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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by S D who says... "I didn't think it was as good as the original, but the dance moves were very impressive!"

It starts off with the last day of school. The title, “Disney High School Musical 2” appears in the front of the school. The camera then fades to different parts of the school, such as the gym, the cafeteria, the theater, etc. But the credits stop as we reach Miss Darbus’s classroom. The clock is ticking and summer is the only thing people can think about.

Finally, the clock strikes 3:10 and its summer! The cast then break into the song, “What time is it?” where they express the joys of summer and how free they are. They dance and sing in the hallways and break dance. The entire school then does a small dance in the cafeteria, and the song ends.

Troy Bolton talks about how his parents want him to save up for college. Sharpay Evans talks to Gabriella Montez and finds out that she is staying in school until graduation, much to Sharpay’s displeasure. Taylor is talking to Martha and Kelsi about summer jobs and how they can’t get them because college kids take them. Troy then goes up to Gabriella’s locker and gives her a present; a necklace. They get very close to kissing, but then a random kid has him sign his yearbook, which he does.

After that, Sharpay offers Kelsi a job at her country club as a pianist, which she accepts. Sharpay talks to her brother Ryan about how she is going to get Troy, because in summer, “everything changes.” The song, “What time is it,” then continues as they dance in the front of the school.

Troy, Chad, and other boys then come bolting in his house after playing basketball. Troy gets a phone call from a man who offers him a summer job at a country club, and he doesn’t hesitate to accept.

Cut to the dessert, and Sharpay and Ryan are driving in Sharpay’s pink car. They check into their country club and meet Mr. Fulton, and talk about winning the talent show again. Ryan looks admiringly at one of the trophies and pretends to be talking to a reporter before Sharpay pulls him out of it and he follows her.

Sharpay, Ryan, and the Sharpetts then sing, “Fabulous.” At the end of the song, Sharpay falls into the pool, and Gabriella rescues her, telling her she is the new lifeguard. Wet and angry, Sharpay yells at Mr. Fulton, telling him she wanted him to hire Troy Bolton, not “the entire student body.” Sharpay and Ryan then go into a yoga session, talking to her mother. But her mother is too busy doing her yoga stretches. Sharpay goes back to Mr. Fulton and tells him to make the students want to quit.

Cut to Troy, Chad, Zeeke, etc., talking in the kitchen about their new summer job (working at the country club.) They are all dressed in blue uniforms. Mr. Fulton then talks to all of them, putting a lot of challenging tasks and pressure on them. He tells them that they will get fired from their job if they get three infractions of any kind.

Chad is full of anger, talking about how the summer is ruined. And, of course, they break into another song and dance called, “Work this out,” and in the end, after many dance moves, with each of them getting solos and banging on pots and pans, Chad agrees that they can all work out the difficult situation in front of them.

Cut to Troy and Gabriella having a picnic in the golf course. They talk about their future and college. Sharpay and Ryan are spying on them through binoculars and Sharpay orders the sprinklers to be turned on right before Troy and Gabriella kiss. They then dance in the sprinklers, still not getting their first kiss.

Mr. Fulton finds then and they get in trouble.

Troy and Gabriella then find Kelsi singing a song. She gives them the song and they start singing, “You are the music in me.” A little while later, Chad, Zeeke, Taylor, Martha, etc., all join in singing back-up. At first, Troy is reluctant to sing, but his attitude soon changes. At the end of the song, they sign up for the talent show.

Ryan is spying on them and tells Sharpay, who has guacamole on her face, that the song is good, but Kelsi didn’t write it for them. Sharpay then feels that it would be, “wonderful” if Troy was in the talent show.

Troy and Chad are working in the kitchen when Mr. Fulton tells the two they are caddying.

Cut to Sharpay, Ryan, Mrs. Evans (Sharpay’s mother), Troy, and Chad in a field. Mr. Evans arrives by helicopter and the game of golf then starts, with Troy and Chad caddying for them. Troy then gets involved in the game and Mr. Evans talks about some basketball team and how Troy could be qualified for them.

Troy is then attending dinner with Sharpay’s family, while Chad and Jason serve them. Troy them promises Sharpay that he will sing with her.

Once dinner is over, Troy changes into his swimsuit and meets Gabriella at the swimming pool. They swim for a little bit and lean in to kiss, but then Mr. Fulton finds them and they, once again, get in trouble.

The next scene is Troy and his dad fixing up a car at night. Troy talks about the dinner and how they were discussing scholarships at this dinner. Mr. Bolton then gives Troy the car that they were working on.

The next morning, Gabriella is doing some kind of pool exercises with the members of the country club when Troy finds her and apologizes for the previous night. Going to work, Mr. Fulton locates Troy and tells him that he is being promoted.

Troy then gets his own wooden locker and gives him the key to his own golf car. He teaches the younger children golf, including Sharpay, who claims she is terrible at golf. However, once he leaves, Taylor discovers that she is actually a pro.

The camera then cuts to Troy getting introduced to players of a basketball team. Chad serves Troy, Mr. Evans, and the basketball player’s lunch and Troy starts to become “one of them,” as some would put it.

Sharpay and Ryan approach Kelsi, who is at the piano, and Sharpay gets Kelsi to change the song, “You are the music in me,” to her key, because her and Troy are going to be doing it in the talent show. Kelsi has no choice but to do as she demands.

Troy and Gabriella start talking and Gabriella tells him how much he’s starting to change. Chad, Zeeke, and Jason enter the scene and offer to play a basketball game.  However, the conversation is interrupted when the basketball players offer him a ride to play scrimmage and he goes into the car and zooms away.

Gabriella and Taylor then invite Ryan to the baseball game and he agrees.

Troy is playing basketball with the professional team and, when he gets a break, he calls Gabriella, but she isn’t answering her phone.

At the game, Gabriella talks to the team (consisting of Chad, Jason, Zeeke, and others) that Ryan can help them all put on a show for the talent show. Chad asks if he’s got game and they break into the song, “I don’t dance,” with some impressive dance moves.

Troy then catches Gabriella and Ryan talking and laughing together and he looks suspicious. There is some tension between the couple.

Troy enters the kitchen and Chad and him get into a fight about the Red hawks (the basketball team, or at least that’s what it sounded like they said) and how much of a fancy life Troy is getting. But before things get too intense, Mr. Fulton comes and breaks up the fight.

The scene change to nighttime and there is a state, where Sharpay comes running down. Troy and her then rehearse their song with the Sharpettes. Troy asks if it can be low-key, since he is new to the performing thing, but as soon as he says it, sparks come out from the stage and the “rehearsal” could not be more high-key.

The next day, Troy is playing basketball by himself when he hears music and finds the group singing and dancing with Kelsi. He hides from the group, though, and doesn’t say anything. Sharpay is spying on them and goes and yells at Ryan, but Ryan seems to finally be his own man, with his own opinion, and he doesn’t give a care about how upset Sharpay is.

Sharpay, as evil as she is, goes to Mr. Fulton and complains. The next day, it is announced that no staff members can participate in the talent show, with Troy being an exception.

Troy and Gabriella find each other by the pool and Gabriella tells him how different he has become. Troy disagrees, but it doesn’t matter due to the fact that Gabriella starts singing, “Gotta go my own way.” In the end, they break up and Gabriella gets a ride from her mom.

Mr. Bolton finds his son sitting in his room, looking depressed. Mr. Bolton tells Troy how much he believes in him, and how he is sure Troy will figure out how to change things. Troy doesn’t look too convinced, though.

The next day at work, no one is speaking to him as he gets breakfast. Kelsi shows him the announcement that no staff members can participate and he crumbles the piece of paper and starts running up a hill. Anger flashes in his eyes as he power walks. He then sings the song, “Bet on it,” a pop song about how he is going to change things. He dances around the golf course, by some rocks, and by a lake.

Troy talks to Sharpay after the song ends and tells her he is quitting the show.

The big night arrives, the night of the talent show. Sharpay is in her dressing room, and she starts freaking out. She tells Ryan that they are doing their original song, but Ryan tells her he isn’t doing the show.

Troy is waiting anxiously in the kitchen when he sees Chad. They then apologize to each other and their “team” comes together again. Ryan tells Troy that he should sing with Sharpay, and Troy agrees.

The camera cuts to Sharpay crying in her dressing room, when Troy enters and tells her he is singing with her. But Troy also tells her the exception, which is that he will only sing if the Wildcats can sing as well. Sharpay gasps and looks like she is about to protest when a crash is overheard and Sharpay tells him the exception will work.

Troy goes on stage and sings, “Everyday,” a slow, sweet song with Gabriella. At the end of the song, everyone has joined in on stage, and the audience roars with applause. They all take their bow and Mr. Fulton is about to announce that the star dazzle award will go to Sharpay, when she grabs the microphone and trophy and presents it to Ryan. He is shocked, amazed, but oh- so- satisfied.

It then fades to the golf course and Troy and Gabriella, after so many “almost kisses” kiss on the lips as the sprinklers come on. Everyone else is dancing around the shooting water. The screen fades to black, but then re-opens to the pool. The sun is very apparent and everyone is having a good time. They sing the song, “One for all,” before Troy and Gabriella jump into the pool and the screen fades to black.

As the credits roll, a few outtakes can be seen.

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It’s summer, Sharpay gives Troy a job at the country club in order to get Troy for herself, Troy starts changing because of the environment, Troy and Gabriella break up, then sing and get back together, and everyone is happy.

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