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ElisabethShue is sleeping with Josh Brolin and once had a relationship with Kevin Bacon. Together the three are woking on an invisibility experiment.

Kevin Bacon tests the serum on himself. The problem is that when he wants to go back to normal, the antidote doesn't work and he cannot change back. He begins to go crazy and decides to leave the compound. He rapes the woman across from his apartment. He returns to the compund and pretends nothing has happened.

Bacon leaves again and Elizabeth Shue and Josh Brolin decide that it is time to let the man in charge (some military guy) know that they tested the serum without the General's approval. He tells them that they are fired and he is about to call the other people in charge of the project to let them know what has happened.

Unfortunately for him, Bacon has been watching him the entire time. He lures the General out to his pool and drowns him. Bacon returns to the compound and disables all access codes to the elevator except for his so the scientists are trapped underground.

He kills everyone except for the lead Brolin and Shue. They are locked in a freezer, and Bacon sets a bomb to destroy the lab. After she figures a way out, she goes after Bacon with a flamethrower. He is then electrocuted which causes him to be partially visible.

Shue and the Brolin climb the elevator shaft as the bomb explodes. Bacon attacks Shue who knocks him down the shaft and into the fire.

The End

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Kevin Bacon:
He dies when he falls down an elavator shaft into a fire.
Elisabeth Shue:
She's the one that pushed him (see above)
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