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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Joanna.

Scott Voss (Kevin James) hops on his motorcycle and races to Wilkinson High School where he teaches biology. He’s late, and climbs through the window where the students and the vice principal are in the room waiting for him. He tries to cover, but the vice principal tells him that he’s been docked a vacation day. He tells the students to just do their work, so he can read the paper. He ignores the students and doesn’t care about his job.

He sees orchestra teacher Marty Streb (Henry Winkler) conducting his students and walks into the classroom. Marty clearly loves his job and cares deeply about the kids. Voss approaches him and asks him for a favor. He was given bus duty for being late and wants Marty to cover for him. He comes up with an excuse as to why he can’t be there. Just then, Marty gets a text from his 48 year old wife, saying she’s pregnant. He tells Scott that it’s a big secret and not to tell anyone.

Later, at a faculty meeting, Scott flirts with Bella Flores (Salma Hayek), the school nurse. Assistant Principal Elkins (Mookie Barker) tells everyone that there has to be cuts. Freezing supplies, last year’s pay scales, and all extra-curricular activities must be cut, including the music program. Marty will lose his job. Scott stands up for Marty, saying that the only reason they’re cutting the music program is so Marty will lose his tenure. He and Elkins get into it. Scott accidentally announces that Marty is having a baby. He says that all the teachers will raise the necessary $48 thousand to keep the program.

Scott and Marty talk about a game plan. Marty is so grateful to Scott. No teachers show up to the meeting except for Bella. Scott is ready to give up, but Bella talks him out of it. Scott of course tries to flirt with her.

Scott tries to get extra painting work from his brother Eric (Gary Valentine), but he has nothing. They brainstorm ideas as Eric ignores his kids and he and his wife insult one another. Scott takes a job teaching a citizenship class at night. His check is about $130 though. A student named Niko (Bas Rutten) approaches him and asks him for additional help.

He goes to his house and they end up watching The Ultimate Fighting Championship. Scott reveals that he wrestled in college. He learns that the loser of the fight won $10 K just for fighting. He wants to get in the game. He talks to Marty about it, and thinks he has what it takes to lose. He tells his citizenship class he’s leaving, and Niko is very upset. He tells him why he’s leaving and asks Niko to train him. He tells him that they’ll start immediately. Marty is going to use music to inspire him.

Two days later it’s time for the first fight. Scott is upset because the place has chicken fighting also. He puts on a crazy costume and goes into the ring. The fight starts and he gets beat up instantly with one kick, carried out on a stretcher. He goes to Bella the next day who fixes him up. She tells him that he’s crazy, and Marty will understand if he stops.

That night he goes to Marty’s house. His wife invites him in. She tells him about the baby, not realizing he already knows. He finds out that Marty buys old instruments on the internet and fixes them up for students who can’t afford him. He also finds out that Marty didn’t tell her about the cutting of the program. He leaves before talking to Marty and marches into school the next day with $750, saying that they will save the program.

Scott goes to see Niko who is teaching a class at a gym. Niko starts training him. Pretty soon it’s time for his next fight. Once again he starts to get his butt kicked. He starts to do better during the fight and doesn’t lose miserably.

The next day at school, his best student, Malia (Charice), hands in a test with three missing answers. She starts crying and tells him that her father is making her drop music to work in his restaurant. When she moved to America music meant everything to her. He encourages her to tell her father how she feels.

On the way to the next fight, Scott is quizzing Niko, and Marty forgot to bring Scott his dinner. He winds up eating applesauce that was left in the car. Before the fight starts they see that another fighter is using the same song that Scott uses which upsets him. That fighter seems to be really good and popular. Scott is so mad that he stole his song. Marty quickly changes Scott’s song to one that sounds like gospel music. Scott gets his butt kicked by the other guy. However, amazingly, Scott wins for the first time!!! Then he throws up the applesauce all over the other guy.

The next day at school, all of his students are making fun of him for throwing up – he’s famous! The clip is on YouTube. Malia tells him that he’s a hero for doing all that for them. Bella fixes him up, and he tells her that he’s made 3 thousand dollars so far. She hands him a check for $72 from a bake sale she had. He flirts with her some more, and she turns him down again. At training, he tells Niko that he wants to start learning some offense, so he can win more and fight less.

Niko has his friend and trainees work with Scott, and they beat him up a lot. That night there’s a celebration dinner with all the fighters. Bella goes over to Scott’s house to take care of him. She tells him that he dislocated his shoulder and has to go to the hospital. He says that’s too expensive and asks her to reset his shoulder. She does it (for the first time).

The next day he’s called into the principal’s office. Malia’s father is there, very upset. He’s also questioned about his fighting. He defends himself and goes to class. He actually tries teaching for once, like he did in the beginning of his career, with different antics, but the kids don’t give him a lot of attention at first since they’re used to doing nothing. They start listening though, and Bella, who is walking by, sees what he’s doing, and smiles.

Malia helps Niko study after school. Niko can’t remember anything, so she puts some facts to the tune of Faithfully by Journey, which is his favorite song. Scott keeps training, fighting, and giving more money to the school. There’s a montage of him doing these things, and also with him teaching. We see him lose some fights, and win others. Bella is impressed with how he is teaching. He asks her out again. She says yes, and we see Eric helping him cook dinner for her. Eric vents a little and tells Scott that painting was just their dad’s business, not his dream. Bella shows up and teases him about not really cooking. They start talking about fighting and she starts attacking him. Instead of kissing though, she leaves.

The next day at the gym, Scott talks to Niko about a bigger fight. Niko’s jealous of Scott since he has gotten so popular and good so fast. Niko was a fighter his whole life but hurt himself during training and lost his shot. Scott wants to fight in the UFC, and they go talk to a guy about it. He has a chance.

At the airport, Marty’s wife thanks him for everything, and Bella says goodbye. They get to Vegas and have fun, before Bella calls him and tells him that all the money he donated to the school was taken in embezzlement by Elkins. He decides to fight anyway. The champion Dietrich (J. Michael Trautmann) is pissed that he has to fight Scott (who is a replacement for someone else) and is ready to kill him. Before the fight starts, Scott runs out and sees Malia and the school orchestra playing for him. Bella is there, and she organized it all.

Scott is ready to fight and win. However, Dietrich immediately starts killing him, but he won’t give up. Scott doesn’t think he can finish the fight, and Marty tells him that he doesn’t care. They accomplished their job because the kids have been inspired. Scott is his hero. He goes in for round 3 and actually gets some hits against Dietrich. He starts hurting him, and you think he might win. Niko yells, as he has before, not to lose the grip. Believe it or not, Scott wins!!!!!

He and Bella kiss through the chain link fence surrounding the pen. Back at school, Marty continues to conduct his orchestra. Elkins tells him that due to his donation they can keep everything alive. Niko passes his citizenship test and is cheered on at his ceremony by his friends.


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