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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by herckykisses.

"Hellboy" starts out with a narration by Professor Bruttenholm (John Hurt). Bruttenholm is explaining to the audience a series of events all leading up to Hellboy's arrival on earth.

Bruttenholm's story begins in 1944, just as World War II is coming to a close, where a battalion of Allied soldiers have just infiltrated a "secret" Nazi "ceremony." This "ceremony," as we find out is being conducted by none other than the legendary Rasputin; chief advisor to the Romanov Family. Rasputin and his cohorts including his lover Ilsa and the deadly assassin Kroenen, are all gathering at an old temple of some sort to summon forthwith seven Gods of destruction, of which would be brought to the earth none other than to destroy it. Rasputin opens a portal that will allow the seven Gods of destruction to travel to earth, but just before he can summon all of them, he is stopped by Professor Bruttenholm and some Allied soldiers. A little scuffle ensues, with the Allies taking on Rasputin and the Nazis, but with Kroenen doing most of the damage, either shooting down or slicing apart a large number of the Allied soldiers. Professor Bruttenholm grabs a grenade, and blows up the machine of which Rasputin is using to summon the Seven Gods of destruction. Rasputin is split up into tiny little particles, Kroenen is impaled on a part of the machine and somehow manages to escape, and Ilsa escapes with a mystical book.

Later that night, the good guys find a baby demon with red skin, horns, and a very big right hand. Professor Bruttenholm tames it by offering it some of his Baby Ruth candy bar, and eventually dubbing the demon Hellboy.

Fast forward to 60 years ahead, to present day. Ilsa and Kroenen are still alive for some reason and are tracking down an ancient burial ground of which they will later go on to resurrect Rasputin, in the most gruesome fashion.

We cut to a New York health office, where Professor Bruttenholm has just been informed that he is very sick, and that he will not live much longer. Just as he is exiting from the doctor's office, Bruttenholm looks at a nearby television set where a talk show featuring Agent Manning is being interviewed. Agent Manning is constantly questioned about his relationship with an organization known as the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense, and always replies stating that there is no such thing as the B.P.R.D. Agent Manning is asked about the great myth known as Hellboy, and whether or not Hellboy actually exists. After he is shown a picture of Hellboy taking by an observer, Manning asks the talk show host why the photograph is so out of focus, a question that he relates to the Lochness and Big Foot legends.

Cut to the B.P.R.D. headquarters, where young FBI Agent Myers has just arrived. After a thorough inspection, Myers is let into the building, where he is greeted first by a half-amphibian half-human creature named Abraham Sapien.

Myers is then greeted by Professor Bruttenholm who explains to Agent Myers who and what Abraham Sapien is. After a brief moment where Bruttenholm feeds to Abraham a slew of rotten eggs, Bruttenholm takes Myers down to meet Agent Clay, whom of which will take Agent Myers into meet Hellboy himself.

Clay explains that the entire B.P.R.D. organization is like one big family, whereas Bruttenholm is the father and Hellboy and Abraham are the children. Hellboy is at first rude towards Agent Myers, and in no time a loud bell sounds, signaling an attack in the city, most likely from a monster.

After arriving at the scene of the crime, a museum down town, Hellboy and the gang start to explore, with Abraham, thanks to his psychic abilities, detects a room that is "full of ancient evil," of which indicates for Hellboy to interrogate it. Hellboy is then greeted by a monster known as "Sammael," a four legged slobbering, "Men in Black alien," like creature. Before Abraham Sapien can explain to Hellboy that Sammael is a demon that resurrects itself, Hellboy starts trash talking Sammael. In no time at all, Sammael and Hellboy fight, with Sammael giving Hellboy a serious beating at first. Their battle takes them from the museum to a dark alley where Hellboy is briefly greeted by a somewhat fashionable Rasputin. Disobeying Hellboy's orders to stay with the rest of the Agents, Agent Myers heads out after Sammael as well, which leads him later to the street where he is injured by oncoming traffic and is almost killed, but thanks to Hellboy's right hand, is saved.

Hellboy then follows Sammael into the train station and onto some tracks, where the two tussel for a bit, leading to Sammael jumping onto an oncoming train and scaring but not injuring any of the passengers. Hellboy jumps after him, but unfortunately is beaten down by the train operator and is thrown back onto the tracks, reluctantly watching as the train passes past above him. Hellboy recovers and gets up after Sammael, leading to Sammael jumping down onto Hellboy from above and implanting three eggs into him. No matter, Hellboy lays the smackdown on Sammael, resulting in Hellboy frying Sammael with some electrical wires.

Back at the B.P.R.D., Myers and Hellboy are being treated for their injuries, and Abraham Sapien explains that Sammael had laid three eggs inside of Hellboy. Don't worry though, "Abe," removes the eggs from Hellboy, in addition to explaining that they are very sensitive to heat and light. Later that night, Hellboy sneaks out of B.P.R.D. headquarters in order to visit his long time crush and friend Liz Sherman.

Liz as it seems, has registered herself at a local mental hospital due to her concerns that she might "hurt" someone. It seems as though Liz is a pyrokinetic, which translates into her being able to create fire, which usually occurs when she is excited or upset.

Outside of the mental hospital, Liz and Hellboy talk, with Hellboy trying to return to B.P.R.D. where she once worked alongside him and the other agents. Liz refuses, and soon enough a slew of agents arrive at the hospital to return Hellboy back to headquarters. As they are leaving, Agent Myers gets a look at Liz and is instantly attracted to her. At B.P.R.D. headquarters, Hellboy and the gang are treated with a lecture by Professor Bruttenholm, explaining that they must go back to the train station where Hellboy fought Sammael in order to seek and destroy anymore eggs Sammael might've laid.

Later on, Rasputin makes a visit to the mental hospital, where he provokes Liz into setting aflame and destroying the entire building. A flashback of Liz's past occurs where it shows a ten year old Liz being tormented by a group of other kids, whom of which are throwing rocks at her and calling her names. She becomes upset and sets aflame to everything and everyone around her.

Later, Agent Myers offers to talk to Liz as part of an attempt to have her return to B.P.R.D. Headquarters. Getting back to Hellboy himself, Hellboy and the gang travel back to the train station, where Abraham Sapien dives down into a murky room filled with water in searching for eggs. Sure enough, Abraham finds an entire cluster of eggs, but where there's the eggs, there's the parents, and Abraham is soon attacked by Sammael. Abraham barely escapes, but just as he is about to dive back to the surface, a second Sammael like creature appears and chases after Abraham.

Back on the surface, Hellboy, Agent Clay and two other FBI agents have split up, this time on the hunt for Sammael, unbeknownst to them that there are more than one Sammael like creatures now stalking them. While Hellboy tussels with one of the Sammael creatures, Agent Clay comes face to face with none other than Kroenen himself. Agent Clay tries shooting Kroenen at first, but unfortunately finds out that he is bullet proof and is treated with several stabbings in the gut. Kroenen then lies alongside Agent Clay, playing dead. Hellboy meanwhile, is still fighting Sammael, or one of them at least, which leads them to the train stop full of innocent civilians. Hellboy grabs Sammael by the tongue, and dangles him above an oncoming train, eventually releasing him and killing him. While the two other FBI agents are mauled on by a couple of the Sammael creatures, Hellboy finds Agent Clay and Kroenen.

Back at B.P.R.D. Headquarters, Agent Clay and Abraham Sapien are being treated for injuries, while Hellboy is confronted by a very prick'ish Agent Manning. Just as Hellboy is about to beat up Agent Manning, Liz Sherman arrives and is greeted warmly by Professor Bruttenholm and the entire B.P.R.D. force.

Later that night, Liz tells Hellboy that she is going out with Agent Myers to get some coffee, of which makes Hellboy very angry and jealous. Hellboy decides to spy on the two while they are out, of which leads to a sequence in which Hellboy meets up with a nine year old boy and together they spy on Myers and Liz.

Back at B.P.R.D. Headquarters, Professor Bruttenholm is conducting an autopsy on Kroenen. Unfortunately, Kroenen rises to confront Professor Bruttenholm. Rasputin as well makes an appearance opposite Professor Bruttenholm, to tell him about his plan to use Hellboy himself to bring about the end of the war. After that, Kroenen kills Professor Bruttenholm, slitting his throat.

After Hellboy, Liz, and Agent Myers are notified of Bruttenholm's death, there is a big funeral. Several days later, the decision to travel to Moscow to confront Rasputin and his gang is made, and soon Hellboy, Liz, Agent Myers, Agent Manning, and several other FBI Agents are on their way. Once arriving at the ancient temple included in the opening scene, Hellboy uses magic to awaken a dead man, who gives him directions on how to get to Rasputin.

The gang is on their way, but once inside, is split up due to a "Indiana Jones," like maze enhancing itself before everyone's eyes. Hellboy with Agent Manning and another FBI Agent, and Liz Sherman, Agent Myers as well as another FBI Agent. Hellboy and Agent Manning argue on an old bridge, while a huge contraption of some sort swings through, knocking off and killing the nameless FBI Agent as well as the dead guy Hellboy woke up. Hellboy slides Agent Manning through the closing door on the other side, and quickly jumps under himself. Hellboy and Agent Manning then come face to face with Kroenen. Kroenen battles Hellboy, with it becoming evident that Hellboy has the upper "right hand." Hellboy almost falls through a trap door on the ground, and is almost killed when Agent Manning saves him, distracting Kroenen for a split second. Hellboy then uses some rope, and pulls Kroenen into the pit, where he is impaled once again. Hellboy then traps Kroenen in the pit, throwing some clock pieces.

Cut back to Liz Sherman and Agent Myers and that other nameless FBI Agent. The three of them have just entered a room filled with Sammael like creatures. The nameless FBI Agent guy is pounced on and killed, while Hellboy pounds his way into the room. Liz, fearing that Hellboy is in danger, tells Agent Myers to hit her so that she may become excited and fry the Sammael creatures. Myers reluctantly does this, and heads for cover while Liz sets aflame to the Sammael like creatures and the rest of the supply of Sammael eggs {Hellboy is fire proof, so he's okay.} Unfortunately, everyone in the room is knocked out by the firey blast Liz created, and the remaining bad guys Ilsa and Rasputin arrive at the scene, tying and locking up Agent Myers and Hellboy.

When Hellboy wakes up, he realizes that he has been chained up, and that Myers is also tied up. Rasputin has Liz on a counter in front of him, telling Hellboy that if he does not pronounce a few magical words, then he will take Liz's soul. Hellboy, knowing that if he does state the magical words that he will become evil and corrupted, refuses to cooperate with Rasputin. Rasputin takes Liz's soul, but offers to return it if Hellboy cooperates with him. Hellboy finally agrees, and then the portal that is used to bring the Gods of destruction to earth is once again opened, and a huge tentacled creature is summoned. Myers breaks free and beats down Isla, and then proceeds to turn Hellboy back into a good guy. Hellboy rips off his horns, {his horns have grown into long devil like horns} and impales Rasputin on one of them.

Hellboy and Myers gather up Liz and head out, but not before the huge tentacled creature arrives from Rasputin's body. After dispatching of Isla for good, the monster chases after Hellboy, eventually grabbing ahold of him and devouring him whole. Hellboy however, was given a slew of grenades and dispatches of the creature from the inside, blowing it up "Men in Black" style.

Hellboy returns to Agent Myers and the late Liz Sherman. After saying some magical phrase, Liz is resurrected and then proceeds to make out with Hellboy.

Agent Myers realizes that the two {Hellboy and Liz} are right for each other.


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