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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Jacob

It's a rainy night. A girl (Grace Tucker-Duguay) with dirty blonde straggly hair, bright blue eyes, and a limp, walks down a hall towards a bedroom door. She walks into a lamp, and it knocks over. In the bedroom, a man (John Healey) and woman (Krista Bridges) wake and wonder what is going on outside their door. Thunder and lightning crashes as the girl lifts a knife in her hand and tilts her head the other direction. Back in the room, the woman stirs from bed and puts on a robe and tells her husband that she will go see what's going on. She opens the door and walks out and sees the fallen lamp and the girl. She calls the girl Carrie Anne and tells her that it's late, and she should go back to bed. The woman, presumably Carrie Anne's mother, reaches down and picks up the lamp. As she brings it back up, Carrie Anne wields the knife and stabs it in the mom's neck. She stabs her one more time and throws her body to the ground. In the bedroom, the dad hears the loud thud and begins to worry in bed. The door handle begins to rattle, and the door whips open. Carrie Anne lunges into bed, screaming with the knife. Feathers from the pillow and blood falls to the floor. Carrie Anne runs through the door and runs into the forest into the night.

Four years later...

It's a bright sunny day, as birds fly through the trees. Elissa (Jennifer Lawrence) sits on the hood of an old Bronco, strumming on her guitar and singing. Her mother, Sarah (Elisabeth Shue), carries a few boxes out of the back of the Bronco and asks Elissa for the time. She tells her it's 2:30pm and Sarah retorts that their realtor was supposed to be at the house at 1pm. A black Chysler 300 pulls into the driveway and Sarah exclaims, "Finally." Sarah's realtor, Dan (Craig Eldridge), walks up to the two and apologizes for his lateness. He says he left his cell phone back at his office and apologizes for them not being able to reach him. Sarah rolls her eyes and Dan leads the two into a giant sprawling house in the middle of the woods. Inside, Elissa goes exploring and comes to the living room and the giant window overlooking the state park. Sarah says it's beautiful and an amazing view. Dan leaves and Sarah brings in more boxes. Elissa looks out another window and sees a house. Sarah explains to Elissa that that house is the reason they can afford this one. Sarah tells Elissa it belonged to the Jacobsons and there was a double murder there. Elissa looks uneasy and tells her that she's going to go explore some more.

Elissa walks through the woods, smiling, until she comes upon a big blue blanket. She is startled when a flock of birds flies past her and then she hears wood snap in the distance, and she heads back to her house.

Elissa cooks dinner for her mother, who is thankful, since she is tired from all the unpacking. Elissa says she learned that from her dad. Sarah snaps back, in a sarcastic tone, "oh he taught you how to boil noodles and open a can of sauce?" Elissa looks visibly upset, and Sarah apologizes saying she is trying to be a better mother, and that's why she gave her the bigger bedroom with the better view. The two venture off to bed as it is growing increasingly late.

It's now 3:04am, and Sarah awakes from her slumber. She looks around and closes some old photo albums that she was looking through. She looks out the window and suddenly sees a light turn on in the old Jacobson house. Sarah becomes startled but goes back to bed.

The next morning, Sarah and Elissa make their way to their neighbors' for a block picnic. Ben (James Thomas) is the owner of the home and introduces Elissa and Sarah to everyone. Ben's wife, Bonnie (Joy Tanner), takes Elissa by the pool and introduces her to her teenage son Tyler (Nolan Gerard Funk). She goes on about how he is a straight-A student, and even started a famine club to help with starving people in Africa or one of those 3rd world countries. Bonnie leaves and Tyler apologizes for his mom. He's not a dork like his mom made him out to be. He invites Elissa to swim, but she passes. Later, the group all sits down to eat, and Sarah asks Ben about if anyone lives in the old Jacobson house as she saw a light go on the night before. Ben says, yes, Ryan Jacobson lives in the house. Ben's wife retorts that she doesn't know why--the town council offered to buy it off him and burn it down so they can add more land to the state park. Elissa asks what exactly happened in the house. Bonnie then tells her that while Ryan was off at his aunt's upstate, his sister Carrie Anne murdered their parents and ran off into the forest and drowned in the lagoon, but her body was never recovered. Tyler says there is a myth that Carrie Anne still lives in the forest. Bonnie scoffs at this and once again reiterates that they should try to get Ryan to sell again and burn the house down.

After the picnic, Elissa and Sarah are walking home, and Elissa tells her mom she is disgusted that Bonnie would try to get the house burnt down. Sarah agrees that the neighbors don't seem very friendly. They reach their driveway and look into the forest. Elissa asks her mom if she really thinks Carrie Anne still lives in the forest. Sarah laughs and the two begin to walk up the driveway when Elissa hears some branches snap, and she turns around. Looking through the tree, we see Elissa walk up her driveway, and someone walk away.

The next day at school, Elissa is sitting under a tree, and Tyler walks up and says hey to Elissa. He asks her if she would like to attend famine club and help out some starving kids. She says she can't, that she promised her mom she would watch a movie with her. At that moment, Elissa's iPhone rings and it's Sarah telling her that she has to work the night shift now too and that she can't get out of it. Elissa tells her it's cool and that Tyler invited her to famine club. The two walk off and get into Tyler's car.

They arrive at a house and walk in to see a raging party going on. Elissa makes the joke that famine club seems fun. Tyler tells her it's just a front so they can party and have fun and that Tyler just gets a $1200 cash advance each year off his credit card and donates it and that it looks good on their college transcripts. Elissa rolls her eyes and walks off. She walks into a bedroom to find a brunette girl passed out on the bed. She pushes on her, and the girl wakes up. Elissa asks her if she is okay and the girl says "No, I just need to sleep," obviously wasted. Elissa grabs a blanket and puts it over the girl. The girl then jumps up, grabs her stomach and races into the bathroom, and we hear vomiting coming from the bathroom. Elissa sits on the bed and waits for the girl to be done. Tyler walks into the room, drunk, saying that he was looking for her. He sits on the bed next to her, and tells her that she is really pretty. The two kiss and he gets on top of her, and tries to make out with her. She pushes him off and says "No," calls him a dick, and then leaves.

Elissa walks out of the house and begins walking down a barely lit street surrounded by forest. She tries to call her mother but there's no answer. She continues walking when an old Oldsmobile drives past her and stops. She calls her mother one more time and still no answer. The car begins to back up and stop and it's a blonde teenaged boy. He asks Elissa if she needs a ride. Elissa lies and says the next driveway is hers. He says "No it's not, you moved into the house next to me on Sycamore." He introduces himself as Ryan Jacobson (Max Thieriot), her neighbor. He tells her that it's going to begin downpouring any minute, and she's 10 miles from home. She tells him that her mother is on her way, and she'll be fine. He drives off slowly, and it begins to pour rain. Elissa, soaked, runs up to Ryan's car and accepts the ride.

While driving, Elissa breaks the silence and asks Ryan why he still lives in his house if his parents died there. She apologizes very fast and picks up some cassette tapes in his car and tells him that he needs some better music. He tells her that she has a very beautiful voice. Elissa asks if he really heard her. He said yes, and that she has a great voice. The two make small talk and Ryan pulls into Elissa's driveway. She thanks him and gets out of the car and walks into her house while he stares back at her. Inside, Sarah asks if Tyler's mom gave her a ride home. She says no, Ryan Jacobson did. Sarah looks visibly stunned and asks Elissa why she didn't just call her. She says it's no big deal and goes to bed.

Ryan pulls into his garage and closes the door. Inside he makes soup and a sandwich and puts it on a tray. He walks through his house and opens a door leading to the basement. He puts the tray on a chair and bends down and pulls back a rug. He opens two half doors in the floor and walks down a spiral staircase, and it leads to a darkly lit, damp corridor with a door at the end. He walks towards the door and reaches above the frame and pulls down a key and unlocks the door. He opens the door and out of nowhere a girl (Eva Link) in a white dress attacks him and bites him. He flips her over and pulls out a syringe and sedates her in bed. She passes out, and he asks her, "Carrie Anne, why must you do this every time? I'm trying to keep you safe." He cleans up the mess, walks out the door, locks it, and walks back up the staircase. Carrie Anne awakens in bed and moans.

The next morning at school, Elissa walks through the cafeteria with her lunch. Tyler says "Hey" and offers up a seat. She rolls her eyes at him and sits down at a separate table. Under his breath, he calls Elissa a bitch. The brunette girl from the night before sits down at the table and introduces herself as Jillian (Allie MacDonald). She thanks Elissa for taking care of her the night before and says she normally doesn't drink at all, and she couldn't handle it. Elissa says it's cool. Jillian's brother Robbie (Will Bowes) and his friend Jake (Olivier Surprenant), walk up to the table and introduce themselves. Robbie said that he thinks Elissa has a beautiful voice. She asks him how he knows that and he responds, "Google, nothing is safe anymore in this world." They all have a laugh, and Robbie asks Elissa to join his band on vocals for the upcoming battle of the bands. She smiles and says sure.

At work, Sarah talks to Officer Weaver (Gil Bellows) about Ryan Jacobson and asks if she should be worried. He tells her that Ryan has been through a lot and that no one in the community thinks anything of him but the worst. He tells Sarah that he was up at his senile aunt's home taking care of her when everything went down four years ago. Weaver tells Sarah to give him the benefit of the doubt because Ryan truly is not a bad kid. Sarah looks on concerned.

At home, Ryan is on the computer when Elissa knocks on the door. He lets her in, and she tells him that she made him a CD. She notices that he is looking at her MySpace band page and asks if he liked the music. He tells her yes, she has a very beautiful voice, and the music is very emotive. Elissa notices a baby monitor on the table and drawings a kid would make but thinks nothing of it. Ryan gives her a tour of the house. He first shows her his bedroom, on the 2nd floor. She jokes that there is no extra wall, and that he's lucky he's not a sleepwalker or he could walk right off the floor and onto the living room and die. He laughs nervously and says when he came back from his aunt's the construction wasn't finished, and he wanted to move on. She walks down the hall and asks what room is this. When walking in, she notices it's a little girl's room and apologizes. Ryan tells Elissa that it's no big deal, and that he hasn't been in the room since he had been back and didn't know how to deal with it. She asks him why the room is decorated like a small child's room when Carrie Anne was 13. He looks at a teddy bear in the middle of the bed and has a flashback. Ryan tells Elissa one day when he was younger, he was to watch Carrie Anne while his parents were "napping." That day they were playing tag in the house and went outside. Ryan says that Carrie Anne's favorite thing to do was play on the swingset. He said that day that Carrie Anne went too high, and she slipped off the seat and flew in the air and hit her head on a rock. Ryan said he called for his parents but "they were sleeping." The two parents were actually in bed, smoking meth out of tinfoil, high out of their minds in bed. Elissa apologizes for his loss, hugs Ryan and says she has to leave to meet her mom. Ryan smiles as Elissa leaves.

Ryan fixes dinner again for Carrie Anne and takes it downstairs to her room. Carrie Anne is sedated, and Ryan sits on the bed caressing her head telling her all about Elissa and how Elissa is different and good for them. That she has a good heart. Ryan gets up and leaves the room and stops outside and remembers Elissa's CD in his pocket. He pulls it out, and smiles, forgetting to lock the door behind him.

Back at home, Elissa gets a call from her mom, who tells her that she got stuck working the night shift again and won't be home until after 10pm. Elissa hangs up and says it's okay. Back at Ryan's, we see Carrie Anne stir out of bed and open the door. She drags herself along the wall and up the spiral staircase and up the stairs of the basement. Ryan sits in his bedroom doing homework on his Macbook. All of a sudden he looks up and sees Carrie Anne running through the woods. Ryan jumps up and takes chase. At Elissa's house, she makes herself dinner and walks towards her bedroom, while Ryan runs after Carrie Anne under Elissa's house. Carrie Anne drags herself up the back porch steps. Inside, Elissa hears a loud bang at the porch door in her room. Elissa walks slowly towards it. She pulls back the curtains and sees nothing. She opens the door, walks outside, and is startled when Jillian comes from behind her. Elissa asks her how she got in, and Jillian tells her that she left her front door unlocked. The two walk inside laughing as Ryan holds a now sedated Carrie Anne under the porch.

The next day, Elissa is at band practice with Jillian, Robbie, and Jake when she gets a call from her mom that someone special is coming over. Elissa takes a shower at home when the doorbell rings. She gets to the staircase and sees Sarah inviting Ryan in. Elissa says hi and looks very happy to see him. At the dinner table, Sarah begins to grill Ryan on what happened that night and how he can afford to live in that house still. He tells her that what he knows of that night is what everyone else knows, he was upstate taking care of his Aunt Iris who had fallen very ill and could not take care of herself anymore. He continues by telling her that the house was inherited from his great grandpa and what money his parents did have he uses to pay the bills, while he goes to Bridgeport Community College slowly taking classes to eventually go to med school to become a psychiatrist. Elissa, offended by her mother's constant grilling, tells Ryan that her mom also went to a psychiatrist when her parents divorced. Sarah, very angry, snaps back that Elissa and Ryan can never spend any time together unless someone else is present, in his house or hers. Elissa gets mad and says that her mother is never home and it's unfair. Ryan says he better leave, and he understands. After Ryan leaves, Elissa snaps that Ryan is a nice guy, and that at his age, Sarah was too busy doing drugs and being a slut. Sarah yells at her, saying that she is trying very hard at this mother thing and that while she hasn't gotten it right in the past, she is trying her hardest now to do right.

The next day, Sarah is again talking to Officer Weaver about Ryan and Elissa and the eventful night before. Officer Weaver says if she thinks that is what's best for Elissa, then she needs to stand by it. Elissa is talking about the same subject the next day with Jillian. The two go to a park near school and meet Ryan. Elissa walks up to him and apologizes for her mother's behavior and that it won't stop her from seeing him. He is very hesitant because he does not want to make her mother mad. Jillian says the same thing, but Elissa responds back that Jillian is here now so she isn't breaking any rules. Ryan smiles and gives Jillian and Elissa a ride home. After dropping Jillian off, Elissa gets a phone call from her mother. Sarah is calling to make sure she is home and hangs up. Elissa explains she had all the house calls forwarded to her cell phone. Ryan says she is very devious and that he likes that about her.

They go to his house and sit in his backyard. Ryan talks about how when he was younger, his mother and he would sit on that very log and stare at the tree, and talk about how there are hidden secrets everywhere, just waiting to be exposed. Ryan asks Elissa what she sees in the tree, and after Ryan helps her out, she sees a face in the tree. The two begin to makeout, eventually moving inside.

Inside the basement, Carrie Anne awakens. She flattens a puzzle box and sticks it under the door. While Elissa and Ryan are making out, Carrie Anne is pounding on the door and eventually knocks the key off the door frame and pulls it out under the door and unlocks the door. Elissa says she has to go to the bathroom and walks off. Ryan smiles, meanwhile, Carrie Anne runs into the kitchen, grabs a knife and hides behind a wall. When Elissa walks out of the bathroom, Carrie Anne makes a run for it and Ryan sees her. He jumps up and tells Elissa she needs to leave immediately. Elissa walks out the front door and Ryan chases after Carrie Anne out the back porch door. Off the road at a park entrance, a couple are making out, the boyfriend trying to get some. The girl looks up and sees Carrie Anne running towards the car with the knife and she freaks out. The boyfriend laughs and gets out of the car and starts shouting for Carrie Anne to come out, come out, wherever she is. Ryan catches Carrie Anne in time and covers her mouth while she screams. Ryan trying to silence her, accidentally snaps her neck, killing her. Ryan and Carrie Anne's lifeless body fall to the ground and he begins to cry. Ryan then places Carrie Anne's body in his trunk and drives off.

Elissa, back at home, calls Jillian complaining about how Ryan suddenly kicked her out of his house after they were having a good time, and she doesn't what she did to make Ryan mad. Sarah knocks on Elissa's door and walks in as Elissa hangs up the phone. Sarah sits down and says that she is sorry for last night and didn't mean to overreact, it's just that she is trying really hard to make up for lost time and really be the mom she should've been. She hands Elissa a bag, saying she bought Elissa some makeup and an outfit for her Battle of the Bands. She reminds Elissa that if she wants to talk, she will always be there.

Ryan is driving his car and pulls off the road in the middle of nowhere. He opens his trunk and carries Carrie Anne's body out in the middle of the field, presumably dumping it. Ryan gets back in his car and drives to 'Rene's Corner,' a small diner in the middle of nowhere. Inside he drinks coffee and just looks very depressed. A young waitress wearing a Penn State sweatshirt tries to make small talk, saying he really knows how to pull that "Rebel Without a Cause" look very well. He remains silent. She walks by the counter and pulls out a piece of cake and some milk and says he should eat. She smiles and walks away as he stares at her very awkwardly.

Elissa is at band practice the next day when Ryan calls her asking to talk. He tells her that he is sorry for the other night and overreacted and that he wants her to come over and talk, he has things to tell her. She agrees and tells him to come to Battle of the Bands that night, and they can hang after. Ryan agrees and hangs the phone up. He gets up off his couch and installs new locks on the basement door.

That night, Ryan pulls into the parking lot at Battle of the Bands and Tyler and his friends are hanging out in front. Tyler makes the comment that Elissa must be a slut if she hangs out with him. Inside, Elissa is getting her makeup done when Ryan comes to her dressing room. She gets up and hugs him and is happy to see him. Suddenly, Robbie runs into the dressing room and says Tyler and his friends are jacking up his car. Ryan, Elissa and Jillian run outside, and Ryan begins fighting Tyler and his friends. Elissa and Jillian pull two guys off and Ryan begins to duke it out with Tyler. Ryan tackles him after taking a few punches and snaps Tyler's ankle. Tyler screams in pain while a group of people look on in horror. Ryan runs off into the night and Elissa screams after him. Tyler's friends take chase in their SUV after Tyler says there is only one place he will go. Elissa sees Ryan's keys and picks them up and drives off.

At Ryan's house, Elissa pulls up to see Tyler's friends setting rolls of toilet paper on fire and throwing them through a broken window, setting the house ablaze. They drive off as Elissa gets out of Ryan's car and runs into the house. Ryan is running through the forest crying and shrieking. Inside the house, Elissa knocks down the curtains on fire and puts them out. She picks them up and walks to the kitchen. She begins washing them in the sink when her mother calls her on the phone. She asks if she was with Ryan and she lies to her mother and says she is at home, but her mom doesnt believe her, so she tells her to call home, and then says that Ryan was defending himself. She hangs up and her mom calls the house phone, which forwards to Elissa's cell. Elissa picks it up, says "See I'm not lying" hangs up, and it is then when she looks down and sees a Tampon box in the garbage. She becomes skeptical and sees the baby monitor and the drawings again, and it clicks. She walks towards the basement door, and it is locked. She grabs Ryan's keys out of the door and unlocks the door and begins her ascent down into the basement

At the hospital, Tyler's parents have shown up and demands that Officer Weaver press charges against Ryan. Weaver once again comes to Ryan's defense saying that Tyler and his little cronies have been picking on Ryan ever since he came back and that maybe they should look at their own son instead of trying to place blame elsewhere. They are escorted away, and Sarah tells Weaver that she has a very bad feeling, and that on his way to Ryan's, he stop at her house to make sure Elissa is home. Weaver agrees and leaves

Back at Ryans house, Elissa is in the basement and hears a loud thud, but it's just Ryan's shoes inside the drier. She turns around and looks down and sees the edge of the hatch. She lifts up the rug and opens the hatch doors. She begins to walk down and sees the damp lit corridor and the door. She walks towards it, finds they key, and opens the door. She walks in, and Carrie Anne (Jordan Hayes) attacks her. Her mouth is taped up, and her hands are bound together. Ryan, out of nowhere, comes running into the room and sedates Carrie Ann. Elissa, freaked out, backs out of the room, bumping into the chair with a Penn State sweatshirt on it. As Elissa is backing away, we hear Ryan asking Carrie Anne why she must do this to him and that Elissa is good and won't harm them or do anything to separate them. Elissa walks upstairs back to the kitchen and pours herself a drink of water. Before she can drink it, she picks something off her arm, and it is a contact---a bright blue contact. She puts the contact on the counter and tears through Ryan's garbage again. This time she finds the contact lens box, showing bright blue, and a wallet. She flips through the wallet and finds a Penn State ID of a girl named Penny Rodgers. Ryan comes up from behind her and apologizes for "Carrie Anne." Elissa hands Ryan the wallet and asks if this is his. He grabs it from her and says yes. He then begins to beg Elissa to promise not to tell anyone about "Carrie Anne"." Elissa, obviously scared, says yes she will. She says she has to get home and that her mom is expecting her. As Elissa is walking to the door, Ryan knocks her unconscious, and she falls to the floor. He drags her body away, but her phone was left behind.

She awakens in the secret room, tied to a chair as Ryan ties up "Carrie Anne." He said he wants to be with Elissa, but he needs "Carrie Anne" more---unless Elissa becomes his "Carrie Anne." She begs and pleads with him to not do this, and that she can keep his secret. He yells at her that no she can't. He then tells her what really happened that day when they were kids on the swings and how it was his fault. We flash back, and Ryan's dad buried his sister in the forest. He was supposed to watch her, and he blames her death on himself and so did his parents and they punished him, and he stopped them. Elissa asks him what he means, but he ignores her. He picks up "Carrie Anne" and carries the body out of the room and leaves again.

Sarah, visibly frustrated, calls home and gets Elissa's cell phone voicemail. She calls Officer Weaver and tells him that Elissa has been lying this entire time and that she has been having the house calls forwarded to her. Officer Weaver says not to worry, he will handle it.

Back at Ryan's house we see him dump "Carrie Anne's" body in the trunk and back his car into the garage and close the door. Back in the basement, Ryan pulls out a box with a white dress, contacts and hair dye and at that moment, we hear the doorbell ring on the baby monitor and Ryan leaves, locking the door behind him. Upstairs, Ryan answers the door, and it is Officer Weaver. He invites him in, and Officer Weaver asks what happened with Tyler. Ryan says he was defending himself. Officer Weaver tells him that he will have to come in first thing in the morning to give a statement. Ryan agrees. Before he leaves, Weaver asks if Elissa is there with Ryan and that he has nothing to be afraid of. Ryan says no, Elissa went home. Weaver then leaves. Outside on the front porch, Weaver calls Sarah's house and it forwards to Elissa's cell phone, which Weaver hears ringing inside Ryan's house. Ryan grabs a knife and turns the lights off. Weaver, reacting, pulls out his gun and reenters the house. He walks throughout the home, and when he reaches the basement door, Ryan comes from behind, pushing him down the stairs. In the fall, Weaver breaks his ankle and has to drag himself away. Ryan comes up from behind and stabs Weaver twice in the chest, killing him.

While this is all taking place, Elissa has broken her legs free and used the bright lamp to burn off one of her arm restraints. As Ryan is walking towards the door, Elissa breaks free of the other arm. Ryan opens the door, and as he walks in, Elissa slams the door back into him, and he falls to the ground. Elissa locks the door behind him, trapping him in the room. Elissa runs up the spiral staircase into the basement and back up the basement stairs to find the door locked. She hears Ryan break down the door and runs to the back of the basement into the garage. She tries to open the garage door but to no avail. She jumps into his car looking for a spare key but no luck. She finds a mini lunchbox and inside finds a rag and a bottle of chloroform. At that exact moment, Ryan lunges into the car and shoves the rag in her face knocking her out. He pulls her body out of the car and throws it into the trunk.

Sarah pulls into Ryan's driveway and gets out of her car, running to his front door. She rings the doorbell a million times until Ryan answers. Ryan tries to play it off, saying hello. Sarah asks where Elissa is, and if she is there he won't be mad. Sarah barges herself in the house and starts screaming for Elissa.

Back in the garage, Elissa wakes up in the trunk next to the dead waitress's body. She panics and begins kicking out the backseat. Eventually she breaks through and gets out. Elissa picks up a hammer and breaks the garage window out. She hears her mom screaming and screams back for her. Upstairs, Sarah hears this and runs towards the basement door. Ryan comes up from behind and stabs Sarah in the stomach. Elissa tries to grab Weaver's gun on the floor but hears Ryan coming so she hides under the stairs. Ryan finds the broken glass from the garage and drops Sarah's body on the floor. Ryan then begins to shout that he is sorry to Elissa but "he needs Carrie Anne more." Elissa moves and knocks something over, and Ryan finds her under the stairs and begins to chase her. She kicks him and breaks free and lunges for the gun. She fires a few shots at Ryan but misses. He then gets to the breaker and knocks the power out. Elissa, heavily breathing, gets ahold of a flashlight and tries to get it to work. After a while, it flickers, and there is Ryan standing in front of her. As he lunges at her, she fires four shots into his body and he falls to the ground. Elissa finds the breaker and turns the power on. She walks towards Ryan's body to get the keys out of his pocket in order to escape, but he comes to life and lunges at Elissa. At that moment, Sarah comes from behind and whacks him over the head leaving him unconscious.

A few days later, Sarah is putting the last box in the back of her Bronco when she shouts for Elissa. She walks through the forest and finds Elissa sitting in Ryan's backyard, which is now covered in police tape. Sarah sits down next to her, and Elissa asks her what she sees when she looks at the tree. Sarah responds, "uh, a tree?" The two laugh and drive away.

Ryan has been commited to a mental institution and is putting a puzzle together. A flashback is played back of Ryan's mom bringing a cake out to the patio and saying "Happy Birthday Carrie Anne!" The child responds, "MY NAME IS RYAN! MY NAME IS RYAN!" The mom hauls off and slaps the daylights out of the kid and screams "YOUR NAME IS CARRIE ANNE!" The name echoes as Ryan smiles.

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Ryan’s sister died when she fell off the swings as a child. Ryan’s parent’s blamed him and punished him by making him dress up as his sister and pretend to be her. He is actually the one killing them at the beginning of the movie, dressed as a girl.

Since his parents had told everyone that he was sent away to live with his aunt, the town thought his sister killed the parents and ran off into the woods. After their deaths, Ryan (Max Thieriot) started abducting women, dressing them as his sister, and keeping them drugged and locked in the basement.

When Elissa (Jennifer Lawrence) stumbles upon his secret, he tries to make her into his “sister.” She gets away by shooting him, although he doesn’t die.

At the end of the movie, Ryan is locked away in a psych ward, and Elissa and her mom (Elisabeth Shue) move away.


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