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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Colleen.

Severus Snape is walking toward a stately mansion.  Inside, Death Eaters are seated around a table with Voldemort at the head.  There is a woman, suspended in mid-air, floating horizontally at the end of the room.  Some of the Death Eaters make reports to Voldemort about when Harry Potter is expected to be moved from the Dursley’s house to a safe house.  There are conflicting reports and Snape says that some of the information is being given out to try to mislead Voldemort and his followers.  Bellatrix offers to kill Harry Potter, but Voldemort says it must be him who kills the boy.  Then Voldemort brings the floating woman through the air over the long table.  He explains that she is a professor at Hogwarts who teaches Muggle studies and believes that Muggles and wizards should “mate.”  The woman looks straight at Snape and pleads with him to help her, saying that they are friends.  Snape just stares at her and does nothing.  Voldemort uses the killing curse and she drops dead to the table as Draco Malfoy winces.  Voldemort explains to the group that his wand is a twin with Harry’s wand and while they can wound each other, they cannot make a fatal blow.  He says he must use another Death Eater’s wand and he asks for Lucius Malfoy’s wand.  Malfoy gives it up reluctantly. 

Meanwhile, there are scenes of Harry, Ron, and Hermione looking serious and somber.  Hermione uses the “Obliviate” spell on her parents so that they won’t remember she even exists.  She looks very upset as she does this and all of her images fade from the photos around the house.  She then leaves through the front door.  Harry is all alone in an empty house because the Dursley’s have already fled to somewhere safer.  He visits the old cupboard under the stairs where he once lived.

The Order of the Phoenix arrives at the Dursley’s house.  Mad Eye Moody explains that Harry still has “the trace” on him since he is still underage.  He says the Ministry can track Harry’s whereabouts and that they are going to have to create multiple Harry’s with polyjuice potion in order to lead Voldemort’s people off course.  Harry protests, saying he doesn’t want people risking their lives for him.  But the others are ready to do it, so they turn into Harry and set off in pairs with another person.   The real Harry is with Hagrid.  As soon as they reach the sky they are attacked by Death Eaters.  Harry wants to stay and fight to help the others, but Hagrid says Harry is too important.  A Death Eater follows them and they fight.  Hedwig, Harry’s owl, swoops in to try and defend Harry, but gets hit and falls and presumably dies.  Upon seeing this, the Death Eater flies away only to be replaced by Voldemort.  Hedwig’s actions identified this Harry as the real one and Voldemort was notified so he could make the kill.  They fight and their wands lock and Harry’s wand bests Voldemort’s and the evil wizard screams and spirals off into the night.  Harry must steer Hagrid’s motorcycle since Hagrid was knocked unconscious and they manage to land at the Burrow. 

The other teams begin to arrive at the Burrow.  One of the Weasley twins is injured and has blood all over the side of his head, but seems to be okay.  The others slowly trickle in until the last team brings the news that Mad Eye is dead.  His partner, Mungdungus, disapparated at the first sight of the Death Eaters, leaving Mad Eye vulnerable. 

That night Harry tries to sneak away because he doesn’t want his friends in any more danger.  Ron sees him and talks him out of it.  The next day, the Minister of Magic visits to give Harry, Ron, and Hermione the items that Dumbledore left them in his will.  To Ron he left a deluminator, a device Dumbledore invented that can remove light from light fixtures and return it at will.  To Hermione he left his copy of “Tales of Beetle the Bard,” which is a wizard book of children’s stories.  To Harry he left the snitch Harry caught in his first Quidditch game and also Gryffindor’s sword.  However, the Minister tells Harry that the sword is not Dumbledore’s to give, plus its whereabouts are unknown.

That night is Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacourt’s wedding.  Sometime during the festivities, a smoky object flies into the tent and a voice says that the Minister of Magic has been killed and that the Ministry has fallen.  Then it says, “They’re coming!  They’re coming!”  People start to scramble as shots are fired.  Hermione grabs Ron & Harry and they disapparate to a city area.  They go to a diner and try to figure out what to do next.  Hermione has an enchanted beaded bag that looks small but is really huge on the inside.  She says she has had it packed for days as a precaution.  It has most of the things they will need to head out on their own to search for the Horcruxes.  While they are talking, two people enter the diner and they turn out to be Death Eaters.  A fight ensues and Harry, Ron, and Hermione win.  Hermione uses the Obliviate spell to erase the Death Eaters’ memories. 

The three friends head to Sirius Black’s house. They figure out that the initials RAB (that were found on the note with the locket in the previous movie) belong to Sirius’s brother.  It occurs to them that the real locket might be somewhere in the house.  They call for Kreacher, the house elf, and make him tell them what he knows about the locket.  Kreacher says that Mungdungus stole the locket, among other things, from the house.  Harry commands Kreacher to go get Mungdungus.  When he returns with the thief, Mungdungus tells them that Delores Umbridge took the locket from him for herself.

The trio realize they will have to break into the Ministry of Magic.  They stupefy three people who work in the M of M and use polyjuice potion to disguise themselves as those workers.  They end up going into the courtroom where Umbridge is questioning someone.  As the potion begins to wear off, they fight, grab the locket, and flee while being chased.  They narrowly escape and disapparate.  When they arrive in the woods, Ron is injured.  Hermione says that one of the people chasing them hung on when they left the M of M and she had to quickly move them to a new location.  That resulted in Ron getting “splinched.”  His arm is all cut and bleeding.  Hermione heals it with a potion, but Ron can’t disapparate for awhile, so they have to set up camp and stay where they are. 

They try to destroy the locket, but it resists all attempts.  They take turns wearing the locket for safekeeping.  They realize over time that wearing the locket puts them into terrible moods.  They are fighting with each other.  When Hermione realizes they need to find Gryffindor’s sword in order to destroy the locket horcrux, Ron, who is wearing the locket, gets really mad that they have yet another thing to find.  They get into a big fight and he leaves.  Hermione is very upset.

Harry & Hermione have to carry on without Ron.  They decide to travel to Godric’s Hollow where Harry was born because Harry thinks the sword might be there.  They visit the graveyard and find the tombstones of Harry’s parents.  They also find a tombstone with a strange symbol that Harry saw Luna Lovegood’s father wearing on a necklace at the wedding and Hermione saw written in the book that Dumbledore left her.    While they are there, they realize they are being watched.  They approach the old woman and discover it is Bathilda Bagshot who knew the Dumbledore family.  She isn’t talking, but she leads them to her home.  Harry follows her upstairs where she suddenly turns into Nagini, Voldemort’s huge snake.  The snake tries to kill Harry and there is a big fight, but Harry & Hermione manage to disapparate.  Later Hermione reveals that Harry’s wand was destroyed in the fight.

Harry is outside of their tent when he sees a Patronus in the shape of a doe.  He follows it to a frozen pond where he sees the sword of Gryffindor lying at the bottom.  He breaks the ice and dives in to retrieve the sword.  He was wearing the locket at the time and it starts to fight him to prevent him from getting the sword.  He might have died in the pond but someone pulls him out.  It turns out it was Ron!  Ron says the deluminator led him back to Harry & Hermione.  Harry tells Ron to destroy the horcrux with the sword as soon as he opens it.  The horcrux tries to fight Ron by tricking him into believing that Harry & Hermione got together while he was gone.  But, Ron overcomes this trick and destroys the horcrux.

The trio goes to see Luna’s father to ask about that strange symbol they keep seeing.  He said it represents the Deathly Hallows of the Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone, and the Invisibility Cloak.  Hermione realizes this is from a story in the book Dumbledore left her.  She reads the story to the group, which explains that a wizard who has all three items would be able to cheat death. Harry has been seeing visions of Voldemort going to see wandmakers and realizes he is trying to find the Elder Wand.  Luna’s father becomes agitated when they try to leave and they discover that he has called the Death Eaters because they kidnapped Luna.  He hoped to get her back by turning in Harry.  The three friends escape in the nick of time.

When they appear in the forest, they run into a group of Snatchers.  These people grab traitors and turn them in for reward.  Hermione hits Harry with a disfiguring charm at the last second in hopes that the Snatchers won’t realize who he is.  But, they see his scar and take the group to the Malfoy’s house. 

Harry & Ron are thrown into the locked basement where they discover Luna, Ollivander, and a goblin who have been captured.  Meanwhile, Bellatrix is upstairs torturing Hermione by carving “Mudblood” into her arm with a dagger.  Suddenly, Dobby appears in the basement to save Harry!  Harry & Ron plan to save Hermione while Dobby takes the others to safety.  After a fight, the group disapparates to a cottage by the sea.  However, as they were disapparating, Bellatrix threw her dagger at them.  It managed to travel with them and stab Dobby.  When they arrive on the beach, they realize Dobby has been stabbed.  He dies in Harry’s arms.

The scene changes to Voldemort alone at Dumbledore’s tomb.  He has discovered that Dumbledore was the last person to have the Elder Wand and that it was buried with him.  Voldemort performs a spell to break into the tomb.  He steals the wand from Dumbledore’s decomposed hands and points it triumphantly to the sky where it shoots lightning. 

The End of part 1.

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