Ghosts of Georgia

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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Joanna.

True Story

The movie begins with flashes of a man and a young girl in the woods.

Suddenly it’s June 14, 1993 in Atlanta, Georgia. A woman, Lisa (Abigail Spencer) sits on her bed and sees flashes of a ghost in the corner saying “Lisa, listen to me, I love you so much.” The ghost gets closer to her, so she takes a pill as tears stream down her face. Her daughter, Heidi (Emily Alyn Lind), enters the room and scares her. She asks her mom about the new house they are moving to, and the ghost is gone.

The family drives to their new house 2 days later in Pine Mountain, Georgia. The father, Andy (Chad Michael Murray) is already there waiting for them. Inside the house, they hear a strange noise, and it turns out to be a raccoon (they are in the boonies!). Heidi is decorating her windows with butterflies and all of a sudden she sees an old man dressed in a suit outside, but he disappears. Lisa’s sister Joyce (Katee Sackhoff) shows up to say hello, but in true fashion she brought her suitcases to stay with them a while.

That night on the deck as they are talking, Heidi hears sounds coming from the old trailer on the property. Joyce asks who lives there, and Heidi says a girl does – she just saw her. Joyce plans on staying in the abandoned trailer and Heidi sees a girl leave it. Lisa, while taking out the garbage, hears noises coming from the woods. She picks up a rake, but when she gets to wear the noises/rustling are coming from nothing is there at first – but then she sees a decomposing body. She convinces herself that it’s nothing and it disappears. Heidi shows up, and Lisa tells her to go to bed, she’ll be there in a second.

Joyce talks to Heidi and tells her to just close her eyes and relax. Heidi does, but she sees ghosts. Joyce tells her that when they were born they had a veil over their faces, which means they have a gift that other people don’t have – of feelings and things. Heidi goes to bed.

The next day while taking a bath, Lisa sees her mother (Morgana Shaw) again, telling her to be a good girl and listen to her – this time getting angry. Andy comes in and tells her if the pills don’t work she needs to stop using them, but she just says it’s hard when they start to wear off. He goes to work, he works as a corrections officer, and they begin their day.

June 22

Heidi gets her bike out. She’s having trouble riding and falls off when she hears something and sees the old man right on top of her. Joyce is driving later and sees Heidi’s bike on the ground. She brings it home and Lisa is worried because Heidi’s been gone an hour. Heidi shows up and tells Lisa that  Mr. Gordy told her that she can’t say where she’s been. She tells her that Mr. Gordy took her a swing set like the one in her dream. They call Andy and she takes them there – no current swing set, but there was one there a long time ago. He also told her there was money buried in the backyard.

That night while doing dishes, Lisa sees the lights flicker. She gets scared as the radio turns on. Suddenly, the pantry door opens and we see Mr. Gordy (Grant James) standing behind her, but she doesn’t see him – just feels weird. She hears Heidi laughing and sees her talking through the window asking if whoever is out there is a bad man, but there’s no one there. Lisa thinks he’s imaginary, but Heidi insists he’s not. Lisa goes outside and sees Andy and Joyce are digging up the money in the backyard as Mr. Gordy watches them.

In the house, Lisa sees her mother again telling her not to be afraid and let them in. Outside she closes her eyes and sees a man walking towards her – the decomposing body. She opens her eyes and sees him face to face and runs inside.

June 24

Joyce went on a shopping spree with all their money they found in the backyard. She also found out that the Gordy family owned the property 200 years ago. They put a lot of pictures of old men out on the table and Mr. Gordy and Heidi picks him out. Lisa still doesn’t want to believe it. She and Joyce fight because, this is a “gift.” Heidi pretends to be asleep when Lisa goes to talk to her, but in reality she is staring outside at Mr. Gordy.

July 7

Pastor Jordan Wells (Lance E. Nichols) goes to talk to them. He tells them that this was a very important house because it was a big part of the Underground Railroad. He tells them about Mr. Gordy and how he wasn’t nice, and something was off about him. Heidi says “Mr. Gordy’s nice to me,” which causes confusion with Pastor Wells.

That night while taking down laundry, Joyce hears noises. She sees a light in the distance. She goes to explore and finds a little quilt. She calls hello and sees a ghost, so she runs back home. While Heidi sleeps there’s a ghost in the room, and noises saying “help us.” In the morning, the female ghost is still there but leaves. Heidi sits on a bench in the field staring at something while Lisa watches her from the house. When Heidi closes her eyes it all turns black and white. She gets up and walks to the woods to explore. Mr. Gordy shows up and she keeps asking him what the noise is but he says nothing. Andy walks over to her, but he can’t see anything. He takes her back to the house – they got her a dog named Chief. Now the dog’s hearing noises. He disappears and Andy and Heidi hear him barking/crying from the woods. They go to find him and hear him crying. Andy tells her to sit down and not move. Andy finds Chief in a box/trap. Heidi gets scared as she hears noises and calls for her father and she hears noises calling “Heidi.” Andy gets Chief out of the box and sees bones in the box as Chief runs away.

Heidi starts to wander and sees the swing and an African American man on it for a second. She also sees an African American woman standing there and one hanging. She starts to cry as Andy rescues her, but he can’t see the swing at all.

He takes her home and the trap also so they can look at it. He found a lot of them in the woods. That night while sleeping Lisa sees visions of ghosts, worms, Heidi, etc. Heidi sees Chief outside.

July 22

Andy sees Heidi talking to no one. She tells him that she’s talking to Mr. Gordy. We see him walking away, and they hear noises again. They go to explore and find some type of old fort. It has “God bless the station master” written on the wood – the leader of the underground railroad spot. There are flowers and things all over it. They see an old woman and her grandson and are freaked out. Joyce told them that they could go out there and sold them the quilt which when hung meant it was safe for the slaves to get there. Mama Kay (Cicely Tyson), the old woman, talks to Heidi. She knows she is special because Heidi said to Andy, “Do you see her too?” Mama Kay tells her to be careful because sometimes the devil talks to children.

Andy goes back home to have a family meeting and tell them about it, but Heidi is excluded. The young man had told Andy all about what happened back then, and he wants to share it with them, so Lisa tells her the PG version. Basically, the KKK killed the station master, hanging him (the man that Heidi saw) and also two of Mama Kay’s ancestors (the other two Heidi saw). Heidi is upset that Lisa doesn’t believe her about Mr. Gordy. While folding laundry, Lisa is wondering what is taking Heidi so long in the tub. She goes to check on her but she’s not in there and the lights flicker. She sees shadows outside, the decomposing body in the bathroom, and Heidi is under the water in the tub. She gets her out and Heidi starts throwing up sawdust, worms, and bugs.

Andy meets them all at the hospital. The doctor comes by who obviously thinks Lisa is crazy. Heidi tells Lisa, “It’s hard when people don’t believe you, isn’t it.”

July 25

They call the Pastor over to try and get the devil out of the house. As they do the “cleansing” Joyce, who is not participating, sees visions all around her of ghosts. Instead of oil on Heidi, she sees her decomposing and bugs all over her and Lisa. As Heidi sleeps, there is more noise and a ghost woman at her door. Heidi hears someone playing the piano and gets to explore. She sees the slave woman playing it. They both go outside, and the slave woman walks into the woods. Heidi follows her and picks up the doll she left on the ground. Inside the house, a picture of Heidi hanging on the wall gets a crack in it.

Lisa has visions of Heidi running into the woods and dead as well as other visions like the decomposing body next to her. Andy runs into the room and says Heidi is gone and to call the cops. He gets his gun and runs into the woods finding her teddy bear on the ground. He hears her calling for help, and she says she’s down in the hole. She’s in the underground railroad fort underneath in a trapdoor/hole. He tells her to sit tight so he can find a way to get her out, but she is crying and screaming saying “don’t leave me down here with them daddy!” Suddenly a door where she is trapped opens up. She looks terrified and asks if it is Mr. Gordy. She continues to scream for help as she hears and sees things and ghosts right in her face. Andy starts to get down to her with a ladder he found, but she’s gone. She comes back and runs into his arms. He asks her how she found this place, and she says the girl showed her. There are skeletons down there, and she says something else is down there with her and she wants to get out. What Heidi found however, is historic, as the skeletons are those of slaves who were not able to get out when the station master was killed, and it’s all over the news.

Heidi tells them that she doesn’t want to live there anymore. Joyce tells them that the spirits are free now because of Heidi. Heidi tells them that Mr. Gordy told her that now she let the bad spirits out. The station master wasn’t a good man, and now she let him out. Lisa is yelling at Heidi to go back to bed, but Andy is now believing Heidi and wants to get out. He goes outside for a second, and we see a ghost behind him (the stationmaster). He goes back inside and starts to pack some stuff up. He tells Lisa that maybe it’s not a sickness, but a gift.

The next day Joyce tells Heidi she will be lonely there without them as she plans on staying in the trailer.

July 27

Andy and Lisa pack up the car, and Joyce once again takes down some laundry, hearing noises again. They’re getting in the car, and Heidi sees Mr. Gordy again. Apparently Chief does too because he starts barking at him and runs off. Heidi tells Andy they need to leave RIGHT NOW. He locks her in the car to go find Chief and Heidi stays in the car terrified. The radio in the car turns on, and the door to the trailer keeps opening and shutting. Joyce sees the slave ghosts outside, and everything is now lit up. She asks why they are there and they disappear after turning their heads. Joyce now sees a ghost (stationmaster) walking to the car where Heidi is. She screams to her, but the ghost now turns to Joyce instead. She gets back in the trailer and everything starts falling and shaking. She tries to call Lisa, but she had just packed up the phone. The ghost now shows up outside the trailer and Joyce starts choking. She starts choking up needles and stitching, as the station master was also a taxidermist. Her whole body is now being sewn up right before our eyes.

In the car, Heidi is scared, and the radio is going crazy, as well as the headlights. Someone approaches the car and suddenly the radio turns off. It’s the ghost of the stationmaster. In the house, one of the underground railroad conductors suddenly shows up pointing outside. Lisa runs out of the house to the car, but Heidi’s not there – instead there are bugs in the car. Lisa goes to check the trailer, and Andy finds one of Heidi’s shoes outside. He drives off, complete with the car door open, into the woods to find her. He turns sharply when he sees a female ghost standing there and gets injured on his head as he crashes. He collapses out of the car, and Lisa finds Joyce dead in the trailer hanging from the ceiling with stitching coming out of her face. The stationmaster stands outside causing the windows to crack and he starts to walk to the trailer. Lisa cuts all the stitching trying to save her sister, which causes her to fall to the ground – she’s not dead. Joyce tells her that Heidi is “with him.” “He” is now in the trailer staring at them and she keeps seeing her sister as a decomposing body. Lisa is about to take her pills, but Joyce tells her not to. The slaves ghosts are now in the trailer, and Joyce tells her to go.

Outside the trailer, we see all the conductor ghosts and more slaves. She follows them all into the woods and to the fort. She calls for Heidi and walks down a ladder into the trap door where she was before. She sees visions of the ghosts. Where she is like that animal trap – they get in but can’t get out, get weak and starve. She starts kicking out the wood and sees lots of skeletons/decomposing bodies, and taxidermy animals. They scare her and she falls, dropping her lantern causing a fire. She realizes now that he would kill the people and then taxidermy their bodies. She finds Heidi tied down to a table. She gets her off the table, and they try to escape as the stationmaster appears. She gets Heidi out, but the ghost is in her face. She remembers hearing all her family members telling her to let the ghosts in and not be afraid of her gift. She sees visions of the taxidermied bodies coming back to life, seeing the station master locking them in 150 years ago, her mother, etc. Now that she no longer fought it, they disappear, and she escapes because Mr. Gordy helped her out. He was the grandson of the stationmaster. He didn’t want anyone on the property because he wanted his grandfather to be remembered for the good he did, not the bad.

They decide to stay at the house now that the ghosts are gone. Andy puts up a swing for Heidi, and she goes for a bike ride. She still struggles with it, under Mr. Gordy helps her ride! He waves goodbye to Heidi and disappears. We see they stayed in the house for another 5 years, the visions ended, and Heidi never saw Mr. Gordy again. We also see two pictures – one of Heidi, and one of Mr. Gordy. Then we see pictures of the family all grown up, in the woods.

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