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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Spectre.

We open to a woman, Mallory Kane (Gina Carano) is staking out a diner in the middle of nowhere. She goes inside and orders some tea. A car pulls up. Inside is Aaron (Channing Tatum). Mallory curses under her breath; this was not who she was expecting. Aaron sits down and orders a cup of coffee.

Aaron relates that he is hungover and is not in the mood. He spent the whole night driving to get her. Mallory asks him if "he" (their boss) mentioned why he had to get her or what she has done. Aaron shrugs. Mallory asks if he knows about Barcelona, or Dublin. Aaron says he knows nothing about it. Mallory smirks and tells him he knows nothing. Aaron wants them to go and get it sorted out but Mallory is unwilling. "You're really not going to get into the car with me?" Aaron asks. Mallory nods.

Aaron takes his coffee and throws it into Mallory's face. He grabs her by the hair and starts beating her up. A nearby customer, Scott (Michael Angarano) tries to pull Aaron off her but is pushed back. But that action gives Mallory the distraction necessary in order to get out of Aaron's choke hold and start taking back the advantage. Mallory gets in a few hits before Aaron takes out a gun. A waitress hits him with a coffee pot. Mallory knocks him out fully and takes his gun. Mallory goes to Scott and tells him they are going on a little drive. She takes his keys and they head out.

While on the road, Mallory instructs him how to treat a wound on her shoulder. Scott is freaked out and asks if she is in the drug business. Mallory says no. Scott guess government, and Mallory tells he is right with one caveat. She is not officially government but part of a freelance group that is hired by the U.S. government. Her whole mess started when she was contracted for a job in Barcelona, Spain.

We now jump back a week. In a government office, Kenneth (Ewan McGregor), the head of the private firm, is briefing a U.S. contact Colbenz (Michael Douglas) and their Spanish ally Rodrigo (Antonio Banderas) about the job they want done. Kenneth has some concerns about the contract, and talks it over with Colbenz. Kenneth also has a problem with Mallory being hired for the job. Colbenz is firm though, saying he knows Mallory is his best operative and they need his A squad on his job. Kenneth agrees to free up her schedule.

Mallory heads to Barcelona, where she is to meet up with three other men on her team. One of which is Aaron. The other two Jamie, and Victor arrive shortly thereafter. Their mission is save a man Jiang, who is being held hostage in an apartment building. The main bad guy holding him, goes out once a day for about 4 minutes to a coffee shop. Mallory and the team have to use that window to extract Jiang. Aaron is concerned during planning that they don't have enough men, but Mallory says they will do just fine.

The team spends two or so days staking out the building. Mallory sneaks into the building, and pretends to speak to the landlord to get a idea of the buildings layout and plant putty in the doors, allowing for easy access. When the main guy goes out again, they spring their trap. Mallory, Jamie and Victor go inside with Uzi's while Aaron is doing surveillance outside in the car. Mallory gets to the door where Jiang is being held and kicks it down and throws flash bangs. They tie up the kidnappers and take Jiang out.

Meanwhile, Aaron is being blocked by a garbage truck and doesn't have a clear viewpoint. Just as Mallory and the team come out, the main bad guy sees them and pulls his gun, firing at them. Mallory stuffs Jiang in a car and takes off after him. Mallory chases for a good while before cornering him in a hallway. The man tries to distract her with throwing dishes at her, but Mallory just smacks him in the head with a pan of her own. They engage in a brutal hand to hand fight, ending with Mallory crashing a steel door down on him. Mallory gives him the bird as she walks away.

Mallory and Aaron take Jiang to the airport where he handed over to Rodrigo. Jiang thanks Mallory and Aaron for saving him and heads off.

That night, Mallory is packing up her things with a glass of wine. Jamie and Victor have already headed home. Aaron talks to her a bit about leaving Kenneth's company. Mallory says she left Kenneth 6 months ago (they were in a relationship apparently) and she left the company an hour ago before the "ship sank." Aaron says he will stay with Kenneth's company as long as he can pay. "If you would stay though..." Aaron says, looking at Mallory. Mallory pulls at Aaron's pant buckle and kisses him hard. It can be assumed they have sex.

San Diego. Mallory is back home, working on unpacking her apartment. She gets a package in the mail from her father Mr. Kane (Bill Paxton). It is his latest book. Mallory hears someone at the door. She goes for her gun. After looking through the keyhole, she stands down. It is only Kenneth. She lets him inside. Kenneth explains he has another job for her, practically a "paid holiday." Mallory scoffs, saying she has recently done 3 jobs for him and needs a break. Kenneth explains she was requested and he really needs it for the business. All she has to do is work with an British agent and pose as his wife at a party in Dublin Ireland. It is 2 days in and out. Then she can have a real vacation. Her contact is Paul (Michael Fassbender). Kenneth gives her a brooch to wear so Paul will know it is her.

Dublin, Ireland. Mallory waits for Paul at the airport. They kiss and give each other a hug as part of their cover. They head for the hotel.

At the hotel, they unpack there bags, and assess their equipment. Mallory and Paul agree they will not bring their guns to the party. Paul asks to shower first since she will probably take longer. Mallory agrees. While he is doing that, Mallory takes his phone and turns on the GPS to sync with her phone so she'll know if he tries anything funny. Paul gets out and Mallory goes to get changed.

Mallory gets out of the bathroom in her dress. Paul is taken aback. "You look fantastic," Paul says. Mallory tells him to zip up her back and they head out to the party.

At the party, they make contact with the man their supposed to, Studer. Studer suggests they should go skiing the next day, but they tried to decline. Studer is firm so apparently they have choice but to accept.

Mallory and Paul drink. Mallory asks about Paul's family; he has his parents, two brothers, and a niece. They don't know what he really does for a living. Mallory tells him her father knows what she does because she couldn't lie to him. At the bar, a man walks by and gives her a glare. Mallory tells Paul she's been recognized so Paul tells her to handle him while he deals with Studer.

Mallory checks out the guy who looked at her but he is with several women. Mallory goes into the staircase and checks her phone. Paul is on the move. She looks outside. Paul is talking with Studer.

Studer is told by Paul that something will be taken care of soon. Studer tells him to be quick about it. Paul goes into the barn to look at something.

Studer finds Mallory in the hallway, and Mallory claims to be looking for the bathroom. Studer points her in the right direction.

Instead, Mallory goes outside and looks inside the barn. It seems normal, until she sees the bed with handcuffs on the railings. Looking under the bed, she finds Jiang shot in the head. In his hand is Mallory's brooch. Mallory starts to piece together a set up. She was supposed to wear that brooch not for Paul, but security cameras could pick it up as she waited. Paul waited until she was in the shower and took it from her bag. She was supposed to go down for murder. Mallory pockets the brooch as Paul calls her asking where she is. Mallory lies and says she is in the bathroom and runs to rejoin the party. Mallory knows something is up, she just doesn't know why.

Mallory and Paul return the hotel. Mallory pretends nothing is wrong. As she steps into the room, Paul knocks her in the back of the head and gets her in a choke hold. Mallory knocks him back into a wall to break his grip. They get into a vicious beat down that goes through the entire room, with Mallory breaking several vases over his head, flipping him over a table, and then finally kicking him through a glass door. The battle proceeds in the bedroom, where Mallory chokes Paul out and he falls to the floor. Mallory gets on top of the out of breath, frazzled Paul. Without even asking why he tried to kill her, Mallory recovers her gun and uses a pillow as a makeshift silencer and shoots Paul in the head.

Mallory drags his dead body into the tub and fills it with water, while she gets a shower. She finds his cell phone and that he had two missed calls. She calls the number. It is Kenneth that picks up asking Paul "if the divorce is final." When he doesn't get a response, he realizes that it is Mallory and that she is still alive.

Mallory calls her Dad at his house in New Mexico explaining things have been bad at work and she will need to come home in a few days. Mr. Kane tells his daughter to watch her back and she tells her father to keep his eyes open. "I haven't shut my eyes since you were born," her father says. 

Mallory leaves the hotel, but realizes she is being followed. She runs through a parking garage and leaves her phone in a car, thinking that is how she is being tracked. And yet she is still pursued. When ducking into a shop to buy a new phone, Mallory takes a knife to her backpack to find an additional tracker. She dumps it and continues to run, entering a hotel as SWAT surrounds her. She gets to the top of the building and breaks up a laundry room. Two SWAT officers comes in and she turns on the machines to distract them and them proceeds to knock them out. Mallory gets to the rooftops and jumps across several, eluding the police. She reaches a cable to travel down but it breaks halfway, causing her to take a nasty fall. She pulls herself up and steals some clothes from a nearby car, allowing her to get through a police checkpoints.

At a wharf, Mallory calls Rodrigo under the pretense of thanking him for his help. She then throws him a curve ball, asking him who sold them out in Barcelona to Studer, him or Kenneth. Rodrigo calls Colbenz and tells him what Mallory said; Colbenz tells him to stay inside for a while. Colbenz calls Mallory and she explains a bit of what has been happening. Colbenz has been suspicious of Kenneth for a while now and will help Mallory in every way she can.

Back in the present, Mallory makes Scott reiterate what she has told him. Mallory explains she got a fake ID from London, traveled to Canada, then crossed the border over to U.S.

Mallory and Scott come up to a police checkpoint. Mallory U turns quickly and runs. The cops give pursuit. Mallory goes down a dirt road, annoying Scott since he bought the car a week before. Mallory gets blocked, so she drives in reverse, boxing in another cop coming in from behind. Just as Scott is congratulating her on her good driving, a deer running by crashes into the back windshield, slamming them into a tree. Despite no injuries to them, Mallory says they shouldn't run anymore since they've done enough. They are taken into custody.

Mallory and Scott are put into separate cars. Mallory tries to tell the cops that she is a freelance operative and they need to be extra careful that the federal agents they are turning her over to are the real thing and not killers. It's not just her; they will kill Scott too. The cops disregard her warnings and tell her to shut up.

At the meet up spot, Mallory pulls her cuffed arms under her legs to get them in front of her to pick the lock. A SUV rolls up, and true to her warning, contains assassins, who slaughter the cops. Mallory jumps and takes a pistol from a dead cop and kills one of the assassins. She jumps into the other car where Scott is and drives off, saving him. Mallory tells him to call a certain number and tell them everything she told him, so it will clear his name and keep him safe.

Colbenz and Kenneth meet. Colbenz reprimands Kenneth for this mess, saying it should not of happened. Furthermore, Kenneth should be at Mr. Kane's house telling him his daughter is a killer.

Mallory makes it to her father's house and sets a trap in the circuit breaker. Mr. Kane suggests they could leave for Buenos Aires, but Mallory says she isn't running anymore. Mallory tells her dad to keep mentioning Barcelona to Aaron to get a rise out of him.

Kenneth, posing as a government agent, explains to Mr. Kane that his daughter killed an agent of the British government, killed four cops, and kidnapped a teenager to aid her escape. Kenneth asks if he heard from his daughter. Mr. Kane says he got a text ten days ago saying she was going to Barcelona. Kenneth presses for more information, but Mr. Kane denies knowing nothing, and keeps mentioning Barcelona, which puts Aaron on edge.

Mallory calls her father from outside the house. She tells him to give it to Kenneth. Mallory tells Kenneth he can either tell her now why he sold her out or he can do it when her hands are around his neck. Kenneth tells her she can't win just as Aaron realizes Mallory is in the house. The charge on the circuit breaker goes off and the power goes out. Mr. Kane says shouldn't Kenneth be calling for help? Kenneth says they can handle it.

Two of Kenneth's men go look for Mallory. She kills the one near the circuit breaker and heads upstairs.

Aaron gets a text from Mallory with a picture of Jiang dead. Aaron realizes something is wrong. Aaron argues with Kenneth asking what is going on. Kenneth tries to dissuade him. Aaron says they were hired to save that man, not auction him off to be killed. Realizing he has been caught in a lie, Kenneth steals Aaron's gun and shoots him in the gut. Kenneth runs. Mr. Kane tries to tend to Aaron but he says he is fine and tells him to help Mallory.

Meanwhile, Mallory fights with the other henchman upstairs. Her father gets up just as she breaks the guy's neck.

Mallory sees Aaron has been shot and tries to stop the bleeding. Aaron can't believe he just met her a week ago. "Eight days," Mallory corrects him. Aaron says he is trying hard to control his breathing. But it is no use. Within a few minutes, he is gone. Mallory remembers their night in Barcelona; despite not knowing him long, she had started to feel a connection to him. She is angered he was fooled by Kenneth just like she was and it cost him his life. Mr. Kane hugs his daugther, quickly deducing she felt something for Aaron. Mallory asks where Kenneth is and her father said he ran. Mallory goes outside and scans the property. "You better run," Mallory sneers. Kenneth is nearby, not making a sound.

Mallory travels to an air hangar via motorcycle to have a chat with Colbenz. Colbenz tells her he helped by making sure Kenneth would be at her father's house (that's why Colbenz talked to him; to push him into going up there so Mallory could kill him). Mallory makes Colbenz promise the government will smooth things over with Scott and buy him a new car for his trouble. Mallory asks about Kenneth, and Colbenz says he went over the Mexican border. Colbenz offers her a government job, saying it will pay less but her name will be cleared. Mallory says she will give him an answer after she finds Kenneth.

Kenneth tries to call Studer but Studer refuses to talk to him.

Kenneth hides out in a hotel with fake ID's and cash. He leaves his room and tells his bodyguard he is just going on a walk.

Kenneth heads to the beach. Mallory is behind him and runs up and starts beating the crap out of him. While Kenneth gets in a few hits, it is a one sided affair overall. Kenneth tries to run while Mallory calmly walks behind him. Kenneth gets his foot trapped between some rocks. Mallory tells him to start talking before the tide gets too high.

A flashback occurs that explains the conspiracy. The man that Mallory "saved", Jiang, was a reporter. He had been writing unflattering things about Studer in the papers. Rodrigo suggested a two birds one stone proposal to Studer. Mallory was about to leave Kenneth's company and take the business with him, leaving his company worthless. So Kenneth will use Mallory to extract Jiang to hand over to Rodrigo who in turn will hand him over to Studer to be killed. Then Kenneth will have Mallory killed so there will be no ties to the crime. Rodrigo explains he is doing this for Studer's money and so he can retire with a new wife.

We see Kenneth in a bar recruiting Paul, trying to sell Mallory as a bad agent, saying they will say she went rogue and killed Jiang, and Paul killed her in self defense. Paul asks what this is really about; Kenneth scoffs and says "Money. It's always money." Paul asks how good Mallory is; Kenneth says she is good but he should be able to handle himself.

Kenneth says that is all he knows. Mallory leaves him trapped in the rocks to be drowned in the tides in revenge for betraying her and killing Aaron.

Majorca. Rodrigo is relaxing with his new trophy wife when there is a knock at the hotel door. His wife answers, and a figure, Mallory, busts in and knocks her unconscious. Rodrigo notices his wife hasn't return and goes to look for her, just as Mallory drops down from the roof behind him. He hears the noise and turns around.

"Oh shit," Rodrigo says.

Roll credits.

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