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The movie starts off with 5 teens (Alicia, Karma, Simon, Greg and Cynthia) at a dock looking for a boat that will take them to a rave. They find captain Kirk who has his own boat and ask if they could have him bring them to the rave and Kirks assistant, Salish says that the island is crazy and evil, but the teens go anyway.

As they arrive to the island the 5 teens notice that the rave is completely deserted. Alicia, Karma and Simon go look to see if there is any sign of life. Cynthia and Greg stay back to make out. Greg says that he has to go to the bathroom and Cynthia finds a nice tent to stay in and then zombies attack her and she is killed.

Alicia, Karma and Simon find an old house which they go inside and they find Rudy, a girl named Liberty and some punk guy. The 6 go back to get Cynthia and Greg but they only find Greg. Cynthia comes back as a zombie and kills the punk guy then a girl cop named Casper shoots Cynthia. Alicia, Greg, Simon, Karma, Rudy, Liberty and Casper go to find Kirk. Salish wonders off the boat and gets killed by zombies. The group find kirk and kirks boat is half way out in the ocean and Simon goes to swim out to the boat but zombies are in the water. Casper shoots the zombies.

They all gather around Kirk because Kirk brought a bunch of boxes which have illegal cigars (that is why Casper came to the island because she tracked down Kirk to put him in jail). The boxes also have tons of weapons and explosives. Greg and Casper go to look for Casper's police boat. The two see a bunch of zombies and Casper shoots them but they kill Greg. Casper goes back to the group and the group goes to find that house so they can take shelter.

The next scene is great - there is a bloody zombies battle. The group find the house and in the front yard there are zombies everywhere and the group decides to fight them. Just before they make it into the house zombies attack Liberty, killing her. The door to the house is locked so Rudy and Casper go around back they find a window and Rudy climbs in and the zombies attack Casper as she is climbing in and the zombies cut off Casper's legs which kills her. Rudy is inside the house he goes around front to open the door for them. Once inside a zombie comes into the house chewing on Kirk's leg. He is hurt pretty bad.

Then Karma and Simon start to talk which leads to making out. Rudy and Alicia also start to talk about their love life since they broke up with each other. Kirk takes an explosive and goes outside and zombies are attacking him so Kirk blows up with the zombies. He sacrificed himself. The 4 remaining people have no more weapons or anything, only one gun. Zombies start breaking into the house. The 4 find another room and lock the door. There are gun powder boxes everywhere. The zombies start breaking into the room and grab Simon and Karma finds an underground passage so they go under but Simon stays behind and shoots the boxes of gun powder which leads to a huge explosion.

The 3 are in an underground passage full of zombies. They find a way out but run out of bullets and Karma decided to fight the zombies but she is killed. Alicia and Rudy are walking out and then Greg who they thought was dead comes in the tunnel with a cape and says follow me. Alicia and Rudy follow him but then they get into a room and the guy peals off the skin of Greg and it is Castillo.

Castillo is a scientist from hundreds of years ago. He made a formula that can bring cells back to life. That's how he makes the zombies. Back hundreds of years ago he was on a ship and he killed the men on that ship and used there bodies and brought them back to life but when they come back there zombies. So the zombies kept killing people and Castillo just kept bringing the dead people back to life as zombies. Alicia and Rudy fight Castillo in a good sword fight. Castillo stabs Alicia in the stomach and we think she is dead. Rudy comes up behind Castillo and cuts his head off. Alicia gets enough strength to get up and step on the severed head. A helicopter comes and the swat team asks who Rudy is and Rudy replies "Rudy...Curien" Curien is a main character in the video game series. Yes it is a shock when we found out that Rudy was Curien

Alicia and Rudy are the only survivors


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