does, where's his mother - he lies smoothly about his father being a writer, and that his parents were never married. To move on from the awkwardness, Sara's father suggests they play a game, which they do often, that gets them talking about more interesting things, and asks everyone what was the worst advice they've ever received. They each share their funny tidbits, and sends them laughing. John is clearly envious of the family and bond they share, which he has never had.

After dinner, they go upstairs into Sara's room. She is clearly skilled at photography, and has several cameras lying on her table. An alcove has photographs papered over its walls. Sara tells John about how she can see things more clearly through a lens and takes more pictures of John. He goes through a clearly private album / diary / scrapbook / sketchbook, looking at Sara's work, and how she blacks out parts of her face in pictures of her. She is embarrassed and says this is private, and he responds that she can take pictures of anybody, but no one can scrutinize her. They are about to kiss when the ever faithful dog barks loudly and rapidly from outside the window. She goes to see what the commotion is about, while John curses the dog under his breath. He says it's his dog, and he better go. Before he can leave, Sara gives him a camera and tells him it's his turn, and that if he would like, they should go to an upcoming Halloween festival together. He happily agrees and leaves. Outside, we see a creepy guy sitting in his car in the dark by himself, watching John leave Sara's house. We see it's Mark, and he looks serial-killer creepy and livid.

The next day at school, Sam and John simultaneously open their lockers to get paint-bombed. Sam starts to freak out and digs through the red paint globs covering his books and notebooks to find a picture of his dad. Mark approaches John and gives some shpiel about following one's intuition, and he had a bad feeling about John, etc. Sam, out of nowhere, comes charging at Mark and tells him to just leave him alone. Mark easily shoves him into the wall and John is about to jump in, confronting Mark eye to eye, but then noticing his hands burning and knowing he could reveal himself, he backs down and follows Sam into the bathroom. Sam is frantically trying to clean the red paint from the picture, and explains how his father disappeared on him when he was young to chase aliens, with his car just left there at the border to Mexico. Sam tells John about how he used to look up to his father, and that no one wants to think their father is a freak, but at some point he knew. Sam gives up on the photo and crumples it in his hand and throws it away. Sam yells at John that everyone at school heard the rumors, that John was with Sara, and didn't John know any better, that Sara is one of 'them' and used to date Mark. John seems taken aback and almost disgusted, but also sad and disappointed. Sam starts to finally warm up to John, and grabs some lost and found clothes for them to wear.

During this part, we also see the Mogadorian commander disguised and going into a grocery store and buying 7 or 8 whole turkeys. He is huge compared to the humans around him, easily 6 or 7 feet. He brings the groceries to his car and removes his fake teeth to reveal his piranha-sharp teeth, he takes off bandaids covering his nose gills, and he takes off a bald cap covering his head tattoos. He throws the turkeys whole into an 18-wheeler that contains some large and dangerous animal, and it shakes and growls and bounces the entire 18-wheeler as it feeds on the food. He is leading an ominous group of Mogadorians who are obviously closing in on John's location.

The next day, Sara sees John at school, and smiles at him from a distance, but because of being paintballed by his locker, he frowns when he sees her and changes directions. Now I'm not sure which comes next - but later that night, Sara texts him if he's coming to the festival still. He ends up sneaking out of his room and goes the festival at night, and sees Sam and Sara. Sara approaches him first and says she wasn't sure he was coming. They talk and she says she's sorry for the locker paintballing him, but she didn't want to reveal all her dirty laundry in one night. Yes, she dated Mark, but they grew apart, and she got more into her photography, and he became a bully and a jock, and he didn't respect her basically. He thought she turned into a snob and when they broke up, he called her a bitch and told everyone at school not to talk to her, so she has no friends. She says she learned a lesson but is glad it happened, and John softens toward her. They decide to go on a haunted hayride together and throughout the ride, we see night-vision views of the two talking and laughing on the hayride as someone is obviously stalking them. The driver of the hayride brings them to the portion where they must continue on foot, and as they enter and encounter scary sights, they are suddenly attacked by a group. We realize that Mark and his friends are wearing night-vision masks and they abduct Sara and bring her to Mark at some cave in the woods, and three other guys viciously start to beat John. At first, he lies on the floor defenseless and taking blows and kicks, but he remembers about his powers and force-fields them into the trees and into the sky, severely hurting them. He recovers and searches frantically for Sara, who is berating Mark for having his friend throw her over his shoulder and carry her into the woods. Mark acknowledges he is an asshole, but wanted to talk to her. John shows up and is much faster than before, having practiced, and is about to break Mark's 'throwing arm' when Sara screams at him to stop. John comes to his senses and starts running away. Sara follows him and they talk...John goes home and then gets a text from Sam, who had followed them into the hayride and heard Sara's screams while she was being abducted. He witnesses John doing his superpower thing and demands to meet with John. Very early in the morning, John shows up and they talk. Sam demands an explanation, and wants to know if aliens do exist - this would completely rectify his memory of his father and it would give him a reason to believe that his father wasn't crazy. John is reluctant to reveal himself, but Sam insists, so John tells him that he is an alien, but he cannot ever tell anyone because there are people trying to kill John. Sam promises and John goes home.

Not sure if this happens before or after the Halloween scene, but in an apparently boring history class, John's hands start to glow freakishly, but with a blue light. He freaks out and can't control it, as hard as he tries to, and runs out of the classroom when people start noticing. He panics and runs into the school supply closet and after trying to douse his hands in dirty water, and other methods, he passes out. In the house, Henry notices that the dog is barking again, and that the tin box he hid in the grandfather clock is glowing very brightly. John then wakes up groggy to see Henry standing over him, and telling him to calm down and instructing him on how to make the light disappear. John finally succeeds and Henry is happy with the progressing powers and John's self control.

But when they get home, Henry tells him to hurry up and pack, and that they are leaving - people must have already noticed John's freakish behavior and glowing hands, and they need to go. Mark's father, Sheriff James, also comes by the house as three of the boys are in the hospital and Mark's throwing arm has been hurt badly, although not broken. Mark mentioned John was there, but none of the boys are saying anything, and the Sheriff is none too happy. He tries to get Henry to talk, but they deny any knowledge or account of the events, and he leaves, but not without noticing the extensive laptop and technology setup Henry has, as well as the multiple cameras on the porch and in the trees around their house. Henry reiterates that they need to leave, as they can't have people snooping around asking questions. John adamantly refuses, saying he won't go, and disobeys Henry outright. Henry goes into another lecture about how everyone has given up so much for John to live, and that he can't throw that all away for a silly girl, and John retorts that he has no loyalty to a race and planet that he can't even remember and a legacy that has only brought him loneliness, etc. This escalates into a physical altercation, and John abuses his powers to throw and pin Henry against the outside of the house, falling hard. Henry recovers and being a much more experienced warrior, pins John to the ground and puts him in a chokehold, rendering John helpless. Henry remains calm throughout the altercation, and tells John he will slowly release him, which he does. John, defeated, tells Henry that every time he thinks about leaving Sara, he tries to but just can't. Henry then tells John that their race only falls in love once, and then it lasts forever. He adds that if Sara is that girl for John, he needs to protect her and leave Paradise. Henry gives him one day, and John submits to the inevitability of leaving Paradise.

We also see Nicole, Number 6, making progress in slowly finding John, and closing the distance between herself and John. We also see her scythe and weaponry in full display.

He finds the tin box that his father had left for him on the table and calls Henry, but someone other than Henry answers and tells him if he wants to see Henry again, he'll come to the specified address. John hangs up and calls Sam, enlisting him for his help. Sam takes him to the address and drops him off at the house, and wants to go in but John discourages him and tells him to keep a watch out. They watch a man leave and lock the house, and tells Sam to keep an eye out for when he returns. John then uses his powers to unlock the deadbolt on the door, and go downstairs to the basement. On his way down, his shirt catches on a nail, and it rips off a piece. They see various gadgets, including a blue glowing piece of meteor, similar to the glowing scythes, and see Henry gagged and hung from chains. John quickly shatters the chain and frees Henry, who tells John to run, as this was a trap set by humans and that the Mogadorians have been to this house and will return. John first levitates the man, who is obviously an alien enthusiast and conspiracy theorist, and who won't shut up about how humans have no choice but to submit to the new world order that the Mogadorians are planning. John drops him and he passes out, and they gather up all their Loranian relics and are about to leave when the hear heavy footsteps. They go up the stairs, only to be blasted away by a giant red flame. Henry engages the Mogadorian in combat, while telling John to run. He takes Sam and the relics and get into the car. Sam, seeing the blue glowing meteorite, says he has one just like it, that he pilfered from his father's collection. John tells Sam to go get it, but they first wait for Henry, who comes running but limping. They get in the car but Sam can't find the keys, and as they have no time, Henry tells John to start the car with his powers. John tries but keeps failing, and as he's trying, the Mogadorian comes running up and takes a giant leap and lands on the front of Sam's truck. He shoves a knife into the front windshield, but Henry shields John, and out of shock and anger, John finally starts the engine and forces the Mogadorian off the car. As they drive off, they stop to let Henry rest by the railroad tracks, and Henry gives John some sad, emotional advice, and that his powers will continue to develop, and that he has to continue protecting the species, etc. This is a fairly sad and emotional scene, and as Henry dies from his chest wound, he also disintegrates into dust, swirling into the sky.

The whole Mogadorian group arrive at the house after John and Henry and Sam leave, and find the two dirty fat alien enthusiasts who captured and gagged Henry. They ask questions about the relics, and reveal that the blue meteorites are like GPS trackers for the remaining Numbered aliens, and very valuable, and get angry. They mock the ridiculous cartoons these middle-aged men read, and then use the ripped piece of John's shirt to pick up his scent. They sense he is very close. Before they leave, they shove a whirling bladed ball down the men's throats, mutilating them.

The two men are found murdered by the police, and being such a small town, the entire community is in a frenzy, while the Sheriff suspects it is Henry and John, in addition to the possibility that they may be terrorists because of the level of sophisticated technology Henry had. The Sheriff approaches Sara, knowing that John was with her the night the boys got badly beaten, and tells her his suspicions. She seems devastated, and remembers that when she first met John, even his name was suspect (John Smith, really?). She goes to a party and sits on the roof, where John finds her, also obviously in a hurry because he has to leave with Henry. He tries to explain to her what he really is, but before he can, the Sheriff shows up, having been tipped off by his son Mark, also at the party. John gets ready to superman-jump off the roof, but before he can, Sara slips on the roof tile and falls. John uses his powers to stop gravity, and jumps down to catch her when he releases his force. She stares at him and he grabs her hand and runs, and there are multiple police cars at the house and hotly in pursuit. He eventually turns around and stops the car, the force of his power almost leveling two cars.

They find Sam at his house, as Sam frantically looks for the rock. He finds it and brings it to John. Sara says she knows where they can go, and head to the high school. Sam sits in the car with the dog and waits. Simultaneously, we see that Nicole, Number 6 has also arrived in Paradise, and is honing in on their exact location, with Mogadorians finally arriving in Paradise, and have blocked off a road with their cars and 18-wheeler containing the unknown beasts. Sheriff James is in the car with his son Mark when they encounter the roadblock and are terrified. They take the Sheriff and throw his body against a fence, rendering him unconscious, and smelling John's scent on Mark, they force him to lead them to where they are. Mark has a hunch where Sara took John, and leads them to the high school, where Sara is developing the pictures that John took using the camera she gave him. They're in black & white and pretty good, when they hear noises and know that they've been found. The Mogadorian commander tells his men to surround the school, and releases the roof of the 18-wheeler, and we finally get a good luck at the beasts that hunted the first boy, Number 3. They are these disgusting giant lizard creatures with claws and huge rows of shark-like menacing teeth, and there are two of them. They can also spread their limbs and fly, like flying squirrels. Sam looks on in horror and notices the dog next to him morphing as well with a huge tail with a mace-like weapon. Without stopping, he rushes into the school as well, freaking out. He runs into John and Sara, who are running around dodging the Mogadorians, and tells them about the beasts and that John's dog morphed into something like one. The encounter the Mogadorian's machine-gun like red weapons that fire red-hot ammunition that melts everything, and the crazy commander is armed with what look like grenades strapped across his chest. As they're being shot at, Nicole finally shows up and has guns shooting blue firepower. She helps them escape and with John, they kill a pair of the Mogadorians, who similarly explode into dust when killed. Nicole introduces herself and asks where John's protector is - he says recently deceased, and she said hers died a few months ago while they were hunting the Mogadorians. John does a double-take - she was hunting them, not the other way around? They continue fighting the Mogadorians and John battles with one of the giant beasts before the dog shows up, now a giant dog also with shark teeth and a spiked tail, and with a knowing look to John, battles it in the bathroom and despite sustaining injuries, kills the beast by ripping out its throat. Nicole informs John that their home planet sent a chimera to keep an eye on him - who else would do it?

Sara leads them into an underground passage through the school that leads them to the stadium. When they get there, there is another giant beast and the whole Mogadorian gang waiting for them, firing giant red flames. Sam manages to kill a Mogadorian by using their gun against him, and Nicole is shown to have multiple powers - superspeed, blocking fire, and generally very good in combat and killing several Mogadorians with her blue scythe. At some point, Nicole's energy gets depleted and she has John power her up and refuel her. One of the flying beasts grab her from the open field in the stadium, and although John has the crazy commander pinned up against the fence and about to defeat him, he diverts his power and energy to saving Nicole from the beast, killing it but she tumbles into the field, hurt and exhausted, watching as the crazy commander grabs John by the neck, like Number 3, and gets ready to run him through with his sword, when John heats up the red grenades strapped to the commander's chest and after pushing himself and Nicole far from him, explodes him.

The next day, John and Nicole say goodbye, and a repentant Mark shows up with the tin box that his father took in as evidence. He also tells them to go west, as he misled his father by saying they went east. Sara says goodbye sadly as John tells her his people only love once, and they love one person forever. John tells Nicole that Sam is coming, and she is sarcastic and non too excited, but accepts his company. The dog also shows up limping, and John greets him warmly. Nicole and John combine the two glowing blue meteorites and John and Nicole each hold one half, and it glows blue before also disintegrating. Sam seems disappointed, but then Nicole asks John if he also felt it - they were mentally given the location of the other Numbers. They head on out, with Nicole on her red Ducati, and Sam and John in Sam's truck and the still hurt dog. The movie ends with John's voice over saying while he must protect his species / home planet, Earth is his home...

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John is a human-looking alien from the planet Lorien and is on Earth with eight others from his planet who are all gifted in some way, being children of the "Garde". Each has gifts and powers, or Legacies unique to the numbered 9 (John is Number 4).

An enemy race, also human-looking, the Mogadorians, is hunting down these last 9 existing Loriens, going in order as their charms protect them from being killed out of order. They have already killed Number 1, 2, and 3, and John is next.

John and his protector, Henry, have to move from city to city to avoid being tracked, but are eventually found by the Mogadorians. John starts to develop his powers and learns to control them, and befriends a human boy in a new town, Sam, whose father was an alien enthusiast and trying to help the Loriens. John also falls in love with a girl, Sara, and as Loriens only love once, grows very attached to her. He also discovers a pet chimera sent to him from Lorien to look after him, which later morphs into a giant dog beast to help defeat the Mogadorians.

A Mogadorian scout finally finds the group, and Henry dies protecting John after being captured by two humans helping the Mogadorians. After an epic showdown battle with the Mogadorians in the high school stadium, John meets Nicole, Number 6, who has also been tracking him down and hunting the Mogadorians. With Sam's help, the two defeat all the Mogadorians and their giant disgusting beasts.

They move on and search for the other four Loriens, using a tracking device in the form of a glowing blue meteorite. They bring Sam with them to continue their journey, but leave Sara behind.

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