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Vincent Price
1953 -
Paris Hilton
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movie trailer (quicktime)

NOTE: This Spoiler was sent in by Chelsea

The movie starts in 1975. We see wax dripping from a stove. The camera flies up into a pot where wax is boiling. A women starts to stir then puts the wax into a mold of a face. She goes over to her son who is in a high chair eating and says what a good boy he is being. The father burst through a door carrying a child who is struggling to get away kicking and screaming. The mother and father throw him in his high chair and start to buckle him to it with straps and duct tape. We see his wrists bleeding. She says to him why can't you be more like your bother Vincent. Then the screen goes black.

We see Paige (Paris Hilton) and Carly (Elisha Cuthbert) sitting at a table talking about living in New York. Then Carly's boyfriend Wade (Jared Padalecki) comes in to the restaurant and they talk about why Carly's brother Nick (Chad Michael Murray) has to come on the road trip to Baton Rouge (to watch a foot ball game) that weekend. Carly says that he just got bailed out of jail (for stealing a car) by Paige's boyfriend , Blake (Robert Ri'chard) and has invited him to come along which Carly thinks is to make himself look more like a bad ass. Paige goes out to see Blake in his new car where he is working with his GPS and listening to loud music. He totally ignores Paige when she speaks. He finally tells her that he thinks he has found a short cut to get to the game faster. Johnson (Jon Abrahams) walks up to the car with a video camera and films Paige and Blake kissing (very funny considering Paris has a real video of that sort of thing)

Two cars are driving. One is Wade's car, which has Carly, Johnson, Nick, and himself. The second car, a new Escalade, has Paige and Blake in it. They are driving along a dark road and suddenly there is a detour. They follow it and it seems they are lost so Wade drives his car up to the driver side of the Escalade. At first all we see is Blake the driver. Then Paige's head starts showing, going up and down. They all start gasping and hollering. Carly calls Paige on her cell phone and says the she has been caught. Paige says that she was getting her chap stick that fell on the floor. They decide to camp out for the night and agree to leave early in the morning in order to get to the game on time. They set up camp and start throwing a foot ball around. There is major tension between Wade and Nick which is shown when the ball bounces Nick's way and Wade is afraid to go get it. While this is happening an awful rotten smell gets blown their way. They can't figure out what it is. Nick asks Johnson if he pooped his pants again and Johnson plays around saying that he doesn't think he has and sniffs himself. They start drinking and pretty soon Paige and Blake and Carly and Wade start making out. All the while Johnson is filming it with his camera. Then a big truck pulls up with its bright lights on. The group is calling to him to turn off the lights and asking what he wants. No reply. Finally Nick throws a bottle and breaks one of the head lights. He leaves. They are all freaked out and decide to call it a night. The next view we see is through a video camera. The person holding it is viewing the whole camp and then walks over to one of the tents. The camera zooms in on Paige asleep. Then to the other tent. The camera zooms in on Carly asleep. Carly wakes up then wakes up Wade and says that she heard something. He says, still asleep, maybe it's the serial killers. Carly gets out of the tent and walks around. We see her through the video camera looking around. She feels she is being watched but she can't find anything so she turns around to go back in the tent and Wade is standing there. She screams and they go back to sleep.

The next afternoon Paige's boyfriend pops out of his tent, looks at his watch, and screams IT'S 2:30 p.m. EVERYBODY GET UP!!! We see the guys packing up and Wade trying to start his car. It won't start so he looks at his engine and realizes that his fan belt has been broken off. Johnson can't find his camera. The girls are in the woods and the rotten awful smell returns. Carly wants to find out what it is, Paige doesn't. They start walking towards it and suddenly Carly starts falling down a long hill and ends up arms length in blood and guts and other rotten parts of a BUNCH of dead deer. It is very hard to describe this scene visually because it is so gross. She cant get out of the position she is in because her body is still up hill and her arms in the gross stuff. Basically she is in a wheelbarrow position. The boys start running down to help her and they see a human hand sticking out of the pile of dead deer. A truck pulls up and a guy gets out and dumps another dead deer in the pile. The groups asks him about the hand and he walks over and pulls on it. It turned out to be a mannequin. The creepy guy offers to give Wade a ride to the nearest town called Ambrose. He accepts and says that he will catch up with the rest of the group once it's fixed. Carly stays behind with him.

Wade, Carly, and the creepy guy are driving and he is staring at Carly. She sees that he has a big knife and he notices what she is looking at and pulls it out and sticks it in his dash board commenting on how sharp it is and how it can cut through anything. Wade and Carly are freaked out and ask to be let of his truck. They can't get out themselves because they realize there is no door opener (like a cops car). He let them out and they walk the rest of the way to the town. When they get there they find the gas station but nobody is there. They walk up the street (the only street of this town) and end up at a church. They walk in on a funeral service. A man is bent over a coffin... people are crying like a real funeral. They leave and the guy, Bo, soon comes out yelling that they interrupted his service but then changes his mind saying he is sorry he yelled and that he is the owner of the gas station and will help them find what they need. He tells them to wait at the gas station and he will be there in 1/2 hour. They leave and on the way back to the gas station Wade notices Trudy's Famous House of Wax. Wade loves this sort of thing so they decide to check it out. When they get to the door there is a closed sign on it. Wade touches the walls, scratches it, and realizes that it is made of wax. He pushes the door open, which is unlocked, and they enter. We see a person with long black hair and manly hands working on sculpting a wax figure. He hears them enter from the basement where he is and stops working. Wade and Carly look around and admire how great the figures look. Carly picks up some sculptures and notice the name Vincent on all of them and on some paintings. Wade starts playing the piano. Carly goes over to a mirror and wipes it clean. She sees a creepy long black haired man looking at them through the window. She screams and Wade goes out side to see what it was. She follows him through the house looking at him through the windows. She ends up in a kitchen. She walks back wards and bumps into a wax figure and runs out of the house screaming. Her and wade leave and go to the gas station to wait for Bo.

We see the other group of people: Blake, Paige, Johnson, and Nick sitting in traffic that is miles long. They argue that it is point less go to the game because they still would have to buy tickets and would see less than half of the game. So they turn around and head back to the town. They call Carly and let her and Wade know that they are coming back and that they are going to camp in the same place. Wade and Carly are in side the gas station looking at fan belts and there is not a 15" belt so they take a 16" belt and start to leave when Bo shows up and says that he has 15" belts at his house. Next we are the camp ground and Blake gives the keys to Nick and Johnson so they can drive to the town. They start driving and talking about how Wade isn't really bad and how Johnson really stole the car not Nick.

Back to... Bo, Wade, and Carly walk to his house and Wade says he needs to use the restroom. Carly waited out in the truck as Wade and Bo head in the house. Wade uses the restroom and as he is walking back he notices an open door and looks inside. There are glass jars of dead animals. He starts playing with them and making funny noises. Carly gets out of the car and stands around waiting. She turns and looks at the front of the truck; one head light is broken! She tries to call Paige but she doesn't answer her phone because her and Blake are busy. She gets Paige's voice mail as Bo starts coming out of the house. She doesn't hang up but climbs back into the car and locks the doors. Bo is angry and tries to get her out. She honks the horn a lot. He breaks the window and starts to pull her out. Carly turns on the car and puts it in reverse with one hand and presses the gas with the other. Bo goes flying and she continues to drive. The tire gets stuck and she crawls out the back window and runs into the town.

Back to when Carly honks the horn... inside the house we see the lights go out and Wade getting scared. He goes to the door of the room but it is locked now. A little door in the floor opens behind him and we see the creepy long haired guy with scissors. He cuts Wade's achilles tendon. Wade falls to the floor crawling toward a room filled with doctors tools and a surgical bed. The creepy guy walks in with two huge knifes. He crosses his arms in front of him with the knives still in his hands and throws them forward cutting both pectoral muscles on Wade so he cant move is arms. He drags him down the little door in to a room with weird contraptions everywhere. The creepy guy takes off Wade's clothes and rips of all his facial hair with wax and paper. He sits Wade in a chair with a bunch of pipes pointing at him some with shower nozzles. He puts Wade's head in a metal contraption that has metal sticking in him and covering his eyes. He turns a couple levers and a pot of wax starts flowing through pipes and showers Wade with wax.

Back to Carly... she runs back in to the town and suddenly all the lights in the houses and shops turn on. She runs into the church and hears crying and the same people that were sitting there at the funeral in the beginning are still there. She looks at them and realizes that they are wax and the funeral was not real. She breaks off a lady's arm and its a HUMAN arm. She hides under the "priest"s robe. Bo comes in and finds her there. Bo runs after her and pushes her to the ground. Carly is struggling to get free. She looks in a window and sees an old woman looking at them. She screams but no help. He takes her to the gas station and down some stairs and in to a chair that has straps on the arms (just like in the beginning of the movie!). He straps her in and duct tapes her legs together. She notices he has scares around his wrists. Then we hear Nick and Johnson yelling for Carly and Wade. Johnson and Nick go separate ways. Carly screams but stops when Bo puts a knife to her throat. He super glues her lips together and then goes up stairs to talk to Nick. Nick asks Bo if he has seen his sister or her boyfriend and Bo says no. Carly unstraps herself from the chair and starts to wiggle her finger through a metal grate above her hoping Nick would see. Bo notices and bends over acting like he is picking something up and, using wire cutters, cuts off the tip of her finger. Blood is gushing everywhere and she can't scream because her lips are still super glued. She starts pulling them apart and blood flowing from her lips but finally her mouth is open and she screams NICKKKK who turns around almost getting stabbed by Bo but punches him a couple times really hard and runs into the gas station locking all the doors. He runs down and helps Carly with her finger and lips. They hear Bo leaving in a truck.

Then we see Johnson walking into the house of wax. He walks around, creeped out by the wax people, and is in the room with the piano in it. He thinks he sees Wade sitting there. Its a wax figure. He touches it and the eyes move and look at him. Johnson freaks out and tells Wade that he will get him out of it but when he pulls the wax Wade's skin comes off with it (very gross). Wade starts screaming the best he can and in his eyes we can see the reflection of a cloaked man coming behind Johnson. Johnson ducks his knives and runs through a couple rooms and opens a door to a long stair case. He turns around and the guy is there. Johnson says wait but the guy pushes him down the stairs. He goes to Johnson and crosses his knives and presses downwards. At first nobody could tell what he did. Then he picks up the feet and starts to drag. We see that there is no head. The camera turns and Johnson's face is right in the camera blinking but clearly not connected to a body.

Back to Nick and Carly...They are running around the town trying to figure things out. They don't know what has happened to Wade or Johnson. Carly remembers the old woman in the window. They run to her. They soon realize that she is not real but only opening and closing the window curtain mechanically. Nick breaks a store window and gets a cross bow to protect them. Bo is there with a shot gun shooting at them. They run into a movie theater and sit among the wax people. Bo shoots a wax woman's head of. Then spots Carly. Nick shoots him with an arrow. They run out and Bo follows. Nick is waiting in front of the door and shoots Bo in the heart with an arrow.

At the camp ground Paige starts to do a provocative dance for Blake. The music turns off. Blake goes out side to turn it back on. He sees that Paige has a voice message. He listens to Carly screaming and hiding from Bo in his car. Then we go back into the tent where Paige has gone to bed. Some one has walked in and calls Blake's name. She turns on the light and screams at the sight of the creepy long black haired man. They struggle and Paige gets away but trips over her boyfriend on the ground. He is still alive but has a knife stuck in his neck. She continues to run. The creepy guy pushes the knife deeper into Blake's neck and he dies. She runs into a ware house building and looks for a safe place. She gets a pole and starts to walk upstairs. The floor is a metal floor, the type with holes. She is walking and a knife sticks her in the heel of her foot. She screams and starts to run. She hides in a car. The guy walks by and breaks the glass and starts to pull her by her feet out of the car when she throws the pole and it scrapes his face which is covered by wax. She runs and hides behind a car, hears him walking, looks under the car to see his feet but doesn't, and then pops her head up to see where he has gone. When she does this he throws the pole through the windows of the car and into her forehead. He films (with Johnson's camera) her blood dripping and pulls the pole out through the opposite way.

Back to Nick and Carly...they run to the house where Carly might have lost her phone. While in the house Carly sorts through some pictures and sees a photo of twins connected at the head; one twin's face is in the back of the others head and a news clipping about the twins being separated. She sees photos of one twin with a smile and a normal face, Bo, and another with a twisted face and hallow eyes, Vincent. Suddenly Bo, the normal twin, walks through the door obviously not dead. He starts to take out the arrows from his body. A truck pulls up and the creepy guy, who we now know is Vincent, gets out and brings the bodies of Blake and Paige inside. Bo calls him a freak and that he is making mother proud of him for killing this people and really beating him up verbally. Bo finds a picture of them on the ground and knows that someone is in the house. Carly starts going up stairs when Nick grabs her and they open the door in the ground (same one Wade got pulled through) and find their way to the room where they find Johnson's hat and jacket. They find him in the same seat that Wade was in. Nick tries to pull the metal head contraption off but the head twists with a crunchy cracking noise. Vincent comes up behind them with his knives and cuts nick across the back. Carly and Nick start fighting him off. Nick tells Carly to run as he turns the fire up as high as it goes and dumps a big cauldron of wax out. Things set on fire. Nick is on one side of the fire and Vincent on the other. Since he wears a wax mask he doesn't jump across to get Nick. He catches up to Carly and they are about to leave when Bo starts to fight with Nick. The exchange punches and then Bo stabs him in the thigh. Carly was carrying a bat with her which she starts to beat Bo up with. Think of hitting a baseball but she was doing that to his face. Blood is every where. Vincent runs in crying and starts going after Carly. All the while the fire is melting the house because it is made out of solid wax. Wax figures are dissolving and you can see the dead people underneath. Carly is running up the melting stairs with Vincent right behind her. Nick is calling his name trying to stop him from going after her. He gets up and tries to walk up the stairs but his foot sinks into the step and behind him the floor is melting away. So he rushes trying to get up the steps. Carly is trying to keep Vincent calm by telling him that his mother wouldn't want him to do this and that he is not a freak but he continues to try to stab her. Nick comes into the room and pushes him down and then they start to fight. Nick ends up on a wax bed and Vincent has his knife pointed right at him. Carly pulls the knife out of Nick's leg and stabs Vincent in the stomach. She pushes him down and the floor melts away underneath him. Then the bed starts to melt away so Nick and Carly fall through and land on the unmelted part of the stairs and a walk way. They run as the wax melts right behind them. They are trying to figure a way out. Carly yells Nick...the walls. So they start digging at the wall. They end digging right into "The House of Wax" sign. they wiggle their way out and are safe.

The next day cops are putting wax bodies in body bags. Carly and Nick are sitting in an ambulance. Nick asks an officer to give him his friends camera which is now in a plastic evidence bag. The officer says it is evidence so no you can not have it. Carly and Nick talk about stuff and then the doors shut and the ambulance drives off. Nick says that he wasn't leaving this behind and shows Carly the camera which he stole. They are driving away when over walkie talkies an officer says that a search on Bo and Vincent's parents show they had three kids. We see Carly and Nick looking out the window at the creepy guy, from the beginning who killed the deer, sitting in the back of his truck. He waves at them and smiles. The end.

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